Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2

  • "You. Will. Apologize."

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 SISTERS GENERATION


  • "What. Do. Good little girls. Say?"
  • "Brainwashing? Corrupting the mind of a CPU is a capital offense!"
  • "Their entire bodies!? With a six-foot long tongue!? How very lewd!"


  • Me? (select party member)
  • Are you sure, you are okay with me? (select party member)
  • I'm stepping back for a moment. (remove party member)
  • This is a bit embarrassing. (change equipment)
  • How do I look? (change equipment)
  • Do I look good? (change equipment)
  • I'm happy to see everyone so kind to me.


  • Is this where we are going? (select a dungeon)
  • Very well then, let's go (select a dungeon)
  • Such a strange and mysterious place.
  • Will fighting like this make me closer with everyone?
  • Here I go.


  • They got behind us?! (surprise attack)
  • Please don't underestimate me as oracle. (battle start)
  • I do hope for a good battle here. (battle start dangerous enemy)
  • Now everyone. (symbol attack)
  • Now, what to do? (turn start)
  • It is my turn. (turn start)
  • I am Rom & Ram's magic tutor you know? (Lightning bolt)
  • Whose next? (defeat enemy)
  • Please take care of the rest. (switching)
  • Escaping is sometimes needed. (escaping)


  • Its our victory.
  • Let's keep this up!
  • This is a result of everyone working together.
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