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hahaha, energetic, aren't we? You've got quite the spirit. Yes, very good
— Mine

Mine, aka Mysterious Person and Mastermind (prior to the player discovering her identity) is the former president and top engineer of Schwartz Co. She was the main programmer of World Break Online, a game that at its peak rivaled 4 Goddesses Online. Her skills as a programmer rival that of GM as well. The unfortunate maintenance that caused her game to stop service left her bitter at the success of 4 Goddesses Online. She will do whatever it takes to stop 4 Goddesses Online from succeeding.





Mine's avatar as the Mastermind, wears a black cloak that covers her entire avatar leaving only a mysterious yellow eye that can be seen. The hood of her cloak is decorated with circlet contain blue diamond jewels. The cloak is fastened with a blue round jewel at the neck.


Mine's avatar has the figure of a youthful dark elf. There is a horn that protrudes from the upper right side of her head. A pair of bat-wings also protrude from the back of her head. The back of her wings are purple at the top and eventually transitions to a yellowish color down. The front of her wings have a blue gradient. She has pale skin, purple hair that runs down to her waist, pointed ears. Her eyes have yellow irises and sharp vertical pupils.

Mine wears a purple shoulderless silky dress and blue diamond earrings. Her dress is held up by blue straps covering her breasts which tied to her diamond necklace. Her dress is purple in the center but fades out pink on the frills of her sleeves and lower dress area. The center of her dress has golden jewellery with blue jewels spreading out on the left, right and bottom direction. There is a golden pattern running down her dress below the jewellery. Her sleeves are a dark purple and tightly covers her arms. The bottom of the sleeves have a blue jewel and a golden outline that runs up to the middle of her arm.


Mine has a hunched figure and seems to wear a sweater, pants as well as as a pair of glasses. She appears to be an adult with messy hair just long enough to tie into a ponytail.


Mine is a quirky, aloof individual which ends up making her seem suspicious or unreliable. She does have a bit of vengeful personality considering her grudge against 4 Goddesses Online and N-Chan. Mine is confident in her programming skills to the point that she views herself as the god of her game, and how her AIs revere her as a god. Mine is stubborn and refuses to work under someone going as far as to deny the CPUs when they offer her jobs, as well as ignore good advice from her employees. Despite all this, Mine does value responsibility considering how she ends up respecting and helping the GM and her eagerness to repay grandma for all her kindness. She values her time as a game developer and the gamers who supported her. Mine is eager to get back into game development.


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Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

A rather long time ago, in the newly formed Schwartz Company, Mine sighs. It has been a while since she launched her company but no one is applying for it. This means she is the only employee. This company has good benefits and paid vacation. She happily offers maternity leave. Her company isn't shady or anything. Mine knows there is a shortage of engineers right now but this lack of people can't be normal. Mine is trying to revolutionize gaming but she can't even revolutionize her office.

Grandma walks in and notices that this office is lonesome as usual. Mine is hurt by that comment but is surprised to see her land lady. Grandma knows what will cheer Mine up, a little bit of chitchat. Yesterday her younger sister's husband's older sister was... Mine is confused but tells the land lady she cleaned up yesterday already. It is alright, she is distracting her and can go home now. Grandma notes that a bit of dust gathers every day. She offers to vacuum under Mine's desk so Mine so scooch over. Mine gets upset, she tells the land lady that she is understaffed so she is very busy right now. She doesn't want to move the books under her desk right now. Mine asks the land lady to leave.

Granny, thank you!

Grandma is sad but understands that Mine is busy. She is sorry for not understanding and hopes that Mine at least remembers to eat lunch. Mine thinks she said a bit too much. She is surprised it is lunch already. She has been eating cup noodles lately. Mine then notices a package. She wonders if the land lady forget it. She opens the package and reads a note. It reads "I made a lunch box for you so please eat it. I'll come back for the box so have it out. Take care of yourself dearie - Granny". Mine is surprised that she got a hand made lunch from granny. She then cries out her name.

Mine notices that the landlady has not returned since the last incident. She did collect the lunchbox that she left but she wanted to thank her and... apologize. Mine adds that she is the landlady and tries to reason that she has not finished her game yet so it would suck if she kicked her out. Still, Mine sees no signs of her showing. She usually comes around this time so why must the world ignore her like this. Mine hears knocking and notes it was worth telling the landlady everyday to knock. She finally remembered to knock!

A delivery worker enters and tells Mine he has a delivery for her. He just needs her signature. Mine is caught a bit off guard but regains her composure and gives her signature. The delivery worker thanks Mine and leaves. Mine thinks she is an idiot for getting excited for no real reason. Mine feels really crummy right now. Maybe the landlady is pissed off about yesterday and that's why she won't come. Mine cries out in anguish and Grandma enters.

She notes that it still is as quiet as ever in the office. Grandma tells Mine not to worry as she didn't bring her vacuum cleaner today. Mine calls out for Granny but freezes. Mine feels awkward, she wonders what she should say first. Mine wonders if Grandma is about to declare that she won't ever clean here again. Mine tries to talk about what happened yesterday. Grandma asks if Mine is hungry. Grandma believes Mine has not been eating well. Mine admits that she hasn't eaten anything today.

Grandma guessed as much so she brought another lunchbox and suggests that they eat together. Grandma tells Mine she can't work well if she is hungry. Mine struggles to call out to Grandma. Grandma wonders what Mine is trying to say. Mine tearfully apologizes to Granny. Grandma asks Mine what's wrong? She admits she was surprised to see such a youngster running a company. She tells Mine that she is still of an age to rely on people.

Some time later, Mine asks Employee A if he can finish a task by today. Employee A is on it. Mine asks if Employee B can take this task which he can. Employee C asks President Mine if she has a moment if she can look at something. Mine can and asks her to leave it there, she'll take a look at it soon. Mine notes that it has been half a year since Schwartz Company was founded. More people have joined since then and production is going great. They are getting close to an Alpha release.

Grandma arrives and greets everyone noting that it has gotten quite lively in here. Mine is happy to see Grandma and on the subject of her starving, Mine says the front and backs of her stomach are about to have a big collaboration on that. Grandma tells her not to worry as she brought some scrumptious sandwiches for everyone as well. Mine cheers and takes a few sandwiches. Employee B needs a sandwich. He tells President Mine that he respects her and all but he can't lose a sandwich to her.

Employee A asks that they leave one for him as well. A newer employee asks a more senior employee who this old lady that has gotten everyone excited is. The senior employee explains that she is this building's landlady but she is kind of like the President's mom. The senior employee admits that they are no match to her and tells the new employee that he will learn to rely on her soon enough.

Mine declares that she is taking this last egg sandwich. Grandma scolds Miney and tells her to be kind to her staff. She made a special Yakisoba bread just for her. Mine admits her mistake and is glad to be able to get Yakisoba bread. Employee B thinks Mine has it so nice and asks Grandma if he can have some Yakisoba bread as well. Employee C requests an egg sandwich from Grandma. Grandma laughs and guesses she needs to get back to work and make a few more sandwiches. She asks everyone to raise their hand if they want more food.

Employee A raises his hand. Mine raises her hand and asks if she can have another yakisoba bread. More employees also raise their hands. Grandma is surprised there is this many. She is glad that they are able to eat well lately and asks what they would like tomorrow.

Mine, the president of Schwartz Co., creator of World Break Online cheers. Her game has just gained over 8 million users. 4 Goddesses Online only has 8.5 million. Soon her company will pass them. With this momentum, they can't be stopped. Mine plans to pull an all-nighter to implement a brand new event.

Hours later, a frantic employee tries to wake Mine up. Mine wakes up and realizes that she has dozed off. Mine tells the employee that she has finished her new event. They should get ready to imple... The employee wonders how she can be so calm. They can't communicate with the server or even access the game. Mine realizes that this is unsettling development. She asks for details. The employee admits that they are still trying to identify the problem.

Mine tries to identify the cause with the employee. However, they are unable to get a ping back. Mine asks if the employee has tried restarting it. Mine takes a look and the power was not on to begin with. Mine finds that weird, could it have a power outage, or was the cable disconnected. The employee looks and the power was unplugged. Mine is shocked. In its place is the power cable for the vacuum. Mine wonders if this was the work of the cleaning lady.

Some time later in Schwartz Company. Employee A tells Employee B that the president has been different lately. Their game is doing great but she seems to be getting carried away. Employee B warns Employee A to be quiet as the senior employee that was let go because he spoke his mind to the president. He was really nice about it too. Employee A remembers that the last update was very unpopular. Everyone was against it but the president. Even if they tried to propose something else, the president will ignore them. Employee B remembers when the office was more relaxed. Whenever the president gets here, it gets all tense now.

Mine gets annoyed as she sees a bunch of negative posts on N-Chan again. Her plans for the ultimate world can't be wrong. How can they complain when it's such a beautiful world? Anyways Mine decides to retaliate first. She posts "I played some of World Break but it's p fun lol". Replies in N-Chan read "kek thanks prez" and "What the hells this person saying" Mine gets even more annoyed.

Employee A notes that the president has been looking at N-Chan all day. Why does she care about that so much? She shouldn't being reading the stuff on there. Employee B adds that she's losing it. He would rather she listen to her employees next to her rather than N-Chan. Grandma arrives and announces lunch time. Today is pork soup. Employee A and B are excited. Mine does not need it and tells her there is no time. She asks Grandma to leave her alone.

Employee B worries that the president has not been eating lunch or dinner. She used to like Granny's pork soup so much. Mine asks if he has a problem with the god of World Break. Does he want to be cut as well. Mine asks Granny to take it away. Employee B pleads with Granny not to have it taken away. He offers to eat them. Employee A tells Mine she is being horribly cold to the land lady lately. She has been doing so much to support her when she has no life skills.

Grandma defuses the situation saying it is fine as this is her choice. She really thought Mine would like to eat this. She tells them that she will leave the pork soup next door so whoever wants to eat it can go over there. Grandma leaves. Mine then asks if someone can buy her cup noodles. She isn't eating right now but she needs to eat eventually. Employee B tells Employee A to go as the soup will get cold. Employee A says that lunch time is the only thing he looks forward to. If granny wasn't here he would have quite a long time ago. Mine wonders why those jerks won't listen to her, whey anyone won't listen to her.

In Schwartz Co. Mine freaks out as she thought she told Granny to leave the server room alone. She is not supposed to clean in there. Granmda is surprised and notes that room had never been cleaned not even once so it was very dusty. Mine tells Grandma not to go in that anymore. Mine inspects the server and finds that the data is safe but she has to roll back the data and... Grandma apologizes and asks if something happened. Mine tells Grandma it is not her fault alone and asks who was in charge of the key?

Employee A tells the president that it was her. She never let anyone else enter the server room. Employee B notes that they kept saying for a long time to put a back up power source in there but they never go around to that. Mine quickly ends the topic saying that it's water under the bridge now. She asks if everyone is staying overnight to work on this. Employee A notes thats it is already so late. He was thinking of taking the last half of the day off so he thinks he is going to go home now. Employee B notes that he has a headache so he is going to go home early. The two employees leave.

Mine says nothing and thinks it is fine. As long as the god is here, the world will continue to turn. Mine works on this issue and after she is done, she notes that it took a lot of time. Usually they finish in a couple of hours. She knows today is a holiday but no on even came in. Mine looks at the stats of her game. She wonders why the log in numbers are so low. The server is up and running and there is always a little login party after maintenance. Mine decides to check what people are saying on N-Chan.

N-Chan reads:

  • "2 days maintenance right after the event starts? kek"
  • "might as well call it Server Break Online"
  • "maintenance and on top of that, a rollback, incompetent"
  • "all the updates lately have been crap, its over"
  • "I probably won't be going back to World Suck Online"

Mine gets upset at all the comments. She notes that they make her feel so exhausted. She bets it is those stupid developers at 4GO. It has to be, how could people really hate her game? The people at 4GO just want to see a young developer like her fail. Grandma appears and reports that she has finished cleaning. She will leave this boxed lunch here. She tells Mine to eat properly. There haven't been many people lately so Grandma explains that she always has leftovers. Grandma leaves. Mine notes that the food is too much and she does not have an appetite right now. Mine first decides to deal with the people flaming her game.

She writes:

  • "C'mon guys, the service started up again right?"
  • "I love world break, let's just enjoy the game"
  • "let's beat up some wyverns, its been a while lol"

Mine thinks that should do it. N-Chan responds:

  • "here comes them putting out the flames kek"
  • "You're way too late, world break is world broken"
  • "how's it fun to hunt wyverns all the time"

Mine gets angry. Employee A tries to say something. Mine asks him what he wants, as she is busy. Employee A asks if this company is in a bad state. He asks what they should do now? Mine does not know. That's what she wants to know. They are done here for today and everyone should go home. Employee A says okay and good bye. Employee B thought they could recover but it's not looking good. He tells Employee A that he got headhunted by Weiss and he has his papers all ready to go. Employee A says this is the same for him.

Mine narrates that since then, she has added lots of events and put out a lot of ads but they couldn't get a single user or employee. Mine admits she is back to square 1, back to being this forever alone company. Schwartz Co. was forced to stop World Break Online services. They went under leaving Mine jobless and angry

Grandma arrives and admits this is hard to ask but she has not received last month's rent yet. Mine stutters and explains that she just got evicted from her apartment, if she gets kicked from here...

Grandma understands and she did get in her way of her work so she can wait. Mine tells Grandma that she will make a new game and get back on her feet right away. She will get Grandma the rent in no time. Grandma asks Mine not to push herself too hard. She is like a granddaughter to her. Grandma leaves.

Mine apologizes to Grandma as she just needs a little longer. She does not have a future unless she crushes all the negativity along with the players who support 4GO. But even if she creates complaints in the threads, it gets buried. If she tries to set their blog on fire, she gets flamed instead. The option she has left is a direct attack. 4GO is beta testing a new version right now. If she breaks this world, she can break 4GO's momentum and her game will return triumphantly. Mine laughs at her genius plan and begins to execute it. She intends to destroy the game with a cheat tool she created.

Mine meets a Black Knight and tries to sell her something. The Black Knight asks the Mine what is on sale. Mine offers the Black Knight something anyone would want. The Black Knight begins thinking about what Mine means. Mine believes they are thinking about the same thing. The Black Knight thinks Mine is trying to sell her friends. Mine gets confused. The Black Knight thanks Mine for her offer but she can never buy friends and leaves. Mine thinks her approach was off.

Mine finds a paladin and asks her if she is in trouble. Mine has a lot of top quality items and offers the paladin a discount. The paladins asks Mine what she recommends. Mine explains that she will hide the item and the paladin will know how great it is once she uses it. The paladin is tempted to buy what Mine is offering until the paladin's sister, a Mage shows up and stops her sister. The items are expensive and she should discuss this with everyone before buying.

The Paladin agrees. Her sister notices that it almost time for CPU to meet up. She says goodbye to the Mysterious Person. Mine is upset at how close she was to her first sale.

Mine approaches an Enchanter to offer her an item. The Enchanter is interested and asks if it is something like a Zodiac weapon. Mine tells her it is nothing so ordinary, it appeals to one's carnal desires. The Enchanter starts to fantasize. Mine is glad to have the Enchanter's interest. The Enchanter excitedly asks Mine if she sells pictures of Bouquet sleeping, in a swimsuit or a Bouquet's system voice files.

Mine is shocked by her excitement and clarifies that she does not have something so niche. The Enchanter takes offense to the claim that Bouquet is niche. It should be a common angel for all to have a cute little sister. In fact Bouquet is an angel. The Enchanter has nothing to say to someone who does not understand that and leaves. Mine gets upset at all the idiots she has to deal with. She just wants them to accept her gracious offer.

Mine tries to sell something to a Priest The Priest tells her she has no time. Mine tells her if time is the problem then this item can help and asks her to look at her wares. The Priest explains that tonight Raigeki Books is announcing its first selection results. She is spamming F5 in a separate windows in order to know the results as soon as possible. Mine wonders what Raigeki is but remembers it is the new novelist award. She tells the Priest that it is okay as the results won't change whether she looks at it now or later. The Priest tells her that being recognized as a commercial author has been her dream for her entire life, she is leaving now. Mine notes that this was bad timing indeed.

Mine sighs over the fact that they could not sell any of their wares. However, this can be seen as a sign from Heaven to carefully choose who should be customer to the items. The item is reserved for a player with skills and someone a cut above the rest. They also need to have this "it" factor. Everyone Mine has tried to sell to ended up being incapable. Mine is sure they do not have the "it" factor. In any case, Mine admits she needs to polish up their presentation skills as that was lacking.

Mine goes to Oneiro Corridor to find an angry †Black Cat Princess† and Kiria. †Black Cat Princess† is supposed to be the world's heroine so how could she lose to such two-bit players. This is so annoying. Kiria asks her to calm her anger as such an expression does not suit her lovely face. †Black Cat Princess† already knows that she is beautiful and she will not stand the fact that they are behind others.

Kiria praises her for being a supreme existence. She promises that she will obtain the treasure first and offer it to the princess. Kiria knows the princess' face is hidden in this sadness and she will cause her smile to bloom. †Black Cat Princess† says Kiria can say that but those 8 players have grown way stronger since they first met. Kiria says that she has taken this into account but they have also grown at the same pace. Before Kiria can continue, she notices someone watching them.

Mine appears and is glad that the two of them are so energetic. †Black Cat Princess† wonders what this Mysterious Person wants. Mine heard them and as a gesture of good will, she will show them a handy tool. Kiria tells Mine to get out of here, there is no way the two of them would lend their ear to such a suspicious offer. †Black Cat Princess† asks Kiria to wait and tells Mine, she doesn't know what this is all about but her attention is piqued. Kiria calls out to the princess. †Black Cat Princess† tells Mine that if this isn't a stupid joke, she wants to see the tool then they will talk.

After trying out the tool, †Black Cat Princess† is impressed with all the functions. She knows she can become number 1. Mine tells them they can use the tools to make a boss in any location they want. They can then control the boss itself or control their AI. They can make the boss attack any player they hate. In a world where there is no PKing, they can MPK instead. Mysterious Person thinks they will be enjoying the game a lot more.

†Black Cat Princess† is glad that she will have her own servants. Kiria wants †Black Cat Princess† to wait as using monsters to kill other players is illegal. †Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria not to be a worrywart as there are functions that would hide any trace of the tool. They will be fine. Mine explains that this tool simply manipulates what is already possible in the game and its functions will allow them to deceive the GMs. Mine tells the two she will be updating the tool from now on so its got her full support.

After seeing Kiria and †Black Cat Princess†'s defeat as Cheetah against CPU in Yiear Sea of Trees, Mine is angry at how useless everyone of them are.

Kiria is having second thoughts about using the cheat tool. †Black Cat Princess† is still determined to be number 1. She decides to use the tool but Cheetah takes over and †Black Cat Princess† can't control her character at all. Kiria tries to save †Black Cat Princess† and attacks. Cheetah blocks her attack. Kiria is stunned. Cheetah says goodbye to the foolish and counter attacks. With a single hit, Kiria's health is in the red zone. She is stunned by this and Cheetah is impressed that she would survive his strike. It doesn't matter as this will be over soon.

Mine returns and scolds Mr. Cheetah for overdoing it. Mine does not approve of Cheetah bullying weaklings. Cheetah apologizes. Kiria remembers Mine from before. She accuses her of deceiving both her and the princess. Kiria promises to punish her. Mine does not understand. She allowed Kiria to have her fun and she'd appreciate it if they didn't try to claim that they were victims. Nevertheless, she was able to gather plenty of data for her tool. Thanks to that, Cheetah is able to operate independently. Mine tells the two she is done with them and they are dismissed.

Kiria asks if that was her plan all along? The Mysterious Person confirms this and tells Kiria it is too late to do anything about this. However, Mine admits that she is grateful for everything Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† has done for her. If she can tweak the AI to be a little better then a revolution could break out in the real world. Kiria gets upset and just wants her princess back. Mine forgot about the princess and apologizes. She decides to return the princess as she is extra baggage to Cheetah.

Kiria is glad that the princess has separated but now her in game avatar is damaged. She asks the princess if she can hear her. Kiria gets no response. The Mysterious Person leaves with Cheetah telling him to not hold back and break this world so much that even the models won't load. Cheetah agrees to follow the Mysterious Person's orders.

Mine summons monsters with lots of errors to attack Wishuel. At the same time she launches attacks on the back end of 4 Goddesses Online. She intends to either have the monsters overrun and destroy Wishuel possibly destroying the game with their errors or that she succeed in destroying the game by destroying the servers herself.

Mine does test to see if the GM can hear her. She announces that she has infiltrated their servers. All servers have a vulnerability and 4 Goddesses Online is not exception. Slipping through security holes and dealing critical damage to a server is a piece of cake. The GM tells Mine to not underestimate the elite technology of Weiss Labs. Someone as rude as her should leave immediately. Mine laughs and tells the GM it is useless as she has control of the back door. She will write the end of 4 Goddesses Online and it will be so beautiful, she might even cry. Mine tries to shut down 4 Goddesses Online but fails. Mine is shocked.

The GM tells Mine she is mistaken if she thinks that she will leave a back door to her main server. What she took was a dummy server contain metadata. The main server has been moved to another location a long time ago. The GM tells Mine to take her data and leave. Mine decides to explain everything that just happened to the audience. She thought she won but lost instead. This is quite the defeat but she laughs and finds this exciting. Mine admits she is getting pumped.

Later, when the GM is talking to CPU in Wishuel, Mine decides to pay the GM a visit. She has finally found Weiss' genius hacker. The GM notes that this is faster than she expected. She taunts her saying that she was worried that Mine would run away if she did not leave an opening for a quick victory.

Mine counters saying that Weiss' security is claimed to be the best in the world but it is over. She is disappointed in the GM and there is no need to hide. She will show the GM the difference between their skills. The GM says if it comes to that, she swears she will find her location. The two begin to duel.

Neptune wonders what is going on. If a fight is going on, she wants to get involved. Nepgear tells her sister that she can't just get involved in this. Neptune wonders why. Her sister tells her to watch and see. Mine launches a logic bomb. The GM notes that the data was planted before hand but she can stop it before it compiles. She tells Mine that she is naive.

Mine is upset that it was all nullified but continues her assault. Neptune is impressed and finds a fitting battle in the Cyberdimension. However, she has no idea what is going on. Noire notes they would be able to help if it was a battle with monsters but all they can do now is watch. The GM fends off all Mine's assaults and tells her it was a waste of her energy. The GM launches a small counter-attack. Mine is affected. She admits that the GM is not bad and that Weiss' elite are a cut above. Mine thought she hated 4 Goddesses Online but she supposes that great hate comes out of great love. She laughs and finds this fight fun as she feels alive.

Ram thinks the Mastermind is scary. Rom agrees and shivers. The Mastermind launches her lethal weapon "WWWWW". The insides and outsides of the data will turn into weeds. The GM notices that this attacks comes from the linage of "filename xx". This virus menaced every single nation but she was the developer of the anti-virus program on behalf of the Basilicom. If the attack is similar to the virus then she'll break it instantly. She asks Mine what she will do now.

Vert wonders if it just her but observes that the GM is a lot more excited than usual. Nepgear agrees that the GM is having fun. She is incredibly capable engineer so she doesn't have a lot of rivals to compete with. Mine is running out of options. She thinks about her next move. The GM takes this moment of hesitation to attack Mine. Mine screams in pain. Nepgear is amazed that such a complicated program was created in a single moment. Ram thinks she has caught the bad person. Rom's eyes sparkle as she sees the GM as a magician.

The GM admits that the Mastermind gave her quite the difficult time but there is no escape now. Mine laughs and admits she has lost. She tells the GM to reveal her identity as she should have figured it out by now. The GM reveals the culprit as the only person capable of all this, the president and top engineer of Schwartz Co., the rival to Weiss Labs, Mine. Vert is surprised and recognizes her as the creator of World Break Online.

Mine asks Vert not to yell so loudly. In addition, she has no idea who Vert is. They just got to the good part and she would appreciate it if Vert didn't interrupt it. Finally that title has been changed, she is just the person who ruined Schwartz Co. Neptune then calls out Mine as the one who tempted Kiria and †Black Cat Princess†. Neptune is proud of her deduction. Noire points out there was nothing to deduce as she was literally the only suspect.

Mine admits it was all her, a bad person who got jealous of 4 Goddesses Online's success and tried to mess it but took a beating instead. She sighs and notes she is sure they are coming for her now. Blanc wonders who they are, as the police could not have known where she lives. Mine tells the GM it was nice to have one last match and she has no intention of getting arrested. She asks the GM to visit sometimes.

Bouquet alerts the GM to an emergency. GM wants to know what is going on. Bouquet reports that Cheetah has been found but he suddenly started to rampage. The area is beginning to collaspe. The GM is not worried as they captured the boss. She asks Mine to stop Cheetah. Mine tries to stop him but fails. The GM wants to what is wrong. Mine explains that it looks like it won't stop and apologizes. That is the last thing the GM wants to hear right now so she requests Mine to grant her authorization so she can control Cheetah.

The GM is unable to control Cheetah. GM never thought its data absorption abilities would be this powerful. The only way to stop Cheetah is to deplete his HP to old fashioned way but the GM admits that her skills are not good enough for that.

Vert tells the GM to leave that battle to the players. Noire tells the GM not to forget about them as she does not need to do everything herself. Blood agrees with Noire and his guild, the Jet-Black Fallen Angels will gladly lend a hand. Eve volunteers to fight as well. Rugadin and the other players volunteer as well. Kiria notes that she is at 1HP but she should be able to take on weaklings regardless. Neptune is glad to see Kiria. The GM thanks everyone and tells the players that Cheetah will be isolated in Chrono Wasteland. She tells everyone to do their best. Neptune leads everyone to Chrono Wasteland.

Every player comes back to Wishuel successful. Mine welcomes them back. Neptune tells Mine to get out of here. She has caused them so much trouble and now, all she can say is welcome back. Mine apologizes and will be going now. Vert tells Mine to wait, and tells her she loved World Break Online. Ever since service ended, she was left with a void in her heart. Mine thanks Vert but she tells her she does not need any sympathy. Vert tells her it is not sympathy. She had explored every last corner of World Break Online. Her character's name was †Green_Heart†. Mine can't believe that she is the legendary player †Green_Heart†.

†Black Cat Princess† suddenly asks if she said †Green_Heart†. Mine and Neptune are surprised. Neptune wonders when she got back. Noire thought she was not going to show up in the end. Mine does not like getting another shout at point blank and that freaks her out. †Black Cat Princess† recognizes Mine as the one who gave her that tool. She cannot believe Mine tricked her. Her display and controls got messed up because of her. She was scolded by her mother for breaking the family console. It was such a mess.

Nepgear and Uni guess that means †Black Cat Princess† really was a girl in real life. Kiria shows up recognizing the princess' voice. Neptune notes that everyone has now shown up. Kiria is glad that †Black Cat Princess† showed up. She has always believed in her. †Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria that can wait. She wants to know where †Green_Heart† is. Kiria confirms that †Black Cat Princess† is talking about the †Green_Heart† who defeated the legendary player that she admires, two-sword Kirio. There is no one who doesn't know of her in the online world. Kiria should have known that the princess knows of her. †Black Cat Princess† reveals that she point daggers in her name because she was a fan of †Green_Heart†.

Vert thinks this is all beginning to feel slightly embarrassing. Neptune is impressed by how popular Vert is. Mine remembers †Green_Heart† as the legendary player who was the top of World Break Online, by being the top of 40 elites including four kings and seven sages. She was the first to max her level, clear all the dungeons, undefeated in all Guild battles, solo'd a boss that showed up once a month that required 8 people and dual wielded the ultimate weapon Liddie of which there are only 2 copies of.

Blanc wonders if Vert ever worked. Noire tells Blanc there is no point in asking that question. Mine tries to calm down and she refuses to believe that she is meeting †Green_Heart†. Vert asks Miss Mastermind but decides to address as Miss Mine if she was the ultimate GM of World Break Online admins, "Miney". She had several fights with her and the current score is two to two. She would like to challenge Mine once more.

Mine wonders if she is talking about the battles she proposed out of curiosity. She knows the battles were kept a secret so she believes Vert is †Green_Heart†. †Black Cat Princess† is surprised to learn that Vert, her "older sister" is †Green_Heart†. Vert tells Miss Mine that she would like to go to World Break Online. She asks that Mine atone for her crimes by restarting World Break services. She can help her too.

Mine tells her not to say that haphazardly. Her company is already... Since her company is already gone, Noire wonders if that means she is in between jobs or whatever they call it. Neptune tells Noire she shouldn't ask that as it would hurt the feelings of the unemployed. Noire snaps at Neptune telling her that wasn't what she meant. She tells Mine that if she atones for her crimes, she doesn't have to go to Leanbox. Lastation is looking for engineers. Mine is surprised. Blanc asks this of Mine as well. She justifies that there are lots of times when people take in crackers as security personnel. She asks Mine to come to Lowee. Neptune asks Mine to come to Planeptune as Nepgear always wanted to see her tech seminars. She would Mine to talk to her sister.

Mine starts crying. She wonders how can she can be headhunted after everything that has happened. Neptune blames Noire for calling her unemployed. Noire snaps at Neptune, as she never explicitly said that and Neptune pointed that fact out, not her. Mine never knew there were players who waited for her return. She should have just continued to make games. All she has done is pull others down. All that should be asked of her is to leave. No one should have any need for her anymore.

Vert reminds her that offer only stands only when she does atone for her crimes. She asks Mine to consider it. Mine does not know what company Vert represents and her offer is gracious but if she does restart, she wants to stand on her own two feet in the world, she created herself. Mine then tells GM she would like to continue to be her rival from now on. GM tells Miss Mine she would like to meet again in another stage. Mine agrees and leaves 4 Goddesses Online for good. Neptune sees Mine off.

Some time later, in an apartment. A grandma asks Miney where is she going. Mine explains there is a lot she has to do. She thought it would be good for her to go outside and get some fresh air. She might not be back in a little while. Grandma tells Miney to go and not worry. She can come back when she is ready. Mine thanks her and leaves.

Later, Neptune clears her throat and welcomes the player to the customary "Thank You for Playing" Corner. CPU and their friends and the Goddesses say a few words.

Mine appears and she fidgets trying to say something. Neptune greets the mastermind and tells her it's totally cool for enemy characters to be part of this too. She tells mastermind to go ahead and give everyone a comment. Mine is cornered so she reluctantly gives a comment. She wonders if there are any other rotten enemy characters that would crawl out just for this. She guesses not and laughs shyly.

Cheetah announces that he has returned briefly. He tells the player they did well to defeat him as he is Master Mine's most powerful AI. He concludes that the player has his praise and respect. Demon King Jester announces that he's checking in. He is tired from that curse bargain sale. He hopes he can come visit Earth again soon and laughs. Dark Knight arrives and notes he has no time for chit chat. He prays for another opportunity to cross swords with opponents like the player one day. Minotauros grunts a congratulatory grunt. Grim Reaper appears and breathes deeply that he won't lose next time. Mine is surprised by all their appearances and concludes that she will be working on a relaunch for now. She would like if the player could play her game once it is out. Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† then say a few words.

After that, Blanc thinks that should be everyone. Vert notes that if they were going to include everyone, they will have to bring out minor characters and the eggplant lady. They would not finish until sunset. Neptune agrees and they are just in time for pudding so she wants to end it here. Neptune concludes the Thank You Corner and tells the player to do their best and take of them from now on.



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