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The Minotauros is a character in Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddeses Online, a Captain of the Demon King's army, one of the Paramount Pair, and a boss that appears in 4 Goddesses Online. He holds an overwhelming power that is said to split the earth every time he swings an axe.[1]


Minotaur has the head of a bull and the body of a muscular barbarian. His legs seem to be furry. He has two black horns, red eyes and a silver mane on his head. His armor color scheme is black with gray outlines. He has gray metal covering his horns, a black muzzle over his mouth and nose, bracelets over his arm, a vambrace covering his right forearm and, a shoulder guard covering his left shoulder, a piece of a breastplate with red marking covering his left breast, a loincloth covering his groin area, held up with a black belt which has a large piece of metal in the center acting as a decorative crest and greaves.


Minotauros can only roar loudly however the Goddesses were able to determine Minotauros is afraid of humans. In addition, even as a monster, he originally did not threaten other creatures so he is like a gentle giant. His backstory in his Musky Diary reveals that despite any mistreatment he received, he always hesitated to use his fearsome strength. Minotauros' only desire was a place where he belonged, a trait that the Demon King Jester manipulated to get his services.


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Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

A long time ago, Minotauros chopped firewood for a nearby village. He leaves the firewood at its usual place and begins to leave. Villager A sees the pile of firewood. He has no idea who is getting the village firewood but it has been very helpful. Villager B arrives and squints into the distance. He sees Minotauros and alerts Villager A. Villager A screams as Minotauros is a monster. Minotauros grunts that he is not going to attack them and flees.

Villager B notices that Minotauros came through the gate. Perhaps he was trying to steal their firewood. Villager A thinks they can't be too careful. They will get the Black Knights to tighten up security. In the forest, Minotauros grunts sadly. He wonders why they must persecute him like this.

Minotauros grunts. He has been trying to stay as far away as possible from their village lately. He sighs and grunts. He does not want to scare them but he knows that he does. Everything should be okay if he can live his life in peace in the woods. Mr. Tiny Bird lands nearby peeping happily. Minotauros grunts gratefully. The animals are the only ones who will allow him to live here and who will be a friend of him. Mr. Tiny Bird becomes scared of Minotauros and flies away.

Minotauros grunts in defeat. He is sad that he even scares the animals of the forest. Minotauros then hears a young girl crying. She wonders where her mommy is. Minotauros grunts in surprise. He thinks the girl is hungry. He should at least give her the apple he found. Mr. Tiny Bird flies by and the girl stops crying and begins to excitedly follow the bird. Minotauros quickly grunts a warning. There is a cliff up ahead. The young girl does not hear and falls off the cliff but Minotauros rushes ahead to save her.

An apple for the young girl

The young girl is surprised. She thought she fell off the cliff but it seems that Minotauros saved her. She remarks that she is hungry after being saved. Minotauros grunts and gives her the apple. The young girl asks if Minotauros is giving this to her. Villager A sees the lost girl and alerts his search party. He tells them that the Minotauros caught her. Villager B sees the apple and thinks Minotauros is luring her. Since it has come to this, he loads a poisoned arrow and fires it.

It lands on Minotauros shocking him. Villager B tells the girl to quickly escape. The girl is surprised and tries to explain. A village woman tells the girl to throw away the apple. It has been poisoned. The young girl throws away the apple believing it poisoned and leaves Minotauros with the search party. Minotauros grunts sadly. Everyone fears and hates him. Is this truly his fate? Will he live on the rest of his days like this, rejected by all?

Some time later the a suspicious figure approaches Minotauros. He happily greets Minotauros and wonders why he has looks so sad. Minotauros grunts in surprise. Who is this figure? The figure explains that he is the Demon King Jester. He explains that his consciousness was led here by Minotauros's dark despair. He tempts Minotauros to take over this forest given his strength. It is a joke to see Minotauros cry about his situation. Minotauros grunts angrily and tells him to leave now. He has nothing to say to him.

Demon King Jester asks him if he remembers the mistreatment he had to endure and the anger he held. Who will answer for his pain? Minotauros has no response. The Demon King Jester refuses to let Minotauros rot away in a dump like this. He asks Minotauros to join him in his castle and they will accept him. He will have a place where he belongs. Minotauros grunts and asks if he really will be welcome. Demon King Jester guarantees it. He tells him to hurry and fall into darkness.

Due to the accursed Goddesses, he can't appear yet but it will be a little while before his vessel is ready. The Demon King Jester needs Minotauros's help with that. He tells Minotauros he does not need to hesitate. Together, they will take back this world for the denizens of darkness. Minotauros joins the Demon King Jester. He then tells Minotauros for starters, he should tear apart the humans that bullied him. He wants Minotauros to shred them into pieces like the big brute he is. Minotauros says nothing.

Some time ago before the Minotauros met the Demon King Jester, he was able to befriend the forest guardians.

Minotauros sleeps in Chrono Wasteland maintaining the barrier that protects the Demon King. CPU eventually finds him. Green Heart tells him to awaken so he may meet his fate. He awakens with a roar. Blanc finally gets to see one of the Paramount Pair. Judging by his appearance, she believes this is Minotauros. Vert thinks his appearance is terrifying. Neptune is not scared. She thinks he is probably one of those meat-head characters who are all brawn but no brains. Noire agrees and will attack him with her spear. Ram will blow him with fire using ninjitsu. Rom shwings her sword and shyly joins in the taunts.

Minotauros roars again. This shocks CPU. Purple Heart detects that Minotauros seems to be afraid of humans. She senses a powerful sadness. Black Heart believes the power of darkness must have manipulated whatever negative emotions he harbored inside. White Heart tells the Goddesses not to hold back now and purify the hell out of him. CPU is able to defeat Minotauros. Green Heart tells Minotauros this is not the place he belongs and asks him to return back to the light. Minotauros roars softly as he fades into the light.

Minotauros reappears in Atlio City Ruins. Seeing how CPU and the Goddesses are struggling with Demon King Jester's curse, he grunts a warcry, charges and tackles him. Demon King Jester screams in pain. Uni is surprised to see Minotauros and notes he must have switched sides after the Goddesses purified him. Green Heart realizes her strength is returning. The curtain of the darkness was released when Demon King Jester was knocked of balance.

Neptune is impressed and cheers Minotauros on. Demon King Jester is absolutely livid at the beast's betrayal. He calls him idiot and can't believe that this is happening to him. Minotauros grunts and continues to fight the Demon King. Demon King Jester tells Minotauros he has lost his mind and downs the beast with a fierce lightning bolt. Minotauros grunts as he falls. Neptune is devastated by Minotauros' death.

Later, Neptune clears her throat and welcomes the player to the customary "Thank You for Playing" Corner. The Chosen Ones and their friends, enemies and the Goddesses say a few words.

Minotauros grunts a congratulatory grunt. Grim Reaper, Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† then say a few words as well.

After that, Blanc thinks that should be everyone. Vert notes that if they were going to include everyone, they will have to bring out minor characters and the eggplant lady. They would not finish until sunset. Neptune agrees and they are just in time for pudding so she wants to end it here. Neptune concludes the Thank You Corner and tells the player to do their best and take of them from now on.



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