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Miracle! Portable ☆ Mission
MPM Album Art.png Information
Japanese Title ミラクル! ぽーたぶる☆ミッション / nao
Romaji Title Mirakuru! Pōtaburu Misshon / nao
Number of Tracks 4
Discs 1
Length 17:00
Release Date November 28th, 2013


This album contains the opening song of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1, and the Character Song for 5pb., My Dear ~5pb.chan feat.nao~.


Track Number Title Artist Length
1 Miracle! Portable ☆ Mission nao 3:51
2 My Dear ~5pb.chan feat.nao~ nao 4:40
3 Miracle! Portable ☆ Mission (Off vocal) nao 3:51
4 My Dear ~5pb.chan feat.nao~ (Off vocal) nao 4:38