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But it's also my chance to bury all four CPUs here and take over the world like a true businessman!
— Mr. Badd

Mister Badd, known as Akudaijin in the Japanese version, is a member of the Seven Sages and his role mostly seems to be that of the organizer for the group. The name he is addressed as is merely an alias and no one knows for certain what his real name is.



Mr. Badd is visually the oldest member of the Seven Sages. He is a middle-aged man that has short gray hair along with thick framed square glasses on his face. His attire consists of a navy blue business suit accompanied with a black tie with light blue circular line designs as well has simple black dress shoes.


Mr. Badd can hardly be called villainous despite his actions during the Seven Sages. Mr. Badd can easily be called a sentimental middle-aged man due to his actions during the events of the children being kidnapped where he confessed to always wanting children of his own and loved the girls who were made into monsters after having CPU Memories forced upon them as if they were his real daughters.

As his appearance suggests, Mr. Badd loves business and anything related to it, claiming during the Seven Sages' meetings that he wanted it to be over so he could "work late" again.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Initially, Mr. Badd acts as Lowee's Prime Minister and therefore serves directly under Blanc while hiding the fact that he is really working alongside the Seven Sages as a double agent. When Neptune, Plutia, and Noire take down Blanc during Abnes's live broadcast, it causes her to lose all of her faith and therefore take away her ability to transform. With Blanc completely powerless and Neptune and the others completely worn out from the fight, Mr. Badd orders Loweean soldiers to lock them up in a holding cell. As an extra precaution incase they escape, he also designed a dungeon filled with powerful monsters. However, this is all for naught when Vert frees them from the cell and they escape his dungeon. Mr. Badd confronts them with his mech suit but is defeated. After the battle, White Heart and Iris Heart torture and humiliate him on live television. He begs Warechu to stop filming it, but Warechu refuses, fearful of Iris Heart would do to him if he did. After the humiliation and torture, Mr. Badd is allowed to leave.

During the events with Seven Sages kidnapping children and making and attempting to make them into goddesses, Mr. Badd attacks Leanbox with strange monsters which Neptune and the others have a hard time beating due to them constantly bouncing back. when Abnes reveals the location to where the Seven Sages are holding the captured children, the party heads there and are faced with Mr. Badd yet again. They learn that the strange monsters are actually girls who had been kidnapped and had a CPU Memory forced upon them which lead to them being turned into monsters.

Sometime after that battle, Mr. Badd ordered his "daughters" to not fight anymore. Mr. Badd encounters the CPUs again when they try to free Peashy, and battles them without the assistance of his "daughters". He is defeated and about to be killed when his "daughters" stop them from doing so. Mr. Badd reveals that he feels remorse for turning the girls into monsters, and that he had been taking good care of them (such as giving them presents and attention). He also tells them that he was trying to find a way to change the back into their human forms as his final request before dying to them. Noire assures the creatures that they can come to Lastation's Basilicom so that they can find a way to change them and spares Mr. Badd. Completely shocked that he is being spared and delighted that someone else is going to help them, Mr. Badd leaves the Seven Sages.

In the True End of the game, Mr. Badd moves to Lastation and leaves the girls in the Basilicom, going out grocery shopping. When he returns, he finds the girls have turned back into their normal forms and informs Noire of this. No one is aware of who did it, though it is shown later on that Anonydeath was responsible for reverting the girls back.

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His Japanese name "Akudaijin" is a word play of the Japanese words "aku" ("evil") and "daijin" ("minister"), fitting to his role as Blanc's evil minister.

His English alias "Badd" is pun to the word "bad", which underlines his role as a bad person.


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  • Mr. Badd is the first non-silhouetted human male character.
  • Despite being human, he is categorized as a machine-type Bestiary, due to his fighting robot suit.


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