An N-Gear is a portable gaming device researched and developed in Planeptune. It has various functions, such as processing and organizing physical items as well as data. It is said by Histoire that Neptune used to love playing with it. Its primary in-game function is to serve as a menu. By using the N-Gear, the player can browse everyone's status and skills, organize items, save their data, and much more.


N-Gear Function Visual.png
  • The N-Gear's primary function is being a portable gaming device. It has four buttons in the top and bottom corners of the device; these serve as the L1, R1, L2, and R2 buttons.
  • The N-Gear is capable of two modes: 2D mode and 3D mode.
    • 2D mode is the default screen that is viewed on the flat screen of the device.
    • 3D mode is a 3D holographic screen that can be viewed from 360 degree angle.
  • It is capable of screen-rotation and can be used both horizontally and vertically.
  • It can be used as a phone and is capable of voice and possibly video calling.


  • The N-Gear is a reference to the Sega Game Gear. With that said, it can be stated that the N-Gear is Nepgear's console form.
  • It is named similarly to the Nokia N-Gage, which in addition to trying to compete with the Game Boy Advance, had a number of Sega titles available, though not exclusively. This may explain why the N-Gear can be used as a phone.
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