Thank you. I've never tried any Mage classes before, so I'll take any advice on using a character like this.
— Nepgear

The Goddess Candidate of Planeptune, and Neptune's younger sister. She's often mistaken as the older sister because she is so incredibly reliable, but she doesn't pay this any mind. The constant kindness she shows Neptune conveys her love rather clearly.

She's also an otaku when it comes to mechas, and she's very knowledgeable when it comes to machines and network systems. Because she's investing herself in this fantasy world, she's a little worried about losing that side of her personality.

She has chosen the Mage class. Her defense may not be the greatest, but she is able to unleash powerful magic from a distance.[1]



Nepgear's overall figure remains the same, but she now dons an indigo and brown witch's outfit. Her hat is indigo at the top and brown at the bottom. The hat has a blue butterfly accessory on the left side. Right below her hat is the a shield shaped hairclip that matches Neptune's hair-clips. On her neck is a red neck cloth with a moon-shaped pin attached to it. She wears an indigo jacket which doubles as a dress. She also wears brown gloves. She wears indigo boots that reach up to her ankles.


Nepgear is a very genuine and kind girl, but she sometimes lacks the self-confidence she needs to do what has to be done. This trait of hers often leaves her to be pushed around or constantly having to be encouraged by her party members.


Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

In Logi Mountain, all the CPU Candidates have made it to the small shrine with the monument. Bouquet asks them to enter a password into the monument. Uni wonders if they missed it somewhere as they did not see anything that can be a password on the way here. Bouquet explains that the game is in beta so no password has been implemented. They can enter whatever they want.

Nepgear is indecisive with what she wants as a password as there is too much freedom. Ram decides draw Rom's face as a password. Rom draws Ram's face as well. Rom and Ram receive the Amethyst Glass. Since it does not even have to be a word, Nepgear wants something personal as her password.

Uni urges Nepgear to hurry up and go with something like "Nepgya". Nepgear does not want that and goes with her signature. Uni wants her password to be a prayer to improve her accuracy and goes with "AIM". Bouquet congratulates them and now they have the power of the Awakening. Nepgear is glad to be closer to her sister and notices that the twins are frozen. Ram explains that Blanc has come to their room. It is a shame as they wanted to surprise her in the game. Nepgear remembers that their older sisters are playing together and they must have heard that they were playing together as well.

Rom tells them that Blanc and the others are in the plaza in Wishuel. She urges them to go there. Uni messages Noire "We'll head back to the city, so wait for us." and the candidates make their way back.

Later in Wishuel, Neptune sees her sister and calls out to her. Nepgear is glad to have met up safely, but remarks that they already have as they are in the same room. Vert wants to introduce the audience to her little sister, Nepgear and embraces her. Nepgear tells Vert to stop squishing her so hard but notes that this does feel warm. Neptune notes that Nepgear has been afflicted with a status effect and complains that Vert already has Bouquet.

Noire notices that Uni has chosen the Thief class, which gives her a different look and compliments Uni as it suits her. Uni thanks Noire and explains that this is different from her gunner class but she can't just give up using guns in games. Uni tried to shake things up by dual wielding pistols. It has shorter range than her assault rifles so she needs to learn how to use her Thief's agility. At least she doesn't have to worry about her KDR, or gun recoil in this game but she does not want those skills to get rusty. After all FPS is not just a game but a lifestyle.

Nepgear reminds Uni that no one is keeping up with her with the exception of Vert and herself. Uni apologizes to Noire. Neptune compliments Nepgear for having a cute Mage outfit. Nepgear thanks her sister and thinks Neptune would make the perfect paladin. Nepgear did want to support Neptune as a Priest but Blanc already took that class so she decided to choose the Mage class to support her with long range magic. Vert is glad that their party has doubled. Nepgear thinks they will have twice the fun.

Now that the party has expanded thanks to the candidates Vert wants to name the party. Nepgear wonders what it should be and suggests everyone spout whatever comes to mind.

Nepgear suggests EXE Drivers but thinks it may be too flashy. Vert remembers that in Gamindustri, they are called Console Patron Unit, so suggests "CPU". Uni likes the abbreviation. Noire is happy as they are Goddesses so this suits them. Blanc likes that its short, easy to remember with a "classic-game" feel. Ram and Rom are happy that it is easy to remember. Nepgear notices that no one is objecting and likes the name as well. Neptune declares that their party will now be known as "CPU". Vert thought they would argue more about this but is glad they settled it.

After finishing a Certification quest, CPU returns to Wishuel. Now that their strength has gone up Vert advises them to think about party reorganization before searching for other Sacred Treasures. Nepgear notices that Vert has been rather enthusiastic about completing this game. Neptune explains that she has been targeting Bouquet, a cute little girl as her sister. That being said, Neptune claims she is still the protagonist of this game, which is called "Cyberdimension Neptunia" not "Vertia".

All that aside, Nepgear is glad to have Vert in CPU. They can all learn something about gaming from her. Vert is happy to help and tells Nepgear to not be afraid to ask for help in this game. Nepgear accepts her offer as she has never tried a Mage class and she will take any advice on using it. After the party reorganization, Neptune thinks they should look for the next Sacred Treasure.

CPU checks out the Gion Blacksmith. The owner of the blacksmith introduces herself as Tamsoft and her occupation is a Blacksmith. Neptune then asks Tamsoft since she has a traditional Japanese vibe, if she specializes in sword smithing. Rom excitedly wonders if she can improve her katana. Tamsoft tells them to bring in the materials and she will upgrade them. She is not limiting herself to swords, she can do guns as well.

Uni can't wait to see the extent her guns can be customized. Nepgear notices that Uni has stars in her eyes. Tamsoft notes that they need strong weapons to beat this game so they should not hesitate to call her. Blanc promises that they will and are happy to see her.

Later, in Wishuel, Nepgear spots a mysterious person trying to sell Neptune something. Nepgear arrives to stop her sister from buying the items. The items are expensive and she should discuss this with everyone before buying. Neptune agrees. Nepgear notices that it almost time for CPU to meet up. She says goodbye to the mysterious person and the Planeptune sisters leave.

Phiaros runs into CPU. He is happy to see them. Neptune wonders if they met this NPC before. He explains that he guards the holy Yiear Forest. He needs to request something of them, the Sacred Treasure, Black Diamond Sword has been taken by the forces of the Demon King. He asks them to retrieve all the Sacred Treasures and revive the Goddesses. He already put the request at the guild.

Since it is official, Neptune is happy to accept the quest. Uni urges the candidates to do their best for their sisters. Nepgear promises to do so. Phiaros is glad to see such reassuring confidence.

In the guild, they accept the request. The Goddesses begin to argue on who is going to be the most useful for this quest. Nepgear notes that their sisters are really competitive over games. Uni thinks the day their sisters stop competing over games is the day it snows in the summer but she remembers that Lowee has an eternal winter.

In Yiear Forest, Blanc notes that according to the quest, Volcerios took the Sacred Treasure and it sounds strong. Rom thinks this place is scary and wonders if it is nearby. Nepgear reassures Rom that everyone is here to support each other. Rom agrees and carries on.

Aww, couldn't talk to them

Later in the forest, Uni stops and alerts her sister to something. Noire wonders what is up. It is a couple of players. Since there are here, Nepgear suggests talking to them. Vert agrees. Nepgear greets them. She thinks it is impressive that they made it this far with just 2 people. Kiria cuts her off stating there is no time for her and urges the princess to go ahead. The princess knows it is dangerous but relies on Kiria's protection. Kiria promises to wash away her sadness and take her pain. The two leave.

Nepgear finds it a shame that they left after she built up all that courage to talk to them. Neptune tells her sister not to let it get to her.

Near the end of the forest, the princess notes that CPU took their sweet time. Kiria brags that they didn't just get here first, the two of them defeated the boss and they have the Sacred Treasure as proof. The princess and Kiria begin to have their own moment before heading back to town.

CPU enters the end of the dungeon. Nepgear spots something in the distance. It is the Volcerios and CPU defeats it.

Black Diamond Sword

CPU gets the Sacred Treasure, Black Diamond Sword. Bouquet appears and congratulates them on their successful retrieval of the Sacred Treasure. Bouquet thanks them all for their hard work and she has something to tell them but... Bouquet apologizes as even if this is a holy forest, the monsters' impurities are affecting her. Bouquet has teleportation magic so she will return to the Cathedral herself. Maybe the Goddesses' protection will remove her impurities and she will feel better. Bouquet promises to talk to them there and she teleports away.

Neptune wonders if she really will be better in the Cathedral. Neptune thinks they can wrap a leek around her head. It should cure the common cold. Nepgear thinks Bouquet is not suffering from the common cold. CPU returns to Wishuel.

In the Cathedral, CPU finds Bouquet okay but she needs rest. The party decides to go find things to help Bouquet while she is resting.

Chocolate Crêpes should restore her energy

Later, the remaining party arrives to see Bouquet with Neptune and Vert in the city. Uni and Nepgear have a gift for Bouquet. Uni tells her when one is feeling tired, sweets are the best. Nepgear explains that they got her a chocolate crêpe and adds that even AI characters can get tired after learning so much. The other members also gave Bouquet the gifts they found. Bouquet is grateful for everything CPU has done for her.

Bouquet asks if having a younger sister is all that important. Vert says it is as she is the only one without a sibling of her own. In addition, in Gamindustri, moe is still heavily trending so everyone wants a younger sister by their side.

Rom does not think everyone wants a younger sister. She does love Ram but Blanc is her number one hero. Ram agrees and praises Blanc for being super cool. Blanc thanks them. Nepgear thinks as younger sisters, the older sisters are who they look up to the most. However, if Nepgear had a younger sister, she wonders what it would be like. If that is the case, Neptune would get another sister. She begins thinking of names for her such as Nep-pitcher, Nep Mk.3 and Nep the Third. Bouquet finishes her learning on that topic and records that segment in her archives. Bouquet begins to explain the legend surrounding the Sacred Treasures.

A rendition of the Paramount Pair

The Demon King commands a duo of unrivaled leaders known as the Paramount Pair. They both lead the king's army of monsters known as the Wicked Believers. The king and his army went on a rampage that brought Alsgard to the brink of destruction. The four Goddesses fought against them but the battles were a constant struggle. The Goddesses created the Sacred Treasures and amplified their power in order to seal the king, which depleted all their power making them unable to descend to this world.

Noire asks if their plan is for the Paramount Pair to gather their forces to revive the Demon King while the Goddesses are still away. Bouquet confirms Noire's assumption. Vert's heart races at hearing at the new bosses. She promises to play in earnest from now on.

Neptune worries about what playing in earnest entails. Will Vert give them energy drinks to fight monsters all night? Will they have to quit their job to try to beat the game? Nepgear hopes that it won't be like that.

Bouquet warns that if the Demon King is revived with his full power, defeating him will be difficult. She urges them to gather the Sacred Treasure before all that can happen. CPU is eager to not let Bouquet down. Bouquet believes they will succeed.

CPU heads to the guild. Luke, the person who runs the guild praises CPU for their timing as an important quest to find another Sacred Treasure was just posted. Luke explains the quest came from a report from an archaeological team when they returned from the ruins. Blanc thinks this is strange as it was supposed to be the Knights investigating the Sacred Treasures.

Luke explains that while they were excavating in Oneiro Corridor, they stumbled into the boss monster who took the Sacred Treasure. The monsters nearby are also obstructing the excavation so they thought of asking adventurers to defeat the monsters and boss in one go. The researchers promise to not claim the Sacred Treasure. Their desire is for the Chosen Ones to wield it.

Noire understands but she laments that the Black Knights never get their chance to shine. Neptune would appreciate it if the Paladins tried a little harder but she guesses they will be fine if they try really hard. Nepgear agrees but she notes that there isn't even a Mage Guild in the story. Vert then says if there is a research team, then there must be treasures in these ruins. Vert wants Uni to search the ruins with her for that. Uni is glad to see the Thief class have a chance to shine. Uni is not interested in coins though, she wants rare materials. Nepgear hopes they find materials to upgrade their equipment. Nepgear is ready to accept the quest but notices that there is also a delivery quest for the research team. She wonders if that means they should give the research team some items that aren't the treasure.

Vert thinks they should only do so when absolutely necessary, otherwise they know what to do with their items. Luke tells them he is not trying to tell them how to do their quests but the researchers aren't just going to get nothing.

In the dungeon Neptune notices the couple and decides to greet them. She remembers that they haven't introduced themselves yet. Neptune introduces herself but she realizes that it doesn't matter as players can see each other screens. Neptune reads Kiria and †Black Cat Princess†'s name. This leads to a rather lengthy conversation of which Nepgear and Uni were quietly listening to.

Uni notes that the conversation seems to almost be done. Nepgear thinks this is their time to actually get involved in it. Nepgear goes up to Kiria and notices her equipment is really high level. She asks if she can see her sword. Kiria shows it to them. Uni is impressed with the mechanical component in her weapon which is rare in this world. Nepgear is glad Uni sees how special the weapon is. Neptune is impressed that the mech otakus were reeled in so easily. Kiria knows how to take a compliment and asks if they would like to see a demonstration of her combat style. Nepgear is really excited to see.

†Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria there is no need to accommodate them so much. Kiria apologizes as she can't help herself. They have stayed for too long and they must hurry to the boss as soon as possible. Uni is sad as she wanted to look at the sword longer. Kiria says she will save it for next time, she can't give up the position at the very top after all. †Black Cat Princess† says her goodbyes to everyone and the two leave.

Nepgear would like a weapon like that one day. Neptune thinks its like her sister to say that. She suggests that Nepgear take her wish to Tamsoft for help. Nepgear tells her sister she is right as Tamsoft is a Blacksmith and sure to have some advice. Uni wants to go with Nepgear after all this. Nepgear accepts.

At the end of the dungeon, Neptune finds the boss chasing Kiria and †Black Cat Princess†. Neptune suggests that they let CPU take over so they can all get the Sacred Treasure. They reluctantly allow CPU to take over.

Moonstone Hairpin

CPU defeats the boss and everyone acquires the Moonstone Hairpin. †Black Cat Princess† is upset that that she could not secure the kill and leaves. Kiria follows. Bouquet appears and praises everyone for the work. There is only one Sacred Treasure left. Bouquet reports that it is in the oldest and most sacred place in the world, the foot of the World Tree, Leanverde.

CPU returns to Wishuel and the Planeptune sisters along with Uni decide to pay a visit to Gion Blacksmith. Neptune calls for Tamsoft and explains that a player they met had a weapon... and... um... She asks Nepgear and Uni to explain the details. Nepgear asks if calling it a laser-esque sword would give Tamsoft a good idea of what it is. Uni admits she did not get a look at it in mid-battle but it had a charge function. If one gathered energy and it could release powerful attack.

Tamsoft finds this interesting. When she gets the chance, she'd like to smith one herself. But for their information Tamsoft is a relatively new Blacksmith. She does not know about all of the weapons. She apologizes for not being much of a help. Nepgear wonders wonders if that was a rare weapon. She tells Tamsoft there is no need to rush and to update them if anything happens. Neptune notes that Nepgear and Uni can't equip swords. She asks if them if that is just for their collection. Nepgear reminds Neptune that she can equip and as long as she can see it in action, she okay with that.

Tamsoft laughs and notes that they've taking a liking to it. She tells them that she will look out for it. Tamsoft asks them to drop off if anything happens. She would like to see this weapon in order to sharpen her skills. Tamsoft reminds them that she needs the right amount of materials and bells from them.

CPU enters the guild to accept a quest in Yiear Sea of Trees for the final Sacred Treasure. They overhear some players, Naoya, Maron and Wildcat discussing the Grim Reaper. Naoya reports that it has happened again, someone walking alone in a dungeon was insta-killed by the boss. Maron thinks it was just a newbie going into a high level dungeon. Naoya explains that it took place in the first mountain dungeon. No one knows where the Grim Reaper will strike.

Maron wonders if some newbie killing raid boss was implemented recently. She wonders what it looks like. Wildcat explains that the Grim Reaper is draped in black and has eyes, red eyes. Looking into it is looking into death itself. The Grim Reaper creeps up on you without making a sound and by the time you notice him, you're already dead. Maron was planning to gather materials but now she is too scared. For now, Neptune decides to accept the quest and CPU heads out.

In Yiear Sea of Trees, Neptune has found the boss and urges CPU to take down the boss and get the Sacred Treasure. However, their attacks are not working. Nepgear takes a clean hit. Uni wonders if Nepgear is okay. She is surprised that the attacks can reach this far back and its firepower is strong.

A NPC Elmia arrives. She warns them that they are not going to make it out at this rate. She urges them to hurry and get out while they still can. Neptune and Vert think they may have missed an event that allows them to beat this boss. Elmia tells them they can talk after, for now she will use this. The boss backs off and CPU escapes.

After getting away, Nepgear breathes a sigh of relief as they were able to get away. Elmia is glad she made it in time. Ever since the Sacred Treasure was taken, the monsters in the area have become really strong especially that boss holding the Sacred Treasure. If it starts rampaging for real then no one can stop it. However, if they had a high-grade Purification Arrow, they might be able to weaken it. She is sure the Chosen One can defeat it after that. Elmia notes that it would be good to post that to the guild but she had to keep weird mercenaries from getting close.

Elmia decides to head to the guild and warns everyone that this place is dangerous and urges everyone to be careful. The boss has caught up to CPU. Since they do not have the flags raised to fight this boss, Blanc urges them to run away.

Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† arrives. Kiria notes that they meet again. †Black Cat Princess† laughs and remarks that they are in a pickle. Kiria tells them to sit back and watch this round. †Black Cat Princess† tells them those that stand in their way will end up like this. The two make short work of the boss. Kiria reports that they have obtained the Sacred Treasure. The two of them will be going on ahead. †Black Cat Princess† laughs and leaves them with a parting gift.

Another boss appears. Neptune is glad to have the opportunity to recover our disgrace. Nepgear notices that her sister is waiting for someone to comment but Nepgear guesses she will correct her sister. It's "recover our honor".

Vert wonders what is with that boss, and makes sure no one broke a branch. Neptune wonders why Vert would mention breaking branches, unless she meant summoning that boss, in which case such an item doesn't exist yet, at least she never saw it. Blanc points out that those items are not found in the shop. Nepgear adds that if it isn't from an item, it must have come somewhere else, which is suspicious. Vert thinks they should just focus on the boss for now. CPU defeats the boss.

Bouquet appears and notes that something abnormal is going on with this floor's data. She asks if everything is okay. She realizes that its CPU and greets them kindly. Bouquet analyzes the data immediately to find the cause. After the analysis, Bouquet has no results. She does not know of the cause. This is all very strange and Bouquet urges them to return to the city at once.

Near the end of the dungeon, Bouquet reports that while traveling with CPU back to the city, she checked the library with the error but it was too large to load. She wants to report this to the GM so they check this out. She asks if that is okay. Vert is glad that she would as that would be much more reliable than just submitting an error report. Bouquet asks them for to wait a moment and in place of Bouquet, the GM appears.

GM introduces herself as the 4 Goddesses Online Admin, and they may refer to her as Game Master or GM. Neptune thinks GM sounds fine and realizes how strange it is for the GM to make a personal appearance. GM thanks CPU for their help in the beta test and she explains that she has determined by the report that this error is urgent. She decided to see it for herself. GM thinks it is excessive to bring in a GM dedicated avatar so she's borrowing Bouquet for a moment. Nepgear understands and simply found it surprising. GM did not how much shock this would have caused and apologizes.

GM begins to perform an analysis. She announces to those logged in that in approximately 10 minutes, she will perform an emergency maintenance in the Yiear Sea of Trees area. She asks the players to avoid entering Yiear Sea of Trees for the duration of the maintenance. She apologizes for the inconvenience and thanks everyone for their cooperation. GM then personally apologizes to CPU that it would take some time until the end of the maintenance. She then leaves for her work.

Bouquet returns and explains that the story quest is now available. It takes place in another area so they should have no trouble progressing. To create the item to weaken the boss requires 3 ingredients. They should first head to the guild and accept the quest. CPU does just that.

After going to the guild, CPU accepts the quest to get the first of the three ingredients required to weaken the final Sacred Treasure boss. It takes place in Arodie Cavern. In the dungeon, after completing the requirements for the quest, Nepgear reports that the quest is done. Rom smiles as that was easy. Ram agrees and all they have to do is report to the guild. Neptune is glad as a bonus that they are all still in good condition.

Back at the guild, CPU overhears Minor Players A and B discuss the Grim Reaper. Minor Player A got killed by the Grim Reaper. There was corrupted text so he couldn't read anything. Minor Player B thinks it is a shame as the two were starting to do well, they were sent back to the city. They have to fight the boss again and when they were defeated, their display went all weird for a moment. It was pretty spooky.

CPU takes the next quest for the ingredients. They are to hunt a Volcerios in Fiyar Mines for the ingredient, Shining Dragon Stone. A newbie player warns Neptune and Noire about to stay away from dungeons for a while. The rumor about the Grim Reaper is real. Neptune is interested and wants to know if he saw it. The newbie player has not seen it and since his level is low, he is just trying to level up in areas where it is less likely to appear.

Shining Dragon Stone

In Fiyar Mines, Uni spots the target monster. CPU defeats the target monster and acquires the Shining Dragon Stone.

CPU takes the final quest to get the ingredient to create the Purification Arrow. They need to defeat a target monster in Hestie Crater. In the middle of the dungeon, Nepgear asks the other members what would happen if they were to run into the Grim Reaper. Would they be able to handle now as they are? Neptune thinks if they can't beat him, they can run away. Even if they lose, they only get sent back to town so it is no big deal. CPU finds the target monster for the quest and defeats it completing the quest. They head back to Wishuel.

Back in Wishuel, CPU reports their quest acquiring the Branch of Leanverde. Neptune takes the ingredients to Chaos Factory to create the Purification Arrow. The GM then announces "This is a notice to all logged in players. The maintenance that was being conducted in Yiear Sea of Trees has safely concluded. Thank you for your co-operation." CPU decides to travel to Yiear Sea of Trees.

In Yiear Sea of Trees, Vert points out that it seems like it has arrived. This time, they will defeat it. Neptune notes that as usual it looks super strong but they won't run. Neptune decides to use the Purification Arrow and the boss screams in pain. Neptune thinks it is working and believes they can defeat it now. She thanks the guard person for her help. Nepgear admits boss fights are nerve-wracking but as far as she is concerned it is just another a battle. She will increase her firepower for this boss.

Emerald Mirror

CPU defeats the boss and acquires the Emerald Mirror. †Black Cat Princess† already knew they could do it. Kiria has a pained expression. Neptune is happy to see the couple and notes they have not seen each other in a while but she was thinking about them here and there. Last time things got pretty messy with that monster. Neptune asks if they have been doing alright.

†Black Cat Princess† assures Neptune that they are. In fact there isn't a fragment of a possibility of them losing to someone else so her worry is needless. In fact it isn't her damn business. Neptune notices the grim expression and asks †Black Cat Princess† if she is feeling okay. Blanc is sure they are just going to gloat in their face again.

†Black Cat Princess† agrees with Blanc, as they need to learn that she is much greater than them all. In fact she is going to beat this knowledge into their bones. Nepgear wonders if that means she hates them now. Vert thinks it is best for fellow gamers to enjoy the game by helping each other out and competing on occasionally. †Black Cat Princess† laughs at the idea that they are fellow gamers that will help each other. She declares that she is supreme in this world and there is no one who can compete on her level. She asks if they don't understand that there is a wall between a princess and a common player. They cannot overcome it.

†Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria that to try out the new function of the tool now. Kiria does not feel right using it on actual players. †Black Cat Princess† tells her to stop grumbling and do it already. Kiria understands and will do everything for her sake. The two use the tool. Neptune notices that they have fused and transformed. The new form they have looks like that animal. Nepgear thinks her sister is talking about a cheetah.

Vert remembers that monster from the main 4 Goddesses Online. It sparked a lot of controversy with the players which is why it was removed in patch 1.02. It is known as Cheetah. It was meant as a joke that uses a cheetah as a motif. It was a play on the word "cheater". Back when admins were working on countermeasures for cheaters, they used Cheetah as a sandbag monster in events. At the end of the festival, the GM would fire the Cheetah and explode it as fireworks. That was their cheat eradication campaign.

†Black Cat Princess† in Cheetah tells them that they should really watch their mouths. The two of them aren't going to be so kind like before. Kiria in Cheetah tries to reason with the princess as she does not think this is a good idea. †Black Cat Princess† in Cheetah tells Kiria to shut up and just control the thing. †Black Cat Princess† in Cheetah declares that they are truly unparalleled in 4 Goddesses Online and releases a burst of electricity.

Rom and Ram tell Cheetah to stay back. Neptune tells them to look alive. They should stop staring and start fighting. Neptune assures that it will work out, asks that it will work out and hopes it will work out. Neptune leads the charge against Cheetah.

CPU defeats Cheetah and their body begins crumble. Vert thinks it would be good if they can discuss this peacefully. The Grim Reaper shows up breathing. Nepgear notices this and asks who this is. Blanc notices the red eyes and blood lust and deduces that it is the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper picks up Cheetah and leaves. Neptune calls for Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† but it's no use as they are gone. Vert wonders what that means. Do monsters just kidnap other players now? Nepgear wonders if Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† became targets to a boss monster.

Uni thinks that the Grim Reaper was an ally to Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† and came to their rescue. Noire believes the Cheetah is likely controlled by another cheater. Blanc thinks it is best to report this to the GM.

CPU returns to Wishuel and decides to visit the Cathedral. Vert thinks it is time to report to Bouquet as well as see the next story event. It should be in that area. Neptune wonders if Bouquet will come if she calls for her. Neptune calls for Bouquet, if she is here, she should say something. If she is not she should tell them she is not here. Nepgear tells her sister that likely won't work.

Bouquet arrives and is glad to see everyone. Firstly she congratulates them on collecting all 4 Sacred Treasures. Now the time has come, they must hold the ceremony to revive the Goddesses and soon as there may have been enemy movements. Bouquet reports that the Paramount Pair have finally awoken and they are working towards the destruction of the world.

Bouquet shows CPU a personal description of them. Nepgear thinks they seem pretty tough. She supposes they will fight them eventually. Bouquet warns that if the Demon King's forces catches wind of the Goddesses' revival, they will surely interfere. Before the enemy organizes themselves, Bouquet asks them to hurry to the Altar of Goddesses in Temple.

Vert tells Bouquet that they have progressed the story safely so far but they encountered a fair amount of errors in their previous quest. Bouquet worries and asks if that means another abnormality has occurred again. Blanc tells her it was not an abnormality but it was illegal behavior carried out by other players. Bouquet can't believe it, the defenses against such an activity should be impenetrable. She wants to know more details. Neptune tells her that players by the name of Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† turned out the be a conniving couple of Cheetah cheaters. Bouquet does not understand what Neptune is trying to say.

Noire admits it is hard to explain but essentially the players used a cheat tool to transform themselves into a Cheetah. Neptune says that was what she was trying to say. They were Cheetah cheaters! After that happened, they attacked CPU. Blanc reports that they fought them off but they were taken away by a monster that looks like the Grim Reaper from the rumors. Could it be that they were working together? Bouquet notes that the administration is investigating the Grim Reaper but... for now she will check everyone's logs. She asks them to wait a moment. Bouquet notices that the data is flowing in a strange direction.

Bouquet's voice turns robotic and she alerts that an unexpected error has occurred. She will terminate NPC control system. Vert gets worried and asks Bouquet what is wrong. The GM appears and apologizes for barging in on them like this. However, an error greater than what the AI's auto repair can handle has occurred. It might take some time to repair so she apologizes for the inconvenience. She has also verified the reports of unauthorized tool usage and thanks them for their cooperation before teleporting away.

CPU is worried but decides to progress the story while leaving Bouquet and the illegal activities to the GM's hands.

CPU accepts the quest to deliver the 4 Sacred Treasures to Tetyu Temple. Since the Goddesses will appear after they take the Sacred Treasure to the temple, Neptune tells CPU to pay close attention. Nepgear thinks it will get confusing if she calls the Goddess "Neptune", so maybe she should call her "Lady Purple Heart". Nepgear is unsure that she can get used to doing that but she still wants to meet her soon.

CPU makes it to the Altar of Goddesses in Tetyu Temple and Bouquet welcomes them. She admits that she does not remember what happened last time. Bouquet asks what happened. Nepgear explains that they reported a problem and and error occurred during her analysis. Perhaps her memory around the time was reset.

Bouquet understand that they are referring to the case, the GM is currently investigating. Bouquet asks them to place the 4 Sacred Treasures in the altar. Blanc thinks they should set it down in order. Neptune prefers putting it all down at once. Vert agrees with Neptune but wants them to do as pairs of sisters.

Neptune points out that Vert would be left out but realizes that Vert may be after her sister. She refuses to let Vert take Nepgear. Vert tells Neptune she misconstrues her words. Nepgear will pair up with Neptune and her partner will be Bouquet. Nepgear would have been fine with the older sisters handling this part but she is happy that they can do this together. Neptune finds her sister being in a good mood so cute.

On two, everyone offers the Sacred Treasure and Neptune is in awe. Bouquet reports that the door to the Divine Realm has opened. The earth and Divine Realm are connected by a rainbow bridge. CPU crosses the bridge to the Divine Realm.

The Four Goddesses

In the Divine Realm. Neptune is awe. Purple Heart tells the Chosen Ones have done well to come this far. They have been waiting a very long time for the day they would meet. The in-game Goddesses converse with the Goddesses counterpart and CPU assures them that they are ready to fight the Demon King.

If the Goddesses are controlled by the AI, Vert hopes to have a proper conversation. Vert is impressed so far. Nepgear thinks it would be nice to talk to the Goddesses like they have talked to Bouquet.

Black Heart notes that the Demon King's power is great but if everyone is united in battle, they have a chance in victory. White Heart urges everyone to gather their strength and defeat the Demon King. Green Heart tells them the time for the final battle is soon. It is time for the Goddesses to descend to Alsgard. CPU's firepower has increased and Neptune thinks the Demon King is nothing compared to them. Purple Heart laughs and she promises on behalf of the Goddesses that she will show them the power of the Goddesses. Nepgear thinks it is expected that both Neptunes make a great combo.

The Goddesses all return to the altar. Bouquet welcomes everyone back and notes that it is such a honor to behold the countenances of the Goddesses. She asks them to please put an end to the evils in this world. Purple Heart thinks Bouquet has done well to guide this world as the Royal Geist. She wants her to continue her good work. Bouquet promises that she always will. Neptune wants to say something too. She tells her "other me" that they should do their best.

Purple Heart does not understand what Neptune means by "other me". Blanc tells Neptune she shouldn't have to say this to her but their narrative is not going to make sense to the in-game Goddesses. It seems to be case so far and Nepgear tells her "older sister" not to worry about it. Purple Heart has no idea what she means by older sister. Nepgear apologizes and explains that she just looks like so much like her. It will be a hard habit to break. Purple Heart thinks in any case they have descended safely upon earth and they will always be by the Chosen Ones' side. They should fight together from now on. Neptune and others agree.

In Wishuel, Bouquet arrives and is glad that they have safely returned from the ruins. She introduces the 4 Goddesses to Wishuel, a hub for adventurers. The 4 Goddesses are eager to protect the city that still has faith in them to this day. Bouquet knows that the Goddesses have just returned but they are approaching the ultimate battle with Demon King. They have overcome many different trials until now and with all their strength Bouquet truly believes they can save this world.

Green Heart reports that the Demon King's captains have built a gate to the Demon Realm at Atlio City Ruins. It is possible they are trying to revive him as well. White thinks they should get there immediately before he revives. Purple Heart tells White Heart that is difficult as there is a barrier up that prevents outsiders from entering.

Bouquet tells them that it is the Demon King's captains, the Paramount Pair, who are maintaining the barrier. With only two bosses left, no matter how baddies show up, Ram is sure they will win. Nepgear notes that the Goddesses just arrived. She would not be surprised if they were a few more for them in the end of the story.

Bouquet tells them to be careful. They did receive reports that the Paramount Pair are hiding in a different dimension. Green Heart thinks that is a job for the Goddesses. They will triangulate their location based on the waves of evil they radiate. Vert is happy to leave the navigation to the Goddesses and they will prepare for the quest. Bouquet tells them once they are ready, they should stop by the Cathedral.

Nepgear and Bouquet take a stroll around Wishuel. Nepgear sees Vert and Green Heart and greets them. Bouquet wonders what they are doing here. Green Heart tells the younger sisters that they are doing nothing, she has just learned about the truth of Alsgard. Vert welcomes Green Heart in the world of moe. Green Heart hopes Vert will remain her friend for a very long time. Nepgear tells Bouquet she has a bad feeling about this. Bouquet shares in Nepgear's feeling.

In Wishuel, Vert leads CPU to the Cathedral as Bouquet is waiting for them. They are ready to defeat the Paramount Pair but Vert notices Kiria and †Black Cat Princess†. Neptune notices that Kiria is at 1 HP and †Black Cat Princess† is actually dead but shouldn't be in Wishuel. Nepgear sees that Kiria and †Black Cat Princess†'s names and statuses have corrupted text meaning that the rumors about the Grim Reaper's attack causing malfunctions is true.

Neptune tries to get †Black Cat Princess† to respond but fails. Blanc wants to interrogate them immediately but is bothered by their low HP. She tries to heal them but it has no effect. Kiria suspects that when she was attacked, her data was... Vert understands that Kiria is asking for their help but she requests Kiria to give them the full details. Kiria resolves to tell them everything and apologizes to the princess for acting on her own.

She explains that some time ago, a suspicious person appeared before the pair and offered a trade. The suspicious person will supply them with a tool that could restructure 4 Goddesses Online's data in return for in-game currency. The truth objective of the tool was... A sound was heard.

Minor Player C announces that monsters have appeared. Neptune wonders if the Paramount Pair found out about their plan to defeat them. Vert does not think so as she has never heard of a real time event occurring in the main story and other players are also being attacked.

GM makes an announcement. Unauthorized access has been detected and maintenance will begin immediately. She asks for the player's cooperation to log out as soon as possible. Nepgear then alerts the party to a bunch of Bouquets gathering at the front of the Cathedral. Vert feels like she is in Eden. Uni wonders if all the GMs are meeting to fight off the monsters.

Bouquet A wants the other Bouquets to leave it to her as she has the highest skill. Bouquet B cheers her senior on. Bouquet A attacks a monster but it is ineffective. Bouquet appears and warns CPU that it is too dangerous. They should log out immediately. Vert recognizes this Bouquet is their Bouquet. Bouquet confirms Lady Vert's assumption. She is the AI in charge of recording the journey of the players and they are free to think of her as the Bouquet they always meet.

The GM arrives and tells Bouquet to assist her and the other GMs. She then apologizes to CPU for the trouble and will resolve this immediately. Bouquet B complains that her attacks aren't hitting at all. Bouquet C flees noting that she can't dodge long range attacks. She asks the monsters to stop. Noire wonders if some of Bouquets are AI or GMs. GM apologizes as the ones who are unskilled are the GMs. Vert can't stand and watch any more. If they are going to fight monsters, then she will help. To trouble Bouquet is unforgivable.

GM can't possibly request the help of players. She knows this may take some time but she will contain this. Bouquet knows this might be bold but she tells the GM that members of CPU are the top ranked players in this world. They should borrow their help. GM can't believe Bouquet. Vert thanks Bouquet for relying on them. She tells the GM if there is anything they can do, they should not hesitate to ask them. Bouquet D is excited that someone will fight in their place. Bouquet E runs away asking for help from a medic. GM is reluctant but she asks for CPU's help.

GM explains that someone has unauthorized access to this world. The monsters in this city are controlled externally. At the moment, they are able to intercept direct attacks to their servers on the back end but the monsters here have serious errors too. If this isn't resolved here in the city, there is a danger that this game's entire world will be destroyed.

GM needs a little bit more time before her team can stop the cracking and asks CPU to take care of the monsters. Nepgear understands and asks the GM to leave to fighting to them. GM says she will create a quarantine battlefield and transfer the monsters over there. She requests that CPU head over there. The GM plans to resolve the problem on their end as soon as possible and thanks CPU. Bouquet says the Royal Geists will do their best to support the GMs. She wishes CPU to have a favorable battle.

Neptune is ready to go. She encourages the party to protect 4 Goddesses Online together. She tells Kiria that her story will have to wait. Neptune assures her they will wrap this up in no time so she should just wait here. Kiria says she will and thanks them. She is sorry she can't be of help. She will be praying for their success here.

In Unreal World, Neptune thinks if the culprit is using unauthorized access, then they must be a super hacker. Nepgear notes that the word "hacker" includes good engineers as well. It would be more appropriate to use the word "crackers". Neptune wonders if Nepgear means that hackers have crackers. That seems interesting and Neptune wonders what they taste like. Blanc clarifies to Neptune that they aren't things she can eat. Those are people who specialize in cracking the system but Blanc realizes she is wasting her breath.

Nepgear does not think this is a natural cracker. Neptune wonders if there might cream cheese or ham on top or but decides not to continue on that train of thought. Nepgear remembers Bouquet saying earlier that 4 Goddesses Online was impenetrable. No normal engineer could slip through the defences of Weiss Labs. There is a possibility of being an inside job or that the opponent is very intelligent. Noire wonders if the GM can win, even if they win, if the admins lose, then this will be over.

Nepgear is sure the GM will be fine. After all the internet security of Weiss Labs and Schwartz Co. are the strongest. Nepgear knows Schwartz Co. went under though. Nepgear wishes she had the opportunity to attend one of their tech seminars. Vert tells everyone that they can talk about this later. Right now, they cannot falter in their attacks. Nepgear tells Vert she is right. Nepgear admits she got excited being able to talk about networks which she has not been able to do in a while. She would like to talk about it more.

At the end of the quarantine battlefield, CPU finds and defeats the Grim Reaper. Neptune cheers as they defeated him. Vert tells Neptune to be careful as the next monster has appeared behind her. Neptune turns around to find the monster defeated. Nepgear sees that other parties fighting and helping out. Eve is glad the monster is down and apologizes for being late. Blood asks if they are members of "CPU". They already defeated most of the strong bosses as expected. Eve notes that with the help of everyone fighting, it will be over soon and thanks CPU for their hard work. Neptune calls out to the GM and reports the good news. GM reports that she is done on her side and asks them to return through the portal. Uni is glad and leads CPU back to Wishuel.

CPU returns to Wishuel and the GM is glad to see them all safe. Neptune apologizes to for the wait but they nepped all the monsters that attacked the city. Kiria thinks that is expected of them all. Blanc notices that Kiria still has 1HP and †Black Cat Princess† is still out. GM tells CPU that she has tried to restore her to her original state but a complex lock has been placed on her. Kiria does not care what happens to her and worries about †Black Cat Princess†. GM explains that †Black Cat Princess† has not been in control of her character in a long time. Noire notes that she is still logged in. She wonders why †Black Cat Princess† hasn't logged off if she wanted to run away.

Kiria explains that she heard from the GM that both their characters continue to reside in the server even if they log out. GM adds that she has seen access from a different location. She has tried to block it but even if †Black Cat Princess† is logged out, her character is still being controlled. Neptune guesses that they can now assume that †Black Cat Princess† has logged out.

GM wants to asks Kiria about the situation. She was offered a deal and bought a cheat tool from someone. Kiria confirms this and begins to explain everything. Some time ago, †Black Cat Princess† is impressed with all the functions of the cheat tool. She knows she can become number 1. Mysterious Person tells them they can use the tools to make a boss in any location they want. They can then control the boss itself or control their AI. They can make the boss attack any player they hate. In a world where there is no PKing, they can MPK instead. Mysterious Person thinks they will be enjoying the game a lot more.

†Black Cat Princess† is glad that she will have her own servants. Kiria wants †Black Cat Princess† to wait as using monsters to kill other players is illegal. †Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria not to be a worrywart as there are functions that would hide any trace of the tool. They will be fine. Mysterious Person explains that this tool simply manipulates what is already possible in the game and its functions will allow them to deceive the GMs. Mysterious Person will be updating the tool from now on so its got her full support.

†Black Cat Princess† is glad that she made a good purchase. Vert understands that the Grim Reaper, Cheetah and those monsters earlier came from their tool. Neptune is disappointed that the Grim Reaper was not from the occult. She wants her excitement back. Kiria confirms what Neptune and Vert said and for a while they used the tool like but Cheetah, which was thought to be under †Black Cat Princess†'s control attacked the two of them before running off. The mysterious person then showed up laughing. The AI had become independent thanks to them.

The mysterious person then left with Cheetah following. Nepgear hypothesizes the culprit's motive was to create an AI unlike Bouquet who is a communication AI but one specialized for battle. Uni adds that it must have been necessary to gather data on players behavior patterns and other aspects of the game. Uni does not understand why someone would go through all the trouble just to create an AI and wonders if there is something they are missing. Blanc thinks the missing link is that the person who is cracking the game and the person who created the tool are the same person. Kiria adds that the person who gave them the tool specifically wanted to "break this world". Kiria thinks that is still her motive.

Neptune wants to remind Kiria that cheating is bad and she should never do it again. Kiria agrees and admits it was fun to wield power like that but also unfulfilling. Kiria declares that cheating at an online game is a legitimate crime. She will not negotiate any terms or run away, she will face her judgement. The GM believes in Kiria's integrity and is grateful for her honesty.

Blanc is glad Kiria is honest but †Black Cat Princess† is still running away. Kiria is sure †Black Cat Princess† feels the same and troubled with guilt. Kiria will wait for her return. Noire notes that is really all Kiria can do given her condition right now. The GM tells Kiria after the administration decides how to deal with the two of them, she will contact her. Kiria thanks her and tells the GM she will log out now.

GM then reports to CPU that Cheetah and the monsters created by the cheat tool are trying to destroy this world. As a result, the second half of the story is currently unable to be progressed. GM admits it is unfortunate and asks for their patience as this will take some time.

Vert asks the GM if she would allow them to continue to help her. The GM could not ask for anymore of their help. Vert tells the GM she cannot stand by and wait. She'll become dejected if the game is delayed. Since Vert predicted something like this would occur, she offers her official help as the CPU of Leanbox to resolve the problem of unauthorized access to 4 Goddesses Online.

Vert is going through the proper channels, so there should be no issue in her helping. The GM remembers a letter delivered by motorbike carrier from Leanbox's Basilicom. Noire notes that she was beaten to the punch. Official documents from Lastation will be arriving shortly and she wants the GM to look them over. Blanc reports that she just sent her documents but admits they are more like a draft right now. A more official document will be sent later. Nepgear reports that the documents in Planeptune should arrive in 3 days. However, it will have a digital signature instead of a written one. Neptune wonders if Nepgear just sent it but realizing it will take 3 days make Neptune think it was probably... Nepgear tells her sister that she was not the one to send it. When she asked for help earlier on the document, the Basilicom offered to take care of it instead.

The GM cannot believe she is getting from all 4 nations. She will check her mailbox asap. If the nations are offering help, then she has no reason to refuse but she is worried if this really is ok. Noire explains that 4 Goddesses Online is an IP from all 4 nations, it would be a problem for Gamindustri if they lost it. Neptune agrees, it wouldn't be Gamindustri without games.

The GM believes the same thing. She declares that Weiss Labs will not bow to evil intent. GM notes that CPU must tired from their continued battles so she asks them to rest. She will return later and leaves.

Ram asks if the difficult conversation is now over and that the city is not going to get destroyed as well. Nepgear assures Ram it is okay now. Vert agrees and suggest they all have a moment for a breather. She hopes there won't be any more abnormalities in the world for the time being.

Later in Wishuel, Bouquet appears and praises them for their work in helping them with their issues. Bouquet switches over to the GM. The GM arrives and apologizes her continuous appearance. The GM reports that it is likely that the issues that have been occurring have a high chance of being connected top behind the scenes activities. Monster attacks are still occurring and errors are still spreading so...

An explosion is heard. The Mastermind arrives. She has finally found Weiss' genius hacker. The GM notes that this is faster than she expected. She taunts her saying that she was worried the Mastermind would run away if she did not leave an opening for a quick victory. The Mastermind counters saying that Weiss' security is claimed to be the best in the world but it is over. She is disappointed in the GM and there is no need to hide. She will show the GM the difference between their skills. The GM says if it comes to that, she swears she will find her location. The two begin to duel.

Neptune wonders what is going on. If a fight is going on, she wants to get involved. Nepgear tells her sister that she can't just get involved in this. Neptune wonders why. Her sister tells her to watch and see. The Mastermind launches a logic bomb. The GM notes that the data was planted before hand but she can stop it before it compiles. She tells the Mastermind that she is naive.

The Mastermind is upset that it was all nullified but continues her assault. The GM fends off all the Mastermind's assaults and tells her it was a waste of her energy. The GM launches a small counter-attack. The masterminds is affected. She admits that the GM is not bad and that Weiss' elite are a cut above. The Mastermind thought she hated 4 Goddesses Online but she supposes that great hate comes out of great love. She laughs and finds this fight fun as she feels alive.

The Mastermind launches her lethal weapon "WWWWW". The insides and outsides of the data will turn into weeds. The GM notices that this attacks comes from the linage of "filename xx". This virus menaced every single nation but she was the developer of the anti-virus program on behalf of the Basilicom. If the attack is similar to the virus then she'll break it instantly. She asks the Mastermind what she will do now.

Vert wonders if it just her but observes that the GM is a lot more excited than usual. Nepgear agrees that the GM is having fun. She is incredibly capable engineer so she doesn't have a lot of rivals to compete with. The Mastermind is running out of options. She thinks about her next move. The GM takes this moment of hesitation to attack the Mastermind. The Mastermind screams in pain. Nepgear is amazed that such a complicated program was created in a single moment.

The GM admits that the Mastermind gave her quite the difficult time but there is no escape now. The Mastermind laughs and admits she has lost. She tells the GM to reveal her identity as she should have figured it out by now. The GM reveals the culprit as the only person capable of all this, the president and top engineer of Schwartz Co., the rival to Weiss Labs, Mine. Vert is surprised and recognizes her as the creator of World Break Online.

Mine asks Vert not to yell so loudly. In addition, she has no idea who Vert is. They just got to the good part and she would appreciate it if Vert didn't interrupt it. Finally that title has been changed, she is just the person who ruined Schwartz Co. Neptune then calls out Mine as the one who tempted Kiria and †Black Cat Princess†. Neptune is proud of her deduction.

Mine admits it was all her, a bad person who got jealous of 4 Goddesses Online's success and tried to mess it but took a beating instead. She sighs and notes she is sure they are coming for her now. Blanc wonders who they are, as the police could not have known where she lives. Mine tells the GM it was nice to have one last match and she has no intention of getting arrested. She asks the GM to visit sometimes.

Bouquet alerts the GM to an emergency. GM wants to know what is going on. Bouquet reports that Cheetah has been found but he suddenly started to rampage. The area is beginning to collapse. The GM is not worried as they captured the boss. She asks Mine to stop Cheetah. Mine tries to stop him but fails. The GM wants to what is wrong. Mine explains that it looks like it won't stop and apologizes. That is the last thing the GM wants to hear right now so she requests Mine to grant her authorization so she can control Cheetah.

The GM is unable to control Cheetah. GM never thought its data absorption abilities would be this powerful. The only way to stop Cheetah is to deplete his HP to old fashioned way but the GM admits that her skills are not good enough for that.

Vert tells the GM to leave that battle to the players. Noire tells the GM not to forget about them as she does not need to do everything herself. Blood agrees with Noire and his guild, the Jet-Black Fallen Angels will gladly lend a hand. Eve volunteers to fight as well. Rugadin and the other players volunteer as well. Kiria notes that she is at 1HP but she should be able to take on weaklings regardless. Neptune is glad to see Kiria. The GM thanks everyone and tells the players that Cheetah will be isolated in Chrono Wasteland. She tells everyone to do their best. Neptune leads everyone to Chrono Wasteland.

In Chrono Wasteland, Rom fidgets as this place feels really weird. Uni asks if it is just her or is her screen fritzing out. It is making her screen crawl. Ram tells Uni it is not just her as they experienced this before. Neptune can see it too so that must mean Cheetah is nearby. Nepgear reports that so far, Cheetah has absorbed data from Kiria, †Black Cat Princess†, and various places around this world. Uni adds that he is also out of control. They should assume that he has no exploitable weaknesses.

At the end of the dungeon, CPU finds Cheetah. Cheetah is angry about what happened to Master Mine. Cheetah will not forgive CPU and announces that they will die along with the rest of the world. Neptune doesn't care who the enemy is as the Goddesses will always win. She leads CPU to attack Cheetah. Nepgear notices they are not damaging him at all. Uni guesses they could expect that from a cheetah and a cheater. He is both, of course.

Cheetah finds them weak. He thought he would enjoy this a little bit but this is disappointing. Neptune notes that Cheetah really is a cheat class. She wonders how they are going to defeat him. Bouquet arrives and asks if everyone is alright. Vert is surprised to see her. Bouquet explains that she will now assemble the anti-virus data, she received from the GM. She asks CPU to hold back Cheetah in the mean time. Vert agrees and tells Bouquet that they are counting on her.

Neptune leads CPU. She tells them to keep fighting until Bouquet is ready with their secret weapon. Cheetah finds them a disgrace to the warrior's name for relying on an item to defeat him. CPU is able to make Cheetah lose his balance. Bouquet has finished assembling and tells Cheetah his rampage is finished. Cheetah screams in pain and wonders what is that light. Bouquet explains that they are both created by Weiss Labs and even if he is altered, they are still related. They share the same weakness. Cheetah figures out what Bouquet and gets angry at her.

Bouquet tells Cheetah it is too late. It is unforgivable for an AI to bring harm to their owner. Cheetah has been bad and as the older sister, it is her responsibility. Bouquet invites Cheetah to go on together and apologizes to Lady Vert for not being able to give her a proper response to their date. Vert tells Bouquet that she is not being fair. Cheetah begs Bouquet to stop this as he still has a mission. Bouquet and Cheetah glow in a white light. Cheetah fades away with his last words being "Master Mine". Vert calls out to Bouquet and wants her to open her eyes.

Bouquet wakes up and calls out to Vert. Vert gets confused. Bouquet notes that she hasn't disappeared yet. GM arrives and is glad she was just in time. She applied a patch to Bouquet just now. Vert thinks it is not okay as she was so worried. Bouquet assures Vert that she is fine but tired. Neptune thinks that is reasonable and leads everyone back to Wishuel.

Mine welcomes them back. Neptune tells Mine to get out of here. She has caused them so much trouble and now, all she can say is welcome back. Mine apologizes and will be going now. Vert tells Mine to wait, and tells her she loved World Break Online. Ever since service ended, she was left with a void in her heart. Mine thanks Vert but she tells her she does not need any sympathy. Vert tells her it is not sympathy. She had explored every last corner of World Break Online. Her character's name was †Green_Heart†. Mine can't believe that she is the legendary player †Green_Heart†.

†Black Cat Princess† suddenly asks if she said †Green_Heart† surprising Mine. Mine does not like getting another shout at point blank and that freaks her out. †Black Cat Princess† recognizes Mine as the one who gave her that tool. She cannot believe Mine tricked her. Her display and controls got messed up because of her. She was scolded by her mother for breaking the family console. It was such a mess.

Nepgear and Uni guess that means †Black Cat Princess† really was a girl in real life. Kiria shows up recognizing the princess' voice. Kiria is glad that †Black Cat Princess† showed up. She has always believed in her. †Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria that can wait. She wants to know where †Green_Heart† is. Kiria confirms that †Black Cat Princess† is talking about the †Green_Heart† who defeated the legendary player that she admires, two-sword Kirio. There is no one who doesn't know of her in the online world. Kiria should have known that the princess knows of her. †Black Cat Princess† reveals that she point daggers in her name because she was a fan of †Green_Heart†.

Vert thinks this is all beginning to feel slightly embarrassing. Mine remembers †Green_Heart† as the legendary player who was the top of World Break Online, by being the top of 40 elites including four kings and seven sages. She was the first to max her level, clear all the dungeons, undefeated in all Guild battles, solo'd a boss that showed up once a month that required 8 people and dual wielded the ultimate weapon Liddie of which there are only 2 copies of.

Mine tries to calm down and she refuses to believe that she is meeting †Green_Heart†. Vert asks Miss Mastermind but decides to address as Miss Mine if she was the ultimate GM of World Break Online admins, "Miney". She had several fights with her and the current score is two to two. She would like to challenge Mine once more.

Mine wonders if she is talking about the battles she proposed out of curiosity. She knows the battles were kept a secret so she believes Vert is †Green_Heart†. †Black Cat Princess† is surprised to learn that Vert, her "older sister" is †Green_Heart†. Vert tells Miss Mine that she would like to go to World Break Online. She asks that Mine atone for her crimes by restarting World Break services. She can help her too.

Mine tells her not to say that haphazardly. Her company is already... Since her company is already gone, Noire wonders if that means she is in between jobs or whatever they call it. She tells Mine that if she atones for her crimes, she doesn't have to go to Leanbox. Lastation is looking for engineers. Mine is surprised. Blanc offers Mine a job Lowee as a security personnel. Neptune asks Mine to come to Planeptune as Nepgear always wanted to see her tech seminars. She would Mine to talk to her sister.

Mine starts crying. She wonders how can she can be headhunted after everything that has happened. Mine never knew there were players who waited for her return. She should have just continued to make games. All she has done is pull others down. All that should be asked of her is to leave. No one should have any need for her anymore.

Vert reminds her that offer only stands only when she does atone for her crimes. She asks Mine to consider it. Mine does not know what company Vert represents and her offer is gracious but if she does restart, she wants to stand on her own two feet in the world, she created herself. Mine then tells GM she would like to continue to be her rival from now on. GM tells Miss Mine she would like to meet again in another stage. Mine agrees and leaves 4 Goddesses Online for good.

GM decides to deal with one final problem. †Black Cat Princess† understands. She admits she got scared and hid under her blanket for a long time. She did think a lot of things through though. Her console broke earlier and it was thanks to everyone fixing the world that the console is working again. Thanks to that, she was able to return. †Black Cat Princess† then apologizes.

Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† explains that they are both ready to accept their punishment. GM decides to freeze their account as punishment. This surprises Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† as they thought, they would have been arrested or fined. They were ready for anything. The GM admits she could have branded them as criminals and take away their equipment before making the avatars jump down from a high place but banning their accounts suffices. She admits that the situation was not all that bad, as she was able to patch security holes around the game but she will not give them a second chance.

Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† understand. †Black Cat Princess† explains that online games to her were a utopia. She can get a cute avatar and act cute and get everyone to fawn over her. Her selfishness then grew until she was not satisfied unless she was first. She stopped thinking about other people at that point. Kiria admits that they both forgot that there are people behind the players in this virtual world. Vert finds what the two are saying rather touching.

Kiria tells CPU if they meet again in another world and are able to work together in the same goal, that would be lovely. Neptune agrees and looks forward to that. GM announces she will now freeze their accounts. †Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria that she is sorry as even if she said horrible things to her, Kiria always stood by her side. Kiria tells †Black Cat Princess† that her soul and fiery passion is for her. That is why even in the last moments, she wants to be with her. †Black Cat Princess† thanks her and if they are reborn again, she would like to adventure with her. Kiria agrees and says this is a promise. †Black Cat Princess† says she will see them all again someday. Both the accounts of Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† are now frozen.

GM then thanks CPU for all their help. She was prepared for the official launch of 4 Goddesses Online to be delayed or even worse but thanks to their help, they were able to overcome this crisis. Neptune thinks because they saved the game before they save the world, they truly are cut out to be protagonists. Vert is glad that they are finally able to continue the game. They must defeat the Demon King before the beta ends. Vert then remembers Bouquet and wonders what has happened to her.

GM explains that she has been running some checks on her. She is currently integrated into her avatar but she will now switch over to Bouquet. She thanks them again for all their hard work. She looks forward to their continued support. Neptune thanks GM for all her work until now. Bouquet takes over and greets everyone. Everyone is glad to see Bouquet. Ram is so glad she is okay. Rom smiles as they were able to protect this world. Nepgear wants to continue the story together. Uni thinks they can finally grant Bouquet's wish of saving this world. Vert tells Bouquet when she thought she lost her, she could not put it into words. Bouquet sincerely apologizes for worrying everyone.

Bouquet tells them that everyone in this world has been so kind to her. All of CPU and many players are included. Everyone has shared stories of the "outside" world and adventures in Alsgard all have made her very happy. Noire is happy for Bouquet and stutters as she considers Bouquet a good friend. Blanc says Bouquet is a member of CPU as well. Bouquet concludes with saying that this is the reason why should like to learn more about everyone. She asks everyone to go on a date with her. CPU all go on a date with Bouquet.

After the dates, CPU still has to defeat the Demon King. They decide to visit the Cathedral. In the Cathedral, Bouquet tells CPU it is finally time to confront the Demon King and his captains, the Paramount Pair. An all-out intense war is inevitable. Vert asks if the Goddesses know where the Paramount Pair are.

Green Heart tells CPU they do. She can sense they evil aura. Both captains should lurking within the backroads of space. Black Heart thought they destroyed the Demon King's captains last time. His following must have grown since they were gone. Purple Heart agrees with Black Heart's assessment. They are now significant enough to attempt to revive the Demon King. The Demon King's darkness must have spread far beyond their range of protection. Green Heart thinks it would be ideal if they could purify those who have been drawn to darkness, the Wicked Believers but... White Heart thinks that can be solved if they beat some sense into them. She tells CPU to call them if they need to borrow their power.

Neptune thinks the Goddesses are all fired up. Once they are all ready, they should accept the quest and move on. After CPU accepts the quest to defeat Minotauros, they head over to Chrono Wasteland. At the end of the dungeon, CPU has found Minotauros. Green Heart tells him to awaken so he may meet his fate. Minotauros awakens with a roar. This shocks CPU. Purple Heart detects that Minotauros seems to be afraid of humans. She senses a powerful sadness. Black Heart believes the power of darkness must have manipulated whatever negative emotions he harbored inside. White Heart tells the Goddesses not to hold back now and purify the hell out of him. CPU is able to defeat Minotauros.

Green Heart tells Minotauros this is not the place he belongs and asks him to return back to the light. Minotauros roars softly as he fades into the light. White Heart explains that even if Minotauros is a monster, he wasn't originally the type to threaten other creatures. Nepgear notes that there is only one obstacle left until they can take down the barrier. Vert laughs as the Demon King must be shivering in his throne at this very moment. Neptune is sure the Demon King knows that they are not the kind that would lose at this point. Neptune wants to head to where the other enemy captain is.

CPU heads over to Horor Garden. At the end of the dungeon, Purple Heart alerts CPU to the appearance of Dark Knight. She warns them to be wary when fighting him. Dark Knight wonders why the Goddesses and their servants would stand against him. He asks if they know that he is the most powerful knight under the Demon King Jester. It is a shame that he will be here to witness this. The Dark Knight declares that he will crush every last insect he sees before him.

Nepgear disagrees and they will stop him. She declares that his ambitions will end here. CPU is able to defeat the Dark Knight. Nepgear cheers. Black Heart tells Dark Knight it is time to purify his twisted spirit. Dark Knight tells them there is no need. He tells them it was a truly wonderful battle and thanks the Goddesses for the honor. He charges his lightning attack. White Heart tells everyone to get behind her. Dark Knight uses the lightning to strike himself down.

White Heart was glad she was able to block the attack before he took his life. Purple Heart thanks White Heart but is sad to be unable to save him. White Heart thinks he overcame the darkness on his own. This was probably his way of assuming responsibility for that. However, White Heart does not agree with it. Green Heart wonders if the tiny speck of good in his heart prevented the darkness from making him rampage. Black Heart brings them back to the mission. They have defeated the Paramount Pair and the barrier to the Demon King is waning. Now is the time to strike.

Lean Crystal

CPU returns to Wishuel to see Bouquet. Bouquet notes that the Paramount Pair are gone so the barrier around Atlio City Ruins has weakened. They should be able to enter with the Goddesses' help. She asks them to take this treasure of the Royal Geist known as the Lean Crystal. It should protect everyone from the power of evil. CPU acquires the Lean Crystal. Bouquet continues that the crystal wields tremendous power to dispel darkness but will break as soon as they use it. Neptune is excited for this final battle. They should get everything they need from the city first. Nepgear agrees.

CPU arrives in Atlio City Ruins. Purple Heart announces that the four of them will now begin to dismantle the barrier. She asks everyone to lend them their strength. They should focus their hearts towards the Goddesses. The Four Goddesses dismantle the barrier and Vert congratulates them. Purple Heart says all that is left is to defeat the Demon King. They should proceed with caution. Green Heart notes that since the Paramount Pair have fallen. The Demon King must be preparing for their inevitable battle. Black Heart announces that the Demon King will receive a battle. They will come in fighting and they shall be victorious. White Heart asks CPU with their hearts united to go with them to the Demon King. CPU agrees.

In the middle of the dungeon, Nepgear remembers that they have defeated Cheetah so this feels like a hidden boss rather than a final one. Neptune agrees that Cheetah was a tough boss and hopes that the GM did not tone up the boss just to make it harder for them. At the end of the dungeon, Purple Heart notices from the miasma that this must be the gate to the Demon World.

Noire deduces that this gate is similar to the altar that connects to the Divine Realm. Green Heart tells Noire she is correct and the Demon King will appear here in this world. Nepgear deduces that the Goddesses and the Demon King have been battling over Alsgard while both being from another world. Neptune thinks that accessing this world while being from another world is like playing an online game. She finds this interesting.

Suddenly the Demon King attacks CPU. The Goddesses quickly defend them. Demon King Jester finds it interesting that these are the Chosen Ones. He laughs and concludes that Dark Knight and Minotauros have died. He calls them feeble weaklings. Demon King Jester explains his true joy is to destroy and conquer. He asks CPU to allow him to decimate them to the point where there is nothing left to revive.

Demon King Jester begins to glow a dark color. Green Heart notices her strength fading away. Demon King Jester sarcastically thinks it is strange that they are all to tuckered out before fighting. He asks if they are okay and how they are feeling before laughing. Vert realizes all their stats are dropping lower and lower. At this rate, they won't be able to fight properly. Noire knows this isn't good. They have to do something about his special move and fast!

Demon King is upset Noire would call it a "special move". It isn't something so tacky. It is a curse, a curtain of darkness. Curses are his specialty, after all. Black Heart cannot believe it as curses are dangerous spells that could completely erase its user if not used properly. He is using some powerful magic. White Heart tells CPU they will try to hold it back but in the meantime...

Purple Heart requests that the Chosen Ones hold aloft the Lean Crystal. With its holy light, they can strip away the curtain of darkness that covers the Demon King Jester. Noire thinks Neptune should take the spotlight as this is a request from Purple Heart. Neptune tells them to leave it to her. She raises the Lean Crystal and it dispels the curse.

Demon King Jester shows his surprise followed by praise. The curse should have been impenetrable so he commends them for being able to break it. However, he asks if they thought he could only use it once. He laughs and recast the curse. White Heart damns his ability ability to cover them with the curtain of darkness like nothing. Neptune says they can just dispel it with the Lean Crystal. She looks for it but the item is gone.

Vert remembers that Bouquet said it would break after one use. She wonders if this is the end and if there is no other way they can win? Minotauros suddenly appears and grunts a warcry before tackling the Demon King. Demon King Jester screams in pain. Uni is surprised to see Minotauros and notes he must have switched sides after the Goddesses purified him. Green Heart realizes her strength is returning. The curtain of the darkness was released when Demon King Jester was knocked of balance.

Neptune is impressed and cheers Minotauros on. Demon King Jester is absolutely livid at the beast's betrayal. He calls him idiot and can't believe that this is happening to him. Minotauros grunts and continues to fight the Demon King. Demon King Jester tells Minotauros he has lost his mind and downs the beast with a fierce lightning bolt. Minotauros grunts as he falls. Neptune is devastated by Minotauros' death.

Demon King Jester pants before breaking into a laugh. This is Minotauros' punishment for doubling crossing him. Ram is saddened by this. She asks where Minotauros has gone and notes how awful this is. Rom sobs for the fact this happened after Minotauros turned good again. Nepgear praises the twins for being so kind to Minotauros despite being afraid of him at first. Neptune jokes that their affection points for the old villain is going up but she admits she is feeling sad about his death.

Noire tells them to save their tears for later. Many NPCs helped them to get to this point and they cannot let it go to waste. Green Heart notices their chance now, not only did the Demon King Jester cast his curse twice, but his battle with Minotauros has weakened him. Purple Heart agrees and the Demon King should no longer be able to activate his curtain of darkness. Black Heart asks Demon King Jester if he is still willing to battle eve now. White Heart declares they will bust his face in and he just has to grin and bear it.

Demon King Jester laughs and notes that all they have done is beat the curtain. They have not won yet. He will crush them to the pits of despair and releases his power. Purple Heart notes that he has gathered a fair bit of power while sealed in the Demon World. Nepgear worries and asks her sister if they can really win this? Maybe they should have spent more time increasing their levels. Neptune assures Nepgear they are fine as they have the Goddesses helping them. It is too early to get fainthearted.

Demon King Jester laughs and tells them to struggle as he will completely, utterly, savagely crush all their hope and light. Purple Heart tells Demon King Jester to prepare himself. She leads the charge of the Goddesses who follow. Demon King Jester declares that it's show time! After a fierce battle, CPU and the Goddesses are victorious.

Demon King Jester screams as he won't accept this. Purple Heart declares victory. She asks if the Demon King is prepared to meet his fate. Demon King Jester tells her they are just going to shut hum out of this world again. He laughs as that means he will be back again and again. Black Heart tells him they will not do it alone this time. They will end him thoroughly so that he will never awaken again. White Heart tells Demon King Jester he will be sleeping with the fishes when she is done with him. Green Heart declares they will purify a great evil such as him.

Purple Heart asks the Chosen Ones to lend them their strength as well. With that they purify Demon King Jester who screams as he fades away. Vert reports that Demon King Jester and his gate is gone. With that, everything is over. Purple Heart thanks the Chosen Ones as it is thanks to their help that they were able to repel this evil. Black Heart declares that they will continue to give this world their protection from now on. When the day comes true danger arrives, they will lend their power. White Heart notes that since CPU went through the effort of dragging them here, she guesses they will destroy the rest of the monsters living in darkness. Green Heart agrees as the Divine Realm is fine for now. They will stay behind in this land a little longer.

After the credits roll for 4 Goddesses Online, Neptune cheers as CPU has cleared the main 4 Goddesses Online Story. Purple Heart agrees that they have done well. On behalf of the 4 Goddesses, she offers their warmest thanks for their assistance. Black Heart thinks if someone is to give thanks on behalf of the 4 CPUs, it should be her. In any case, she thanks CPU. White Heart wonders what the heck are they talking about. If anyone gonna be their representative, it gotta be her. They all did a great job. Green Heart tries to conclude with an encouragement to continue to protect this world together.

Uni feels like this is deja vu. Nepgear laughs and notes that they really feel like the Goddesses were modeled after their sisters. Rom nods and Ram thinks they have to hurry and return to Bouquet to tell her that they defeated the Demon King. Vert agrees and encourages everyone to make their triumphant return.

CPU returns and Bouquet thanks them for saving this world twice over. She congratulates the members of the guild, CPU as they are the very first to clear the main story. Neptune is pleasantly surprised and cheers. Vert wonders if Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† played fairly, would they have competed with them until the end. It feels lonely without rivals. Nepgear tells her sister that she had so much fun to be able to travel with her as a paladin, and slightly different Goddesses too. Neptune tells Nepgear she did a good job and that they are a good pair even in this world. Nepgear agrees and the beta isn't over yet so she hopes they can go on more adventures.

Since everyone is here and they just cleared everything, Neptune wants to have a picture with everyone as she wants to remember this moment. Noire thinks that is a good idea and suggests that they take it in front of the Cathedral. Neptune says that if they are going to take it with everyone, she really means it. She wants to call the shopkeepers over here. Blanc notes that she does not have to. Vert is surprised that everyone is here.

Tamsoft is amazed they finally did it. She hopes that her work was able to help them out in some way. Nothing would make her happier. Nepgear assures her that the weapons she strengthened helped them take out strong monsters and thanks Tamsoft for everything.

Plutia congratulates everyone. As a commemoration for beating the boss person, she will host a special sale for the next 10 minutes. Neptune is surprised she is going to do it right now and only for 10 minutes. She really does move to the beat of her drum. Peashy is confused, they are congratulating Neptuna. Is it her birthday? Plutia explains that Neppy and the others won against a big meanie. Peashy is impressed with Neptuna's achievement. Neptune laughs and thanks Peashy.

IF thinks about commemorative sale. She asks Compa if they should do one at their shop. Compa remembers that their items are priced at the lowest possible price. They would end up in the red if they have a sale. However, this is a special occasion so Compa decides to do it. IF declares in competition to Plutia, they will have a 30 minute sale. Nepgear notes that everyone has gotten to the shop business.

Neptune and the others supposedly take their picture.

Later, Neptune clears her throat and welcomes the player to the customary "Thank You for Playing" Corner. The CPUs say a few words before Vert passes it onto Nepgear.

Nepgear was surprised the younger sisters will be taking part of this. More importantly, though she has the player to thank. Nepgear knows that they might be repeating themselves but she asks the player to allow her to congratulate them for clearing the game. She compliments the player for their coolness. Normally, Nepgear uses beam swords or launchers but using magic was really fun. She feels like the chants and magic spells line up pretty well with programming and mechs. Nepgear tells the player she would be very happy if they kept on going on adventures and Neptune and her. Nepgear then passes it onto Uni.

Uni is surprised that it is her turn so soon. There's a lot she wants to say but Uni is having trouble with the words. She starts with how fun it was to explore a new world with Noire and the others and of course, the player but she still has not customized her pistols as much as she wants to and she wants to practice more with it. With that being dais, she asks the player to go on more adventures soon. She makes them promise that. Uni breathes a breath of relief, she hopes that was alright. Nepgear assures her that it was nice. Next is Rom and Ram, and Nepgear asks who wants to go first.

Rom, Ram, the 4 Goddesses, friends and enemies all get their chance to say a few words. Blanc thinks that should be everyone. Vert notes that if they were going to include everyone, they will have to bring out minor characters and the eggplant lady. They would not finish until sunset. Neptune agrees and they are just in time for pudding so she wants to end it here. Neptune concludes the Thank You Corner and tells the player to do their best and take of them from now on.

Nepgear receives a message and she is glad it came from Neptune. It reads:

Y a s c e e e
o r o u   p a
u e   t   g r

Nepgear is not sure what that means but when she realizes, she must read it vertical. She notes that her sister has unique ways of formatting her messages. She should take after her example and write a personalized message to Uni.

The party decides to go to Tetyu Temple and has made it to an altar. Bouquet appears and welcomes them. She explains that this is the altar where they will offer the Sacred Treasures to release the Goddesses. It is the closest place in Alsgard to the Divine Realm. Due to the recent increase in monsters, less and less people have been making a pilgrimage here. Their presence pleases the Goddesses.

Neptune offers the Amethyst Glass. Ram wonders if the Goddesses are here and calls for them. Neptune thinks that can't be case as they need 4 for them to show up.

Blessings from Purple Heart

Purple Heart's voice can be heard. She gives the Chosen Ones blessings from the Goddesses and the party acquires the Source of Life. Nepgear is shocked. Bouquet reminds them that this altar is connected to the Divine Realm. The offer of a Sacred Treasure allows them to feel the presence of the Goddesses.

Neptune is happy the trip was worth it. They are all more pumped. Nepgear encourages them all to do their best. Bouquet wishes them good luck in their journey. Neptune retrieves the Amethyst Glass and the party returns to Wishuel.

In the guild, Uni asks Blanc to go hunting with her and Nepgear. They wanted to gather some materials. Blanc wonders if they are sure they want her instead of a more-offensive oriented character. Nepgear thinks gathering materials will test their endurance and it would be reassuring to have Blanc for that purpose. Nepgear would appreciate it if Blanc came along. Blanc agrees to come but she notes that with their skill set, they are more of the rear guard. That being said, the vanguard cannot exist without the rear guard. Uni thinks what Blanc said was really cool.

In Logi Mountain, Nepgear uses scorching hellfire. Uni uses elemental shot. Blanc finds it nice that three ranged classes can take out the enemy before it reaches them. Uni is glad that they came here with three players instead of just 2. It would have been much tougher otherwise. With all the healing, Nepgear actually finds this easy. Nepgear guesses Vert was right when she said "If the healer sleeps, everyone dies". She wasn't kidding. Support is amazing. Blanc explains that she was referring to the story of an MMO Junkie that made news before. It is not a good example for normal players. That being said, MMO is team-based at the core. If one person and their skills log out, the party is in trouble. With that sense of duty, one cannot log out.

Uni is scared and wonders if guild healers are ever allowed to log out. Nepgear is sure they work on shifts but she will definitely have to ask Vert about this. Blanc recommends that they don't dig too much on this topic and heals them. She asks if they to keep going. Uni feels good to go still. Nepgear is glad to be able to gather so many materials in one trip. Blanc finds it good to feel needed. She tels them to feel free to ask her if they ever need support. The three of them are able to gather Old Bones, Great Wing and Beast Whiskers.

The candidates decide to visit the Fancy Shop. Nepgear confirms that Peashy really does have a shop of its own. Uni remembers hearing Neptune mumbling about getting a grass material pushed to her. Nepgear thinks as Peashy and Neptune have been friends for a really long time, that is bound to happen. Peashy calls out to Nepgear, Uni, Rom and Ram and welcomes them to her shop. Ram tells Peashy they came to play. Rom greets Peashy and bows.

Nepgear notices that there are a lot of different things in Peashy's shop. She cannot see a pattern behind it. Uni thinks it is a sundry shop, a shop that sells trinkets and other stuff. Peashy wonders what kind of shop is Uni talking about, this shop is simply Peashy's shop. Nepgear remarks that Peashy's answer is surprisingly deep. Ram wants to buy a star shaped badge and asks Rom to buy one with her. Rom is excited and wants to buy one with her sister. She asks Peashy how much is it. Peashy tells her she does not accept money, she'll trade it for something shiny. Rom wonders if this means jewels. Ram asks if she wants a piece of crystal. It may not be a jewel but it is pretty.

Peashy is impressed and wants 1...2...4 pieces of crystal. Rom fidgets as she notices that her hand is showing 3 fingers. Peashy decides to count her fingers again and will trade for 3 crystal pieces. Ram is happy to make the trade and can't wait to show this to Blanc when they return to the plaza. Rom makes the trade as well and likes how cute the star is. She smiles and thanks Peashy. Peashy thanks Rom and Ram.

Nepgear is glad the transaction went well. She wonders if Plutia made the badges. Uni thinks that cannot be the case as Plutia would also have it for sale. Maybe Peashy got it through bartering. Nepgear thinks that is a possibility. Peashy probably puts the things she likes into her inventory and focuses on her collection rather than running a shop. Uni notes that Peashy seems to have taken a liking to the crystal pieces. The pieces have metallic parts to it so Uni thinks she understands why Peashy has taken a liking to it.

Nepgear decides to visit the confessional in the Cathedral. Sister asks the next person to enter the confessional. Nepgear enters and explains that she has been troubled for a while and she heard that Sister does therapy here. Sister clarifies that all she does here is listen, and sometimes that helps vocalize problems. If that will suffice, she will listen as long as Nepgear needs. Nepgear thanks Sister and explains that she has a wonderful older sister who is energetic, cute and she loves her dearly. Her sister has a very unique personality.

On the other hand, Nepgear admits that she is just kind of normal. She was once the protagonist but she does not have enough personality. Nepgear has tried searching for a personality but every time she would try something, it wasn't her and that would backfire. Sister believes Nepgear has plenty of personality It would be best if she tried to make use of her expertise. Nepgear thinks about this and her eyes light up as she realizes that she has to try her best to talk passionately about robots, mechas and other IT stuff.

Sister believes things like that are important. Nepgear thanks Sister and she plans to tell everyone about the best part of her favorite condenser. Sister is confused and has no idea what a condenser is. Nepgear begins to explain and after some time. She concludes that while she was adamant about miniaturization, she is intrigued about high capacity. Sister says she sees what Nepgear is trying to say.

Later, Nepgear decides to assist Arfoire and Warechu in gathering eggplants in the pond. It seems they failed to try to summon a pond spirit that can grant wishes using eggplants. Warechu is happy that they were able to get some good eggplants out of all of this and decides to give Nepgear one as a present. Nepgear asks if they are sure. Warechu tells her there is no need to hold back and just accept it. Arfoire regrets after chasing an impossible dream, they used up most of their game time. All they have left is the eggplants she hand-picked every day. Warechu adds that even if they were warned, they were just too stubborn and ended up like this. Arfoire concludes that they were truly fools.

Warechu tells Nepgear if she takes the eggplant and roast or boil it then it is some sort of recompense for them. Nepgear laughs to lighten the mood as she notes they really seem worn out. Arfoire thinks it is time to return to her farm. Warechu excuses himself as well. Nepgear notes that they really were at their wit's ends. At the very least, she decides to figure out a way to use the eggplant efficiently.

In Fiyar Mines, Nepgear is taking some screenshots. Uni notices that Nepgear has been taking some screenshots for a while. Did she not want to fight? Nepgear apologizes as she was caught up in her photography. Does she want to continue hunting? Uni tells Nepgear it is okay to take it easy today. Nepgear tells her that she is not good at taking screenshots while fighting and she wants to take a bunch of Neptune when she is doing something really cool. Uni agrees that battle screenshots are the coolest as you can capture a lot of energy in the moment. Uni thinks she should take some of Noire as well. Nepgear thinks that would be cool. Nepgear tells Uni that whenever she takes a screenshot, her avatar gets in the way. She can edit it with an image editing software, however.

Uni asks her why doesn't she try to hide and uses her Hiding Skill. Nepgear wonders where Uni went. She did not know that Uni had a hiding skill. Uni explains that they are still testing that skill out so it doesn't have affect in battle but she bets if she took a screenshot like this, there would be no need for an image editing software. Nepgear tells Uni just not to abuse that. Uni stops hiding and denies that she would ever do sneak photography. Heck is that even a thing in games? Nepgear clarifies that couples might think they are alone and talk to each other intimately. That might be an invasion of privacy. Uni thinks Nepgear is talking about exposing chat logs and she could never eavesdrop on those conversations. It would be too embarrassing. Anyways, Nepgear suggests that they take some more pictures. The battles aren't going to photograph themselves.

In Hestie Crater, Nepgear thinks it is nice to just have the candidates out just by themselves once in a while. Uni agrees as it is a new experience. Rom is determined and tells the two to leave all the directs to her and Ram. Ram tells her sister to knock to down all the enemies with her. Nepgear notices some fog and wonders what this is. Rom tells Nepgear to look over there. Nepgear wonders if that is a cave. Uni sees a big hot spring. Nepgear thinks they can enjoy the feeling of it for a while. Ram is eager to do so and tells everyone to take off their equipment and get in.

I wonder when I can go to a real one with Neptune and the rest!

Uni is not so sure about that. Nepgear tells Uni not to worry as Vert has told her that with in-game graphics even if you take everything off, you're still in your underwear. Uni understands and makes the comparison to being in a swimsuit. Rom is excited and waits for everyone. Ram tells everyone to go. The candidates get in the hot springs.

Rom finds the hot springs so warm and comfy. Ram feels like her body is melting in. Uni notes the twins are really selling this place. Ram thinks online games let them do so many things and it's fun. Vert is always playing games in her rooms but she must be adventuring in so many places in the games. Rom tells the candidates that Blanc lets them choose a time to play games but since they are always playing together, time flies. Uni agrees that it is different from phones or emails. It feels like they are playing together. It also feels like they are on a vacation soaking in the hot springs like this.

Nepgear agrees and it makes her want to travel to a real hot springs. Uni likes that idea and thinks they should go to the hot springs with their sisters. She'd like to stay at an inn in a yukuta. The idea of wading in a hot springs and wearing yukutas sounds like fun so Nepgear decides to ask her sister about the idea. Rom says she will ask Blanc too and is excited. Ram wants to wash Rom's back when they are in the hot springs. Then they can have pillow fights. Uni asks how are the twins going to deal with her accuracy.

Rom remembers Blanc giving them a Book of Adventure when they go traveling. The book has stamps added at train stations and a map drawn too. Uni thinks a travel guide book is good for having to remember plans. Uni would like to get one herself. Nepgear thinks wanting to travel places because of a game is a healthy relationship for games and society. Uni notes that games with real life links generally have a festive feel to them. The Lowee game where they can search for 1.51 million monsters is super popular as well. Rom is proud to have captured 1.42 million of them already. Ram has heard that the remaining monsters are not in Lowee. They might be able to catch them all if they travel.

If Rom remembers correctly Blanc also really liked that game as it made their shares go up explosively. Rom smiles as she was happy too. Ram does remember people picking fights because of walking into each other. They should text and walk. That is a message from Rom and Ram. Whether with games or traveling, Nepgear thinks they should be careful to not injure themselves. Either way, Nepgear can't wait for the real hot springs.

In the Guild, a well built gentleman calls everyone around to tell them about something strange that happened a while ago. The gentleman explains that he saw a suspicious duo head towards the altar with one of them saying chu chu... He thought they were trying to offer the Sacred Treasures but then he heard a scream from the altar. The gentleman ran to the altar to check on the situation. All he found were two people beat up and collapsed but the gentleman could not find any sign of monsters. The gentleman then explains that he has gathered up all the Sacred Treasures but now he is afraid of going near the altar. He asks CPU if they can investigate for him.

CPU heads to Tetyu Temple and reach the altar. A mysterious voice asks them to leave twice. Neptune asks Noire if she said something. Noire tells her she did not say anything and suggests that Neptune is just hearing things. Nepgear believes she heard something as well. It almost sounded like a ghost.

The mysterious voice warns them that those carrying the... to leave. Nepgear notices it this time and alerts everyone to it. Uni wonders if this is some sort of event. Vert believes the voice is telling them to leave. Nepgear understands that they are in the ruins so perhaps an ancient ghost is haunting the place. Neptune looks for the ghost but she notices no walls or TVs around. Vert thinks if an event is to occur at any point, it should be at the altar.

The mysterious voice warns again that those carrying the eggplant. Blanc wonders if this has anything to do with the eggplant that they have received from the old lady. The item could be event trigger. Vert deduces that the players that the gentleman saw must have had eggplants with them. This resulted in them being attacked by this monster. Nepgear realizes that her sister hates eggplants. Perhaps this is reflected to the Goddess modeled after her. Neptune wonders if that means if they carry eggplants close to the altar, the Goddesses will get angry and something terrible will happen. Neptune always knew the eggplants would bring catastrophe. Neptune urges everyone to erase the item right now.

Uni reminds Neptune that they don't really know if that is truly the cause right now. She believes Neptune is just trying to find an excuse to remove the eggplant in general. Ram tells Neptune that she and her sister eats their eggplants and vegetables without issues. Rom adds that she loves mild mapo eggplants and smiles. Vert praises the twins for being such good girls to eat their vegetables without being picky and pats them.

Neptune gets upset and explains that she does get enough nutrients and happiness from her pudding and she does not need to eat eggplants. Nepgear suggests to her sister that she can have a slightly more balanced diet. Vert agrees and thinks it would be a waste to destroy the item they have obtained. The eggplant can serve as some sort of material as well. Blanc thinks however they choose to deal with the eggplant is fine but they should report back to the gentleman.

Noire agrees as she does not want to get into a fight with the Goddesses which may turn out to be a hopeless boss fight. She thinks they should stay away from the altar with the eggplant. Vert agrees and leads them back to the city. Neptune whines and just wants the eggplant destroyed.

CPU returns to the guild to report to the well-built gentleman. He is glad to see them safe. Neptune is glad to see the guy from before. She reports that when they went to the altar, they heard a strange being telling them to leave. The gentleman is glad that his suspicions were correct and asks for the conditions required to find this monster. Nepgear explains that it is an eggplant. The gentleman is confused. Nepgear explains that there is some sort of guardian that stops people from bring eggplants to the altar.

The reason for that is likely that the Goddesses hate eggplants. The gentleman is glad because he does not have any eggplants with him. Now he can offer the Sacred Treasures in peace. He thanks CPU for investigating this for him and gives them the Eyes of Nagia. He hopes they will meet again someday. The gentleman leaves and Neptune wonders what they should do with the eggplants. She wants to throw them away. Vert notes that if they return to the altar with the eggplant, the guardian may not be so forgiving. Neptune is upset as that means they still have to carry the eggplant around. Vert explains that from her experience, the drop from this kind of boss is good so they should prepare to fight it. Neptune catches the glimmer of excitement from Vert's eyes. While Neptune likes a fight with a strong boss, she feels bad for the Goddesses.

Back in the altar at Tetyu Temple, CPU hears the guardian and he tells them to leave. Noire wonders if it is just her but the tone of his voice is a lot harsher. Blanc believes it is because they ignored his warnings. Neptune agrees with the guardian. Eggplants will contaminate their inventory and turn it purple. Vert wonders if they continue to stay here, a boss fight will occur. This piques Vert's interest. Nepgear does not want to upset her sister too much. Rom knows that eggplants are good and wonders why the Goddesses don't like it. Ram bets that Neptune and the Goddesses only hate the eggplants because they have never tried it.

Rom, Ram, even Goddesses can't eat raw eggplants!

Neptune counters Ram, she has tried it and she wishes she never did. They should just destroy the eggplant. Rom believes the Goddesses will learn to like it if they try so the twins approach the altar with the eggplant. Blanc tells her sisters to wait. Ram tells the Goddesses she will offer this eggplant. Rom puts it on the altar with a schwing. Neptune yells in vain to stop the two. A rumble is felt followed by a bright light stunning CPU. Blanc wonders what just happened. Vert is infatuated by how mischievous and cute the twins were just now. Neptune tells Vert this is not the time for her infatuation.

Neptune alerts the party to some strange noise. Ram thinks this is weird. Perhaps, they should have cooked the eggplant first. Nepgear does admit that even if the Goddesses liked eggplants, it would be tough to eat without cooking. Nepgear then quickly remembers that the twins are on the altar and asks them to come back quickly. Rom tells her sister that something is approaching and she begins panic.

The guardian arrives and is upset they have the gall to carry the abhorrent vegetable of vengeance, Deep Purple to the altar. They are fools to be afraid. Neptune barely contain her laughter at the Guardian's naming sense. Noire tells Neptune to quiet down so they don't aggravate him any further. The Guardian gets angry at CPU and wonders what is so funny. He will deliver the judgement of the Divine World and charges in. Noire tells Neptune she has made the guardian angry so she must take responsibility for this. Neptune thinks that the guardian who hates eggplants and her are on the same side. Vert tells Neptune, the guardian does not feel the same. Vert feels like the guardian is a powerful enemy so everyone should be careful.

Well I can make use of this...

CPU manages to defeat the guardian. The guardian cannot believe that he lost and retreats. Noire is tired but is glad they were able to make him retreat. Blanc never wants to fight it again. Vert is the same as even that fight was a bit for her. But they did get rewards for this. CPU acquires 3 Tetyu Holy Water, 3 Oneiro Demon Book and one Philisopher's Stone. Blanc feels that hidden bosses are on a whole other level. Noire notices that the eggplant on the altar has disappeared. Neptune wonders if a goddess ate it. She hopes her other self is okay.

In Caultprim Cathedral, Purple Heart is in pain. She wonders why someone would offer such a thing. The Planeptune sisters rush in to see her in pain. Neptune knew she would eat the eggplant and is concerned for Purple Heart. Nepgear corrects her sister as in this world, they don't eat the things offered in the altar but receive it as magical energy. Nevertheless, Nepgear is concerned with Purple Heart's condition and asks if she is okay.

Purple Heart assures the sister that she is fine and explains that what is offered to the altar is a gift from the people. It is their sacred duty as Goddesses to partake in it. Purple Heart then continues to reel from the pain caused by the eggplant. Neptune notes that Purple Heart has quite the status effect and wonders if there is anything that can get rid of it. She thinks about it and has an idea. She takes out something.

Purple Heart is intrigued by the object Neptune took out that shines with a golden light. She asks Neptune what it is. Neptune tells her that it is pudding. Nepgear understands her sister's plan. If Purple Heart eating something she hates causes her pain then eating something she should like should make her feel better. Purple Heart asks if Neptune is giving her this lovely item. Neptune tells Purple Heart, she had this synthesized for her and tells her to try out.

Ahh! Purple Heart is glowing way too much!

Purple Heart tries out the pudding and squeals in joy. She praises the richness of the milk, the mellow eegs, the sweet sugar and the bittersweet caramel as a beautiful representation of the harmony of the 4 Sacred Treasures. The taste is a guard break to Purple Heart's taste buds. Nepgear notes that the Goddess looks like she is from a certain cooking manga. Purple Heart's expression is glowing as she thanks the Planeptune sisters. She will never lose to eggplants again. Nepgear is blinded by how divine Purple Heart is looking right now. Neptune is glad that she is feeling better. She wants to eat pudding after this too.

In Wishuel, Nepgear does not understand how Bouquet does not respond to a specific word just now. Nepgear kindly asks Bouquet if she can show her a bit of her source code. Bouquet tells her that this is a restricted topic so… Neptune arrives and asks Nepgear what she is up to. Nepgear greets her sister and tells her that she does not understand her algorithm at all.

Neptune hears “All go rhythm” and wonders if it is some sort of dance routine. Since Neptune knows a guy named Joey who is an expert at that sort of thing, she offers Nepgear his phone number. Nepgear clarifies to her sister that she said “algorithm”, which she can think of as a calculation method used by computers. Nepgear was just wondering what kind of set-up Bouquet uses to speak so naturally. Nepgear knows she is an AI so there must be calculation method it must be complicated for her to speak so naturally.

Neptune thinks about what Nepgear is saying. Nepgear continues with her remembering that Vert says that Bouquet is not controlled by anyone. With a similar code to Bouquet, she can make a more natural sounding Neptune robot. Neptune is surprised her sister is continuing with her that project. Neptune tells Nepgear she only needs her. Nepgear agrees but Neptune and the Neptune robot are two different things. This is just for her robotics research and her eternal theme.

Bouquet interrupts the Planeptune sisters to mention that her creator has mentioned "eternal theme" before. Nepgear asks if Bouquet is talking about the writer of her AI. Nepgear expresses her desire to meet Bouquet's creator. Neptune wonders what kind of person is Bouquet's mom or dad. Bouquet tells the sisters that is restricted info. Neptune catches that Bouquet says that but she revealed something "restricted" earlier anyways. Nepgear is fascinated by Bouquet's ability to know about restricted information yet still be able to begin talking about it in order to give off the natural impression of being a little careless. It makes her feel human.

After taking the Beast's Diary quest and defeating the Minotauros in Yiear Sea of Trees, Uni notices a strange drop. Nepgear sees that something is written on it. CPU acquires the Musky Diary. Rom sees that the words are hard to read. Maybe they are words they haven't learned yet. Ram asks Blanc what it says. Blanc takes a look and notices that she has never seen those characters before. She tells the twins she doesn't know what it says.

Vert thinks there might be a hint in the city. They should return and look for it. Neptune is happy to have a mystery on their hands. She wonders if it is someone's long lost confession of love. Noire thinks it is surprising for Neptune to think like that. However, it would most certainly be lovely if it were a love confession.

A similar event is repeated for the Black Knight's Diary quest with CPU acquiring the Black Knight Diary after defeating Dark Knight in Oneiro Corridor.

Back in Wishuel, Bouquet makes an announcement that the investigation team found a monster nest on an island in the south. The team requests help and they left a request at the guild. She humbly asks everyone for their assistance.

CPU heads to Unreal World. At the end of the dungeon, Neptune is impressed with how strong the boss looks. Neptune leads CPU in the charge forward. CPU defeats the boss and Neptune declares victory. Nepgear wonders if they can get anything from this dungeon. Ram tells them to look as a treasure chest appeared. Rom is excited to open it. Rom and Ram eagerly dash to the treasure. Blanc tells them to wait.

In the Guild, Plutia requests Neptune to get her Holy Silk Thread. She asked Iffy where she could get it and IF told her it comes from a silkworm who lives in the labyrinth in the south. That place is too hard for her so she put a request at the guild. Nobody has cleared it yet so she hopes Neptune can be of help. Neptune asks if the labyrinth in the south means Unreal World.

Uni is glad that this is the case as this is a place they know. This will be easy. Nepgear thinks Uni always looks excited at the prospect of a difficult quest. Uni asks if she really seems that excited right now. Nepgear does not think she is wrong. She always enjoys playing games with Uni when she is like this. Uni gets flustered but admits that it is fun. Neptune smirks and thinks lilies are blooming here as well. Plutia thinks lilies are really pretty. Plutia then remembers something. This quest is difficult so she wants Neptune to be careful.

In Unreal World, Nepgear wonders if there really are silkworms here. Uni believes it is their responsibility as those who have taken her quest to see it through to the end. At the end of the dungeon, Noire notes the quest boss has appeared. Uni thinks if they defeat this boss, they might be able to get the Holy Silk Thread.

We did it!

CPU defeats the boss and Nepgear declares that they have gotten the Holy Silk Thread. CPU acquires the Holy Silk Thread. Neptune wants to hurry and give it Plutia. Vert notes that since they have accepted the quest in the Guild, they only need to report to the Guild. Then the Guild will give it to Plutia.

Cyberdimension Icon Guardian of the River.png
In Wishuel, Neptune is impressed with the huge crowd gathering. She sees in the center of the crowd is Uzume. She greets her. Uzume is glad that Neptune made it. She is about to start her Guardian of the River Cutting Demonstration. Nepgear is happy to see this cooking demonstration and is excited. She thinks this fits Uzume pretty well.

Uzume tells everyone to gather around. She will keep cutting pieces and people can take as much as they want. It is a first come, first serve basis. Nepgear eyes shine as she looks at all those cuts of meat. She suggests to her sister that they should have sushi dinner in real life tonight. Neptune thinks that sounds really good. They can even shape them up with Compa like last time. Neptune tells Nepgear she will pick up some fish later. CPU was able to acquire Raw Monster Fluid, Cursed Fang and Slimy Scale.

CPU takes on the Cheater Purge Campaign quest in Unreal World. At the end of the dungeon, Neptune sees the boss and concludes that they are going to die. Nepgear is shaken but tries to cheer Neptune up and notes that they defeated the Demon King so this should be no problem. Noire scolds the Planeptune sisters for acting like this. If they at any point feel like they are going to lose, they just have to go crazy and dish out everything they have. Vert declares that she will protect Nepgear. Neptune hears the voices of Goddesses and they tell her this is where she is destined to day.

The boss is defeated by CPU. Neptune brags and wonders how the boss likes that. She then laughs. Noire tells Neptune that she was the screaming that they were going to die. Neptune denies that ever happened and since they won, they should forget all about that.


Nepgear is a glass cannon. She has the lowest defense, HP and STR but has the highest INT and SP. Nepgear can learn all the spells to make use of her INT.

With Nepgear's damage output, small monsters should be no challenge. When it comes to bosses, due INT breaking the break gauge, Nepgear can bring a boss down quicker but likely the boss will take Nepgear out.

Nepgear can take advantage of her low defenses to equip gems that further lower her defenses to 0 to increase her damage output with almost no cost to how long she will last against a boss anyways. Getting Alph Wild Grass from the Land of Beginnings quest will greatly increase Nepgear's ability to survive by increasing her base HP.



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Name Obtain Description Image
Nepgear's Purple Hair Default Tidy light purple hair.
Nepgear's Purple Hair 4GO.png
Nepgear's Silver Hair Fancy Shop (Guild Rank 4):3000B Cool silvery hair.
Nepgear's Silver Hair 4GO.png
Nepgear's Blue Hair Fancy Shop (Guild Rank 8):3000B Calm blue hair.
Nepgear's Blue Hair 4GO.png


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Lv. Name SP Cost Skill Description
5 (Default) Fire 4 Releases a shot of fire. Damage increases according to INT.
5 (Default) Ice 4 Releases a shot of ice. Damage increases according to INT.
7 Thunder 4 Releases a shot of lightning. Damage increases according to INT.
12 Meteor Flame 12 Releases several shots of fire. Damage increases according to INT.
14 Wind 4 Releases a shot of wind. Damage increases according to INT.
18 Grand Blizzard 12 Releases several shots of ice. Damage increases according to INT.
24 Lightning Lore 12 Releases several shots of wind. Damage increases according to INT.
26 Flare Tornado 26 Damages enemies by activating a circle of fire. Damage increases according to INT.
30 Spiral Breeze 12 Releases several shots of wind. Damage increases according to INT.
34 Freeze Noble 26 Damages enemies by activating a circle of ice. Damage increases according to INT.
40 Voltic Impulse 26 Damages enemies by activating a circle of lightning. Damage increases according to INT.
44 Burst Explosion 40 Burns away enemies with hellfire. Damage increases according to INT.
46 Wide Storm 26 Damages enemies by activating a circle of wind. Damage increases according to INT.
48 Brave Snow 40 Pierces enemies with freezing icicles. Damage increases according to INT.
52 Rising Rare 40 Destroys enemies with raging lightning. Damage increases according to INT.
56 Cyclone Diva 40 Slices enemies with a billowing tornado. Damage increases according to INT.





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