Nepgear and Neptune have a close sisterly bond. Neptune has put effort to making herself a "cool older sister" for Nepgear. Nepgear has also never been disappointed by Neptune despite Neptune's lack of care for her work as CPU. When Neptune tried to do an excessive amount of work to show that was cool, Nepgear reminded her she likes to regular carefree Neptune. Nepgear looks up to Neptune and they play a lot together. Nepgear hates it when anything harmful happens to her sister. In the end of Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 and Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2, Nepgear becomes a bit more assertive pushing Neptune to do her work for once. Neptune preferred the pushover Nepgear but realizes that Nepgear has grown up.

In Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory and its remake, Neptune and Nepgear are still close though Neptune has neglected her playing the other goddesses more. Nepgear feels even worse as Neptune has gone missing due being transported to the Ultra Dimension. However, when the two rejoin together in the Ultra Dimension, Neptune and Nepgear's bonds shine through. Nepgear is very moved by Neptune's insistence that she will become a CPU once more, even if she has to beg Vert for a CPU Memory for her dear sister.

In Megadimension Neptunia, the sisters had the opportunity to get lost in another dimension together this time. While Nepgear was concerned with their current situation, Neptune took charge to lead her sister. During the Gamindustri Rewrite, Neptune sent Nepgear off to Leanbox to support Vert. Once Neptune realized that Vert could steal Nepgear, Neptune worriedly rushed off after her sister. Luckily for Neptune, Nepgear never wavered in her belief that Neptune is her sister. In the end, the two are still very close quirky sisters.


Hyper Dimension

Nepgear views Noire as a more reliable training partner than Neptune since she was actually willing to spar with her. The two have a friendly relationship and Nepgear was surprised to discover Noire treats Neptune as her equal. Noire acknowledges Nepgear was stronger than her sister during the events of Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 but in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, she knows her sister is stronger due to Nepgear relaxing for so long.

Ultra Dimension

Nepgear meets Noire by landing on her. However, the two still manage to become good friends during the course of the game. Nepgear assists Noire by tracking down Anonydeath.


Hyper Dimension

Blanc and Nepgear share interests in reading. Due to Nepgear's desire to keep things clean, she has sorted out all of Blanc's books for her. Blanc wonders if she should hire Nepgear as librarian. They also have the same favorite author, Christine. Blanc and Nepgear get along well.

Ultra Dimension

Blanc and Nepgear first meet in Nepgear's crash landing onto Noire. The two become good friends in the course of the game. However, Blanc sadly explains to Nepgear, she probably will never become the protagonist again, using Dragonball as an analogy.


Hyper Dimension

Vert enjoys Nepgear's company as she does not have a sister. She finds Nepgear to be quite the responsible compared to Neptune. Vert has taken pictures of Nepgear during cosplay and produced as an idol. The two get along fine enough.

Ultra Dimension

Vert considers Nepgear to be her sister after giving her a CPU Memory. However, Nepgear knows Neptune is her real sister. Vert visits Planeptune a lot simply to see Nepgear. Unfortunately, Vert, like most others in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory and its remake treats Nepgear badly. She was willing to trade Nepgear for Peashy which hurt Nepgear a lot. Still, the two are close and good friends.


Plutia likes Nepgear and transformed specifically to go after her. As a result Nepgear fears Plutia's transformation like all others. Due to the fact Nepgear's personality remains essentially after transformation, Nepgear finds it harder than others to resist Plutia. That being said, Nepgear is good friends with Plutia as fellow goddesses of Planeptune.


Nepgear has raised Peashy from when she was a baby. Nepgear was also essential in helping Peashy regain her memory. However, the fact she was badly treated was the reason why Peashy starts to remember Nepgear. Nepgear is also Peashy's teacher as Neptune and Plutia both know they are unfit to teach her.

Uzume Tennouboshi

Nepgear and Uzume are very close as Planeptune's goddesses. Through their adventures together, Nepgear has upgraded Uzume's Visual Radio, healed her from life threatening wounds and helped over come her fear of shittake mushrooms. Uzume helped Nepgear develop her independence. Even when Kurome framed Uzume, Nepgear could not bring herself to hurt Uzume. In the true end, Nepgear along with both Neptunes refused to allow Uzume to sacrifice herself to save them and rushed to her aid.

CPU Candidates


Nepgear's and Uni's relationship is very similar to Neptune's and Noire's only slightly more friendlier. While at first Uni blamed Nepgear for the capture of the CPUs, she eventually got over this and challenged Gear to a duel which she lost. Uni would then eventually lose her confidence after being beaten by CFW Judge later in the game, but with Nepgear's help would win in a rematch and join the party. Nepgear is also the reason why Uni has started her collection of guns. Nepgear's dedication to her machines kickstarts Uni's dedication to guns.

Uni is super excited to see Nepgear return to the Hyper Dimension after many days of her gone. As well, Uni went through intense training from Tekken to match Nepgear's physical prowess. However, she ended up as a masochist enjoying Nepgear's punches much to Nepgear's shock.

In Megadimension Neptunia VII, Uni helped Nepgear cope with tough decisions. She resolved herself to kill Uzume so that Nepgear wouldn't have to. She tries to reason with Nepgear to get her to do the hard choices. The two are very close friends who have supported each other a lot over the years.


Nepgear is close to both Lowee twins, but it appears moreso to Rom. Rom look up to Nepgear, even calling her Miss Nepgear especially after helping her find a item that was very close to her. She also seemed to have want to partner up with Nepgear early before, but Ram's stubborness prevented her. In Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, Rom still looks up to Nepgear and trusts her enough to shield her from things she finds scary. In that case it was the Ultra Dimension Blanc that simply is not her sister. Additionally when Nepgear visits, Rom plays with Nepgear as well as Blanc.


Unlike Rom, Ram did not like Nepgear at first and did not agree to join her party until later in the game. Even after then, Ram was jealous of how close Nepgear was getting with Rom. However, after a talk with Blanc and Mina, she eventually accepted Nepgear and the two became close. In Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, Ram was excited to see Nepgear return from the Ultra Dimension.



Hyper Dimension

Compa and Nepgear are very close as Compa gives Nepgear her nickname "Ge-Ge". Compa wants to help Nepgear with her adventure by healing her and the party when they are injured. Nepgear and Compa are close. While IF may chide Nepgear for making bad decisions, Compa would defend her allowing Nepgear to go at her pace.

Ultra Dimension

Nepgear has raised Compa up in the Planeptune Basilicom. Compa is happy to assist in housekeeping and make the goddesses which includes Nepgear well fed. The two get along really well.


Hyper Dimension

IF puts great trust in Nepgear and helps her gain her confidence back when Nepgear first started her adventure. IF is responsible for Nepgear being able to use her HDD again. Nepgear is very grateful to IF in that sense. IF serves as a kind of guardian to Nepgear for the first part of the adventure. She guides the party around when visiting new landmasses. She chides Nepgear for getting lost or reckless. Nepgear tries to get a lot stronger to live up to IF and her party's expectations of her. Eventually Nepgear overtakes IF so IF tries to catch up. They are close friends.

Ultra Dimension

Nepgear has raised IF up in the Planeptune Basilicom. Nepgear has also rescued IF twice with the other goddesses. IF tries to repay this with a tasty meal which Nepgear did enjoy. The two are very close.


Nisa has saved Nepgear from a tricky situation with Underling. Nisa joins Nepgear in her quest to take down ASIC. The two are good friends.


Gust assists Nepgear in trying to save Lowee from the Killachines. She trusts Nepgear to get the ingredients she needs to recreate the mascots. Gust has a lot of trust in Nepgear and assists her in taking down ASIC. The two are good friends.


5pb. looks up to Nepgear impressed by her ability to stage an impromptu concert and prevent a bunch of otaku from rioting. Nepgear is flattered and views 5pb. as a good friend. The two get along fine.


Nepgear was first grateful for Red coming in to save the party when she could not use HDD. Apparently Red was tailing Nepgear since she began her adventure to recover shares from ASIC. She does not mind being called wifey by Red. Nepgear does not like being called "Goddess" or "CPU Candidate" or anything fancy by Red asking her to just call her Nepgear. Red interprets that Nepgear wanting to be close but Nepgear just does not want to put on airs.


Hyper Dimension

Nepgear is a fan and friend of Falcom. She is a great writer and she is very good swords-woman. Nepgear has been able to get to read Falcom's book first. Nepgear has also sparred with Falcom to improve her skill. Since Nepgear was a bit better than what Falcom expected, she took the fight too seriously accidentally damaging Nepgear's clothes. Regardless, the two are close friends. Falcom is very happy to find Nepgear when she wandered off to the Ultra Dimension. Nepgear introduces her to her Ultra Dimension counterpart.

Ultra Dimension

Nepgear is surprised to find another Falcom in the Ultra Dimension. Nepgear is happy to tell the younger Falcom everything her Falcom has accomplished. This makes Falcom not want to lose to her super successful other self. Finally, Nepgear introduced the Hyper Dimension Falcom to this Falcom. The two are friends.


Nepgear and Cave share a cool friendly relationship. They first met determined to save Chika from ASIC. Afterwards Cave helps Nepgear avoid large crowds of people by dragging her right through the crowds. Despite Cave's cool and collected behavior, Nepgear has managed to excite Cave with a friendly water fight. When they meet in the Ultra Dimension, Cave is happy to see Nepgear. Nepgear finds it strange that Cave's story in how she was sent to Ultra Dimension turned into a story about how she enjoyed sweets.


Hyper Dimension

MarvelousAQL appears as member of the party who Histoire asks to help Nepgear. She wants to get along with Nepgear since they are in the same team. They aren't seen interacting a lot but like all members in the party, she put her trust in Nepgear to get the job done.

Ultra Dimension

MarvelousAQL has given Nepgear musical tickets to see her ninja academy musical in Planeptune. Nepgear is happy for those tickets and it seems the two are friends.


MAGES. and Nepgear share a strong interest in machines. The two come with neat gadgets together. Nepgear has gained the "Mad Scientist Affinity", an affinity she is happy with. Additionally Nepgear has discovered MAGES.'s connection to 5pb. being one of relatives. MAGES. has also gotten in a time-warping paradox with Nepgear who does rememeber the time warping while MAGES. did. The two are friends.


Broccoli is from the Ultra Dimension in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory and the Hyper Dimension in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3.

Nepgear first meets Broccoli trying to repair Lowee's mascot. Broccoli helps Nepgear by telling her to gather items that can repair the mascot. Broccoli entrust Nepgear to repair Lowee's mascot once she has the materials. Broccoli trusts Nepgear which is why she joined the party to help her.

In the Ultra Dimension, Broccoli was also interested in showing off her laser eye beam attacks. However, the demonstration ended in staining Planeptune's Basilicom or damaging it. Either way, while Nepgear did get to see cool eye laser beams, the events inconvenienced Nepgear.


CyberConnect2 is from the Ultra Dimension in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory and the Hyper Dimension in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3.

CyberConnect2 joins Nepgear in her quest to stop ASIC in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2. Nepgear is saddened as she believes Histoire thinks of her unreliable so CyberConnect2 was sent to help her. CyberConnect2 helps her see it in a different light, Histoire trusts her with this quest and that is why Histoire went through the trouble to ask CyberConnect2 to travel dimensions to help her with the quests. Nepgear cheers up and thanks CyberConnect2. CyberConnect2 then asks her to call her Cybercon and the two do not have events beyond that. The two do seem to have a good relationship.

In the Ultra Dimension, CyberConnect2 has spurred Nepgear to create her own Planeptune special dish. CyberConnect2 has also suggested Nepgear become a cat girl characater to stand out more like the rest of the cast. She took it too far, and Nepgear wanted to be herself again.


Tekken is from the Ultra Dimension in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory and the Hyper Dimension in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3.

Tekken joins Nepgear in her quest to stop ASIC in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2. Nepgear is glad for her help and is interested in having a fighter party member. The two are not seen interacting beyond that.

In the Ultra Dimension, Nepgear is Tekken's sparring partner where she experienced first hand's Tekken masochist tendencies. Tekken also had a super punch that sent Neptune flying. Nepgear was interested in gaining that kind of punch to give herself more personality. Tekken also turned Nepgear's best friend Uni into a masochist. However, the two are still friends.



Hyper Dimension

Histoire entrusts Nepgear with the mission to recover shares from ASIC and save the CPUs captive in Gamindustri Graveyard. Nepgear is worried about disappointing her since she failed when the CPUs first went to the graveyard. Histoire blames herself instead of Nepgear since she knew the mission was very risky. Nepgear trusts Histoire and does her best not to disappoint. Histoire trusts Nepgear to do more work compared to Neptune. Nepgear views Histoire as a "mom" when she joins the party to stop ASIC from sending hate mail. As oracle and CPU candidate, the two are close and have much less problems compared to her older sister. Histoire wishes Nepgear would not spoil her sister so much, so that Neptune would actually get things done, outside of game events.

Ultra Dimension

This Histoire has to deal with four Planeptune goddesses. While Nepgear is clearly the best at getting work done, somehow Planeptune is generally dead last. That being said, there is nothing too strong that connects Nepgear and Histoire. Histoire did have to bear with Nepgear for three years in the good ending but that is not canon. Histoire trusts Nepgear to get work done, at least more than Neptune, Plutia and Peashy.

Mina Nishizawa

Mina treats Nepgear respectfully as a candidate and Nepgear is also very polite to Mina. She, on behalf of Lowee did not want to trouble Nepgear, but over time, Nepgear pushed the issues so she could get Rom and Ram into her party. Mina doubts herself as an oracle as a result, but still trusts Nepgear. Nepgear is sad that Mina has left during the events of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory and its remake.

Kei Jinguji

Kei has forced Nepgear into doing some hard side quests for the benefit of Lastation before giving Nepgear the info she wanted. However, Nepgear does not mind, and Kei finds that strange as a business woman. Kei puts her trust in Nepgear when it comes to helping Uni out. Nepgear is as always polite to Kei and she in turn respects Nepgear over time.

Chika Hakozaki

Nepgear first met Chika, when she was acting melodramatic and Nepgear is taken aback by Chika's rather extreme concern for all things, Vert. The two do trust each other and Chika made it a lot easier than other oracles to acquire a mascot, because she wants Vert back above all else. In the Leanbox ending, Chika becomes jealous of Nepgear and she is who Vert focuses on. Nepgear finds her strange as an oracle but still treats her respectfully.



Nepgear views Linda as Underling never really getting her name. Linda is annoyed by this and often tries to get in Nepgear's way. However whenever it looks like Underling's about to lose, she flees with Nepgear unable to apprehend her. Underling finds it unfair that she has to fight CPU candidates when she is only human. Nepgear and Linda do not get along but it seems that Linda detests Nepgear and her party more than Nepgear detests Linda.


Hyper Dimension

Warechu was a foe Nepgear had to constantly defeat. While Nepgear is successful, a giant Warechu did make her resolve falter forcing her party members to give her the "buck up kiddo" speech. Nepgear and her party always beats Warechu. Warechu has nothing against Nepgear but they are enemies.

Ultra Dimension

Nepgear and Warechu are enemies as goddess and Seven Sages member. Nepgear, too was impressed by his display of heroism for Arfoire, but Nepgear had to defeat Warechu. Warechu, being part of the reformed Seven Sages is no longer enemies with Nepgear and the others. However, the two aren't friends either.

CFW Magic

Nepgear was defeated by Magic three years in the past and left imprisoned in the Gamindustri Graveyard as a result. Nepgear finds Magic an enemy she must beat no matter what, to defeat ASIC. Magic finds her a mere nuisance, an idea she will regret as she was destroyed by Nepgear and her party.

CFW Trick

Trick was the first CFW, Nepgear and her party were able to actually defeat. Nepgear still dislikes him due to his attraction to Rom and Ram. Nepgear wants to keep what happened between the twins and Trick a secret from Mina. Nepgear has destroyed CFW Trick with the help of the party.

CFW Brave

Brave finds Nepgear, brave, impressed by her confidence in Uni and her beating Brave. After Nepgear and Uni do win, Brave respects this by letting the two go. Brave is eventually destroyed by Nepgear and her party.

CFW Judge

Nepgear was beaten by Judge, the moment she was rescued from the Graveyard. She managed to eventually beat him with the help of the party to rescue her sisters. Judge just wanted to rampage and make Nepgear pay for losing his eyes temporarily. However, as said earlier, Nepgear destroyed him so Judge will never want he wanted.


Hyper Dimension

The Deity of Sin, Arfoire was Nepgear's final antagonist in the events of Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 and its remake. Nepgear finds this foe a huge threat, but she knows she must win for the sake of Gamindustri. Luckily, Nepgear and her friends pull through.

Ultra Dimension

Nepgear recognizes her true form, probably as the Deity of Sin, but does not explicitly say this. While Arfoire hates all the goddesses, due to her string of defeats, She has abandoned trying to defeat Nepgear to focus on her sister Neptune. Nepgear and Arfoire do not like one another.

Zero Dimension

Nepgear and Arfoire are antagonistic with each other. Nepgear was first surprised to find Arfoire is still alive and has her Deity of Sin form. She often worried about her chances of beating her. Nepgear is one of the few people to take Arfoire seriously. As a result, Arfoire was almost willing to let Nepgear and her friends pass through unharmed. Nepgear, along with Uni, older Neptune and Uzume were the four to put an end this Arfoire permanently.


Abnes does not trust Nepgear, like she does not trust the goddesses but Nepgear has no ill will against her. The two are not friends but not enemies either. Abnes, being part of the reformed Seven Sages, probably helps Nepgear out somehow.


Anonydeath knows how to push Nepgear, wanting to buy time by trading out some of his gadgets. While Nepgear was going to fall for it, Plutia was able to snap her out of it. Nepgear is impressed with Anonydeath's base being full of gadgets. Nepgear has been able to counter Anonydeath's tracking but Anonydeath easily built counter measures find Nepgear to be to straight forward and simple just like her character. Nepgear is then motivated to adjust her gadgets. Nepgear and Anonydeath are fellow tech wizards.


Nepgear, like everyone else finds Copypaste too loud. However, after he was rebuilt to be a nice robot, Nepgear wanted to dismantle him but Copypaste refused for fear of his life. Copypaste considers Nepgear and everyone else to be his friend. Nepgear considers him to be something she hopes she can dismantle.

Mister Badd

Nepgear does not likes this business man, seeing as how he uses scary monsters, which are also transformed children. Nepgear, like the other goddesses, still forgive him in the end, when he tries to make amends for his actions. The two are no longer enemies.

Rei Ryghts

Hyper Dimension

Nepgear founds this woman to be the cowardly and harmless leader of the Citizens' group. However, once Rei Ryghts got her counterpart's power, she was able to push Nepgear around easily, teasing the poor girl. After Rei Ryghts is defeated, she does not remember the fight. Nepgear may or may not be aware that Planeptune is making her do a lot of rebuilding due to the damage she caused but does not remember.

Ultra Dimension

Nepgear also finds Rei Ryghts as something that is not a threat, even if Rei was a member of the Seven Sages. However, when she did become a threat, Nepgear was able to stop her with the help of the other goddesses. Rei, after being defeated, wakes up by bumping into Nepgear. Nepgear has no ill will to her for that. The two are not super close but are certainly not enemies at the end.


Criore inconvienced Nepgear and the other goddesses with the whole Rei Ryghts incident. However, Nepgear and the other goddesses were not able to get back at her in the events of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory and its remake.


Initially Nepgear misidentified Bamo as a virus. Nepgear does not like this developer, and has defeated her. Bamo also does not like the goddesses which includes Nepgear. In the end Nepgear lets her go to create her own nation in some southern continent.


With the exception, of not identifying or meeting Regu in the prologue as a virus, Regu has the same interactions with Nepgear as Bamo.

Kurome Ankokuboshi

Kurome first revealed herself to Nepgear believing that Nepgear could save her. In a way due to Nepgear's upgrading Uzume's Visual Radio, this ended up being true. Nonetheless, Kurome has hurt Nepgear by kidnapping her sister, framing it on Uzume then forcing the two to fight. Kurome sees Nepgear as an upstart CPU candidate well beneath her. Still Nepgear and the rest of the candidates were able to chase her off. The two dislike each other.


Older Neptune

Nepgear sees this Neptune as her sister despite not being related. As such, she struggles to fight against her during the Gamindustri Rewrite. Despite seeing this Neptune as her sister, she has not coddled this Neptune but she is still attached to her. Older Neptune did not realize how great it was to be an older sister before meeting Nepgear. The two get along well.

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