Nepgear is a middle school Student, the CPU Candidate of Planeptune, and Neptune's younger sister. She is member #2 of the Film club and is the editor of the movie.

Nepgear is starring as Number 2, various Zombies, a Senior and the Transmission Engineer.




Nepgear's appearance is similar to Neptune's. She has long light purple hair with a single D-pad hair clip and violet eyes and wears a white.


Nepgear is a very genuine and kind girl, but she sometimes lacks the self-confidence she needs to do what has to be done. This trait of hers often leaves her to be pushed around or constantly having to be encouraged by her party members.

Purple Sister


Nepgear's hair becomes longer and pink with a different hair clip that is white and blue to replace the D-pad hair clip. Her eyes become dodger blue in color and wears a white skintight bodysuit with light purple designs and light purple N's on the backhand part of her gloves along with matching thigh high boots.


Purple Sister is practically the same as Nepgear, though she becomes a bit more confident in her abilities than before. Even in this form, she's still rather easy to push around.


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Hair Styles

For Name Where to Find
Nepgear Purple Hair Default
Silver Hair Default
Blue Hair Default
Purple Sister Purple Hair Default
Silver Hair Default


For Name Where to Find
Nepgear Gamicademi Uniform Default
Gamicademi Black STV Skeleton
Gamicademi Purple Genesis Drive
Sailor Uniform Nepstation Machine
Sailor Black Nepstation Machine
Sailor Rose Nepstation Machine
Torn Sailor Uniform Default
Purple Sister Lilac Default
U-Judge Two Ton Dream
Torn Lilac Default

Processor Parts

Name Where to Find Stats
Lilac Default HP +800, Def +60, Guard Up: Mid
U-Judge Fake Purple HP +1050, Def +50, Guard Up: Mid

Command List

For Name Buttons
Nepgear and Purple Sister Mirage Dance RB+X
Nepgear Slash Wave RB+Y
Purple Sister M.P.B.L RB+Y
Nepgear and Purple Sister NepU Slash RB+B
Nepgear and Purple Sister Virtual Strider RB+A
Nepgear and Purple Sister Celestial Severance LB+X


  • Gamicademi Uniform
  • Gamicademi Black
  • Gamicademi Purple
  • Sailor Uniform
  • Sailor Black
  • Sailor Rose
  • Torn Sailor
  • Lilac
  • U-Judge
  • Torn Lilac
  • Purple Hair
  • Blue Hair
  • Silver Hair
  • Purple Hair
  • Silver Hair
  • Beam Saber
  • Beam Buster
  • Beam Zapper
  • Beam Blade
  • MPBL
  • MPBL Revised




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