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Nepgear, also known as Purple Sister, is one of the protagonists in Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation. She acts as the CPU Candidate of the nation Planeptune and is also the younger sister of Neptune.

She is different from her sister in the sense of her being more studious and diligent, where as Neptune is lazy. People could often mistake her for the oldest based on Nepgear's older appearance in terms of human forms. However, when both are transformed, it is obvious Neptune is the oldest. Also unlike her sister, Nepgear's personality doesn't really change between forms.




Nepgear's appearance is similar to Neptune's. She has long light purple hair with a single D-pad hair clip and violet eyes and wears a white, button up sailor uniform with purple designs and a yellow ribbon being held together by the N-emblem. Nepgear wears thigh high socks with pink and white stripes and medium sized boots that match her uniform in color scheme.


Nepgear is a very genuine and kind girl, but she sometimes lacks the self-confidence she needs to do what has to be done. This trait of hers often leaves her to be pushed around or constantly having to be encouraged by her friends. She idolizes Neptune for her confidence and strength, despite her laziness.

Purple Sister


Nepgear's hair becomes pink with a different hair clip that is white and blue to replace the D-pad hair clip. Her eyes become dodger blue in color and wears a white skintight bodysuit with light purple designs and light purple N's on the backhand part of her gloves along with matching thigh high boots.


Purple Sister is practically the same as Nepgear, though she becomes a bit more confident in her abilities than before. Even in this form, she's still rather easy to push around.


Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation

The Goddess (Neptune) of Planeptune

Nepgear is seen in the audience of friendship signing treaty and the party afterwards.

A month later, while Histoire scolds Neptune on her lack of work done, Nepgear brings tea to Neptune. Nepgear also decides to play games with Neptune. Histoire snaps and pulls the cord on the console.

Histoire brings to a room containing the Sharicite and tells Neptune about the downward trend on the amount of share energy Planeptune has. Neptune does remember doing anything to make anyone lost trust in her. Nepgear states Neptune has not done anything to increase the citizen's trust in her. Nepgear begins to retract her statement but IF who arrives with Compa, agrees with Nepgear. Histoire continues to scold Neptune who decides to learn what it means to be a Goddess from Noire.

Nepgear is seen with Neptune in Lastation's Basilicom. There, she tries to explain why Neptune is there to learn what it means to be a Goddess. Uni arrives to hand over some documents and tries to get praise. Nepgear waves hello to her and Noire praises her ability to process the documents at normal speed.

Uni is seen brooding on a deck in front of a pond. Nepgear arrives and apologizes to her about Neptune teasing Noire preventing her from talking to Uni more. Uni states it is fine and Noire would have done that anyways unless she does a better job than Noire at anything. Uni is further depressed by the fact she cannot transform. Nepgear tells her not to worry as neither she nor Rom and Ram can. Uni is then encouraged by the competition for the sisters to get their transformation first. Nepgear then receives a message from her N-Gear from Rom. Nepgear wonders how she knows they are in Lastation and Unit says she told them.

Nepgear travels with Neptune, IF, Compa, Noire and Uni to hunt monsters. They reach Natsuume Highlands and Noire says that Neptune and Nepgear will hunt the Dogoos. Uni takes Nepgear's N-Gear to take pictures for public relations. Nepgear and Neptune are soon overwhelmed by the number of Dogoos. IF and Compa help.Dogoos continue to swarm the girls. Nepgear has slime on her clothes and body. She considers it gross. Eventually IF defeats the Dogoos.

Noire goes to hunt the monsters in Torunne Cave. Neptune helps her out when she is in a pitch. As a result of their combined efforts the shares of both Planeptune and Lastation increases. However, the shares of Planeptune may not have got up due monster hunting. Embarrassing pictures of Nepgear that originally supposed to be used for public relations have circulated the web. This is a result of Neptune putting in the wrong recipients of the email. Neptune intends to send more (for shares) as Nepgear tries to stop her.

The Terrorist (Lickorrist) of Lowee

Nepgear is in a carriage with Neptune, Noire and Uni headed to Lowee's Basilicom. Nepgear says that she has always wanted to go to Lowee so she can visit Rom and Ram since their sister Blanc does not let them leave the country.

Nepgear appears along with Neptune, Noire and Uni in front of Blanc, Rom and Ram. The sisters build a snowman while the Goddesses talk about going to Super Retro Land, the new amusement park.

In Super Retro Land, Nepgear chases Rom and Ram to give them their coats. Uni chases the three of them for their tickets. The sisters also play in the pipes. Nepgear then wonders where Rom and Ram has gone. Uni points to where they were last headed. Nepgear and Uni find CFW Trick and Linda. Trick knocks Nepgear and Uni away with his tongue and takes Rom and Ram away.

Nepgear returns with the Goddesses and Uni to give the news to Blanc. She tells them to go away. In the garden where the Goddesses discuss Blanc and she is unable to help, Nepgear spots Blanc with some people. Neptune intercepts the group who was questioning Blanc. The group is led by Abnes. After the Goddesses shoo her group away, Nepgear catches a fainting Blanc.

Vert then reveals Terra View, a satellite made for capturing high resolution pictures everywhere. They find the hideout which happens to be a construction site in Super Retro Land. Neptune and Nepgear want to charge the hideout but Vert wants a hostage exchange. Because of that the Planeptune sisters do not get any action in stopping Trick and Linda.

Back in the Basilicom, Nepgear, Uni Rom and Ram are found with books. Apparently the books are fan fiction written by Blanc. Nepgear says the fan fiction is well written and cool. Blanc, embarrassed yells at them to stop reading.

A Weekend (Girls' Night) in Leanbox

Nepgear appears in the audience of 5pb.'s concert in Leanbox. Afterwards, the Goddesses look for Vert in her Basilicom. After entering a room full of anime, manga, and games, Nepgear is staring at a picture of what looks to be a cover from a boys love manga. Nepgear also here noises and finds Vert playing Four Goddesses Online. Vert was supposed to host a party for the Goddesses but she cannot now so Noire decides to take charge and plan one.

Nepgear, IF and Compa are in charge of getting ingredients. Nepgear is seen shopping for lemons. Nepgear sees a red crystal as she meets up with Compa and IF. After picking it up, she feels her strength drain away and she drops her groceries. A mouse appears to take his red crystal back. Compa wonders what is wrong but Nepgear does not know what happened other than a sudden weakness.

After the preparations for the party is complete Vert begins the party. Neptune wonders what happened to Nepgear earlier but she says that has passed. Vert introduces her new game that captures motion and projects them in 3D. Neptune and Noire are the first to test the device. Vert notes there is a realistic training version of this.

The party is cut due monsters appearing in a waste disposal plant in the Zune district. The CPUs all head out to stop this and the sisters want to help but are not allowed to. Nepgear broods on the deck of the Basilicom. Rom asks her what is wrong and Nepgear says she just has a bad feeling even though the Goddesses are strong. IF gets a phone call and she reveals information that the mouse is on every country's blacklist. He was also last seen heading to Zune district. IF is going to check it out and Nepgear insists on coming along despite IF's concern for her safety.

When she arrives, the monsters the Goddesses were supposed to exterminate are still here. Nepgear then spots the Goddesses all captured in a red prison bound to wires. She tries to get closer but IF stops her, so she collapses to her feet in shock.

The Resolve (Turn) of the Younger Sisters

Nepgear yells and her sister notices her capture. IF grabs her back to her motorcycle and they retreat from the waste plant.

They return to the Basilicom and Histoire explains to them the anti-crystal. It is a stone that seals the Goddess' connection to share energy. Nepgear blames herself for not knowing the about the anti-crystal in the shopping trip. IF tells Nepgear it was impossible to have known. Uni tearingly says that Nepgear should have taken Noire's place and Nepgear cries.

Standing out on the deck Nepgear stares out into the night sky. Rom and Ram bring Uni to apologize. After a heartfelt apolgize, the sisters discuss what they want to do. They feel insecure without their older sisters. They want to figure out how to transform and for that to happen, Uni says they need to overcome some subconscious limit, some fear. Rom and Ram are afraid of monsters so they decide to fight against monsters until they can transform.

The sisters train on Vert's game since it has a combat simulation mode. When IF arrives to question this, Nepgear explains she wants to train. The sisters have the Goddess' power and they must try to save their sister. IF agrees to help them train but then Abnes arrives. She wants Rom and Ram to play with her and be "normal girls". Rom and Ram convince Abnes to be their training partner and the four sisters assault her. Compa discovers that they can fight AI monsters too.

The sisters kill a bunch of monsters but they cannot transform yet. Time runs out as IF gets a picture of a captured Neptune. IF thinks if this happens the shares will crash preventing the sisters form having enough power to save their sisters.

Nepgear, the other sisters, IF and Compa assault the monsters in the waste disposal. IF notes even if they fail, since the sisters tried the shares will not drop as much. The monsters keep coming and eventually the sisters are put in a pinch. Nepgear is about to give in to despair but she remembers what Uni said about the subconscious limitation. Nepgear wants to rely on Neptune but that will not bring her back so she instead wants strength, to save her sister, to surpass her to be the strongest. Nepgear glows with a purple aura and transforms to Purple Sister. She clears the monsters attacking her friends and flies towards the prison field.

The Resonance (Limit Break) of the Goddesses

Nepgear and the sisters quickly clear the monsters and head towards their sisters. Arfoire notes it is perfect timing and meets them. She explains her intentions to create a world where only those with power can rule without CPUs. Nepgear brushes it off for her own ambition to gain power. Nepgear also says she is jealous of the Goddess' power to which she states, she once was but not anymore. Arfoire then transforms.

She copies the four Goddess attack to trash Nepgear. Refusing to let this continue Rom and Ram transform and attack Arfoire. Arfoire then switches targets and attacks Rom and Ram. Nepgear tries to attack Arfoire but is stopped by Arfoire's flying laser shooting projectiles. Uni tries to aim at them but is distraced by the fact Noire is watching. Uni resolves to clear her mind on everything but downing the projectiles. She transforms while shooting all of Arfoire's projectiles down.

Before their hopes can stay up the anti-energy coming from the prison grab the Goddesses. Arfoire says it is over and knocks Nepgear down. However, Nepgear sees four lights glowing inside the prison blackened by anti-energy. She refuses to give up as her sisters are still fighting which encourages the other sisters. Their share energy resonates which weaken Arfoire as it negates her anti-energy.

Arfoire tries to flee but Uni, Rom and Ram shoot her down crashing her into the prison field. Nepgear shoots Arfoire breaking right through the prison. Neptune says Nepgear did well and they will always be with each other. The Goddesses are freed and the candidates hug their respective sister.

Knowing Vert does not have sister, Nepgear hugs her too. Nepgear returns with Neptune, IF and Compa to find their shares did not drop much due to people's low expectation of Neptune. Neptune hosts a picnic with Nepgear, IF and Compa. They are all surprised when a girl in a bee themed sweater shows up and knows IF and Compa.

The Secret (Your-Eyes-Only) of Lastation

Nepgear is first seen this episode relaxing on Vert's breasts on Planeptune's Basilicom's deck. Vert wants Nepgear to call her "older sister". Neptune comes in accusing Vert of stealing Nepgear. Nepgear regardless still relaxes on Vert's breasts. Compa mentions their Lily Rank is through the roof.

Nepgear is next in Lastation's Basilicom. There Uni asks Nepgear for a favor. She has been hearing Noire in a locked room with weird laughs and wants to know what is going on. Nepgear joyfully decides to install hidden cameras for Uni as response. Nepgear then notices some problems with the transmission of her cameras and says they can only be the work of other hidden cameras.

The candidates decide to find the hacker. Uni then angrily complains about the spying of her sister and wants to beat up the voyeur. Nepgear feels that the rant is directed to her. Nepgear tracks the hacker to a general location. The candidates notices their sisters feeling into a hideout so they follow them thinking they could stop the voyeur.

Peashy runs into the hideout after Crachy, Uni's bandicoot hops in. The sisters follow looking for Peashy. Eventually, Peashy tackles someone to the ground. Uni notices the pictures of Noire, Anonydeath has on him and threatens him with her gun. The candidates then meet up with their sisters.

Noire then asks if the sisters had seen her photos. Uni and Nepgear try to avoid answering but Ram happily admits they did see the picture. Nepgear appears at the end to see a girl land on Noire. She introduces herself to everyone as Plutia, Planeptune's CPU.

The Fruits (Deep Purple) of Revenge

Nepgear, Neptune, IF, Compa, Histoire, Peashy and Plutia enjoy dinner. When Compa toasts to Plutia being the CPU of Planeptune, Neptune complains reminding Compa about different dimensions. Nepgear tries to further clarify.

In the morning, after Histoire tries to explain the energy source that moved from the Ultra Dimension to everyone. Nepgear is unable to listen as she is trying to retrieve her N-Gear from Peashy. As IF and Compa leave for patrol and work, Nepgear, Neptune and Peashy watch Plutia work on a Peashy doll.

Nepgear is then seen trying to wake up a sleeping Neptune. Nepgear explains that IF has been captured. Attached is a picture of IF and a map all sent from an unknown address. Nepgear and Neptune transform and bring Plutia along to rescue IF.

Nepgear and Neptune fly over to an eggplant farm with Plutia. There, they find Arfoire and force feeding IF eggplants. Neptune demands her immediate release. Arfoire throws eggplant monsters and Neptune is unable to keep her transformation. Since Nepgear cannot hold on to both Plutia and Neptune, she drops them.

Nepgear being the only transformed CPU tries to fight the monsters, help her sister, Plutia and save IF. She is unable to do so. Eventually Plutia transforms to Iris Heart and fights Arfoire. Neptune transforms, tells Nepgear to save IF while defeats the eggplant monsters. Once Nepgear and Neptune finish their objectives, Arfoire transforms into "Eggfoire". The Goddesses easily defeat Eggfoire. Neptune, Nepgear and IF watch in the distance as Plutia smashes Warechu around to rescue Compa.

Nepgear is last seen bringing sliced eggplants with Compa for dinner. Neptune protests so Nepgear explains that Peashy had taken a liking to the eggplants yesterday so they are having eggplants for dinner. When IF freaks out about eggplants, Nepgear says she can understand why.

The Paradise (Island) Forbidden

Nepgear first appears transformed flying to R-18 island with the rest of the Goddesses. She learns that they are not here for fun but to investigate an artillery battery picked up by Terra View.

When she arrives on the island, she comments on how weird it feels to wear her swimsuit in her HDD. After the Goddess pass through security, they revert to their human form. They attempt to look for a battery but they find Linda.

Nepgear immediate recognizes her as the one who kidnapped Rom and Ram. Linda quickly says that she has changed and became an upstanding citizen. The Goddesses decide to trust her. Linda brings them to a beach where "Mysterious Light Grasses" cover private parts.

Neptune decides to strip along with Vert and Plutia. Nepgear also follows through and the nude Goddesses splash water at each other. Neptune calls for Noire and Blanc to join but Blanc creates a gust of wind with her hammer to reveal that Neptune, Vert and Plutia did not strip. Nepgear then accuses Neptune of tricking her into making her strip. Neptune did not actually expect Nepgear to strip.

Afterwards the Goddesses relax on the beach. Vert rubs tanning wax on Nepgear. When Vert reaches' Nepgear's breasts, she quickly retreats, saying she will finish applying the wax by herself. Linda offers the Goddesses an iced drink to which Neptune quickly drinks. She suddenly experiences a huge amount of shyness when the Goddesses look at her. It was quickly revealed that Linda drugged the drinks. Plutia transforms to deal with this. During which, Neptune says she does like not being stared at. Nepgear turns around to stare at Neptune instead of the punishment Plutia is inflicting on Linda.

Later, Nepgear and Goddesses resume their search for the artillery battery. During their walk, Nepgear talks with Neptune and Plutia about the shyness incident. When they find the artillery battery, they are surprised to find it firing bubbles. When battery stopped and lifts up it barrels, the Goddesses prepared for action to see it fire more bubbles. Seeing how the battery was no threat the Goddesses return home.

During the flight, Neptune notices is acting weird, and Noire denies this. Vert jokes that she missed her chance to strip and go naked. Nepgear then asks if that makes Noire and cosplay loving nudist. Noire replies that Nepgear is the nudist and she blushes.

Nepgear and the Goddesses return to hear that Peashy left with her mother. Nepgear wonders if they can visit but Uni says they left without giving an address.

The Challenge (Rebellion) of Eden

Nepgear arrives to see Neptune telling Plutia to wake up for patrol. Plutia notes that Neptune is becoming hard to be around lately. Nepgear agrees and stares at a Peashy doll that Neptune put back in the shelf.

During the patrol, Neptune spots a pack of wolves. They are no threat to anyone but Neptune decides to accelerate and eliminate them leaving Nepgear behind as she asks her to wait. As Nepgear and Neptune fight the wolves, Plutia gets annoyed transforms and whips her sword to scare the wolves.

Plutia then attacks Neptune saying that she is using someone' problem to help herself nor is she is not being honest with her emotions. Nepgear can only watch the fight unfold and luckily the two make up with Neptune revealling her regrets about Peashy leaving with making up with her. Nepgear gets a call on her N-Gear.

Nepgear gets word from Histoire that a new nations is being formed. Nepgear and the Goddesses decide to check out the new nation formed in R-10 island. Neptune asks Plutia if this is the source of the energy Plutia was sent to find. Plutia does not know.

When they arrive, they find Anonydeath announcing a new nation, Eden. Noire decides to capture him for good. A girl with yellow hair in a white suit arrives. She is Yellow Heart and she does not want Anonydeath to be captured. The Goddesses fight her. Nepgears notes that yellow Heart has amazing strength. Eventually they manage to defeat Yellow Heart and she reverts to Peashy shocking everyone.

Peashy fiercely defends her parents Anonydeath and Rei Ryghts while not remembering any of the Goddesses. Rei Ryghts then reads out the demands to be allowed to export Eden's adult goods in unlimited quantity. Failure to meet the demand results in war. Nepgear wonders if this means war with Peashy, a friend and family member.

The Battlefront (Conflict) of Oblivion

Peashy and Eden's soldiers march through Maidakai Village in Southern Planeptune. As they proceed to a bridge, Nepgear, IF and a bunch of Planeptune's soldiers hold them back. Peashy then decides to attack Nepgear in which Nepgear can only show reluctance in fighting back.

Uni enters Lastation's Basilicom frantically, wanting to help Nepgear who fighting Peashy by herself. Noire shows her pictures of riots that are happening all around the cities. The Goddesses must address their own citizens before Planeptune despite the fact that this is a clear diversion tactic.

Nepgear resolves to not let Peashy pass and they have a brief skirmish. Nepgear mainly blocks Peashy rather than trying to hurt her. The skirmish intensifies and Nepgear finds herself unable to inflict damage on Peashy. Peashy knocks her down and Neptune flies in the nick of time to catch her. Neptune tells Nepgear to help the soldiers and IF defend the barricade at the bridge from monsters and Eden's soldiers. Nepgear worries about Neptune but decides to go.

Eventually Noire and Plutia infiltrate R-18 island, destroy a device that was powering Peashy hidden in the artillery battery. With the power destroyed, all of Eden's soldiers and monsters stop rioting. Neptune is able to stop Peashy. Nepgear looks for her sister and Peashy. She finds Neptune hugging her by a river bank.

Despite the device no longer affecting anyone, Peashy's lost memories of the Goddesses do not return. Eventually Plutia and Peashy must return to their dimension or risk it collapsing. Plutia hands Nepgear her own Nepgear doll. Neptune arrives late to see them off. She gives a hug to Plutia and pudding to Peashy. Neptune notices just before Peashy leaves, she seems to recognize the pudding and Neptune. The Goddesses all start leaving Neptune staring. Nepgear tries to stay and call her sister but Noire tells her not to so she leaves.

The Emissary (Aggressor) of Old

Nepgear appears in Planeptune Basilicom looking at how bright the Sharicite is with Neptune, Histoire, IF and Compa. Nepgear congratulates Neptune on a job well done. Neptune decides to plan her festival in the Basilicom grounds as celebration.

Later Nepgear appears delivering a green chest and she sees Neptune who bumps into Abnes. Neptune tells Nepgear that Abnes is here to help so Nepgear asks Abnes to deliver the green chest. Nepgear watches the festival and is happy to see 2 sisters dressed as her and Neptune running around.

Suddenly the clouds darken and a landmass floats to the sky. Rei Ryghts is on the landmass and she announces the return of Tari. Nepgear is alerted to two little girls stuck on a stopped Ferris Wheel by Abnes. She transforms to save them. Later, Rei Ryghts fires a laser from her landmass to the Basilicom. People flee from the collapsing festival grounds. Nepgear saves Abnes from falling rubble.

The Ties (Bifrosts) of Tomorrow

Nepgear brings Abnes down from the destroyed Basilicom. She meets Compa and is glad that she is safe. Nepgear says she will help her sisters and Abnes protests telling her to save little girls. Compa agrees, then IF and Histoire arrives with Nepgear relieved to see them safe. Nepgear tells the citizens to evacuate to a safe place. Nepgear looks at her sister thinking that she only has to wait a bit longer.

After evacuating to a safer place, Nepgear feels weak. She tells Histoire, IF and Compa that it feels like her shares are being sucked out of her. Histoire tells her to deactivate her HDD. If shows her dim share crystal and Histoire notes that their shares are rapidly dropping.

Neptune is captured by Rei Ryghts and the citizens panic. Nepgear tries to transform but lacks the share energy to do so and she falls to her knees. A voice asks her what the problem. Noire and Vert show up to support Neptune and Uni delivers 5pb. Nepgear tells her Uni to do her fighting for her.

The four Goddesses try to destroy the device that steal generate share energy. Rei Ryghts notes that it is annoying to fight 4 on 1. She steals Lastation and Leanbox's shares weakening them with the device. The Goddesses learn the device can steal shares. Rei Ryghts fires her laser at a defiant Nepgear.

Rom and Ram arrive to create an ice shield to reflect the laser. Blanc throws her axe shattering the share stealing device. Nepgear feels the share energy returning and Histore allows her to join the other 7 Goddesses in fighting Rei Ryghts.

Rei Ryghts resolves to blow up the world with all the share energy she has already stolen. She starts charging her landmass's laser. Neptune decides to stop her and and asks the Goddesses to lead their strengths. Nepgear helps Blanc fling Neptune towards the landmass.

After the landmass falls without firing the laser, Nepgear is worried whether Neptune made it and survived. She is relieved to find Neptune alive. The Goddesses ask Rei Ryghts to turn herself in as she has clear lost. She refuses deciding to take the world down by releasing all her energy at once. The Goddesses form a circle around her to block her. Nepgear holds Neptune and Vert's hand. A pillar of red light explodes from Rei Ryghts.

After the light fades, the Goddesses are all unconcious with Rei Ryghts still kicking. She intends to at least kill the Goddesses, slowly regain her strength then destroy the world. Arfoire appears and destroys her share crystal with her last anti-crystal saving the CPU. Neptune thanks her.

A few months later, Planeptune has almost finished repairing all the damage done by Rei Ryghts. The Basilicom is rebuilt so Neptune hosts a celebration ceremony. There she cancels their friendship agreement saying they are true friends. The CPUs have an exhibition match and fly off to the sky. Nepgear leads the candidates in following their sisters to the match.

The Eternity (True Ending) Promised

Nepgear appears with a sword drawn, her blade is pointed at Neptune. Neptune tells her the blade gets power from killing Goddesses, Nepgear must kill Neptune. As monsters start to arrive, Nepgear apologizes and kills Neptune. Neptune slumps to her knees and cries. Neptune then transforms into a bunch of Dogoo and attacks her.

Luckily for everyone and it was all a dream. Neptune and Vert found a Walk-through Flower in the Ultradimension, opened a gate permanently between the two dimensions. Nepgear is seen chasing Peashy for her N-Gear and everyone is happy to see their Ultradimension friends and counterparts.



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