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|cup = A
|cup = A
|weapon = Broadswords, Katanas
|weapon = Broadswords, Katanas
|personification = Fictitious Sega Console
|personification = Sega Neptune
|relatives = [[Nepgear/Hyper Dimension|Nepgear]]
|relatives = [[Nepgear/Hyper Dimension|Nepgear]]
|occupation = CPU of Planeptune
|occupation = CPU of Planeptune
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|cup = E
|cup = E
|weapon = Katana
|weapon = Katana
|personification = Fictitious Sega Console
|personification = Sega Neptune
|relatives = [[Nepgear/Hyper Dimension|Nepgear]]
|relatives = [[Nepgear/Hyper Dimension|Nepgear]]
|occupation = CPU of Planeptune
|occupation = CPU of Planeptune
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|cup = E
|cup = E
|weapon = Katana
|weapon = Katana
|personification = Fictitious Sega Console
|personification = Sega Neptune
|relatives = [[Nepgear/Hyper Dimension|Nepgear]]
|relatives = [[Nepgear/Hyper Dimension|Nepgear]]
|occupation = CPU of Planeptune
|occupation = CPU of Planeptune
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== Musical Themes ==
== Musical Themes ==

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No matter what happens, we'll make it through with my protag ruleset!
— Neptune

The main character of the Hyperdimension Neptunia series. She is the Console Patron Unit (CPU) of Planeptune and older sister of Nepgear. In her human form she looks and acts young, but when she activates Hard Drive Divinity (HDD) she becomes much more mature in both appearance and personality.



Neptune is the human form of the CPU Purple Heart. She is often considered to be energetic and dorky. Her favorite food is custard pudding and she loves playing video games. Eggplants are her most hated food, stating that they are not "people food". While she enjoys playing all games, she especially loves Retro video games.


Parka Dress

In her Parka Dress, Neptune has short lilac hair with bangs that reach down to her collar bone and purple eyes. In her hair she wears white hair-clips in the shape of D-pads and around her neck is a choker that has a light blue D-pad symbol on it. She wears a mostly white hoodie dress that has a light purple hood, strings that look like controller plugs, and two huge purple and white pockets with purple D-Pad symbols on them. The sleeves have two light blue strips going all the way down while the front of the hoodie only contains one. The ends of the sleeves and the bottom of the hoodie have dark and light purple stripes. The zipper emblem and the back of the hoodie has a purple letter "N" to represent the first symbol of her name. She wears light blue and white striped thigh high socks with frills at the tops and her shoes are purple and blue.

Jersey Dress

In her Jersey Dress, Neptune wears a a choker around her neck with a light blue D-pad symbol on it and short sleeved mini hoodie with blue and purple lining around the sleeves and the hood. The hoodie is closed by a button emblem with a large N in the middle and has two strings that look like controller plugs. Underneath she wears a dark purple dress lined with light purple which zips up from the front and has pockets on both sides along with white lining along the bottom. Her socks are light blue and white striped thigh high socks with frills at the tops and her shoes are purple and blue with an N on them.


Neptune is a happy, excitable girl with a very strong sense of justice. Her ditzy personality causes her to be very careless at times which can either help her or land her into serious trouble. She makes friends rather easily due to her friendly nature and often gives them cute nicknames. People admire her optimistic outlook and confidence. She never gives up or backs down when the going gets tough and she makes sure to see her objective through to the very end.

Purple Heart

Purple Heart is the goddess form of Neptune. She is considered to be cool, collected, just, and overall much more mature in comparison to her human form. While the personality and appearance change is major between the two forms, she still retains some aspects of her human form albeit to a lesser extent.


Purple Core

In her Purple Core, Purple Heart has long purple hair in twin tails that almost reaches her feet and bright blue eyes with white pupils in the shape of power signs. She wears black hair clips with glowing blue D-Pad shapes on them, and a black body suit that exposes her chest somewhat. Both of the bodysuit's shoulder areas contain a white outlined D-pad symbol and the arm areas contain purple along the sides while the front of the bodysuit also contains purple areas near the bottom. On the breast areas you can see a single purple strip. Purple Heart's leg-wear seems as though it is the same as her human forms only it appears as black boots with purple tips instead.

Lost Purple Core

Purple Heart's appearance in her Lost Purple Core is reminiscent of the Purple Core but with much more stylization and design. Her hair and hair clips remain the same while her bodysuit, while still black, has purple and blue lining all around the torso and arms. The middle of the torso has purple mesh, allowing a vague vertical view of her stomach. She also wears thigh high boots with octagon patterns on the side at the very top; one filled it with purple and another just a white outline. This appearance was carried over after Victory, although her human form reverted to her original appearance.


Purple Heart is a serious and mature person. She's often calm and rarely changes facial expressions. She is a very observant and intelligent female, thinking in a rational matter most of the time. She is the complete opposite of her human form in many aspects but her strong sense of justice and confidence remains unchanged. It can be said that Purple Heart is a bit arrogant, having a strong confidence in her abilities and believing that no one can defeat her. Despite her change in personality, there are times that where Purple Heart acts like her human form, evident when Neptune turns into Purple Heart just to ride a roller coaster.

Next Purple

Purple Heart's evolved form. Due to the arms equipped to the back, arms and legs unit, the high specs of the Goddess Form are further improved. The power possessed is said to have been surely obtained by a miracle.


Her hair has changed to a lighter shade of purple and her twin tails have become loose. Her hair have also gotten longer. Her hairclips have opened up from their orb form. They are extend in four directions. Her black bodysuit extends throughout her body and the purple mesh that appears in her stomach now also appears in thighs but disappears from her armpits. Outside the mesh is blue outlines.


As Purple Heart is relatively calm, her Next Purple personality remains the largely the same as Purple Heart. As Neptune is rarely in her Next Purple form, Next Purple has never acted like her human form in terms of her immaturity. Her senses of justice remains strong as ever.

Final CPU Form

A form seen in the skill HDD:Neptune and some other EXE Drives skills; oddly, no mention is made of this form elsewhere. Neptune transforms into a black spacefighter with glowing purple edges. The spacefighter sports canards and two pairs of wings, one with a forward sweep and one with a backwards sweep. It fires a pair of cluster missiles from an internal bay.


Main Article: Neptune/Hyper Dimension/Relationships


Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2

Neptune and the other CPUs face off against CFW Magic in the Gamindustri Graveyard but are easily defeated by her. They, along with Nepgear, are captured and imprisoned for three years. Compa and IF arrive on a rescue mission and only manage to save Nepgear while Neptune and the others are left behind.

Nepgear returns to the Gamindustri Graveyard along with the other CPU Candidates and take on CFW Judge before using the enhanced Sharicite to restore the CPUs' lost power. Neptune and Nepgear share a heartfelt reunion and Neptune apologizes for having left her alone for so long and promises to never leave her side again.

When they return to Planeptune to rest. Neptune and the other CPUs end up saving Nepgear and the CPU Candidates who had encountered CFW Magic in their investigation of the Gamindustri Graveyard. She and the other CPUs revert to their human forms due to being tired and Neptune joins the group immediately after to help Nepgear. She, and the other CPUs, assist in stopping Arfoire Syndicate of International Crime's (ASIC's) operations and defeating the four felons. However, this leads to unavoidable revival of Arfoire.

Neptune and the others head to the Gamindustri Graveyard to fight her, only to find their efforts to be for naught as Arfoire creates a new vessel containing all the power in the Gamindustri Graveyard.

Neptune and the others return to Planeptune to explain the situation to the Oracles, however during the meeting they are notified that that a member of the Four Felons has appeared in each nation demanding for everyone to worship Arfoire or they will all be killed. After hearing about Caelus from Mina, they seek her out and request information on how to beat Arfoire. Once they obtain the information they were looking for, Neptune and her friends head back to Basilicom to report their findings before relaxing in a hot spring prepared for them by Histoire. The following day, they head out to deal with the Four Felons.

After learning the best way to defeat Arfoire from an old Planeptune CPU by the name of Caelus, the party heads to the Gamindustri Graveyard's heart to defeat Arfoire once and for all. Neptune and the others pour their faith into Nepgear which allows her to defeat the Deity of Sin. After saving Gamindustri from destruction, Neptune along with everyone else, reverts back to their normal lives.

The party returns to the Planeptune Basilicom to discuss their next course of action. Having struggled so hard against CFW Magic, they begin to doubt their ability to beat Arfoire on their own power. Nepgear suddenly remembers the story she heard about the unused cursed sword that can only be used to defeat evil. Having no other possibilities for defeating Arfoire, the Oracle begin doing research on the sword while Neptune and the others go around and ask the townspeople for information. After finding the sword they are told they must offer the lives of CPUs to power it. Everyone is surprised and naturally refuses to use such a horrible method to defeat the Deity of Sin. Nepgear proposes that other nations pour their shares into Planeptune and allow Neptune and Nepgear to fight Arfoire; that way no one will have to die. The CPUs instantly decline, not wanting to sacrifice their nations before themselves. However, Nepgear is still intent with doing her plan and so Neptune follows along with her. Neptune and Nepgear begin taking shares from the other nations and are eventually confronted by the CPUs. With every encounter the two sisters end up killing the other CPUs with the cursed sword since they finally realize there is no other way to defeat Arfoire. When they return to Planeptune, Neptune takes Nepgear to where they used to play when they were younger. It is there she requests for Nepegar to kill her as well because they need all the power they can get if they want to save Gamindustri. Despite Nepgear's initial refusal, Neptune manages to convince her and suffers the same fate as the other CPUs. She attempts to comfort Nepgear in her final moments by saying that she will be fighting alongside her inside that sword.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 SISTERS GENERATION

The events of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 mirror that of Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 with the exception of the holy sword route.

Neptune is happy Nepgear broke the cursed sword, keeping the goddesses together but unsure of how to defeat Arfoire as a result. Nepgear assures Neptune that they can reforge the sword instead. Afterwards, Nepgear reforges the cursed swords using Sharicites from all four nations.

Neptune assists the party in fighting the revived four felons. Nepgear then defeats the Deity of Sin with her reforged sword and Gamindustri Graveyard collapses. Like the true ending, Neptune refuses to leave Nepgear, who is unable to move after the fight. The other goddesses assist Neptune in getting Nepgear to safety.

With Gamindustri Graveyard gone, Gamindustri is saved from ASIC's menace.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory


Purple Heart is fighting against the other three CPUs and is eventually defeated by them. It is revealed that they are actually playing a video game and Nepgear arrives with snacks for them all. At the same time, Histoire arrives and begins to lecture Neptune and Nepgear on what it means to be CPUs, and kicks them both out to do work.

After getting a quest from the guild, Neptune and Nepgear head out to complete it which leads to Neptune learning that she has gone from level 99 to level 1 due to being lazy. After completing the quest, Neptune and Nepgear head to the other nations to see what the CPUs and Candidates are up to before returning to Planeptune.

Ont their way back to the Basilicom they bump in to Rei who is in the middle of handing out fliers to support her Anti-CPU Campaign. Rei becomes frightened when she realizes that Neptune and Nepgear are the goddesses of Planeptune and quickly runs off after apologizing. After this, the two continue on to the Basilicom where IF and Compa greet them.

Histoire mentions the Citizen's Group who is running the Anti-CPU campaign against Neptune, but Neptune doesn't seem all that concerned about it. IF only adds to her lack of concern by saying the group barely has any members and that representative is a real pushover.

The next day, Nepgear forces Neptune to go out and work on her own. Despite Neptune's pleas, she ends up leaving the Basilicom to go and do some work by herself which leads to her second encounter with Rei. It is revealed that Rei had been lost ever since she ran off yesterday. Rei becomes highly upset at Neptune due to her carefree attitude and when Neptune tries to cheer her up, it only angers her further. This results in Rei unknowingly using the dark energy given to her to send Neptune to the Ultradimension.

Lowee's Golden Era

Neptune finds herself in the Ultradimension after falling from the sky and landing on Noire. She meets a girl named Plutia who claims to be the CPU of a recently chartered nation by the name of Planeptune. Neptune is surprised by this since to her knowledge she is the CPU of Planeptune. She tries her best to convince Noire and Plutia that she is a CPU but is unable to do so after finding out that she can't even transform. Upon learning that humans can become CPUs by using a CPU Memory, Neptune decides to find one with Noire and reattain her ability to transform (and also to prevent herself from aging). The Seven Sages, who are alerted by Rei that Planeptune as another CPU, sends Abnes to go check things out; only for her to see that Neptune isn't a CPU and thus believing the information to be false.

When the Histoire of the Ultradimension makes her appearance, she states feeling a connection to Neptune despite having no recollection of ever meeting her prior. Neptune explains her situation to Histoire which leads her to concluding that Neptune is from another dimension. In order to see if this is valid, Histoire attempts to contact the Histoire in the Hyperdimension to see if what Neptune says is true. Though, she mentions that process will take three days.

Noire makes her way to Zeca Ruins No. 1 in the hopes of finding a CPU Memory from the Memory Core. Neptune follows her, wanting to obtain a CPU Memory as soon as possible and Plutia naturally tags along as well. When they arrive they are met with Arfoire and Pirachu who have two CPU Memories from the Memory Core with them. Noire, not wanting to let this one chance slip her by, tries to take them by force with Neptune following after her. Arfoire gives the CPU Memories to Pirachu so he can escape with them while she deals with Neptune and Noire. However, Pirachu is followed by Plutia who ends up transforming and taking the CPU Memories away from him.

Neptune and Noire find themselves unable to defeat Arfoire until Plutia arrives with the CPU Memories and hands them over in exchange for Neptune and Noire agreeing to do something for her. Neptune and Noire successfully become CPUs and take down Arfoire easily. Arfoire swears to get revenge and flees afterward. The girls head back to the Basilicom where it is revealed that Neptune had been telling the truth all along. The Hyperdimension Histoire is unable to immediately provide a solution as to how Neptune get home which results in Neptune being stuck in the Ultradimension until further notice. Now being a CPU, Noire goes out to found her own nation while Neptune stays with Plutia in Planeptune.

Lastation's Rise to Fame

Three years have passed in the Ultradimenson. Noire has founded Lastation and has taken a considerable amount of shares from Lowee, which ultimately causes bad blood between the two nations. Histoire kicks Neptune and Plutia out of the Basilicom so that they can visit Noire in Lastation and learn how to work like proper CPUs. Noire teaches them how to use the Scout System and the two head back to tell Histoire about it. However, since they didn't learn anything else, she sends them right back to Lastation.

An Enraged Blanc comes to Lastation to confront Noire, Neptune, and Plutia even though she has no real reason for being there. In order to prevent the CPUs from fighting and possibly starting a war, the Seven Sages send Copypaste and Pirachu to a Lastation factory to destroy it so that Noire's attention will be taken away from Blanc. Noire, Neptune, and Plutia make their way to the factory to deal with the threat, but not without Noire telling Blanc not to cause anymore trouble beforehand. Copypaste and Pirachu trick Noire into believing that Blanc was only in Lastation to serve as a distraction so that the Sages could destroy the factory. This leads to her assuming that Blanc is working with the Seven Sages while Neptune believes otherwise.

Neptune and Plutia return to the Planeptune Basilicom and receive contact from Histoire in the Hyperdimension. It is established that for every day that passes in the Hyperdimension, a year passes in the Ultradimension. In order for Neptune to return home, Histoire states that she must increase Planeptune's shares. After this, the connection is severed.

Three Nations Contesting

Noire comes to the Planeptune Basilicom to complain about Lowee and the Seven Sages. Plutia grows irritated of Noire's complaints and transforms, giving her a “lecture” to convince her to go to Lowee and voice her complaints directly to the CPU. After Noire gets out of her traumatized state, she, Neptune, and Plutia head to Lowee by running past the border patrol unit. When in Lowee Plutia, who is lost, bumps into Vert. When Neptune and Noire finally locate Plutia, Neptune nearly exposes Vert's identity as the CPU of Leanbox until Vert tells her to keep it a secret.

The girls, along with Vert, make their way to Lowee Basilicom where they are met with Blanc, Mr. Badd, Abnes, and Pirachu. It is revealed that their fight will be broadcast live on TV so that everyone can see Blanc defeat the other CPUs. Vert quickly makes her getaway due to not wanting to be seen on TV. The remaining CPUs face off against Blanc, ultimately winning. This plays directly into the Seven Sages plans as they never expected her to win in the first place. With Blanc's defeat broadcast live to her entire nation, she suffers an extreme decrease in shares. Mr. Badd uses this to take over her nation while imprisoning Blanc and the others due to them being too weak to fight back.

While locked up, they all agree to help Blanc get her nation back and Vert arrives to unlock the holding cell before leaving. Now being free, the party makes their move to stop Mr. Badd by broadcasting his defeat live during is speech. When they all transform to prepare for battle, Blanc is the only one who cannot due to not having enough faith. Neptune, Noire, and Plutia give Blanc their own faith which is just enough for her to transform. Together, the four CPUs take down Mr. Badd and have him expose his evil deeds live on television. After that, Blanc thanks Neptune and Plutia for their help, not wanting to thank Noire for being so rude to her beforehand. Blanc says that maybe she'll come to Planeptune to see Plutia after she's finished restoring her nation, and Neptune, Plutia, and Noire all head home.

A Chance for Hegemony

In Planeptune, Neptune and Noire arrive together after spending time together for two weeks in Lastation. Blanc arrives as well and she and Noire instantly begin to fight. Neptune quells the argument by telling them that if they fight in the middle of the street then Plutia will see and they may be faced with Iris Heart. Not wanting to deal with Plutia's sadistic goddess form, they immediately stop and head to the Basilicom together. Upon entering the Basilicom they are greeted by Plutia and a group of babies. Initially they don't question why the babies are there but when they do they quickly begin to question Plutia. Histoire appears and explains that due to the missing children cases in Planeptune that the Basilicom is acting as a daycare. Not wanting to have anything to do with children, Noire and Blanc attempt to leave. However, when Plutia says she might end up transforming because taking care of them all alone is, they stay.

Histoire comes back with news of Leanbox declaring war against the other three nations and also with news of the other Histoire having finally found a way to bring Neptune back. The group heads to courtyard where Histoire opens the path back to the Hyperdimension. Before Neptune can even walk through, Nepgear gets dragged into the portal and ends up landing on the Ultradimension Noire. With both Neptune and Nepgear in the other dimension, the Hyperdimension Planeptune is at even higher risk of losing more shares. In order to reopen the path yet again, Histoire requests for Neptune and Nepgear to gain even more shares in the Ultradimension Planeptune before disconnecting.

Neptune and the others head for Leanbox to meet with the CPU and leave Nepgear to take care of the children. They travel to Leanbox by using a boat that was prepared by Vert. Upon arriving they head to the Leanbox Basilicom where Vert declares war, not with violence, but rather by taking all their shares the fair way with her superior console. Not threatened by her claims, Neptune and the others all return home.

A week later, Vert storms into the Planeptune Basilicom accusing the other CPUs of spreading false negative rumors about her console. When Neptune and the others explain that they didn't do anything and that people genuinely think her console isn't all that great, Vert challenges the other CPUs to battle in the place where she found her CPU Memory. Neptune thinks this is a good opportunity to try and get any spare CPU Memories Vert may have for Nepgear and decides to go with the others.

When they arrive, Neptune and Plutia explain the situation to Vert and Nepgear manages to receive a CPU Memory so she can become a goddess again. Vert then tricks Nepgear into believing she is her sister due to them using a CPU Memory from the same core. Neptune and the others face off against both Vert and Nepgear and ultimately win. After this, a Leanbox soldier arrives and tells Vert that Seven Sages are wreaking havoc in Leanbox. Due to Vert being injured from her fight against the other CPUs, Neptune and the others offer their help in defeating the threat.

The group heads to Leanbox where the find both Arfoire and Copypaste destroying the city. The CPUs make quick work of the two but are unable to catch them after they flee. Vert formally thanks Neptune and the others for their help and says she will repay the debt she owes after focusing on her nation for bit. In the conclusion of the chapter, it is revealed that Vert sneaks into the Planeptune Basilicom every day to see Nepgear and that the Basilicom in general has become a hangout spot for all the CPUs.

Era of Four Nations

In Planeptune's Basilicom, Noire, Blanc, and Vert receive calls about trouble brewing in each of their nations. The three of them immediately leave to deal with the trouble in their own lands. While initially Neptune wanted to let them deal with their own problems, she is convinced by Histoire, Plutia, and Nepgear to go and assist the other nations.

In Lastation, the three Planeptune goddesses make their way into Noire's Basilicom to see how she's doing. Nepgear finds a camera hidden in her room and comes to the conclusion that someone is taping her. She uses a special device to track where the data is being sent to which leads them to Anonydeath. Noire, Neptune, Nepgear, and Plutia all transform and face off against Anonydeath. Once he is defeated, they are all tricked by him which allows him to escape without a hitch.

When Neptune, Nepgear, and Plutia head to Lowee they go to the Basilicom and see that things are going better than expected. Blanc explains that the damage was minimal and that Copypaste was destroying her Basilicom before she came back but ended up working at the Mines when he learned he could destroy as much as he wanted. Ever since, Mining has been going exceedingly well. However, Blanc is still upset at what he did to the Basilicom and so she and the others head to the Mines to see Copypaste. When they arrive they see that all the mine workers love him and when they beat him up they show some resentment towards Blanc. The moment they see this, Neptune and the other two Planeptune goddesses make a run for it and leave Blanc to deal with the situation herself.

Upon arriving in Leanbox, Neptune, Nepgear, and Plutia are faced with a strange looking creature. Suddenly, Green Heart appears and asks for their help in defeating the strange monster but they fail in actually stopping it. The girls are initially hesitant to help Vert deal with monsters due to how disgusting they were but Vert manages to convince them to help by saying more might spawn in Planeptune if they don't deal with threat now. They follow the creature all the way back to Mr. Badd who is revealed to be the culprit behind the strange creatures' appearance in Leanbox. They end up fighting both Mr. Badd and his three strange creatures. When they defeat them, Mr. Badd and the creatures escape.

Neptune, Nepgear, Plutia, and the other CPUs all rendezvous back at the Planeptune Basilicom where they find Histoire stuffed in the trash and trapped between her book. When they get her our she explains that the Seven Sages have kidnapped Peashy, IF, and Compa and says that they are taking a road towards Lowee. After hearing this, Neptune and the rest of the group immediately head out to save them.

When the group returns to the Planeptune Basilicom after being unable to find Peashy but able to get back IF and Compa they are greeted by both her and Histoire. Peashy explains that the lady who took her offered her candy but when she didn't get any she got bored and left. This relieves everyone and with the crisis finally resolved, the group assembles a sleepover in the Planeptune Basilicom.

Momentary Peace

In the Planeptune Basilicom, the goddesses are having a meeting. Nepgear explains that they had recently been contacted by the Histoire of the Hyperdimension and that the situation in their dimension was getting worse. Neptune requests the help of the other CPUs to increase their shares. While initially they are hesitant on the idea, everyone decides to pitch in and help increase Planeptune's shares so Neptune and Nepgear can return home.

Anonydeath visits the Basilicom posing as Peashy's father. The CPUs are shocked when they hear this and express immediate distaste towards his supposed reasons for abandoning Peashy in the Basilicom all those years ago. Neptune and Peashy get into an argument and Peashy leaves with Anonydeath, still upset at Neptune for being mean to her “dad.”

Abnes visits the Basilicom to request the CPUs' aid in freeing the abducted children. Reluctant at trusting her at first, Neptune and the others take her word for it and head to where the captured children are located. However, when they arrive they learn that the strange monsters from Leanbox before are actually children who had a CPU Memory forced on them. This leaves Neptune and the others with no other choice but to flee, since they do not wish to harm the children.

Once they exit the base, they are encountered by another CPU who claims to go by the name of Yellow Heart. She attacks the group and despite their efforts she easily defeats them all, being powerful enough to knock them all out of goddess form. She flies away shortly after this and the CPUs, defeated, return to the Basilicom where they see a broadcast on television declaring the founding a new nation known as Eden lead by Yellow Heart.

A New Nation's Menace

Ten years have passed since the creation of Eden and each of the nations have suffered a major decrease in shares. The group meets in Lowee's Basilicom to discuss what they can possibly do to combat this situation but none of them have any ideas. Copypaste, who has been rebuilt to serve as the tea server in the Basilicom, notifies them of the Seven Sages stirring up trouble outside of town. The CPUs act with haste to go deal with situation. They make their way outside of town and see some weak monsters and not any real threat. The party deals with this swiftly and all end up going to Planeptune's Basilicom after.

In Planeptune, Neptune and the others arrive and eat a meal prepared by Compa. They then head out to help with gathering information on the newly formed nation of Eden. However, while they're doing this, IF is kidnapped by Arfoire and they're forced to go save her.

When they arrive and find Arfoire and Pirachu with the captured IF, Pirachu convinces Arfoire to run while he buys her time. The CPUs are stricken with awe at Pirachu's display of friendship and have no intentions of actually fighting him until Plutia transforms which ultimately forces them to battle him as well.

After being defeated by the CPUs, Pirachu is taken back to the Planeptune Basilicom and is nursed back to health by Compa. The CPUs interrogate him on information about Yellow Heart which he is hesitant to give until Compa begs him to help them out. They then learn of how Yellow Heart gets her strength. Neptune and the others deduce that by destroying the machine that gives her the power boost Yellow Heart will be as strong as a normal CPU.

Neptune and friends head to Anonydeath's lab where the confront him head on. Despite his efforts to stall, the CPUs all transform and make quick work of him and destroy the machine after. Yellow Heart arrives on the scene, unaware that the source of her power is now gone, fights the CPUs to defend Anonydeath. Upon her defeat she reverts back to human form, revealing herself to have been Peashy all along but she doesn't remember any of them.

When Peashy shows signs of remembering Neptune and the others, Anonydeath tricks them into thinking the building will blow in one minute which forces them to run. They fail to realize they've been tricked until much later. Neptune, upset at the discovery of Yellow Heart being Peashy and her memories being altered, vows to get her back.

The Four Nations' Reprisal

Normal Route

The CPUs assemble Abnes, Copypaste, and Pirachu at the Planeptune Basilicom to learn the location of the Seven Sages' main base of operations. Vert states that the matter of restoring Peashy's memory lies with with Neptune and Plutia. Neptune says whatever happens, happens and Nepgear concludes she has no basis whatsoever. In the end they just decide to beat her up and hope she remembers that way.

When they head to Seven Sages' base and find Peashy, they try to make her remember using force but it doesn't workout. When she reverts to human form and begins to cry, Neptune and the others take her back to the Basilicom where she continues to throw tantrums for several days before calming down.

Afterwards, things returned to normal, but Peashy still didn't remember them. Instead of returning home like they were supposed to, Neptune and Nepgear refuse to leave the Ultradimension until they are able to restore Peashy's memory.

Good/True Route

The CPUs assemble Abnes, Copypaste, and Pirachu at the Planeptune Basilicom to learn the location of the Seven Sages' main base of operations. Neptune says she has top secret plan to help Peashy recover her memories and Compa and IF request to go rescue Peashy as well, promising they won't hold them back. Neptune and Plutia agree and with that settled they head out to save Peashy

As She arrives to the Seven Sages' base she encounters Mister Badd and his "daughters." After dealing with them and deciding to help him on his mission to restore the girls to their normal forms, they continue their search for Peashy.

When Neptune and the others find Peashy they try to remind her of her childhood at the Basilicom to help restore her memory, but it doesn't work. Neptune transforms into Purple Heart and says that they need to weaken her so that their plan to restore her memory will be more effective.

After defeating Yellow Heart, she reverts back to her human form. Neptune and Plutia also revert back and go through with what they planned. They initiate the five-item set plan that contains five key items from Peashy's time in the Basilicom. Their plan fully works when Neptune shows Peashy the picture she drew of everyone living in the Basilicom, fully jogging her memory. Cheerfully, Peashy headbutts Neptune and everyone welcomes her back.

The Disturbance Dies

Neptune's party returns to the Planeptune Basilicom with Peashy and Histoire welcomes her back. The group decides to take a break and relax, discussing what will happen next. With the Seven Sages gone and Eden no longer a threat due to Peashy being back with then, they no longer have anything of major importance to do. Neptune and the others decide to head out to do some work, inviting Peashy to come with them.

A Purple Heart clone arrives to the Planeptune Basilicom when everyone is there and begins to stir up trouble. They quickly defeat her and begin to ponder on where the clone came from. Neptune deduces that Rei Ryghts is possibly behind it, due to the one of her world possibly being the reason she was sent in to the Ultradimension in the first place. They decide to ask the former members of the Seven Sages for information regarding Rei.

They gather the former Seven Sages in the Lastation Basilicom and ask them if Rei has any powers that she would use for evil. Each of them respond negatively. However, Anonydeath contacts them and informs them that Neptune's gut feeling is actually accurate. He states that Rei is using him as CPU bait to lure them to her.

When they arrive to where Rei is, they save Anonydeath and also deal with clones of the other CPUs (excluding Plutia). When Neptune's party finally reaches Rei and are greeted by her psychotic rambling. They all transform, ready to deal with her only for Rei to transform as well and reveal her goddess form. When they defeat her she immediately reverts back to her human form and faints. They are surprised to see that she was able to transform just like them. The party decides to take her back with them for an interrogation.

To the Present!

When Rei awakens, Neptune and the other immediately ask her about her ability to transform. They learn that she is in fact a CPU, but from a very long time ago. As they are learning about Rei's past, Croire arrives and tells them that the other Rei is going to destroy the world, and takes her leave right as it starts.

The CPUs make haste in returning to their own nations to lead their people to safety. When they return to the Planeptune Basilicom, the Histoire in the Hyperdimension contacts them and tells Neptune and Nepgear to hurry home as the situation has gotten worse.

Good Route

When preparations are complete Histoire proceeds in opening the path, telling them to imagine releasing all the shares they have gathered so far. She is surprised to see that there are so many shares and says they will definitely succeed. When the path is opened, Neptune and Nepgear say their final farewells to the others. Just as they are about to leave, Plutia tackle-hugs Neptune which results in them both falling through the light and leaving Nepgear behind.

Once Neptune and Plutia arrive to the Hyperdimension, they are met with Uni, Rom, and Ram who are expecting to see Nepgear but end up heavily disappointed. Histoire arrives not too long after and explains the situation to them, saying that Planeptune has taken major damage and that the other CPUs have gone ahead to deal with the matter.

Upon arriving to the City Center, Neptune tells Plutia to transform and break the Candidates in so they won't freeze from shock during battle when they see Iris Heart. Plutia heeds Neptune's words and does just as suggested which leaves the candidates traumatized after.

Just as they make it to Rei, they see the Hyperdimension CPUs have been defeated by her. Neptune and the others are upset by this and transform ready to fight her despite Rei's overconfidence. With the candidates help, Neptune and Plutia defeat Rei. However, Rei gives her dark power over to Croire to take away. When Croire is asked by Neptune what she plans to do with that dark power, she states that she's going to another dimension where they don't exist, and then leaves.

This resolution leaves both Neptune and Plutia unsatisfied. A few years have passed in the Ultradimension and Nepgear is still stuck. She yells at Neptune and Plutia during a call between the two Histoire's trying to tell her that even though its been a few days for them in the Hyperdimension, it's been years for her. Neptune says that Nepgear's seems to really be suffering over there and asks Plutia if she wants to start working for real. Plutia answers by saying maybe after another nap, which makes Nepgear yell at them again to bring her home.

True Route

When preparations are complete Histoire proceeds in opening the path, telling them to imagine releasing all the shares they have gathered so far. She is surprised to see that there are so many shares and says they will definitely succeed. When the path is opened, everyone is shocked to see how huge it is. Hyper-Histoire concludes that with the path this size, everyone can travel to and from the dimensions as they please. They leave their nations in the care of the Compa, IF, and the Seven Sages while they go to the Hyperdimension to deal with Rei.

The party then heads through the path and ends up in the Hyperdimension. Neptune and the others head to the Planeptune Basilicom to receive a summary on current situation from Histoire. After learning what they needed to know, Neptune's party and the newly added candidates head to the City Center to fight Rei.

Neptune her party pass by the Hyperdimension Noire, Vert, and Blanc who are helping the Planeptune citizens escape while fighting off the clones so that Neptune's group can go ahead. As they face off against Rei, they find themselves tired out due to her strength. Suddenly the Rei from the Ultradimension arrives and tries to help but only ends up making things worse when Croire takes Ultra-Rei's power and gives it to Hyper-Rei.

The CPUs are forced to face Rei for a second time and after defeating her the dark power comes out. Due to the efforts of Iris Heart and Ultra-Rei splitting the power between them, they are able to finally stop Hyper-Rei, thus saving both worlds.

Three months pass and both worlds go back to being peaceful, however the pathway between the dimensions seems to be open forever. Neptune and Plutia visit each other frequently, and Plutia ends up inviting Neptune over to show her a surprise. Neptune, Plutia, Compa, and IF end up being trapped in the enormous amount dolls that Plutia had made of all her friends and Peashy and Nepgear show up in the middle of it. The story ends with Croire being captured by an unknown individual who sounds like a much younger Neptune.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation

The events in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 mirror Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory with the exception of meeting some of the DLC makers, prologue and extra chapter. In addition, due to fan backlash, she treats Nepgear much better. 


During the prologue, after Neptune is defeated in a game by the other goddesses teaming up on her, her game stops working. Nepgear has recently designed the Nepulus Grift and sends Neptune into the game. She finds sentient viruses destroying her game which enrages her due to the fact she saved up a unspecified long amount of time of her allowance to purchase the console and her game.

At the end of the dungeon she runs into the virus, takes down all of the virus' monsters, forcing the it to leave. However, her game is corrupt and no longer working. While upset at this, she is still cheerful that her data was saved.


Neptune and the candidates returns to play with Plutia and Peashy after a month has passed of not doing so. However, she finds the citizens of the Ultra Dimension are glued to their phone tapping away, spending large amounts of money and muttering weird things. To top it all off, all the stores are closed. Plutia and Peashy and explain that they are in a bit of a crisis and bring the guests to the Basilicom.

Apparently, a month ago, all gaming software broke and as a result mobile games unregulated by the goddesses and designed by a certain duo were able to rise. The problem, however lies in the fact the mobile games are won by money not player skill. If the situation continues, the Ultra Dimension goddesses will lose their shares.

Neptune thinks that the two events are connected, since the timing of the mobile games is too convenient when the software broke, and suggests to attack the developers. The Ultradimension goddesses agree with Neptune, but cannot attack them as they have no solid proof.

Bamo and Regu, the duo unregulated developers show up to declare war on the Goddesses. They wish to change Gamindustri in Sociomobilindustri. They also confirm that they were responsible for the stopping the games from working.

Neptune remembers Bamo as the virus that attacked her in the beginning of the game. Afterwards, the Goddesses decide to investigate more into the two and how they were able to enter games in general. During the investigation, Neptune, Rom and Ram find a man totally stuck and his phone and all attempts to talk with him failed, with man annoyed with the girls.

When the goddesses meet up, they discuss their findings of which Neptune spawns an idea, create better mobile games than Bamo and Regu. The idea works forcing Bamo and Regu to turn up their mind-control spell. This forces the Goddesses to track them down to the place where Tari once stood. Neptune tries to explain that making citizens into mindless micro-transaction zombies and ruling that kind of nation will make a boring world and that they should give up. The two refuse and send a horde of monsters before retreating into a game, which the Goddesses are able to follow thanks to the Nepulus Grift.

Blanc explains the duo developers were using an OOPart to control their citizens into wasting money on their games. Eventually they finally corner Bamo and Regu. The two use an OOPart to power up and fight the goddesses and lose. Afterwards, the goddesses are unsure of what to do with the two developers after they provide a honest backstory. Plutia comes up with the idea of exiling them to the southern areas, and Neptune is surprised to see Plutia come up with such an idea. With that, the crisis in the Ultradimension Gamindustri is settled.

Megadimension Neptunia VII

Zero Dimension Neptunia Z: Twilight of the Desperate CPU
Neptune is taking a nap at a Planeptune park. She has a strange dream then wakes up. As she is commenting on her dream she hears something like plastic hitting the concrete. She decides to check it out and finds a console with an orange swirly mark.

Since no one is around, she decides to take it to the Basilicom. Histoire scolds Neptune for not doing her work, reminding her that Gamindustri is in the CPU Shift period. There will be lots of rumors slandering the CPUs and citizens may place their faith elsewhere. All other CPUs have already prepared for this with the exception of Neptune herself.

Neptune ignores her warning, being more interested in the console, and she wants to play on it with her sister, Nepgear. Once the console is turned on, both Neptune and Nepgear are sucked into a portal.

Neptune and Nepgear wake up in an unfamiliar land, largely in ruins, with the skies and buildings cracked as if something damaged the space itself. Nepgear notes its similarity to Planeptune but Neptune assures her as CPU, there is no way the city could be Planeptune as she does not recognize the buildings.

They decide to explore the ruins to look for any form of life. They run into some monsters. They decide to use their HDD to make quick work of them only to find that they cannot use HDD. The girls have no connections to their shares.

Eventually they run into Uzume Tennouboshi, who assumes Neptune is a villain under her enemy. Neptune and Uzume clash a little until Nepgear stops the fight. Neptune decides to help Uzume, who is fighting a bunch of monsters to buy time for an evacuation.

Suddenly, her enemy, Dark Purple appears and starts destroying the land. Uzume intends to fight the giant and Neptune decides to support her despite the risk as her duty as a CPU. But first, Neptune convinces Uzume to rest and they the three return to Uzume's base. Neptune is excited to see such a cool base having the bare minimum to sustain Uzume's resistance against Dark Purple.

Uzume briefs the girls on the situation. There are no humans, so there are no shares. She is assisting monsters in surviving against Dark Purple and that is a losing battle. Uzume has a plan to defeat Dark Purple but it takes time to be fully prepared.

The three girls hold off a horde of monsters to assist Uzume and her partner with an evacuation. During which Uzume gives Neptune her nickname "Nepsy". Uzume also reveals that she can transform with the use of share crystals. With her transformation, and the Planeptune sister's help they are able to make a particularly strong monster flee.

Afterwards, Dark Purple launches a sneak attack on Neptune and Uzume. The girls are already tired from holding off the monster horde. Uzume decides to stand and fight against Dark Purple. Neptune, however has other plans and she gets her sister to drag Uzume out of the fight.

Afterwards the girls retreat to the base. Uzume learns that Neptune is also a CPU. Additionally Neptune explains to Uzume, she is from Planeptune which makes Uzume uneasy. Neptune also addresses Nepgear's worry about what the destroyed city is. However, Uzume does not know and she has no recollection of anything before the carnage of the Dark CPUs.

The girls think they are in another continient and Uzume wants to help the sisters home. Neptune worries about leaving Uzume alone to fight against Dark Purple. Nepgear solves this by asking Uzume to help them get home by destroying Dark Purple who may attack them on the way home. Uzume agrees. The girls then have a shower and rest for the night.

The next day, Neptune decides to assist Uzume with some patrolling. During which Uzume gets a distress call from her partner Umio. The girls rush to a nearby town and have trouble looking for him. During which Uzume's personality flips as she has a daydream about one of her monster friends coming in to lead them to Umio.

That events comes to fruition after the daydream shocking Neptune and Nepgear. A Baby Bug comes to lead the girls to Umio. Inside the town, Neptune notices how tasty looking the Baby Bug looks. She decides to call her "Fried Shrimp". Uzume joins in the teasing so Nepgear steps in and assures the two won't do that anymore. Eventually the girls run to a whole bunch of doggos and baby bugs.

They continue to point the way to Umio who lured the monsters away. They defeat the monsters harassing Umio and Neptune is surprised to find him a fish. Uzume however, finds him adorable. Umio thanks the girls for saving him, but the strong monster they fought the other day returns for a second fight. The girls finish it off and return to base with a share crystal that Umio found.

When they return to base, Nepgear cooks up a meal for the group. Umio also suggests that instead of a continent, the sisters are likely from another dimension. After the dinner, Uzume falls asleep, and Neptune asks about Uzume's shift in personality. Umio explains that her carefree daydream personality is her real personality. Her obsession with being cool must have been a result of her putting associating being cool with being reliable. After that the group goes to bed.

The next day Neptune wakes up to complain heavily about the lack of pudding. Eventually Neptune's complaints get Uzume thinking about trying to get some pudding as well. Neptune encourages her and Uzume slips back to her daydream personality and desire pudding. So the two decide to go look for some pudding ingredients.

They return with the ingredients despite the fact that groceries stores should be out of commission. Apprently monsters peddlers have started to set up shop. With the ingredients, Nepgear and Uzume prepare the pudding. Neptune and Umio decide to invite the monster allies over for some pudding. After their pudding snack, Umio explains the plan to create a barrier of share energy to stop the Dark CPU. To move on with the plan, they are going to another location where share crystals are present.

The location is a lot less bleak than the rest of the world. Umio explains that it is the result of the share crystal and that they should not remove too many crystals to keep the place nice. Umio suspects that the world is dying because Uzume has not been accepted as the CPU of the world yet, so she has to rely on share crystal instead of faith from the inhabitants. He dubs this dimension the Zero Dimension. Uzume says she would fight on regardless and Neptune breaks the severity of the "end-of-the-world" mood by suggesting that they can have a picnic here.

A group of Dogoo lead by a Dogoo named Goobs helps the group search for the share crystal. His group manage to find the crystal and reports to Uzume. Nepgear comments that it is nice that Uzume can use share crystals to transform. Uzume wonders if she can grind the share crystal into powder with pudding for the sisters to transform. She gets into her daydream personality, hoping that she can see Neptune and Nepgear transform with her. Umio favors the thought as well and the group heads out to find the crystal.

Eventually they find it and Arfoire unleashes Dark Purple at them. Uzume is confident in their chances and is about to use the crystal but Arfoire destroys it. Arfoire then introduces herself much to the annoyance of Neptune. Dark Purple unleashes a large volley of attacks. Uzume asks everyone to pull back but Neptune refuses as they are friends.

The Dogoos then give their faith to Neptune and Nepgear allowing the two to use HDD. Uzume encouraged by this also transforms and creates a sharing field to encapsulate Dark Purple. The CPUs defeat Dark Purple and force Arfoire to retreat. With that the group goes home.

Uzume goes away to take a shower and Umio explains that Uzume has the ability to turn her dreams to reality. Neptune catches that Umio was encouraging her in the thought of the girls transforming. Umio remarks that Neptune is sharp. Nevertheless, they are now able to get share energy from monsters and Dark Purple is defeated.

Privately, after the battle when the girls return to Uzume's base, Umio explains Uzume has the power to turn her daydreams into her reality. Due to Neptune's friendly attitude and encouragement, Uzume was able to believe she can get shares from monsters. The consequence of this is that Uzume can effectively defend her monsters and possibly restore the world.

Later Neptune asks Uzume's long term plans are and if she would like to return with Neptune to co-rule Planeptune with her. She refuses desiring to restore the Zero Dimension. She wants to create a nation that can rival Planeptune. Neptune understands and hopes that she can succeed.

A few days have passed with Neptune and Uzume feeling rather lazy. Umio said he wants Nepgear to follow him to some place he found. Since the two have nothing better to do, they also follow him. They find a room with a transporter. Unfortunately it is not capable of inter-dimensional travel. Regardless, Nepgear connects her N-Gear into a terminal.

The N-Gear rings and it is Histoire. She is glad to have been able to contact them and Neptune introduces her to Uzume and Umio. She thanks them for their assistance. Histoire then mentions the sisters can return with the use of the N-Gear, a transport terminal and a bunch of shares meaning Neptune has to work a lot when she returns. Neptune loses her motivation to return but Nepgear promises to assist her in regathering share so she can. However, it looks like Histoire cannot bring them back.

After a quick diagnosis, it looks like the terminal is busted. Nepgear decides to start fixing it and the group will recontact Histoire when everything is working again. After hours of attempting to fix it, she comes across two problems. They lack power and a major component is corroded. The group decides to tackle the corroded component part first and look around the city for a replacement.

They are not having much luck and Neptune sees her sister rather distressed. Neptune says she would be happy if they can find a world destroying robot for her to dissect. Since that is not feasible, Neptune, Uzume and Umio decide to take Nepgear into an arcade to relax. However the arcade in the city is busted. Fried Shrimp arrives to lead them to a better arcade.

When they arrive, the arcade is under attack by ferocious monsters. A Hell's Crest asks the girls for their assistance and in return they will let the girls play the best games. Once they clear the monsters, they get to play a few games. After the games Nepgear looks a lot happier so Neptune feels she did a good job.

A security robot then attacks them. The girls defeat it and Neptune gives Nepgear permission to dissect the robot. She finds the replacement they need and are one step closer to returning home.

Nepgear contacts Histoire as the terminal is repaired. Neptune expresses her desire to stay due to not wanting to have Histoire lecture her. Histoire suggests that Neptune can stay and Nepgear can go back home and take her place as CPU. Neptune apologizes. Uzume then offers a share crystal to act as a power supply for the terminal as thanks for everything.

Nepgear actually wants to stay to help Uzume and once everything is solved, Uzume can return with them. Uzume refuses and tries to explain her motives. However, Arfoire launches an attack at the facility.

Neptune expresses her annoyance at Arfoire then makes a joke at her expense. This enrages Arfoire and she orders her horde of monsters to attack. The girls are starting to get overwhelmed and retreat to the facility. Uzume decides to help the sisters return home and she promises to escape once that is done. However, Arfoire reaches the transport room and attacks Uzume. Nepgear leaves the terminal to help Uzume and Neptune is transferred back to the Hyper Dimension.

Once Neptune returns, she notices Histoire is unconscious and she makes a scene about it. Histoires states she has done a task well beyond her specifications. IF arrives and Neptune asks her for assistance. The two bring Histoire to a room to rest in. They contact Compa who says she probably cannot use her nursing skills to help someone like Histoire. She wonders if there is a manual of some sort to troubleshoot her. Neptune notes that there is.

The girls learn that Histoire has merely short circuited. If they can get Sanshiro's Soulful Patch, she will be fine. IF and Compa entrust Neptune with the task as they have to watch over the Basilicom and Histoire. Neptune is unsure with herself but Noire and Uni arrive to help her out. Neptune teases Noire as Noire chases her around. Noire bumps into a girl and Neptune scolds her for it. Noire apologizes and blames Neptune for the incident. Uni gets the two back on track and they plan to look for clues for 2 hours.

Neptune decides to contact Blanc for some help. She suggests looking up some books. Neptune thanks her for the tip and goes into a supermarket to look for some books. She notices a clerk and a robot in the book section. Neptune purchases some books and candy and leaves to read up on them. Neptune also meets up with a man who was losing faith in Neptune as a result of the rumors of the CPU Shift Period. Neptune manages to convince him otherwise.

She cannot find anything of value and leaves a book behind when Noire returns and regroup in a hotel. The CPUs have found nothing of value with the exception of Vert. According to her gaming buddy who is also a professor, there is a sanctuary for the first CPU. Perhaps, something can be found in there. The CPUs are unable to go with Neptune to the sacred site as they need to deal with the rumors and problems caused by the CPU Shift Period.

Neptune goes the sacred shrine, beats up a boss and finds a box containing the first CPU's favorite items. In it, is the cartidge, Sanshiro's Soulful Patch. She returns to the Basilicom and puts the cartidge's in Histoire's mouth who starts rebooting and repairing.

Neptune is contacted by Nepgear and Uzume. She updates her sister on Histoire and everything that has happened in the Hyper Dimension. Neptune promises her sister that she is working on a way to get her back. Nepgear then updates her on Arfoire's defeat and how there is another Neptune who helped them. Neptune congratulates her sister and wishes to meet her counterpart who unfortunately is on a walk. IF then calls her over so Neptune hangs up.

Neptune reappears in the climatic fight between her Uzume, her counterpart and her sister against an Arfoire fused with Dark Purple. She and Histoire lends Planeptune's shares to her sister. With all the share energy from all the monster allies of the Zero Dimension and Planeptune, Uzume is able to create a sharing field around Arfoire. Neptune then arrives from the sharing field ready for an all out final battle. The girls fight and defeat the fused Arfoire causing her Dark Purple body to collapse.

Next Neptune starts chatting up with her counterpart. She is glad that she gets more developed when she gets older. Her counterpart just loves how adorable her smaller self looks. Uzume is about to deactivate the sharing field but Neptune tells her to stop as they need the large amount of shares from the field to return home. With that Neptune urges Nepgear to hurry up home even if she wants to chat some more. Neptune does notice Croire in her weakened state. She wonders if Croire has learned her lesson about creating trouble.

Croire said she did nothing wrong. Neptune wonders if she should punish Croire. Croire refuses to be punished by her and flees into the portal created by the shares. The older Neptune runs off after her. Neptune and Nepgear then return home with the Zero Dimension saved.

Hyper Dimension Neptunia G: The Golden Leaders, Reconstructors of Gamindustri
A few days have passed since the adventures of the Zero Dimension. Neptune is struggling to deal with the CPU Shift Period and the Planeptune sisters want to thank everyone for their hard work, as well as Neptune has a plan on how to go through this period. The sisters invites the CPUs and their candidates over for a tea party. The CPUs and candidates show up mostly because the CPUs need to vent out their fustration over the CPU Shift Period. Neptune complains about how the rumors state that she pushes all her work to Nepgear and Histoire so that she can go out to play. The other CPUs wonder if she was joking considering that she actually does that.

Vert wonders if it is just the work of pranksters or the work of an organized group trying to bring ruin to Gamindustri. Regardless, the CPUs then remember that Neptune had a plan and gathered up for that reason. Neptune forgot about that purposes but does remember the plan. The plan is to host a multinational magnificent festival for everyone to have fun.

During the festival, the rumors stop affecting the nations as much and shares are recovered. In this festival is a battle tournament which Neptune and the other goddesses qualify for a battle royale. Before the group clash, they are stopped by a mysterious group. The goddesses are quickly defeated by them. Neptune notices her older self right before the rewrite in Gamindustri.


Neptune decides to check out the Golden Summits as they just recently appeared. As she is unable to open it, she scales the summit. IF is wandering by and Neptune falls down from the summit. Neptune warns IF and she evades Neptune much to her displeasure. Neptune is glad to see IF, and notes that it is like the first they met, her falling from the True Neptral Tower right beside her.

However, IF does not remember Neptune. Neptune wonders if she is mad at her but eventually discovers that IF has forgotten her. IF wonders if she saw an old lady but Neptune did not. IF worries about Neptune's injuries and brings her to Planeptune as she was planning to head to the Basilicom.

In Planeptune she discovers that she cannot contact the other CPUs and that Noire has been arrested. Neptune remarks, while Noire is self-important, a giant tsundere, not honest about Uni, faked her information to debut as a voice actress and overall group, a girl in cute clothes and pigtails can't be a criminal. She finds it weird that Uni is not caught as well. In Planeptune, she finds out everyone has forgotten her and follow Lady B-Sha. This hurts Neptune a lot.

She eventually makes her way into the Basilicom. The staff also do not remember and find her annoying. They try to kick her out but the noise Neptune makes attracts Histoire. She tells them to let her go. Histoire then explains the situation to Neptune.

Gamindustri's history has been rewritten. Gold Third rules and not the CPUs. Many factions are taking advantage of this to create more conflict. More monsters have shown up and current monster can sometimes be mutated to more violent monsters known as "delusionary" monsters. Worst of all, is an organization selling technology and business information and selling it. Neptune asks if it is AffimaX. Histoire confirms and asks how Neptune acquired the knowledge. Neptune explains she found it from N-Chan. Neptune also comments that with the state of the Gamindustri, it turns out people that said CPUs were useless were wrong as during their rule, none of these issues existed. Histoire agrees that the CPUs' reign were the most peaceful times in Gamindustri.

With all that occurring, Histoire orders her to fulfill her duties as CPUs and solve this crisis since B-Sha is not available. Neptune decides the best course of action is to follow IF and heads off. Neptune finds IF who refuses to let Neptune follow her. She does ask Neptune for her name, but Neptune was hoping IF would remember her nickname. Regardless Neptune tags along. IF eventually catches her and pushes her home. Neptune agrees but is still secretly tagging her.

Eventually Neptune hears trouble. Arfoire has returned and has defeated IF. She attempts to force IF to summit to her and IF stubbornly refuses as she made a promise to someone she can't remember to keep Planeptune safe and prosperous. Arfoire decides to kill her then, but Neptune arrives to stop her. For doing something so stupid, IF calls her by her nickname "Nep" and with that Neptune is motivated enough to transform. Neptune wants to avenge IF and capture Arfoire as she was certain Arfoire was destroyed in the Zero Dimension. IF joins along as she can't let Neptune do something so stupid.

The pair come out victorious. IF wants to beat out some answers regarding Arfoire's burglary. Neptune tells her to watch out and blocks a ninja's attacks. The ninja helps Arfoire get away with a smokescreen. Arfoire releases a monster and it attempts an attack at Neptune. IF takes the blow and kills the monster. She is horribly wounded and Neptune uses her phone to call Compa, who actually remembers Neptune almost immediately. Neptune asks Compa's assistance in helping IF. Neptune rushes IF to the hospital in Planeptune. IF makes a quick recovery

Neptune, IF and Compa are happy to be together since preparing for the preparing for the festival and dealing with the events afterwards. They see a retro game shop and that excites Neptune. The girls enter the shop. The shop owner, Chuko welcomes them but apologizes as the shop is closed today. Someone stole everything in her store. IF asks if she has reported to the police. Chuko has, and IF promises the Basilicom will do their own investigation.

Compa asks why anyone would steal retro games. Neptune tells her it is because prices may increase ten-fold. Chuko says rare retro games go for 100 times the original price. Neptune then tells having lots of those rare games would attract people to her store because they would think she has a good line-up. Chuko compliments how sharp Neptune is. Compa is also impressed with Neptune's knowledge.

The girls leave the store and IF remarks what chaotic world this is. The other day, Leanbox is dealing with an unknown force invading them. Because of that transportation has been cut between the cities. Neptune worries about Vert.

Nepgear then arrives in Planeptune and Neptune is glad to see her sister again. Nepgear then reports on the status of the world, namely that Leanbox is dealing with the resurrection of a demon lord. Neptune worries about Vert and wants to help her but has to deal with Planeptune. Neptune decides to send Nepgear who agrees to the task. Shortly after Nepgear leaves, IF teases Neptune about Vert trying to steal Nepgear. Neptune then runs off to try to bring Nepgear back and fails.

IF gets a call regarding a recently opened up shop that is selling retro games. The Basilicom failed to apprehend the suspicious shop owner but notes the suspect is a rat. Warechu then shows up and bumps into Compa. IF quickly arrests him as he is the likely suspect for stealing from Chuko. He manages to escape however. Neptune and the girls chase him and sees him hitting a boy.

A masked hero, Presto Mask shows up and knocks Warechu out. Neptune is super impressed with that hero. The hero asks Neptune if she was pursuing the rat. Neptune says she was. The hero decides to charge Neptune 1000 credits but Neptune has no money. Neptune is shocked by this. IF also reveals to Neptune that Presto Mask is B-Sha. Neptune is surprised as she thought Presto Mask was a cyborg hero. IF notes that everyone in Planeptune already knew about this.

Compa wants to heal Warechu and bring him to the Basilicom. Neptune agrees to this as Warechu is not a stranger and he has a big information network. In the Basilicom, Warechu tells them that he is part of AffimaX, and so is Arfoire. He has no idea where she came from and that they are after some console with a swirl mark. Neptune wonders if it is the console, she found right before the events of the Zero Dimension but it cannot be.

B-Sha then calls the girls down so they throw Warechu into a jail cell. Histoire asks Neptune, IF, Compa and B-Sha to go to Haneda City and defeat the "delusionary" monsters plaguing the city. B-Sha wants to stay and worries about Planeptune. Histoire assures her that Planeptune is made to deal with long absences from their leaders. If it wasn't Planeptune should have imploded under Neptune.

The girls head out and they see a monsters attacking an old man. B-Sha then flees. The three decide to attack the monsters regardless and Neptune promises to make up the lost strength from B-Sha fleeing. They defeat the monsters and the old man remarks that seeing Neptune is quite nostalgic. The girls figure out that as they help more citizens, their memory of Neptune will resurface. The girls make to a guard who say they have cornered the boss monster in the center of the city and would appreciate some assistance in finishing it off. The trio rush to the center. The guards are doing horrible against the boss monster. The last two guards refuse to give up and must defend the city since Neptune is gone.

Neptune shows up to save them. She transforms and ask IF and Compa for assistance. The three defeat the monster and Neptune wonders how the two guards remember her. The guards explain they love their CPU and even if the world flips inside out they will remember her. The guards always wanted to help her. However, they failed the Basilicom test but took up guard duty instead. They are happy because of it they can see Neptune. The guards ask for a handshake and Neptune gives it to them. They return to the Basilicom and wonder about B-Sha fleeing.

Neptune, IF and Compa report the good news about Haneda City to Histoire and the fact that some guards remember Neptune. Histoire did not that there were others that can remember Neptune. They also tell her of B-Sha's desertion. Histoire has no idea about this since she was so eager. Neptune decides to find B-Sha on her own since she feels B-Sha is incredibly guilty. She finds her but B-Sha is tight lipped on why she ran away. Neptune promises she is not mad at her for anything even taking her nation. Of course, she won't be mad at her as long as B-Sha tells her why she ran away. B-Sha, calls Neptune a meanie and explains to her that she is afraid of monsters.

Neptune is shocked by this and asks if this was the cause of some childhood trauma. B-Sha says that is true and she tried to get over by becoming a hero and joining Gold Third. B-Sha feels she is a failure. Neptune says that she is not as she makes kids happy and catches criminals. Neptune decides to share roles with her, B-Sha can take care of catching criminals and she will handle monsters. With that the two co-rule Planeptune and become good friends.

The two slack off by building models as Histoire tries to lecture the two of them. The two of them ignore her and promise to get to work after their model. They do not. Later, IF reports how the new arrangement is working out. It is working out well and everyone is starting to remember Neptune. However, there are rumors spreading on the internet. Since it occurred when Neptune and B-Sha went outside to play, Neptune decides to stay in and play on her Swirl Console.

Later, Haneda City is under attack again. Neptune IF and Compa head out to deal with it. They find Warechu who admits that he lured them away. Neptune tells IF, they need to finish this up quickly to protect her console. IF scolds Neptune for not telling her that she had the Swirl Console. Compa breaks Warechu's heart and the group quickly returns to find the console missing.

Neptune asks B-Sha but she does not know. Neptune asks Chuko and she says she spotted a ninja stealing it. Neptune tells IF, it must be the ninja, that helped Arfoire escape earlier. Chuko also takes the time to reward Neptune with a coupon to her store. Neptune promises to use it. The girls note that she should reward B-Sha as she caught Warechu. Chuko says that she will

The girls track him down in a dungeon. They discover that he is Steamax, a ninja shy with girls. Neptune notes out of all the male villains, he has a personality they have not dealt with yet.

The trio fight and defeat Steamax. Neptune is able to retrieve her console. However, Steamax uses his five-greed jutsu, which is essentially distracting people with pornos. Neptune tries to clear her mind of this but fails. However, she was able to tease Steamax with her body until he fainted. She retrieves her console but there is an explosion. Steamax wakes up and tells the girls that the explosion is coming from Planeptune. He urges the girls to follow help back to Planeptune and they do.

Neptune finds a giant Warechu fighting B-Sha. She tries to back up B-Sha to find out that she sees Neptune as a monster. Steamax tells her that both B-Sha and Warechu have something wrong with them. Chuko arrives to explain to the group that a girl came up to the three of them, tried to turn her into a monster but Warechu protected her and then gave B-Sha some "motivation" to fight the monster. Chuko then tells the girls to save the day so that the children can buy games at her store.

Neptune, IF and Compa fight B-Sha. Meanwhile, Steamax leads Warechu away. The fight ends in a tie and Warechu defeats Steamax. Warechu starts to rampage in the city so the citizens scream in terror. Hearing the screams of children, causes B-Sha to stop a little. Neptune tells her that it is okay to be afraid, one should have the courage to accept their fears. With that B-Sha returns to her senses and abandons Presto Mask as she no longer needs it.

The girls then stop Warechu and B-Sha collapses out of fatigue. Histoire checks up on the girls and takes Warechu in as a test subject on delusionary monster since he was turned into one. With that Planeptune is saved. The next few days, IF asks Neptune for her console which she lost probably with all the commotion to Steamax. She decides to worry about it as they can just stop AffimaX and retrieve the console later. Chuko comes over to visit Warechu and does a bad job at hiding her attraction towards the rat. Neptune and IF teases her.

Histoire has figured out from Warechu that AffimaX is on an aerial battleship. The time has come to confront them as they were responsible for the Order in Lastation, the Revolutionary Army in Lowee and some schemes in Leanbox. She tells Neptune, IF and Compa to get the CPUs and candidates together to defeat them. Meanwhile, they do that, she will get help from another dimension to track down the ship.

Neptune and Compa decide to bring some Planeptune Tower Cakes as souvenirs for the CPUs. Neptune, IF and Compa head over to Lastation. They find Noire waiting for them. Neptune wonders if Noire was drawn to her voice but she explains that a group with their description was headed to Lastation so she waited for them. Neptune then hugs Noire and says that she was lonely and misses her. She wonders if it was the same for Noire. Noire admits that she would be lying if Noire said that she did not miss Neptune. Neptune is glad to have Noire's tsundereness back and is happy to have her help the group defeat AffimaX. Noire gets mad that Neptune has played and Neptune runs. Noire and Uni have joined the group.

Next the girls head over to Lowee. Neptune finds it too cold and Lowee and hoped that the rewriting of Gamindustri would make it warmer. They get to the guild. A Guild Woman asks the girls if they are acquainted with Blanc. They are and she says they will be back soon. When Blanc returns Neptune hugs her saying she needs her "Blancium". Rom and Ram then hug Neptune saying they need their "Neptunium".

Blanc asks why they are here and IF explains the mission. C-Sha then shows up and says her goodbyes to Blanc. Blanc, Rom and Ram have joined the group.

The girls then head to the cost. With the boats still gone, Neptune transforms. She hopes that she can fly and not drop IF and Compa. They make it to Leanbox safe and sound. The girls run into Dogoo Man and Dogoo Lady who shock Neptune. Nepgear hears her sisters and the two are supposed to a sisterly reunion hug. Vert interrupts this. Vert and Nepgear have joined the group.

With that the girls return to Planeptune Basilicom. All the CPUs report their findings, the Order and Revolutionary Army along with S-Sha of the Gold Third were advised by AffimaX. Neptune is shocked to learn that the other Neptune is a member of the group. They can confirm that Warechu, Arfoire, the other Neptune, Steamax and a mysterious girl is part of AffimaX. Histoire has determined the location of the battleship and orders the girls to head out.

Neptune and the girls decide to relax in the hot springs for a little bit before leaving. They note that other than their shares, nothing got rearranged. Next they head off to the battleship. In it they find relatively little security except for the ninja, Steamax. The girls defeat him but he wishes to keep fighting and Noire wants him to stand down so they don't destroy him. Neptune wonders if Noire is sympathizing with him because he is a loner. Noire gets angry at Neptune and chases her around.

Eventually Uni shoots Steamax. Neptune thought it was a real shot and wonders if Uni was working for AffimaX the whole time. Uni explains that it was a tranquilizer since he was annoying. The girls scold Neptune for having such crazy ideas and they move on.

Neptune and the girls confront Affimojas and notes that he was more hyped for the battle than Steamax was. He says he wants money which is why he changed Gamindustri. The CPUs transform and the general says that the CPUs with little shares cannot hope to defeat him. The other CPUs respond with that they worked hard to regain their shares and any share lost will be made up with their feelings. Neptune says for the sake of Gamindustri, they will defeat him.

Neptune and the girls defeat him and Affimojas surrenders. Neptune demands the Swirl Console back while the CPUs demand the world be returned to normal. When the rest of the CPUs' guards are down, Affimojas strikes them with his sword. The CPUs lose their connection to their shares. Nepgear notices that they crystal attached to his sword is the same as the crystal that Arfoire used in the Zero Dimension to nullify shares. Neptune and the other CPUs are taken prisoners and ransomed for a gajillion credits. The CPUs lament this humiliation.

Affimojas then gloats. He brags about their weaknesses and how they were always profitable to begin with. He reveals himself as the admin of @GeneralSummarySite. Now the era of the CPUs is over and he can use the Gold Third to make money with rumors. However, even their time is fading with the destruction of their Gold Crystal.

The Gold Third then arrive with B-Sha happily able to pay the ransom. The debt she owes to Neptune is limitless. S-Sha gives them a Hyper Share Crystal. B-Sha says that is made from the shards of the Gold Crystal. C-Sha says she wanted to help out in the fight in their own way. K-Sha says it contains the world's faith. S-Sha says that if one converts shares into strength, one should be able to create a miracle. With that Neptune and the rest of the CPUs transform to their Next Form. They can feel the faith from all the world that wants a return to the CPU's rule.

The CPUs make short work of Affimojas. He refuses to give up even when Uni offers it for Steamax's sake. Noire and Blanc note that he is being consumed by the Negative Energy. S-Sha says that the only way to save him is to release his soul. Steamax decides to do this as a friend and will not let him go to the afterlife alone. Neptune interrupts this saying she wants a happy ending.

She slices Affimojas' negative energy freeing him from its corruption. The group then returns home. It seems that the citizens have fully remembered Neptune. Neptune says that this was easy and reports this to Histoire and is super proud of her accomplishment. B-Sha decides to charge her for saying that so Neptune apologizes saying that Gold Third helped out a lot. Histoire then notes that everyone remembers the CPUs as the rewrite of Gamindustri has literally been slashed.

Neptune is super impressed about this and can't wait to spread the news to become super famous and gain a bunch of shares and pudding. The people decide to not let this spread to prevent her from expressing the problems of fame. This bursts Neptune's bubble.

In the epilogue, Neptune tricks Uni and Nepgear into reading lines that make them out of character. Histoire and Noire then stop Neptune from continuing her prank. Neptune then asks Histoire how the creation of the Hyper Share Crystal came to be.

The Gold Third decided to donate their shards remaining of their crystal, while B-Sha donates her pristine crystal to create the Hyper Share Crystal. It has the risk of losing their Gold Form. Neptune is thankful for the risk they took. Everything seems ok until alarms blare and a hole in Gamindustri opens up.

Heart Dimension Neptunia H: Trilogy Finale: Into Legend
Histoire orders the CPUs to investigate this hole before to ease the potential fear the citizens may feel. Neptune and the CPUs take up the task but Nepgear and Uni want to tag along. Neptune tells her sister to stay back to protect Planeptune and Noire does the same.

The CPUs enter the hole and Neptune notes that it is like the final dungeon in an old RPG. As a result, Neptune suggests the CPUs should choose their class. Neptune wants to be a warrior. Blanc and Vert play along but Noire keeps the girls on track much to Neptune's displeasure.

As they venture further into the dungeon, Neptune complains as she is tired. Noire berates Neptune for acting like this even if she is a CPU. Neptune says it should be fine as no one else is here except for the CPUs and that she knows Noire's secret as well.

When Noire gets in the shower, she lets out a grumbling sigh like an old man. Noire freaks out and wonder how she knew. Neptune says she traded Uni a copy of Noire's secret cosplay magazine for it. Noire wonders how she got a copy of a magazine of which only a 100 copies were made. Neptune tells her the world is surprisingly small. Noire then asks how many copies does she have. Neptune tells her she has one for herself, one for back up and three more for distribution.

A monster horde then arrives. The other CPUs transform to fight it. Neptune tells them that the monsters are from the Zero Dimension meaning the hole connects Hyper Dimension to the Zero Dimension then transforms to fight them. After defeating a large portion of it, the CPUs transform back. The girls wonder how they can return to the Hyper Dimension without the horde. Neptune decides to use some explosives, she got from Nepgear.

Neptune sets of the explosives blocking the horde and the Zero Dimension. The other CPUs complain about Neptune's lack of a warning. Uzume then arrives to also complain. Neptune is glad to meet her old friend and wonders if she was investigating the hole as well. Uzume says she is not as she is the commander of the monsters but is glad to see the other CPUs.

Uzume summons up Dark Purple. Neptune wonders why she can summon up the monster. Uzume says it does not matter as soon the CPUs and everything else will be drowning in an endless whirlpool of delusion. Dark Purple captures the CPUs and takes them to the center of the Heart Dimension.

In Neptune's dream, a grandma and youth from Planeptune gives Neptune croquette and pudding respectively and Neptune thanks them. A young girl tells Neptune she got 100 in her tastes so Neptune praises her. A boy tells Neptune his achievement of becoming a regular on his baseball team and asks Neptune to watch his tournament. Neptune says she has been watching the boy practice by the riverside until night and promises to attend his tournaments.

Neptune is happy to be free from the Dark CPU along with the other CPUs. Nepgear is happy to see her sister and gets close to her. Neptune notices Nepgear and says that she has to kill her. Noire scolds her saying that she is too direct and Neptune should not shock her sister like this. Neptune apologizes and says it would be a shame as she needs to torture Nepgear first. Neptune gets next to her sister playfully singing her name then transforms to start strangling her.

Nepgear asks why to which Neptune replies she hates her and how she can order Neptune around all the time. Neptune tightens her grip as Nepgear struggles but hesistates as Nepgear makes sounds of agony. Older Neptune intercepts forcing Neptune to let go.

Neptune is unhappy remarking that it was just getting to the good part. Nepgear notices her sister's hesistation and convinces the mission to fight to return Neptune and the CPUs to their senses.

After the battle, Uzume wonders why the CPUs aren't back yet. They should not be wanting to hurt their sisters or anything else they love. Neptune regains her senses and apologizes to her sister for all the horrible things she has done and says she was not herself. Nepgear forgives and Kurome is in shock that they were able to drag the CPUs out of the whirlpool of delusion. She forces more Negative Energy to the CPUs.

The CPUs try their best to resist but are in pain. Kurome tells Uzume that she cannot win. Neptune pleads for Uzume's help. Uzume tells the CPUs they must be able to save themselves or else they can't be CPUs. Nevertheless, she admits they are a hassle and if they need help, she asks everyone to pray that to her that the CPUs can return to their senses. Kurome asks her if she is trying to create a Share Crystal and Uzume says that she is. Kurome says it is impossible but Uzume tells her not underestimate her illusion power.

Uzume with the faith of the everyone creates the crystal and transforms the CPUs to their Next Form. Kurome wonders what are those forms? Croire can't believe that they can neutralize all the Negative Energy. Uzume tells her they did not neutralize it but got rid of all of it.

Neptune thanks her but Kurome unleashes Dark Green at the party. Uzume activates her Sharing Field with the Share Crystal. The party destroy Dark Green but find Kurome smiling. Kurome says that she will win and asks them to check the dimensional co-ordinates. Nepgear checks and notices the dimension much closer to the Hyper Dimension but she says it has only been a short time.

Kurome explains it is because they are in the Heart Dimension, she can bring the Heart Dimension closer to the Hyper Dimension with no resistance. She notes that the dimension are close enough for her to materialize, at least for a short time. Croire creates a portal as the two begin to leave to the Hyper Dimension. Blanc asks her if she is running to which Kurome apologizes and leaves a bunch of fake clones of the CPUs for them to fight. She says she created them to influence their dreams but does not need them anymore. The party can dispose of them in however they wish. The two leaves.

Older Neptune is angry that Croire would leave her. Neptune tells Nepgear, the candidates and Gold Third to follow Kurome as the CPUs will deal with the fakes. They assure her that their real sisters can beat any mumber of fake. The candidates and Gold Third take their leave after Uzume hands them a Share Crystal in case Kurome has anymore Dark CPUs. IF and Compa stay behind to help the CPUs. They state that the CPUs need help since they got captured so easily. Neptune then thank Uzume once again and the two begin to catch up. Older Neptune interupts the two and says they must deal with the fakes.

Heart Dimension route

The fakes have a parody of the CPU's personality, which causes the CPUs to transform back. Neptune is upset that the moment was ruined. The two Neptunes wonder if it is some debuff cause by their weird dialogue and movement. Compa asks if IF is going to scold Neptune but IF says that scolding two Neptunes is a waste of calories. Compa wonders if she can make a diet drink out of that. Umio says diets are important but are they ready to fight the fakes. Neptune says she is ready to Umiotaro. They prepare for battle but Umio interupts her to remind her that his name is Umio. Neptune says oh.

The girls manage to defeat the fakes and Neptune notes that fakes are never a match for the real thing. Uzume feels sad hearing that and Noire nudges Neptune. Neptune quickly apologizes to Uzume and Uzume forgives her and understands. Croire returns to congratulate the CPUs and group for defeating some many fakes. Older Neptune is surprised to see Croire again. IF asks her what is Croire planning. Croire responds with a question and asks them what are they planning to do after knowing everything.

Noire says they plan to defeat Kurome. Croire reminds them that if they do then the Heart Dimension and Zero Dimension disappear getting rid of Uzume, Umio and all of Zero Dimension's inhabitants. Older Neptune is not happy with the two choices and Croire asks her if she was paying attention. Their choices boil down to letting Kurome do as she pleases which will screw over the Hyper Dimension or stopping her with the consequences that Croire previous talked about.

Older Neptune says Croire is cruel and they cannot choose. Neptune remarks that this must be the part where a third option shows up in a few seconds. Older Neptune agrees and says that the option will likely lead to their happy ending. Croire wonders if the two Neptunes only have games in their head. Well she says they better choose soon as the dimensions are getting closer together.

Umio wonders why must the world being so cruel to Uzume. Croire says it is just Uzume's punishment as she nearly destroyed the Hyper Dimension.

Uzume runs away after hearing this. Croire says that Uzume just ran away. IF asks Neptune what they are going to do. Neptune says they must pursue her as someone needs to help her cope with her new memories and leaves.

Neptune and the others follow Uzume's trail to Tangram Road. Neptune wonders if this is the right place. Umio assures of this as his dorsal fin is picking up Uzume.

Deeper within the dungeon, Older Neptune found Uzume. Neptune congratulates her and praises her eyes. Older Neptune is flattered but says Neptune is better being a CPU. Neptune says she is too humble and she should say "Cause I'm the protagonist! Eat that". Older Neptune thinks that is fun. Neptune says they should say together which they do.

Umio then volunteers to talk to her as he has known her for a long time and is not a CPU so it may be easier for her to be honest. Neptune and the others stay hidden from Uzume's sight but watch Umio. A flashback of the past appears behind her.

Histoire announces that she will be working with a grassroots youth in a publicity campaign. The youth is eager and happy to work with Uzume. The youth asks a few kids ahead to address Uzume politely if she passes by with a cart. The kids do so. A middle aged man wants to live in Planeptune but the youth cannot grant his wish. Another man says that is just how it works. The youth tells Uzume that they should work together to build a wonderful nation.

Another man comments on the recent events of Uzume losing control of her illusion power. The grassroots youth wonders if there is anything they can do to help Uzume. Some youths comment on the failed assassination attempts. They think the nation will collapse if Uzume keeps ruling. The youth expresses his relief that Uzume is still alive. An old woman wonders why the world is so cruel to Uzume as she earnestly tried her best. A young sobbingly asks her grandmother if there is anything to save Uzume.

An assassin finds Uzume and makes his attempt. The youth gets in the way and gets fatally wounded. He tells Uzume that he is glad she is okay that she should not cry. The youth says his wish is to see that Uzume's dreams come true and be there with her when it happens. Afterwards Histoire accepts Uzume's request to be sealed. She promises that she will find a way to seal her illusion power so she can comeback and that they will only part for a short time.

Uzume is glad to have remembered all her memories. Neptune interrupts this moment. IF says that the youth protected Uzume and lost his life but the emotions and regrets of the two allowed him to reincarnate as Umio. Neptune admits that her series is prolific but for actual romance plot to occur is something she was supposed to avoid.Neptune says he cannot allow the series to have a game where Umio has a harem to occur. Uzume asks them how they were able to see her flashback.

Older Neptune says the flashback was projected right behind her. Neptune admits that the Heart Dimension plot point was confusing but it can be entertaining sometimes. Uzume asks them to kill her over the embarrassment.

Umio asks Uzume if she is calm. Uzume assures him that she is but not she cannot choose between the Hyper Dimension or the Heart Dimension as she grew to like both of them. Neptune says she has discovered the third option. Older Neptune is amazed and asks her what idea is. Neptune says if Negative Energy made the other Uzume evil, who she decides to call Kurome Ankokuboshi to avoid confusion. IF remarks that it is expected that the same person would have the same naming scheme. Neptune finishes by saying they could purify her with Share Energy like what they did with Affimojas.

While the plan makes senses, the CPUs are unsure that they have enough Share Energy due to amount of Negative Energy Kurome has absorbed over the decades. Neptune says it is the only way to save both dimensions. Umio asks Uzume for her opinion. She wants to try the plan and will back away from a tough gamble.

They decide to purify the Heart Dimension as it is literally Uzume's heart. The party sets off. Neptune and the party enters DreamPass Area in order to purify the Heart Dimension. In the depths of this dungeon, they find a giant shattered Share Crystal floating in the distance. Older Neptune explains that it is the crystallization of the Share Energy sealed with Uzume's body when she was sealed. Croire arrives to add that it is the reason that there are share crystals in the Zero Dimension. Older Neptune is surprised to see her old friend. Croire greets older Neptune.

Older Neptune asks Croire not to help Kurome anymore as both dimensions will be destroyed. Croire tells her that she has recorded many beginnings and ends of many worlds. Older Neptune says that recording is fine but she is participating in it. She cannot allow Croire to be free anymore. Croire says that older Neptune is more interested in her dimension hopping abilities. Older Neptune tries to feign ignorance of that fact but fails. Croire then realizes that older Neptune had been playing the role of the clown the whole time, sabotoging AffimaX and so on.

Noire tells Croire, she took long enough to figure it out. Neptune may be happy go lucky and spouts nonsensical meta-jokes but she has always been. Neptune cuts her off with a scream. Noire and Croire are shocked. Croire tells her to stop yelling as she was not talking to her. Neptune complains that she is the protagonist of the series but older Neptune has been a lot more relevant than she has. Her narrative has been weak in Heart Dimension as she was captured despite having her Next Form. She has had very little screen time. Neptune says she will sue for protagonist fraud and she will win. The plot should have been about her once the party split but it focused on older Neptune and Uzume.

IF asks her to calm down and reminds her that she has been the protagonist in the Hyper Dimension part of the game. Compa agrees and says as a protagonist she should be tolerant of this change as a goddess or at least of a mother. Neptune continues her whining about her lack of screen time and ability which is unfair for someone who is the protagonist. Umio says Neptune might be falling into a delusion. Uzume says she is not confident in her ability to free Neptune if she falls this time.

Croire wonders what is wrong with the party but she says they will not get in her way in recording history. Croire summons Dark White. Uzume says Dark White is no match for them due to her Sharing Field. Vert agrees but notices that Dark White has a smaller chest than Dark Green. Blanc is in shock. Vert says she understands that the Dark CPUs have copied their power but she did not think they would copy their figure as well.

Older Neptune says that Dark White does have some bust and volume. Neptune says that if Dark White fully copied Blanc's figure then Dark White would be too stick-like. Neptune also purposes that perhaps Kurome felt sorry for Dark White and decides to give her something. Blanc snaps and says she will not be made a fool of by anyone even Kurome. She says she is just angered by the sight of Dark White and demands Uzume to activate Sharing Field.

Uzume transforms and activates her shaving field. The party makes short work of Dark White. Croire can't believe the Dark CPUs were so easily beaten. Older Neptune sneaks up to Croire and captures her in her Nep-Note then announces Croire's defeat.

With no obstacles in the way, Neptune thinks it is time to attempt to purify the world. Neptune asks the CPUs for all their shares and everyone to pray. Neptune attempts the purification. Compa notices nothing has happened. Neptune says that there was a reaction but the Share Energy was all neutralized. Neptune thinks they should meet up with Nepgear and revise their plan.

Joining Up
Nepgear calls out to Neptune. Neptune recognizes her sister's voice and says that must mean things went well with them. The Gold Third and CPU Candidates rejoin the party. Nepgear explains that they first lost the console but thanks to everyone's help they got it back. In addition, they were concerned with the Dark CPU but the Share Crystal sorted that out for them. then. Nepgear wonders how were things with them as they came here because they followed Kurome but she escaped.

Neptune's group wants to know more about how they can follow Kurome. Uni explains that Kurome broke the rubble that Neptune create and ran here. Older Neptune says it must have been because they captured Croire. Neptune wants to see that herself.

K-Sha wonders what the CPUs were up to while they were all away. Noire explains that to her with Uzume and Umio giving Nepgear their thanks for the reports she collected.

An earthquake occurs and Neptune wonders what is happening. Croire says Kurome has finally done it. She has taken in the power of the CPU from another dimension. A fraction of this power can move dimensions with ease but it will likely consume Kurome as Croire told her she should only use after she has revived. Umio thinks she is trying to speed up the fusion of dimensions. Croire remarks as they are all here, she can finally record some interesting history.

Neptune wants to find Kurome immediately. Noire wonders what they can do if they find her as they cannot just defeat her. Blanc says persuasion is not an option as she is the embodiment of hate. Uzume says she has a plan and they must find her. The party searches for Kurome.

The party manages to find Kurome Ankokuboshi in a dungeon. Kurome asks what they plan to do, they kill her, both of them and this world disappears. If they let her go, the dimensions will fuse and she will become the Hyper Dimension. Uzume asks her if she has taken in the power of the CPU from another dimension and if the power amazing.

Kurome confirms that it is awesome and the fusion has sped up. It will only be a little longer and the party is stuck. Uzume reveals her plan which is to beat Kurome up and take the power of the CPU from another dimension. S-Sha assumes that if they have the power, they can stop the dimensions from fusing. Neptune is ready for what they have to do.

Uzume declares that today is the day she defeats herself that is drowning in hatred. Kurome declares that she will defeat herself and all the others in the way. Kurome wanted to have them all alive to experience the eternal hell she was going put Gamindustri through but they are becoming a major interference in her plans. Kurome summons all the Dark CPUs.

Neptune says they have the Sharing Field so the Dark CPUs are nothing. Kurome counters with asking the Dark CPUs to fuse. Neptune is surprised by the giant monstrosity. Kurome explains that the new Dark CPUs now has all the powers of the CPUs and she decides to fuse with it to become Dark Orange. Dark Orange says that the form is perfect for taking revenge on Gamindustri. The CPUs are in awe of the power Dark Orange possesses. Uzume asks the CPUs why they are getting nervous as this should be expected.

Dark Orange calls the party useless as they are unable to fight with Sharing Field. No Sharing Field can contain her. Uzume says she has an ace card. Dark Orange says even if she had an ace card, it would not be enough. Uzume points the giant Share Crystal in the Heart Dimension. Dark Orange warns her that using the crystal is like using their "lifeline". They will both die. Neptune agrees with Dark Orange and tells her she can't die now. Uzume says she is not suicidal and will use the crystal until there is a little bit of shares left then turn it off. That way, Dark Orange will weaken too.

Dark Orange is angry but calls it useless. Uzume calls this her last HDD and transforms to Orange Heart to activate the Sharing Field. The party manages to defeat Dark Orange.

Dark Orange says that she cannot die yet until her revenge on Gamindustri is complete. Uzume tells Dark Orange that she will never get her revenge. Neptune is happy that both worlds are saved. Kurome performs one last act of vengeance and takes the power of the CPU from another dimension down with her. Neptune asks her older self if they can use Croire as some way to stop the dimensions from fusing. Older Neptune says Croire can only move people between dimensions.

A monster horde is heard. It is a massive one coming from the land, sea and air and heading to the Hyper Dimension. Older Neptune wonders why as they beat Kurome. Croire explains that she must have given the order to the monsters to destroy the Hyper Dimension just as she died and remarks that she truly went down gun blazin'.

Vert is amazed that she hated Gamindustri that much. Neptune says that it was just a bunch of misunderstandings and assumptions. There never actually any hate. Noire wishes she can be that easily convinced. There is no way for the party to intercept the horde or return to the Hyper Dimension to mount a proper defense against the horde. S-Sha admits Kurome did manage to win.

Uzume has one final plan and asks Nepgear to destroy the giant Share Crystal then the party must head back to the Hyper Dimension. Nepgear is shocked to hear this. Neptune asks her what is she saying. Older Neptune says Uzume will die. Uzume says this is the only way and only Nepgear can do it. Nepgear wonders why must it be her. Uzume explains that her weapon has the range and she was the one that saw Uzume's adventures from the beginning to end. Nepgear can't and breaks down crying.

Neptune says it is too much for her sister and transforms. Neptune offers to help her shoot and they will carry Uzume's dreams and life. The sisters shoot and destroy the crystal. Nepgear apologizes and Neptune is glad to have met Uzume even if there was not much time. The party flees to the Hyper Dimension.

Ascension Ending
The party heads back to the Hyper Dimension through the portal Histoire created. Neptune asks Histoire what is the current status of the monster horde. Histoire reports that the monster horde is heading south and growing. It is only a matter of time until they reach the Hyper Dimension. Nepgear notices the Swirl Console breaking. Neptune tells Uzume not to break and that she will save her. She asks that Uzume does not break but the console breaks disappearing in a beautiful light. Neptune cries.

A few days have passed and in the Planeptune observatory, Neptune asks her sister what she is doing. Nepgear says she is enjoying the view of the city that they were able to protect. Nepgear thinks Uzume probably looked out at the city like this before too. Neptune is sure of that as this is the best spot to see the city. Neptune then screams out. Nepgear wonders what is wrong. Neptune says it is nothing and she just wanted yell like Uzume. Nepgear says she has yell from her stomach more. Uzume's voice appears telling Neptune to yell from her stomach to make it cool. The sisters are surprised and ask each other if they heard that. Neptune comes to the conclusion that Uzume is watching them. Nepgear asks her to keep watching as they build a wonderful nation that will honor her memory. Neptune adds that even if the world forgets about her, they will not forget the CPU that sacrificed herself twice for the world. Uzume will always one of them, a CPU of Planeptune.

Revival Ending
Neptune asks the party if it is okay to leave like this. Older Neptune sympathizes with Neptune but urges her to go. Noire adds that they need to respect Uzume's final wishes. Neptune does not care as she is unhappy. Noire tells her to hurry back before the dimension collapses. Neptune tells the party she needs everyone for a happy ending and runs off for Uzume.

Neptune finds Uzume saying that she will fight until all her bone and flesh are torn. Neptune arrives to remind her not to activate her death flags. Neptune tells her older self to take care of Uzume and asks her sisters to help her out in holding off the horde.

Older Neptune agrees and tells Uzume that she will be fine. She should lean on her. Uzume asks Neptune why to which Neptune answers that she wants a happy ending and she will trip all the flags to do it. Older Neptune tries to warp them all back but Croire is out of energy. Affimojas then arrives with his ship to help the girls out.

Nepgear wonders why Affimojas and Steamax are here. Affimojas explains that he had a bad feeling and decided to test drive his second battleship here. Nepgear wonders how they got a second battleship. Steamax explains that they got the battleship in a promotion. When you buy one battleship, the second is half price. Neptune wonders how Steamax can even talk to them considering Steamax is weak to talking to girls. Affimojas tells them to hurry as their main ship is in the Zero Dimension.

Neptune, Nepgear, Uzume older Neptune, Steamax and Affimojas have made it to Affimojas' main ship stationed in the Zero Dimension. Neptune happily declares that one of Uzume's death flags have been broken. Umio is glad to see Uzume. Umio reports that he has gathered all of Zero Dimension's monsters. Uzume asks where are they now? Umio said he did try to get through the gate to the Hyper Dimension but that took too long so he put them in this ship instead. Uzume is happy to hear that and collapses. Umio is concerned that she just collapsed but Steamax assures him that she is fine and only exhausted. The horde is approaching. Affimojas orders Steamax to take helm and get to the dimensional hole. Steamax agrees.

Older Neptune comments that they have 2 problems left to deal with. There is the monster horde and dimensional fusion. Neptune notes that Kurome is gone neither dimensional fusion or Dark CPUs can be an issue. This leaves the monster horde. Histoire calls in to tell them that counter measures have already been put in place. Histoire reports that all of the military of each nation and volunteers are currently fighting a massive defensive battle.

Noire tells the girls to show her some respect. She never thought that she ever had to amass and deploy all of Lastation's soldiers. K-Sha adds that the Order's retirees were also asked to help and they were eager to oblige. Neptune is surprised that the Order had retirees. IF tells Neptune to be thankful. All of Gamindustri is mobilized just for her desire to save Uzume. Compa ends it off with the fact that she, Warechu and Chuko will do their best. That means Neptune and Uzume better do their best.

Neptune is moved by their efforts. IF tells her to save Uzume. Neptune agrees and the ship starts shaking. Neptune wonders what is going on as the scene was perfect for helping the player connect with the game's story. Steamax reports that the rear shield is down and monsters are boarding. Affimojas is upset with the fact that a ship that he has not paid off the loan for is damaged. Neptune volunteers to clear the monsters as she will not be a bum and earn her stay. Affimojas praises her spirits and leaves it to her.

Deeper in the ship, Neptune runs into Uzume. She asks what is going on with the noise. She wonders if she could help. Neptune tells her that she almost died and that they will handle the rest. Uzume responds that the injuries are nothing and that she can spit on it to heal it. Besides all the Zero Dimension's monsters are on the ship. She needs to help out. Uzume joins the party.

At the end of the ship, the party finds a particularly strong monster. The party defeats the monster. While the party is pleased and the only thing left is to take Uzume to the Hyper Dimension. Uzume notices Kurome Ankokuboshi in the distance. Uzume tells them the bad news.

Both Neptunes do not believe as they saw her disappear earlier. Uzume assures them that she saw her and runs off. Neptune tells her to wait. The three girls report to Affimojas and Steamax and ask for permission to leave. Affimojas understands and asks them to be careful.

The four girls eventually run into the rest of their party that returned to the Hyper Dimension. They want to assist the 4 in defeating Kurome since it was so troublesome previously to deal with her.

Neptune is happy at the gesture but worries about the Hyper Dimension. IF assures her that the Hyper Dimension is not okay which is why they are here. Compa tells them if the four of them lose to Kurome then everyone's efforts will be in vain. Uni concludes that this is why they skipped out on fighting the horde to come here. Uzume had better be thankful for this.

The party has made it to the general location of Kurome Ankokuboshi who is just up ahead. Uzume encourages the party to get going. Neptune asks Uzume to wait and do her special thing for good luck. Uzume wonders what she is talking about. Neptune is talking about her daydream scenes. Uzume does want to because they are embarrassing. In addition, it is not like she can consciously activate her daydream powers and Neptune should know that. The candidates, Umio and E-Sha encourages Uzume.

Uzume daydreams that they will beat the other Uzume and get their happy ending. Both Dimensions will be saved as Neptune wanted. Uzume will be saved as well. Uzume can no longer keep up her daydream persona as it is embarrassing. Nepgear disagrees as she thinks it is cool. Neptune is ready to go as they have the prayer to beat Kurome.

Up ahead, they find Kurome. Kurome admits she was beaten and did disappear but negative emotions revived her. Kurome calls them all idiots as they could have killed Uzume or destroyed the main seal. The sealed body of Uzume is unique as it constantly gathers negative emotions from the world. No matter how many times her soul is purified or that Kurome is killed, Uzume will be stained in darkness and Kurome can revive. Kurome thinks being prone to assumptions and daydreams backfired for the party.

Uzume tells Kurome that she is the one with assumptions. The giant Share Crystal is destroyed so the sealed away Uzume is dead. Uzume concludes that the two of them are ghosts. Neptune thinks Uzume is lying as she still has share crystals and that must keep her alive. Uzume explains that all the share crystals in her possession were used to defeat Dark Orange earlier. She is here is because she is separate from her real self and therefore she won't die the same time her sealed self dies. Even if they give Uzume Share Energy, her real body will never revive. Uzume apologizes for keeping this from Neptune and the others.

Kurome cannot accept that and transforms into Dark Orange. Uzume had planned to go alone into the grave but that plan is all in shambles. She says it is time for her final HDD and Sharing Field and is planning to use her life to power the Sharing Field. Neptune can't accept this as she came back for to experience the happy ending together with Uzume.

Uzume cheers Neptune up by telling her she is getting the happy ending. Uzume tells Neptune that Neptune is a CPU of Planeptune and she must protect Gamindustri like a CPU of this current generation should. When Neptune and the others came in to save her, she said they were all idiots. However, she actually felt really happy. That being said, Uzume admits that she is a CPU of the past and should not get in the way of the present and future. Even in her current state, with her regained memories she is still a CPU. Uzume wants to have the chance to protect Gamindustri.

Nepgear and Neptune accept that and transform. Uzume wants the image they are about to see be seared into their hearts. Uzume declares this is the absolute existence of the CPU of Planeptune, the one who holds the name, Uzume Tennouboshi. Uzume transforms into Orange Heart. Orange Heart asks that all eyes be on her as this is her last time she activates the Sharing Field. Purple Heart says she will let the image of Uzume's existence burn into her spirit. Orange Heart tells Kurome that even if she is just remains and she is evil, she should not worry as Uzume will accompany her to the grave.

Dark Orange does not accept that and still clings to her desire for revenge on Gamindustri. The party fights Dark Orange and kills her. Uzume declares that with this she has disappeared and shortly following is the Zero Dimension and Heart Dimension. Neptune says that her predecessor's existence has been seared into her eyes. Uzume asks older Neptune to warp everyone to safety. Older Neptune agrees and accepts that this time will be the last time they say good bye.

Before they leave, Uzume wants Nepgear to take her Visual Radio. Nepgear takes it and promises to remember her as well keep the radio safe.

Neptune announces to Histoire that they are back and everything has been settled. Histoire thanks them for all their hard work and reports that she has observed the disappearance of both the Zero Dimension and Heart Dimension. Umio and Neptune accept the fact that Uzume is gone. Histoire thinks it is too early to give up and decides to release Uzume's seal. Neptune protests as Uzume is already dead.

Histoire thinks it is not like Neptune to give up so easily. She asks her if she is against the unsealing if there is a chance it will save Uzume. Neptune is shocked that they can still save Uzume. Histoire explains that she does not know how but everyone in Uzume's era has now remembered her. The records are restored as well. Histoire has conducted a survey and most people are happy with that time. In addition, some want to return to that time.

Neptune feels the blow and is happy for Uzume but feels conflicted. Histoire admits that she has no way of assuring whether Uzume or her original personality corrupted by negative energy will return. In fact, it is more likely Kurome will return. That being said, with the Visual Radio, there is a chance Uzume will return. The Visual Radio is proof of Uzume's adventures in the Zero Dimension. In addition, Histoire feels something coming from instead the Visual Radio. It is not Share Energy but she feels it is the trigger for her real personality to revive.

However, that is just Histoire hoping that Visual Radio can bring Uzume back. Neptune says she will take any chance as long as Uzume can be saved. Nepgear believes that it is possible if enough people hope for it. A miracle can happen. Neptune is ready for the miracle.

Histoire asks if everyone else is okay with it. No one objects and believes that they have the responsibility to bringing Uzume back as the people of Gamindustri fought for that reason.

Histoire explains that she will connect the peripherals to the console which is called the "main seal". Normally she would press the power button and release the seal but she will attach the Visual Radio first. The radio shows Uzume's mark. Histoire then releases the seal and asks that Uzume receive everyone's prayer.

Uzume revives and announces that she accepts her existence. She apologizes for keeping everyone waiting. Neptune, Nepgear and Umio are glad to see Uzume. Histoire announces that the revival was successful. Her appearance and speech pattern have changed but Histoire says it feels nostalgic. Uzume is grateful that she is here thanks to everyone's wishes. She thanks them and is glad to be back home in Gamindustri.

A few months have passed and Neptune enjoys the peace that has been regained for Gamindustri. She can roll around and eat pudding to her heart's content. She asks Compa to get her all the pudding in the fridge. Compa tells her she is being greedy and she will gain weight. IF agrees and reminds her that she threw a fit about her weight yesterday. Neptune smiles and remarks that all the weight she got yesterday is gone this morning. IF cannot believe this and wonders if she is one of those enviable girls that do not gain weight.

Nepgear realizes that Neptune used HDD a lot last night and asked her if getting rid of weight was why she transformed so often. Neptune praises her sister for her sharpness and explains that HDD seems to use a lot of calories when transforming. As a result, she went on an HDD diet. IF cannot believe that HDD is used for dieting. Histoire has recorded the history of all the CPUs and Neptune is the first to use HDD to diet. Compa thinks that HDD diet is definitely something Neptune would come up with.

Nepgear reminds the girls that Uzume and the others are returning from their trip today. IF adds they were going to see how Gamindustri changed in the decades she was gone. Compa notes that older Neptune and Umio was with her. Neptune said they went away yelling they were restarting from zero. IF notes that if they return the Basilicom will be lively again.

Older Neptune announces that they are back. Nepgear is pleased to hear this. Uzume trips and falls on older Neptune. Older Neptune reports that the warp has messed up. Uzume says that this has hurt her ass. Umio wonders if Uzume is okay. Older Neptune thinks that this is weird as she thought she set the co-ordinates properly. She blames this on Croire. Croire says that this is her fault for keeping her in the book. If she does not like it, she should release her. Older Neptune says if she acts like this, she is less inclined to release her. She threatens Croire with pinning her down with needles. Uzume adds that she has lost count of how many times Croire has messed up the warp. Umio offers some needles he found from pufferfish. Croire does not want this and says she and her wings are delicate.

Nepgear tries to get their attention. Uzume realizes this and says it has been a while. Neptune sees that Uzume is healthy and wonders how is Gamindustri. Uzume thinks the people are nice and the food is great. In addition, she met an old man who was a boy that called her lame during her PR campaign with Umio way back. He bought a console from her nonetheless and managed to remember her even through the rewrite. Nepgear is happy this hear this. Uzume wants to tell them more about her adventures but Umio tells her she is forgetting something. Uzume apologizes and announces that she is home.

Sub Events
Four CPUs Cosplay
The 4 CPUs gather for a meeting in Noire's room. Noire complains about the fact their shares aren't going up. Blanc tells her there is nothing they can do about it and they just have to deal with it. Neptune does not think they can as if they don't have shares, they don't have strength. This makes her tummy rumble. Noire tells Neptune she is just hungry. She should eat some pudding or something. Neptune is eager to do just that. Noire wonders if there is a quick and easy way to boost shares.

Vert suggests they cosplay in 4 Goddesses Online 2's festival. That game is number one in Gamindustri's online games and the centerpiece of the festival is the cosplay competition which is streamed online for the whole world. Blanc thinks that is ridiculous. Noire actually supports the idea as she believes those who lead nations should have idol-like charm. If they can gather passionate fans, they can deal with rumors and lies more easily.

Vert asks Neptune for her opinion. Neptune is happy with it as it is fun and she can gain shares from it. Vert uses the fact 3 CPUs support this to pressure Blanc into agreeing. Blanc agrees to join them in the cosplay competition.

Vert wonders what they should do for costumes. Noire volunteers to cover that aspect for them as she knows someone good at making clothes. Vert leaves Noire with the costumes and all that is left is to choose who they would like to cosplay as.

On the day of the competition, Vert thinks they should enjoy their cosplaying to the fullest. Neptune is surprised by how drafty her costumes feels around her chest. Vert explains that she is wearing the costume of the "Samurai" class, a class newly added in Episode 2. Neptune picked the costume because she thought it looked cool but she has grown a liking for kimonos now. Neptune then screams "Sushi, sukiyaki, harakiri, banzai!". Blanc wonders why Neptune would chose those words.

Neptune wonders what Blanc is wearing. Blanc says she is a Sage, a class for those who have mastered the Night Magician or Sunny Magician class. She thinks it is perfect for an intellectual type like herself. Neptune tells Blanc to stop joking as they all know she is going to smack people around with her heavy book which annoys Blanc.

Neptune asks Vert what she is wearing. Vert says she is a Sniping Ranger, a top tier class for both Rangers and Snipers. Neptune notes that it looks lightweight and easy to move in. Vert tells Neptune she is right, as this is a speed class that utilizes kicking and archery skills. However, she cannot use it in a live combat situation as her chest is too large for the outfit which would slow her down. Blanc grumbles.

Neptune finally asks Noire what she is wearing. Noire tells her she is Dual Knight, dual wielding knights that use both flame and ice swords. Vert adds that the design isn't for standard avatars. It is a special outfit for an important NPC added in Episode 3. She praises Noire for choosing such an attention-gathering costume. Noire tells her it is a just a coincidence. The friend she asked to make the costumes made it this way.

After the competition the CPUs return to Noire's room. Vert is the first to point out how much she enjoyed it. Neptune adds that they won the competition which is expected of the protagonist. Any outfit looks good on her. Noire counters Neptune since she was the one with the most attention. Vert sides with Noire on her claim. Noire is happy cuteness is in this season. Noire got a lot of pictures and she is sure that she is popular in the forums as well.

Blanc tells Noire she wishes she is popular because of her cuteness. There is another reason and Blanc shows her the thread. Vert reads that the black haired girl's skirt was caught from her underwear. There are other comments on the lewdness of it all. Noire is shocked and asks if she was like this for the whole day. Blanc confirms that is the case as all the pictures uploaded showed Noire's skirt folded slightly upwards.

Noire can't believe this as she worked so hard on this cosplay. She asks Blanc if there are any adorable pictures of her. Blanc apologizes as there are none. Noire's pictures are all indecent and disgraceful. Blanc reports that the remaining CPUs, are praised for their cuteness.

Noire freaks out. In the end, Neptune, Vert and Blanc felt their shares go up. Only Noire had a different kind of share going up.

CPU Cooking Skills
In Uzume's base, Uzume would like to eat something good. Neptune says as thanks for taking care of her and Nepgear, the two of them will cook something good for her. Uzume is happy with their offer. Nepgear asks if she wants something in particular. Uzume wants some protein for the fight with Dark Purple so she wants some meat. Neptune declares that the two of them will whip up the best meat dishes they can think of.

After some time, Neptune and Nepgear return. Nepgear gives her salisbury steak. Uzume notes that she has heard of how delicious they were but this is her first trying them. She tries it and finds it great. Nepgear is glad she likes it. Neptune shows her a special Nep-Nep style katsu bowl. Uzume thinks this is the katsu bowl of her dreams. She tries it and finds it a great blend of egg and katsu flavors. She had no idea Neptne was a genius in the kitchen.

Neptune tells Uzume she is making her blush. It was worth have Nepgear teach her how to make this even if there was quite a bit of trial and error in all this. Uzume admits how its seasonings could use some minor tweaks but it's still delicious. Uzume feels she can take on Dark Purple tomorrow if she ate this tomorrow and asks Neptune to recreate the dish.

Neptune admits they have a problem with her request. Uzume wonders what's wrong. Nepgear admits they used up all her supplies to make the two dishes, everything else has ended up as black soot. It was a miracle that the two of those came out edible. Uzume is speechless.

Umio's Evolution
In a Zero Dimension town, Neptune comments on how Umio looks like he will grow legs as he matured to become a frog but asks Uzume what is he in reality. Uzume does not understand her question but Umio is a fish. He would never grow legs. Neptune agrees with Uzume, it would be ridiculous for Umio to do that.

Umio arrives with legs surprising the two of them. Uzume asks him what is wrong with his body. Neptune finds the legs creepy. Umio tells Neptune she is being rude as his legs are beautiful. Umio walks away singing happily. The two of them can't stand his legs.

B-Sha and Pippin@
In Planeptune, B-Sha notices a strange person and screams. The person recognizes her voice. B-Sha wonders where he has been. Neptune wonders who this spotted seal look-alike guy is and if B-Sha knows him. B-Sha says he is Pippin@ or Pippin for short. He assisted her with research a while back then disappeared. B-Sha was looking for him and now he just shows up in Planeptune.

Neptune feels like she saw him in a different game but wonders if there is someone inside. Pippin@ thinks Neptune is rude as there is no one inside him. B-Sha wants him to come back to her and gives him his favorite apple. Pippin@ argues that she was the one who left him behind for Planeptune without telling him. B-Sha gets confused. Pippin@ is currently pursuing his second life as a free scout and asks B-Sha to forgive him. He says good bye to her.

B-Sha wants him to wait as she wants to know what he meant when she left him, but he already left. B-Sha swears she will get Pippin back. Neptune thinks from the conversation earlier, B-Sha left him. B-Sha wonders if that really is true as her memories before coming to Planeptune are blurry. Neptune is sure she will meet him again. If he is a friend, he'll come back but B-Sha must apologize to him. B-Sha agrees that the next time they meet, she will apologize.

B-Sha and Pippin@, Cont.
In Planeptune, Neptune points out that the white and fluffy person over there is Pippin@. B-Sha is about to run off after him. Neptune tells B-Sha to wait a second. B-Sha does not want Neptune to stop her or she will lose him. Neptune thinks if she chases him like that, he's gonna run away again.

Neptune says she will call him over. B-Sha agrees and lets Neptune get him. Neptune finds Pippin@ and fluffs him. She does this for a while then B-Sha shows up. Neptune tells B-Sha that Pippin@ is so fluffy and squishy. This is quite the exquisite feeling. B-Sha wonders if Neptune had been fluffing him this entire time.

Pippin@ declares that he has decide to follow Neptune. B-Sha wonders why he would follow Neptune instead of her. Neptune continues to fluff him. B-Sha sees how well the two of them get along. B-Sha decides to accept the arrangement as she is with Neptune as well. B-Sha tells Pippin@ that she does not remember well but she is sorry for leaving him behind.

Pippin@ thinks he said a bit too much before they parted ways. He wants to be friends with her again. B-Sha agrees as Neptune continues to fluff him.

Planeptune's New Speciality!
In Neptune's room, Neptune runs up to Histoire eager to show off her new Planeptune specialty. Histoire is surprised Neptune made something and has a bad feeling about it. Neptune introduces Dr. Nepper. Histoire remarks that Neptune's naming sense is always pushing it. Neptune is happy and calls her naming sense a talent.

Just the thought of all the trouble, they can run into because of Neptune's naming sense causes Histoire's stomach to ache. Neptune offers Histoire her Dr. Nepper as it has healing effects. She tells Histoire to chug it. Histoire does and feels the pain going away. Neptune is happy and believes her shares will greatly increase because of her specialty. Histoire tells her that will not heal the source of her stomach pain though.

Leanbox's New Specialty! Afterward
Vert has invited the other CPUs to try out her specialty. Neptune tells Vert she has tried out Leanbox's Specialty, Boobs Castella. Vert corrects her as it is the Tin Box Castella and she asks Neptune for her opinion. Neptune says it was fluffy and very good but wonders if Vert can do something special with it. Vert did consider using different ingredients but plain is the most fitting for a Castella.

Neptune is not talking about taste but size. She mentions there are usually 3 sizes for mousepads and Neptune thinks it is good to make something for reserved gentlemanly types. Vert insists that the Castellas are not supposed be boobs-related but she does think it is a good idea to have a smaller size for children. Neptune agrees and thinks Vert should start off with a Blanc-sized one.

Vert notes that there would not be any volume for the cake at all. Blanc angrily asks them what they are talking about. She throws her hat at them. Neptune believes they are under attack. Vert tells Blanc to be polite. Hats are not to be thrown around but naturally whisked off one's head. Blanc tells them to forget about the stupid hat. Blanc tells Vert that she said her snack was not about boobs so why is she saying hers would have no volume. Vert tells Blanc she was talking explicitly about her breasts just the snack.

Blanc is silenced by that. Neptune notes that if she stays here, it is going to be an all out boob war. She just asks Vert to make 4 CPU sizes for the Castella. Neptune leaves.

Lowee's New Specialty! Afterward
In Blanc's room, Neptune is beating Blanc in a game. Blanc refuses to give up. Neptune is surprised Blanc could hold up so long at 200%. Blanc tells Neptune she is too naive and beats her. Blanc tells Neptune she thought she could blow her away so she left her guard down. Neptune tells Blanc that they are usually even and Blanc seems to be getting a little carried away.

Neptune then notices the time and notes that she needs to go home soon or Histoire will be mad. Blanc agrees that is late and she used up all her concentration on the previous match so they should call it a day. Neptune then notices a picture that Rom and Ram drew and compliments it for being cute. Blanc explains that it was from the time they were playing in the snow before. Neptune notes they must have made a big snowman and lots of fun to draw a snowman that big.

Neptune then transforms, says good bye to Blanc and leaves through the window. As Neptune leaves Lowee, she notes that it is rare for Blanc to have a drawing like that hung up. It must have been a very fun day for Blanc.

Nepedia Edit Wars
In Planeptune's Basilicom, Neptune has returned from playing and wonders what is going on with Histoire and Nepgear. Histoire reports that Neptune seems to not be bothered or even realized what has happened.

Reflecting on This Adventure
In Planeptune's Basilicom, Neptune pops in as she was overhearing the whole conversation between Uzume and Histoire talking about the recent events.

She comments on how this was a Gamindustri-wide total amnesia episode. This shocks Histoire and Uzume. Histoire asks Neptune not to startle her when they are discussing something so serious. Uzume tells her she was never startled. Uzume tells Neptune to eat pudding somewhere and leave. Neptune tells Uzume she will pretend that Uzume never said that.

Neptune is glad that she took a nap in that park on that day. If she didn't then who knows what would have happened to Uzume. Histoire is going to disregard the fact that Neptune skipped work that day and admit that Neptune's real world luck really saved them this time. Neptune is glad to hear that. Uzume is happy that she was saved because of Neptune and all the others fighting alongside her. She is also grateful for all the Histoire's support as well.

Neptune thinks they all worked hard for this. Histoire agrees and notes that it must have been difficult in this world and the other world but they have all become strong for it. Uzume gets embarrassed for all that praising but she does feel stronger than last time.

Nepgear barges in and calls for Uzume. This startles Histoire and Neptune. Nepgear declares that she has developed a new system and she asks for permission to add it to her Visual Radio. Uzume is shocked by Nepgear's sudden appearance. Nepgear notices that Uzume's pose is showing off the Visual Radio and wonders if Uzume knew she was coming to remodel it.

Uzume says that is not the case and they were all talking about something nice. Nepgear tells her the features that she added are very nice. There will be cloud capabilities and other data from other terminals. Nepgear goes off on a tangent on the new features. Uzume decides to let Nepgear do whatever she wants with it. Nepgear is glad and tells her to look forward to it. Neptune is upset because Nepgear is supposed to be working on the Umio virtual pet game.

Uzume cannot believe that they are developing that without her and demands to be involved in that the project. Neptune, Nepgear and Uzume are off to work on the Umio Virtual Pet game. Histoire thinks it is out of her hands, this nation's CPUs.

Project Nepupupu Ch. 0
In Planetpune's Basilicom, Histoire tells Neptune she has a letter. Neptune wonders if it is fan mail, or the grand prize to the sweepstakes she entered earlier. Histoire says it is from a executive at ZOLGE Co. Neptune asks if it is that shady game company ZOLGE Co. Histoire admits that is the case. They are requesting Neptune to get over to their headquarters as they have something to tell her.

Neptune thinks they will ask her opinion on a new game they are releasing then they will get her mixed up with shady business. This is normal for a good for nothing company that has dark rumors that never end. Histoire thinks Neptune is getting too excited about this. Histoire asks Neptune to see ZOLGE Co. anyways. Neptune has a bad feeling about this but she tells Histoire to leave it to her. Histoire tells Neptune ZOLGE Co. is located in Creator's Town. She tells her to be careful.

Project Nepupupu Ch. 1
In ZOLGE Co. headquarters, Neptune calls for the president for the company. The president, Zolgelicoff Tetsu arrives and introduces himself to Neptune. Neptune feels the man is way too suspicious. Zolgeicoff Tetsu tells her to not to judge someone by their looks or reputation on the internet. Neptune disagrees as his outfit is already way to suspicious. Zolgeicoff Tetsu claims that the public does not understand that he is the savior of the game industry.

Neptune thinks this guy is bad news. She thinks it is best not to delve too deep and finish her business here. She asks the president what he wants with her. Zolgelicoff Tetsu admits that he would like her help with ZOLGE Co. Neptune will never lend them her hand. Zolgelicoff asks her not to turn her down so quickly. He explains that ZOLGE Co. has grown a game industry leader.

They are now seeing dark clouds above the growth. While one can blame the internet for that, Zolgelicoff believes that the cause is a lack of creative games being released. He complains about the microtransactions, safe series titles, or remakes that creates the stagnation which is driving people away. Neptune cannot believe how accurate the summary sites are. He's a loudmouth, arrogant and blind to his own shortcomings.

Zolgelicoff Tetsu says that his company's credibility, stocks and the whole game industry will succumb to a slow death. Someone must overcome this vicious cycle of stagnation for all the children who love games. Neptune suggests that Zolgelicoff Tetsu apologize to all the wronged customers and reduce service prices otherwise, no one will take him seriously. Zolgelicoff is glad Neptune is going to help him out unconditionally and indefinitely. He is grateful for that.

Neptune notices that Zolgelicoff has not listened to her at all. Zolgelicoff Tetsu requests that she gather materials that are efficient conductors so ZOLGE Co. can create new hardware. If ZOLGE Co. has such materials, they can advance research on a revoluntionary console that consumes little power and has little heat radiation. Neptune cannot believe what this guy is saying. He is too suspicious and he probably wants to make a miracle system. Zolgelicoff says he will submit a quest to the guild specifically for Neptune. He asks her to accept it.

Neptune cannot believe that he thinks she is going him. However, a quest is not to bad. Zolgelicoff is glad Neptune has learned how to properly ignore things. He names this operation "Project Nepupupu" and declares the start of it. Neptune is excited.

Project Nepupupu Ch. 2
Neptune returns to ZOLGE Co. and greets the president. Zolgelicoff Tetsu is happy that she is here. He reports that he has recieved the materials that she has obtained from the guild. Zolgelicoff would be taking them to the laboratory for research but something unfortunate has occurred. Neptune wonders if more bad rumors have appeared on the web about him.

Zolgelicoff says there is no problem on that front. He has stopped reading them for his mental health. The problem is the game development. Game development is specialized hard work so the staff can lose their humanity from stress. Neptune notices that he has started to divert the topic. Zolgelicoff Tetsu tells Neptune the staff turn into monsters and write groundless slander all over the forums. To stop this, he made sure they could not leave.

This morning, however a 2m thick partition has been destroyed. If Zolgelicoff knew about this, he would lock them up using a 2.5m thick partition like in Lastation. Neptune notices that he is talking about this as if all game companies are like this but that is not really the case. Zolgelicoff admits there are slight differences but most companies are like this.

Neptune thought it was just this company but she has now seen the dark side of the game industry. She did not want to hear that. Zolgelicoff Tetsu gives Neptune his new order. She needs to bring back the escaped monsters, otherwise known as his employees. Neptune is okay with that but how can she bring them back. She is unaware if she can even go easy on a monster.

Zolgelicoff Tetsu tells her that there are microchips on their employees that check on their physical condition. If they are weakened, they will be warped to the medical facilities. Neptune is free to go all out on them. If they are returned the medical facilities, they can be relieved on their stressed and healed up. Neptune is glad about how convenient this is. Zolgelicoff Tetsu tells her he will submit a quest in the guild. He asks her to check it.

Before Neptune leaves, he notices that the "Ambition Achievement Percentage" in the background has increased from last time. Zolgelicoff praises Neptune for her sharp observation. The Ambition Achievement Percentage is the achievement percentage of his company's ambitions. It has gone up because Neptune has assisted him. Because of Neptune, he was able to continue construction on a building addition that was stopped due to low funds. When all his company's ambitions have been achieved, the company building will become the world's Number 1 Skyscraper. That means the fate of this company rests on Neptune's shoulders. He asks her to do her best.

Project Nepupupu Ch. 3
Neptune returns to ZOLGE Co. and notes that it has been a while. She asks if the monsterized staff are okay now. Zolgelicoff Tetsu praises Neptune for her good work again. He explains that they have released their excessive stress, returned to their human form and regained their game making spirit. Neptune thinks that's good. Zolgelicoff reports that he immediately forced them..., escorted them back to the development site. He asks Neptune if she thinks games are fabulous.

Neptune feels that this is not solving a fundamental problem. Zolgelicoff asks that Neptune look at the Ambition Achievement Percentage. It has gone up even higher. By adding the materials Neptune gathered up for research, they were able to develop a new material. When they presented their findings, the investors were fooled. He corrects himself to say that the company received worldwide attention and they were able to expand their company.

Neptune is surprised he got good results and believes Zolgelicoff may actually achieve his ambitions. Zolgelicoff admits he is sorry to interrupt their celebration but he has another mission for Neptune. Neptune is eager to take it on. Zolgelicoff Tetsu is thinking of creating a new type media. Neptune wonders if he is talking about media types such as DG-ROM and Purple Ray Discs. Zolgelicoff is talking about this and the current media's capacity is too small, so he wants to expand it.

He declares ZOLGE Co. will destroy the barriers of capacity. He asks Neptune to go and destroy the walls of capacity. Neptune does not think capacity alone will fix his games but she is eager to complete the mission.

Project Nepupupu Ch. 4
Neptune returns to ZOLGE Co. headquarters and tells the president she is here to hang out. She then notices that the Ambition Achievement Percentage has gone up yet again. Zolgelicoff is glad she noticed. The employees that Neptune brought back have developed new hardware. The brats got excited from his specs announcement... Zolgelicoff corrects himself and the important user base helped the company expand by pre-ordering a lot of the hardware.

Neptune smells a major scam but she is glad to have helped expand the company. He decides to give Neptune her final mission. Neptune gulps. The company has developed a new console and is in the process of developing a new type of media. Neptune stays silent. The problem with hardware has been cleared. All that is left is software. The president has received a report that they are stuck on developing the RPG battle system for their main title.

Zolgelicoff Tetsu wants Neptune to fight battles that will inspire their employees to create the RPG battle system. Neptune does not understand his logic but all she has to do is beat up a strong monster and give them a video of it. Zolgelicoff tells her she is correct and their covert camera crew will watch her so she can fight to her fullest.

Project Nepupupu Ch. 5
Neptune returns to ZOLGE Co. headquarters to greet the president. Zolgelicoff Tetsu tells Neptune it has been a while. Neptune wants to know the status of the new console and media. Zolgelicoff reports that thanks to Neptune, their RPG was safely completed and all that is left is to ship it out. They have gotten positive reviews in game magazines as well as a lot of pre-orders. He never thought they would run out even after making a million units a day.

Neptune thinks a million is way too much. Neptune notices that the building is respectable but she has never seen any employees. She wonders if all this was fake. Zolgelicoff is glad to have this hardware and software. Now he can get back at the fools who made fun of him. He can even bring a fresh gust of wind to this stagnant Gamindustri. This was all thanks to Neptune's cooperation and Zolgelicoff declares he has won and laughs.

Neptune feels bad for Zolgelicoff. She is sure no one pays attention to him anymore so he has been deluding himself to thinking his company is getting bigger. She bets the RPG game and this company does not exist in the first place. Zolgelicoff wonders if Neptune said something and wonders if she thinks of him like all the others. Zolgelicoff claims he is fine. He declares that Project Nepupupu a success and laughs.

Neptune decides to leave him be. If reality is painful, then she'll let him have a happy dream. She praises Zolgelicoff for fulfilling his ambitions. Zolgelicoff Tetsu tells Neptune this is not much but he wants her to have something. Neptune is glad to have been given the plan for Nep Bull EX and thanks Zolgelicoff.

The Girl From Britain
Neptune is full of motivation today and feels she can actually get some work done. She decides to accept a bunch of quests within a general area. Neptune promises to get this done super fast. Neptune screams as she realizes how strong the monster she must defeat is. Neptune was skeptical about the high reward from this quest but did not think the monster would be this tough. Neptune admits she picked the quest on a whim and did not look at the enemy's stat or anything. However, she believes she will be fine if she defeats them one by one. Another monster approaches and Neptune thinks two against one is not fair.

A girl arrives and asks if Neptune is okay surprising Neptune. The girl notices that she is injured and asks her to be still for a moment. The girl uses a card and a healer comes out to heal her. Neptune wonders if this is the rumored street heal. Neptune thanks the girl and wonders if she is some kind of summoner. The girl says she is not and that she is... The monsters grow restless. The girl decides to postpone her talk until they defeat the monsters. She offers her blade. Neptune is happy and thanks her. The girl reasons that a king would lend a helping hand to those in need then introduces herself as Million Arthur, a king's name that will stand at the top of one million Arthurs.

She shows off her sword and asks Neptune to observe the gallant bravery of her knights. The two defeat the monsters. Million Arthur notices that Neptune is stronger than her appearance suggests. Neptune says that this is nothing and appreciates her help. Neptune is glad to be able to fight enemies with a random passerby which is the epitome of a quest. Neptune lives for moments like this. Neptune introduces herself to Million Arthur.

Million Arthur thinks it is fate to meet like this. A fairy shows up. She gets angry Arthur for running off after talking about taking rest. Million Arthur apologizes but justifies her actions with the fact that she needs to defend Neptune. The fairy sees through this and thinks Arthur defended Neptune because she thought Neptune was cute. Million Arthur happily admits that this is the case. She cannot abandon the extravagant beauty in her quirky hoodie.

Million Arthur regains her composure and explains that a king must stand at the vanguard to protect her people. No matter who it is, this will not change. The fairy is glad that Neptune is alright. Neptune finds Cheekama similar to Histy. Million Arthur introduces Cheekama to Neptune, explaining that she is support fairy which is a typical partner for an Arthur like herself. Cheekama adds that if Arthur sees her as a partner, then it would be nice if she paid her some mind once in a while.

Neptune tries to understand but does not. She first wants to know what an Arthur is. Cheekama reports that Neptune is confused. Arthur apologizes as her explanation was lacking. Million Arthur says that the two of them have come from the island nation of Britain. Arthurs are those who are candidates for the Kingship of Britain. Cheekama adds that all the candidates are called by the same name, "Arthur". Million Arthur adds that there are Sword Arthurs or Tech Arthurs depending on their guild. Cheekama finishes with the fact that 1000000 Arthurs exist.

Neptune thinks that is a lot and she does remember Arthur saying somehting about standing above 1000000 people. Million Arthur repeats her introduction. Cheekama reminds Million Arthur that she is only just a candidate. Neptune wonders if this is like CPU Candidates and if there are 1000000 Nepgears. Cheekama confirms with Neptune that there are no kings but Patron CPUs who rule in this continent. Neptune says that is right and she is one of the CPUs surprising Million Arthur.

Cheekama scans Neptune's elements and confirms that she is Planeptune's CPU, Neptune. Neptune is surprised that they believe her so easily. Normally she would have to transform to prove that she is a CPU. Neptune is also surprised that Cheekama knew her name as she did not tell Cheekama her name yet. Neptune wonders if Cheekama is telepathic. Cheekama explains that she did some research before coming here.

Million Arthur has come to a decision, she will accompany Neptune. Cheekama wonders why she decided so suddenly. Neptune welcomes the new residents but Million Arthur wants to travel with Neptune, not live in Planeptune. The two of them can support each other in battle after all. Cheekama reminds her not to forget about her objective of her journey. This should not just be her attempt at following a cute girl. Million Arthur does remember her objective, which is to look for new and skilled elements to create Knights. Million Arthur justifies her decision by the fact they only arrived in this land. Since, Neptune is the CPU, she knows the most about this place.

Cheekama agrees that it is a good idea for the two of them to follow Neptune but it may not be convenient for Neptune. Neptune thinks more friends mean more fun so she is okay with them following her. Cheekama wonders if this really is okay. Million Arthur thinks a meeting with a CPU is fate for one who will become king. She gives her formal regards. Cheekama is sorry about this but they will be a bother for a while. Neptune says it is the same for her to Million Ar-, and asks if she can shorten it to Milli. Milli is okay with this. Neptune notes that Milli can say her name correctly and that this is opposite to the usual pattern. Neptune is glad to have Million Arthur and Cheekama in her party.

What's Britain Like?
Million Arthur notices that Planeptune has advanced technology. Neptune adds that Planeptune's technology is 1st in Gamindustri but she wants to know what Britain is like. Million Arthur describes it as a country overflowing with magical power but lacks technology. It is currently in civil war in addition to being attacked by invaders. Neptune thinks Britain is in serious trouble. Million Arthur adds that not only are the guilds warring with each other, there is also backlash about the Excalibur system and its use to weigh the king's caliber.

Cheekama thinks Million Arthur's British terminology is confusing Neptune. Neptune tells them not to underestimate her comprehension skill. She thinks they have to purge the holy fairies from the furies then the tower went balse. Cheekama takes that as the prime example that Neptune has no idea what is going on. Million Arthur apologizes and puts Britain simply as a place where if one walks randomly, half-naked women will appear. Cheekama tells her not describe it in a way which many will misuderstood.

Neptune notices that Cheekama has a large degree of exposure and wonders if Britain is one of those R-rated islands. Cheekama denies Neptune's interpretation of Britain. Million Arthur thinks Planeptune is not so difference since Neptune battles half-clad. Neptune is surprised that a new character would mention something that no one addressed yet. She thought leotards were the norm in this world but Neptune admits she could have pointed it out earlier. Million Arthur thinks it does not matter as the more exposure there is, the more she and others will rejoice. She summarizes this as the Justice Train Neptune. Cheekama wonders what the heck Arthur is talking about. Neptune admits that she does not understand but she feels it is persuasive.

Later Million, Arthur notes that it has been a while since they talked about being half-clad but she wonders why Neptune became a CPU. Cheekama tells her not to relate being half-clad to being a CPU. Neptune says that she cannot answer that as she was born as a CPU. Million Arthur is surprised that Neptune was wearing skintight clothing ever since she was an infant. Cheekama does not know what to make of this. Neptune explains that she remembers looking the same but thinks that Nepgear was smaller. CPU are born from faith, the share energy from the people of the nation, so they are not like regular people.

Million Arthur summarizes her understanding as CPU do not merely have the qualities of a goddess but are actually a goddess. Neptune decides to ask Million Arthur when she became an Arthur. Million Arthur says it was when she drew the Excalibur. The Excalibur is no simple weapon, the sword selects those who have the caliber to be king. If one were to stick the Excalibur in the ground, only those who can draw it will receive the qualification to be king. Neptune summarizes her understand as the Excalibur is a hero's sword.

Million Arthur does add that there are some who are not chosen by the Excalibur and became rebels. They are called "the Eleven Rulers". Their strength is separate from their ability to draw the sword but they are strong. Various Arthurs in different guilds also battle each other for political power. Neptune wonders why allies would fight each other and likens it to share wars.

Million Arthur explains that the source of a CPU's shares are not singular, while only one Arthur may become king. In addition, she reminds Neptune of the invaders so essentially Britain is in a state of confusion. Million Arthur does not want conflict but without any strength, she cannot have any say in what happens Britain. She declares her intention to become the true king to lead everyone to peace. That is the reason why Million Arthur took the Excalibur.

Cheekama remarks that this is a nice story but that is not all there is to it. Million Arthur agrees and adds that if she does become king, she will be popular with cute girls. Million Arthur can then legally store and love all of them, create endless half-clad knights, attend any events with cute girls, and marry all the rebel members as well as Guild Arthur. Once that happens, she is sure peace will return to Britain.

Cheekama asks if Arthur is still there. Million Arthur returns to her senses and denies all her desires. She was only joking and justifies that it must be within a king's CALIBER to entertain her people. Cheekama says there will be no dinner for her tonight and asks her to eat her CALIBER then storms off. Million Arthur is unhappy with this as today's dinner is sushi. She demands that Cheekama return to a more pleasant mood and runs after her. Neptune notes that Million Arthur is whipped but Cheekama is smitten with Million Arthur. She feels that Million Arthur will create a Harem Kingdom.

Neptune asks Million Arthur if there are any other interesting features besides half-naked girls. Cheekama asks Neptune to forget about that. Million Arthur says that she personally is interested in information on lost eras and super computers. Neptune wants to know if there are special goods, festivals or other things like that. Million Arthur says there is a Little Sister Land. It is not a festival but there are knights who get influenced by meteors and...

Nepgear has bought a chip that she was looking for. She proclaims her love for it. Uni has found a gun with a cute shape. She loves to feel it and wants to cuddle up with it in bed to whisper "sweet nothings" to it.

Million Arthur concludes that the knights would lose control of themselves just like the two there. Neptune clarifies that the two are just like this when they go hobby shopping.

Size of your CALIBER
Million Arthur defeats the last monster in battle within the Heart Dimension. She thinks monsters in the Heart Dimension are fiercer than other dimension's monsters. Neptune praises everyone for clearing the monsters. Million Arthur asks Neptune if she is injured but Neptune is fine. Million Arthur disagrees as Neptune may have injured herself without realizing and that would be No Justice. She wants to examine every inch of her body. Neptune is uncomfortable with that.

Cheekama notices Arthur's intentions. Arthur agrees with Cheekama's deduction as loving beautiful girls is what makes Justice Train Million Arthur. Uni tells her that she does not need to love them and she really does not understand Justice Train at all either. Million Arthur finds this odd that the joke is unpopular in this area.

Nepgear asks Million Arthur if she has any business in the Heart Dimension. Uni thought Million Arthur just wanted some training. Million Arthur asks Nepgear if this dimension mirrors a person's heart. Nepgear says that this is correct and their older sister's dream were materialized causing trouble in many different ways. Neptune does not think her dream caused any trouble. Vert was very happy with her dream. Million Arthur thinks that this is most lucky. Cheekama wonders what Arthur is planning to do.

Million Arthur dreams up fakes of Uni, Vert, S-Sha and Million Arthur who declare their intentions to "squishy squish" everyone. Vert is shocked by this. Uni wonders if the Heart Dimension created fakes from Million Arthur's daydream. Neptune notices that they are coming this way. Nepgear wonders what should they do. Uni notes that they have no choice at this point. Vert agrees, they will "squishy squish" the fakes not be squished themselves. Million Arthur thinks Vert is right and tells everyone to go. Everyone tells her not to say that.

The party enter a difficult battle against the fakes and come out on top. Million Arthur found the battle fierce. She thinks the strength of the fakes were proportional to their cuteness. Million Arthur corrects herself, as she believes they are strong as the king's CALIBER as she was their creator. Cheekama thinks that they are strong as her lust. Million Arthur has decided that she will make rounds to this dungeon every Sunday until she exhausts her AP. Vert thinks that is a wonderful idea. Neptune is surprised at how tough this ridiculous quest is. Nepgear wants anything but that.

Barrett Mods: The Reckoning
Neptune sees God Eater working on something and greets her. God Eater is surprised to see her but greets her formally as Miss Neptune. Neptune does not like her formal greeting as the two are now friends. She bans her from ever addressing her formally again. God Eater decides to call her Nep but feels weird for not using Miss before a CPU's name. Neptune thinks the nickname is too normal.

She would perfer Nepudon, Neprina der Vogelweid or something like that. However, Neptune tells God Eater to call her whatever is easiest for her. Neptune wonders what God Eater is doing with all these parts. God Eater tells her she is trying to modify her God Arc. Neptune thinks that sounds fun and wants to help her. God Eater is happy to allow Neptune to help.

Neptune declares she will the most epic weapon ever as she is pretty talented. She quickly makes her modifications and declares the weapon is done. God Eater is surprised at the speed Neptune finished this. Neptune thinks that if a protagonist is put on any job, it will be easily completed. Neptune made the weapon practical, pretty and super easy to use. She presents the Super Nep Shooter Prototype. God Eater decides to try it out.

The two head outside. God Eater fires the shot and is surprised to see fireworks. Neptune and God Eater are both happy to see that. God Eaters thinks they are pretty. Neptune thinks the bullets are perfect for an oden party. God Eater thinks when it gets darker, they can buy lots of oden, lay out some picnic blankets and... God Eater snaps back to her senses and notices that Neptune was distracting her the whole time. She almost lost sight of her goal.

God Eater's Weekend
God Eater announces that she is home. Uzume welcomes her back and invites her to go out and eat. God Eater is excited at the chance to eat. Neptune wants to demonstrate all the good local food Planeptune has to offer, as a CPU. God Eater is excited to come along. Even if Gamindustri comes to an end, she will still come.

Neptune then wonders where God Eater was as she was gone all morning. God Eater admits that she was on a date. Neptune is shocked that God Eater was on a date. She wonders if that word is even allowed in this series. Uzume does not care about any date and wants to go eat. God Eater agrees.

Nepgear announces that they are here. She introduces them to Planeptune's most popular chili dog restuarant which is also a jazz club, Blue Hedgehog. Neptune adds that the place is a hobby for the owner so it's only open weekend afternoons. The taste is great though. Nepgear has booked the restaurant for the group so they can eat all they want and have lots of fun.

Neptune asks that they try their signature chili dog. Uzume thanks Neptune and God Eater thinks it looks so delicious. She eats it and loves it. The taste is fresh and while it is simply seasoned, the taste is of a high quality. Uzume loves them as well praising its sauce for being just spicy enough. God Eater asks if she can have more.

Neptune assures she can, as it is all on her today so they can eat as much as they want. God Eater challenges Uzume to an eating competition. Uzume accepts and tells her to prepare to lose. Uzume ate five chili dogs and taps out. God Eater thinks she is not a worthy adversary. She thinks for a dish like this, the challenge starts at 50. Uzume cannot believe that. Neptune worriedly asks what number of chili dog is she on. God Eater says it is her 60th but she can probably double that number before they leave.

Abaddon pops out and wants to eat. God Eater decides to order 20 more chili dogs. Neptune begins to worry a lot. God Eater thinks they are so delicious, that they can't stop now. She wants to try everything and with the two of them, they can handle 5 more rounds. Afterwards God Eater admits that she is still hungry. Abaddon burps. God Eaters thinks it was way too good. She could not help but eat this much. She tells them that Abaddon says it was really tasty.

Neptune summarizes at the end of the day, one person and an animal eat 7 and a half rounds. Neptune asks Nepgear if they can have the Basilicom handle the bill as a business lunch. Nepgear tells her they can't.

"God Eater"
Neptune notices that Noire is concerned in God Eater's room. Neptune asks Noire what's wrong. Noire explains that she intended to invite God Eater to bathe with them but she is gone. This worries her. Neptune wonders if ghosts got her. Noire thinks that is nonsense as they don't exist. Neptune tells Noire she knows nothing of the occult. However, if this is not about dogoos or dragons, God Eater is on her usual dates.

Noire thinks so too but is suspicious of the fact God Eater always brings her God Arc on her dates. Noire notes that she has a bad feeling and thinks they should look for her.


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Musical Themes

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Name Game Description Audio
Smile Spiral Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 Neptune and Nepgear's character song duet for the Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 Hyperdimension Neptunia Duet Sisters Vol.1 album.
Lady Cool ~ Purple Heart Purple Heart's solo song.
Smile Spiral_Remix A remixed version of Smile Spiral released on the Hyperdimension Neptunia Share Complete Discs set.
Purple Heart's Theme Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory In Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, Purple Heart has her own theme composed by Nobuo Uematsu's Band, the Earthbound Papas. It notably serves as the main boss battle theme for the first half of the game and occasionally plays in cutscenes.
Fly High! Neptune's first song on the Hyperdimension Neptunia Shugo Megami Character Song CD Vol.1 album
Purple Energy Neptune's second song on the Hyperdimension Neptunia Shugo Megami Character Song CD Vol.1 which is preformed by her goddess form.
Mousou 4tune Megadimension Neptunia VII The opening song for the Hyper Dimension Neptunia G arc. Neptune sings this with the other three Hyper Dimension CPUs.
Mousou Katharsis The opening song for the Heart Dimension Neptunia H arc. Neptune sings this with Orange Heart.



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