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It wants to be my friend? Could it be? Am I... a Hero!? That's what it means, right?
— Neptune

Neptune is the main character of Super Neptunia RPG. The amazing hero whose name is in the very title! Despite being so heroic, the only thing she seems to remember is her name. She cannot recall who or what she was. After defeating a monster, the brilliant thought dawned upon her: she must be... a hero! Wielding her uselessly gratuitous supply of energy, she gathers allies and sets off on a journey in search of the truth.



Neptune is the human form of the CPU Purple Heart. She is often considered to be energetic and dorky. Her favorite food is custard pudding and she loves playing video games. While she enjoys playing all games, she especially loves Retro video games.


Neptune has short lilac hair with bangs that reach down to her collar bone and purple eyes. In her hair she wears white hair-clips in the shape of D-pads and around her neck is a choker that has a light blue D-pad symbol on it. She wears a mostly white hoodie dress that has a light purple hood, strings that look like controller plugs, and two huge purple and white pockets with purple D-Pad symbols on them. The sleeves have two light blue strips going all the way down while the front of the hoodie only contains one. The ends of the sleeves and the bottom of the hoodie have dark and light purple stripes. The zipper emblem and the back of the hoodie has a purple letter "N" to represent the first symbol of her name. She wears light blue and white striped thigh high socks with frills at the tops and her shoes are purple and blue.


She is a happy, excitable girl with a very strong sense of justice. Her ditzy personality causes her to be very careless at times which can either help her or land her into serious trouble. She makes friends rather easily due to her friendly nature and often gives them cute nicknames. People admire her optimistic outlook and confidence. She never gives up or backs down when the going gets tough and she makes sure to see her objective through to the very end. Neptune does not like fighting and is rather pacifistic, preferring to avoid conflicts whenever possible. But when she has to fight, she can act seriously.

Purple Heart

Purple Heart is the goddess form of Neptune. She is considered to be cool, collected, just, and overall much more mature in comparison to her human form. While the personality and appearance change is major between the two forms, she still retains some aspects of her human form albeit to a lesser extent.


Purple Heart's appearance in her Lost Purple Core is reminiscent of the Purple Core but with much more stylization and design. Her hair and hair clips remain the same while her bodysuit, while still black, has purple and blue lining all around the torso and arms. The middle of the torso has purple mesh, allowing a vague vertical view of her stomach. She also wears thigh high boots with octagon patterns on the side at the very top; one filled it with purple and another just a white outline.


Purple Heart is a serious and mature person. She's often calm and rarely changes facial expressions. She is a very observant and intelligent female, thinking in a rational matter most of the time. She is the complete opposite of her human form in many aspects but her strong sense of justice and confidence remains unchanged. It can be said that Purple Heart is a bit arrogant, having a strong confidence in her abilities and believing that no one can defeat her.


Purple Heart finds herself in a dreamy place wondering where she is and how long she has been here. She notes her memories are hazy.

A shadowy figure in the shape of Purple Heart appears behind her, surprising Purple Heart. The shadow tells her to sink repeatedly.

Purple Heart realizes this is an enemy and fights the shadow. The shadow tells Purple Heart she can't leave repeatedly annoying her.

Black, White and Green Heart appear to back Purple Heart up. Black Heart taunts Purple Heart for being so slow. Purple Heart wonders what the other goddesses are doing here.

White Heart admits she does not know but its seems that Purple Heart is in trouble so they are here to help. Green Heart agrees that despite not knowing their enemy, if they work together, they will win.

Purple Heart agrees and the four attack the shadow. Purple Heart is victorious and thanks the goddesses for the help, but notices they are gone. As she wonders where they are, the shadow gets back up and notes they were just resonations, interferences but they are transient. She tells Purple Heart to sink repeatedly.

Purple Heart cannot believe the shadow is unharmed. Purple Heart wonders what this shadow is. The shadow tells Purple Heart that none of them can leave. She wants them to sink into the ocean of oblivion.

Neptune is next seen soundly sleeping in a house. She dreams about being forced to eat eggplants. A Bombyx Mori Captain walks in to find the sleeping Neptune. He wakes her up.

Neptune wakes up wondering who is front of her right now. The Bombyx Mori Captain says he will be asking the questions. This house is marked as abandoned. He will have to change that if someone is living here. The captain demands Neptune hand over game software for the municipal tax.

Neptune did not understand anything he just said. The Bombyx Mori Captain tells Neptune this is her civic duty, and asks if she has paid 2D game taxes before. Neptune is still confused with everything that he is bringing up.

THe Bombyx Mori Captain thinks this is suspicious and wonders who Neptune is and what she is doing in the house. Neptune introduces herself as Neptune, this series' protagonist and does not know what she is doing here.

Neptune apologizes as this is embarrassing, as she doesn't know where she is, when they are, and who she is. In her head, Neptune is sure that she is Neptune and realizes that she has amnesia again.

The captain asks if Neptune has amnesia. Neptune guesses that she does. He confirms that she does not have her game software. Concerned that, Neptune can't pay her taxes nor remember anything, the Bombyx Mori Captain asks Neptune to head to the guild, as his colleagues can help her.

Neptune wonders why he would do that for her. He explains that a long time ago, he had a lover that lost her memories as well. Neptune wonders why a generic NPC would have a sobstory.

The Bombyx Mori Captain assures Neptune she will be safe with them, and he'll be waiting. He leaves to the guild. Neptune wonders if he is not just a generic NPC. More importantly Neptune wonders what she should do next.

Neptune heads out and makes her way to the guild. She remembers that the first dream was weird, as well as the eggplant one. She thinks that someone was calling her in the first dream. Neptune thinks she knew the person in the dream too. She called her something heart. Neptune does not pay this too much mind and continues on her way.
Head to the Guild

Neptune enters the guild to find it gloomier than imagined. The Bombyx Mori Captain sees Neptune surprising her. He tells her to take it easy and offers her snacks. Neptune excitedly accepts. Neptune always thought the captain was shady but he seems nice in actuality and he has snacks.

The captain notes that Neptune will need a job until her memories return. Bombyx Mori can help her with that. Catching that Neptune doesn't know what Bombyx Mori is, the captain tells her not to worry as he will explain it to her. Neptune wants him to be snappy about it. The captain notes that Neptune is very carefree.

He explains that Bombyx Mori runs Gamindustri under the leadership of the kid, Filyn. Neptune wonders why a kid runs things. The captain tells her to forget that part. He praises Filyn as a hard worker who wants to see Gamindustri flourish. Neptune thinks she sounds like a good leader.

The captian assures Neptune that she is, but there are some who would disagree with that. Those would be the Resistance. He tells Neptune to watch out for them, as they are not good people. Neptune agrees that she will be careful. The captain tells her not to worry as Bombyx Mori is here. The captain raises his glass and orders his subordinates to toast to their new member and Filyn.

The captain hands Neptune a map for her first tax-collecting assignment. Neptune is annoyed with getting work and would much rather her first assignment be to take care of snacks. The captain sternly tells her no and makes her leave.

I'll Nep you up!

Neptune leaves Lastation City to find a dogoo on her way to her first job in Lastation City Outskirts. Seeing that it is about to attack her, she worries and finds a Cypress Stick on the ground. She uses it to defeat the dogoo.

Neptune may not remember much but she can still pack a punch. The defeated dogoo wants to join Neptune's party. Seeing that, Neptune concludes, that she must be a hero. Neptune apologizes to the dogoo as she is busy right now.
For your first job, go to Lastation Outskirts
Neptune heads to Lastation Outskirts where she is greeted by a Bombyx Mori officer. He tells her she is late and wonders what is up. Neptune explains she was busy with being a hero, but its okay as she moved on.

Collecting games as taxes

The officer does not care, and explains that they are about to begin collecting. She can watch for now. Neptune agrees. Ester Zira praises some citizens for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Neptune is confused wondering what that was all about. The officer explains that this is Bombyx Mori's number 3, Lady Ester Zira. Neptune sees that she is one of the big dogs of Bombyx Mori. Lastation citizens continue to hand their game taxes to Ester hoping that they are okay. Ester finds them excellent and thanks them. She praises them for being citizens who pay their taxes on time.

Neptune finds it strange that games are in cartridges in this day and age. The Bombyx Mori officer tells Neptune that cartridges are the latest and greatest in advanced technology. Neptune tells him that doesn't seem right. Ester Zira flies away to collect cartridges singing that if they are not, they will be in pain.

A female Bombyx Mori officer tells the other officer that he is being called. She offers to switch with him and watch Neptune. The officer agrees and leaves Neptune to her. Neptune says her goodbyes to the officer as he leaves. The female Bombyx Mori officer praises Neptune for her lively greeting thinking that she is a good girl. Neptune is flattered.

She asks if Neptune is the newbie with the memory loss that she has been hearing about. Neptune is excited that she has already gotten a reputation and soon she will be legend. The female officer thinks reputation is a strong word, it is more of a rumor. Either way, Neptune introduces herself and finds it nice to meet this female officer.

The female officer notices that Neptune still remembers her name. Neptune notes that the title of this game does have Neptunia in it. Over the distance, Ester praises a citizen as their cartridge was given a 4 star rating by Filyn. The citizen is pleased that their cartridge was good and hails Filyn.

Neptune notes that Filyn is a good one as everyone seems to be happy to get her approval. The female officer wonders about that. She leaves Neptune with some advice, to stay away from Bombyx Mori, as it won't be around much longer. The other soldier returns and asks where did the female officer go. Neptune doesn't know and thinks she took a snack break.

The officer notes that he has never seen her before and that she is pretty. He decides to find out where her office is. Neptune catches this and wonders if she has to talk to HR about this. The officer clears his throat. He explains that Lady Ester will return to base after collections. Neptune is to meet her there.

Neptune is annoyed wondering why she has to do this. This seems above her paygrade. The officer tells her that this is nonsense, as it is tradition for newcomers to meet Lady Ester, but it seems Lady Ester saw her just a moment ago. Neptune wonders who her is? The officer explains that Filyn has an obsession with someone. Lady Ester is trying to capture that someone for Filyn.

Whenever Ester sees her, she drops everything and tries to catch the girl. Neptune may not get to see Ester until later. Neptune is disappointed in this. However, the number one is different as she wants to destroy her though. Neptune is shocked that someone wants destroy someone. The officer thinks Ester may actually return sooner so Neptune should head to base.

Neptune is annoyed that she needs to walk all this way if Ester may not be there. A woman rushes by and drops a book. Neptune picks it up and calls out to the lady that she dropped her book. The lady seems to recognize Neptune and is surprised that she is here. Neptune wonders if she knows her. The lady seems to understand something based on Neptune's response but still wonders why she is here.

Neptune explains that she has been sent this way by Bombyx Mori and that she is a new recruit. The lady does not want Neptune to be with them and tells wants Neptune to follow her now. Neptune is shocked. A Bombyx Mori captain sees the lady and alerts others. Neptune sees them and wonders if they brought snacks. The lady is annoyed they caught up to her.

The officer declares that the lady is the reason Filyn acts weird so she is going to pay. Another officer calls her the enemy of Bombyx Mori. The captain says that their orders were to bring her back alive but they all know that's not gonna happen.

Neptune wonders why they are so mad and what the lady did. Neptune notices the book is glowing. The lady snatches the book back from Neptune. Ester catches up and sees that the lady is the target. It is time to bring her in for Lady Filyn.

The lady notes that Ester is the last person she wants to see right now. Ester prepares to attack and the lady flees. As she flees she calls out to Neptune. Neptune doesn't get what is going on but Neptune thinks she should just head to base. She wonders how that lady knows her. It may be because she is hero. Neptune thinks that cannot be the case.

That being said, it seems that Bombyx Mori sounds like the bad guys to Neptune.

Neptune makes it to Ratchet Volcano and complains about how hot it is. Neptune wonders why she is in a volcano. She hopes that she is not about to fight a boss. That being said, if she deals with it now, she won't be killed instantly by a crimson dragon later. Neptune pumps herself and begins her exploration of this dungeon.
Greet Ester at Ratchet Volcano
As Neptune ventures further into Ratchet Volcano, she finds Bombyx Mori officers who talk:

  • how great Filyn is
  • blowing into cartridges before playing is folk remedy for bad luck
  • Paix St. Gliss' 16 shots destroying buildings instantly.
  • 3 Muskeeteers should be called Gold Third

Ester Zira finds the group and reports that the target got away again. Neptune guesses that Ester Zira wasn't lucky this time. Ester remembers seeing Neptune with the target. Neptune confirms that it is her and introduces herself. Ester Zira is glad to meet her and asks if she can call her Neps and for something. Neptune wonders what it is.

She wonders how her target knew about Neptune. Neptune says that she doesn't know her. Neptune thinks that while she doesn't know the lady, the lady definitely knew about her. Ester still points out that the lady still thinks Neptune is important regardless. Neptune is flattered by Ester's assessment noting that she is pretty cute.

Ester agrees that Neptune is cute and has an idea. She will use Neptune to lure out her target. They will leave her out in the wild until she shows noting that it is only a little bit dangerous. Neptune does not like that at all. Ester says this is for Bombyx Mori and she can make them proud. Neptune is against this, stating that she is too new and would like to be reassigned to the snack cart.

Ester wonders if they have a snack cart. Regardless she can be a snack for monsters so this is great. Neptune can't believe what Ester is saying. She orders the officers to grap Neptune to set her up as bait. The officers begin to follow Ester's orders and Neptune complains about how unfair this is.

Neptune fights off Bombyx Mori and Ester for a while. Ester congratulates her for lasting this long but they have now arrived at The End of Neptune the Hero. Neptune can't believe this as this is so early in the game. The lady arrives and attacks Ester. She scolds Neptune asking what she is doing? Neptune is surprised to see the lady again.

Ester is glad because the bait strategy worked. She praises herself for being amazing. The lady tells Neptune to focus on the enemy. Neptune follows the lady's orders. The pair hold off Ester and Bombyx Mori well annoying Ester. She asks the lady to just be captured already. The lady is annoyed at the persistence of Ester.

Ester begins to attack but the lady is about to create a smoke screen as a counter. Bombyx Mori officers get worried for Ester. The lady tells Neptune this is their chance to escape. She tells Neptune to stay close to her. Neptune follows the lady's instructions and the two flee.

As the smoke clears, Ester admits she thought she was going to die. She orders Bombyx Mori not to let them get away and they attempt to chase the pair. After some running Neptune tells the lady to wait a second. The lady tells Neptune there is no time for that and they need to keep moving. Neptune complains that she can't walk anymore and begs for a break.

The lady seeing Neptune struggle agrees for a short break, as they'll be fine for a little while. Neptune complains that she is beat no thanks to Bombyx Mori. She thought they were the good guys. Neptune guesses this must be the fate of a Hero. The lady reminds Neptune that she told her not to get involved with them. Neptune says she couldn't resist their snacks.

Neptune says that she is fine with no money, nor memories but how does the lady expect her to live without the munchies. The lady tries to respond to Neptune. Neptune cuts her off noting how unfair it is that she doesn't the lady's name but the lady knows her name. The lady introduces herself as Chrome and tells Neptune that she understands what she is going through but...

Neptune realizes that Chrome is the mysterious one who knows more about her than she knows herself. She is excited to meet this sort of character and asks her if she is friend or foe. Chrome tries to calm Neptune so that she can listen to her. Neptune complains that she is hungry and maybe she should just go back to Bombyx Mori as they have snacks.

Chrome relents and agrees that she will feed Neptune. She tells Neptune to come with her to the tavern. Neptune is excited and hopes that this isn't too much trouble for her. Chrome remarks that Neptune hasn't changed a bit.
Be treated to food at the Lastation Guild

Chrome treats Neptune to a meal in the Lastation Guild. Neptune gorges herself on rice cakes, porridge and pudding. Neptune hungrily wants another round and more pudding as well. Chrome tells Neptune to slow down as it's not like anyone's gonna steal her food.

Neptune continues to eat and Chrome guesses Neptune can't help it. Chrome decides it's time to Neptune her book. Neptune recognizes it as the book from earlier. Chrome says it's Histoire. Neptune questions what she means by Histoire. Chrome explains that its name. Neptune remembers that the book was glowing when she first met Chrome. Neptune hopes that she's not crazy and asks why it did that.

Chrome explains Histoire does that to let Chrome know that she has run into an ally. However, Chrome does not need it anymore so she hands the book to Neptune. Neptune is surprised but she promises to take good care of it. Neptune is glad that it can point out allies just like a Hero needs. She hopes it doesn't bring her any wimpy party members.

Chrome has no idea what Neptune is talking about. However she needs Neptune to listen. Chrome explains that Bombyx Mori are evil, and anyone who opposes them meets a terrible, violent fate. Neptune does not like the sound of that.

Neptune then remembers that their leader Filyn was obsessed with Chrome. Chrome explains that it is not what Neptune thinks but they do have a lot of history. Neptune nods. Chrome tells Neptune that once they are done, they are headed to the Weapons Shop. Neptune asks why. Chrome explains that she is low on money, so they are going to the guild to find work. They'll need weapons.

Neptune says that she is a Hero, so she will sit this one out. She's sure Chrome understands. Chrome reminds Neptune that a life of a Hero is one of blood, sweat, and tears. Neptune needs to work. Neptune did not know this. She thinks she needs a new career path. Perhaps she can be a Jester.

Neptune and Chrome head to the Weapons Shop. During which they see a couple looking sad at a trashed store. Neptune wonders why there are games are on the street. A man says this is too much. He knows that his games are rated poorly but to see it out on the street like this. Chrome tells Neptune this is the work of Bombyx Mori, they trashed the store to make an example.

The man adds that they forced them to make games with similar designs and same old ideas. If they can just try something new for once, they might not get low ratings. His wife tries to cheer him up, saying that at least they didn't get punished. The poor Armor Shop owner was sent to the Trial Grounds last week. The husband agrees with his wife, and adds that the Armor Shop owner was never the same either. He wonders what happened to him.

The wife tells her husband that they can't let themselves suffer the same fate. The man agrees. Neptune asks Chrome what they are talking about. Chrome explains that the Trial Grounds of Bombyx Mori's number two, the Mad King are where people are sent to be rehabilitated after defying Bombyx Mori. They are forced to shoot rotating iron plates or fireballs at a steel turtle.

If they can destroy them, they can walk freely. Neptune thinks that sounds easy enough. Chrome clarifies that the turtle are indestructible, this is meant to wear people down physically and mentally. Neptune thinks that is terrifying. Neptune guesses that Bombyx Mori are bad people and Filyn is behind it all. Chrome agrees and adds that Filyn is a terrible person.

Neptune can't believe she was almost duped by them. Chrome reminds Neptune that if she is caught, she will be sent to the Trial Grounds. Neptune says she refuses to go.

The man thinks their games thrown on the street near their shop will take forever to clean. He asks Neptune and Chrome for help. Neptune wonders if he is referring to her. Chrome tells Neptune that if they don't help him, they need to take the long way to the Weapons Shop. Neptune understands what Chrome is saying and decides to help him.

Chrome is happy Neptune understands and tells her that a good deed will always come back to you in the end. After helping the couple out with their cleanup, Neptune is glad that she is done. The man thanks Neptune and notes it isn't much but asks her to take this. Neptune takes 200C and feels like she has taken her first step towards being a real Hero.

Chrome notes that it is the first of many. She is in for a workout.
Ready your equipment at the Armor Shop
Inside the Weapon Shop, the owner greets them and asks them what they want. Neptune says she wants their strongest sword and with a Hero discount. Chrome gets angry at how Neptune assumes she is already a Hero. Neptune gets a Sensword, and Chrome thinks they are good on equipment, now they are headed to the Guild for work.

Neptune is disappointed that it is so soon. Chrome says she is broke and hurries Neptune.
Accept a Hunt Quest at the Lastation Guild
At the guild Chrome tells Neptune this is where she can take on requests. She hopes there is an easy one. Neptune wants there to be a request for pudding tasting. Chrome tells Neptune not to be ridiculous. Those do not exist. She tells Neptune, she is now on her own. Neptune asks Chrome where she is going. Chrome tells Neptune there are things she needs to do, and Neptune needs to earn money for food. She should get to it.

Neptune thinks the world is cruel. Chrome leaves Neptune.
Defeat the Hunt Quest's monster at Ratchet Volcano
Neptune ventures to Ratchet Volcano to hunt the monster, she sees the target and two girls engaging it. Neptune decides to join them. A girl with black pigtails wonders how the newcomer is. The girl in a white hat has no idea. The girls are victorious and Neptune cheers. Neptune thanks the two girls for helping her out and introduces herself.

The girl with black pigtails tells her not to thank them. She was only helping herself and while Neptune did get in the way, she introduces herself as Noire. The girl with the white hat introduces herself as Blanc. Neptune repeats their names to help herself remember them. She asks where they live and if they use Chat. Noire tells Neptune that they don't know. They both don't remember anything but their names.

Neptune can't believe they have the same problem as her. She wonders if there was a 3-for-1 deal on characters with amnesia or something. Noire struggles to understand Neptune but asks her if she can't remember anything as well. Neptune confirms that she can't remember anything. She wonders if they would have found a new shtick by now. Blanc wonders if she is allowed to say that.

Noire remarks that Neptune is flippant. She explains that the two of them are looking for anyone who might know who they are. Blanc agrees that they want their memories back but she is also looking for new books. Neptune thinks that is interesting then asks if Blanc can read. Suddenly, Neptune sees that her book, Histoire is glowing. Blanc wonders why the book is glowing, she has never seen a book glow before.

Neptune explains that it is a Histoire. Blanc ponders on Histoire. Neptune is glad that Blanc is curious and asks if she likes it. The book is pretty awesome. Histoire then shows some characters on its cover. Its a bunch of emoticons causing all the girls to wonder what was just said. Neptune remembers that Chrome told her that Histoire would glow if she ran into allies.

Neptune tells them that the glow means that the two of them are friends. They need to join her on her Hero's quest. Blanc does not want to as she wants to find books to read. Neptune tells Blanc that she has the perfect book and it glows. Blanc guesses it is and agrees to join her for a little while. Noire has no idea what Neptune is saying and she has to look for her memories so she says her farewells to Neptune.

Neptune repeats that this book glows when she is near allies, friends. This can't be a coincidence. They all lost their memories, so perhaps they can look for memories together. Noire is shaken but Noire resolves that she does not know Neptune and she seems suspicious and for that reason, Noire begins to leave. Blanc calls out to Noire. Neptune notes that she was so lonely and here she thought that maybe she found a friend.

Noire is shaken again. Neptune notes that she really wanted to be Noire's friend. She repeats that for a bit. Noire wants friends and guesses she can keep them company for a bit. Neptune is glad that she just gained 2 new party members. She thinks she is doing great on her Hero quest. Blanc cannot believe how easy it was to sway her. Noire does not want to hear a word.

Neptune tells her new team that they should head back to the Guild and report to the lady.
Report to Chrome at the Lastation Guild
Neptune and her party return with Histoire to Lastation Guild. Neptune reports to the lady back at the Lastation Guild. She has completed a mission as a Hero should. The lady tells her the mission was easy so she shouldn't get carried away. The lady sees Noire and Blanc and wonders who they are. Neptune reports that she has acquired allies, as Histoi- Histy started glowing. Noire and Blanc introduces themselves.

Blanc asks Neptune what the lady's name is. Neptune struggles to remember, so Chrome introduces herself. She notes they are one short. Noire asks if that means she knows who they are. Chrome tells them they will find out soon enough, as she does not feel like telling them.

Since Chrome is not willing to tell Noire, she declares she will have to get it out of her somehow. Chrome refuses to give up such information easily. Neptune announces that the plot thickens! What mysteries does the new character hold? She tells the audience to stay tuned.

Chrome smirks and asks them if they are going to try and force out of her. She is really strong. Noire tells Neptune that if she with them she has to try harder to get answers from Chrome. Blanc asks Chrome what she means by one short? Who are they missing? Noire did not catch that. Blanc tells Noire she needs to learn to read between the lines. She is too impatient. Noire's verbal beating is made worse with Neptune piling in.

Chrome tells the group that Histoire has an answer for them. Neptune tells Chrome that they couldn't read what showed up on the cover earlier. She asks Chrome to read it for them. Chrome tells them that it something only Goddesses can read. Neptune does not understand what Chrome means by this. Chrome tells Neptune that she is not a goddess any... anyway, so she can't read it.

Only goddesses can use Histoire's power and that is why she does not need it. Neptune notes that she is not a goddess, or is she? However, she can't read the text so why is that? Chrome has no idea. Blanc asks Chrome about Histoire's other powers than pointing out allies. Chrome tells Blanc she will find out soon enough.

Noire can't believe that is all Chrome is telling them. They can't trust her like this. Chrome is okay with this, and just for their information, there are 7 tomes out there that allow non-Goddesses to read Histoire. They should find them and they'll be able to read Histoire. Chrome tells them she has scattered them far and wide. Chrome takes her leave.

Neptune tells Chrome to wait but she already left. Noire wonders seriously, who is she? Chrome returns surprising Neptune and Noire. She forget one final reminder, Neptune is not to waste the money she earns. She has to be responsible and then Chrome leaves truely. Neptune is sad that she just leaves again. Blanc does not think Chrome is a bad person. Noire guesses that this is the case.

Blanc tells Neptune to ask Histoire about their other ally. Neptune thinks that is a good idea. Neptune asks Histoire and gets more emoticons as answers. This frustrates the group. Noire is glad that at least Histoire is answering them. Neptune decides that they need to find the tomes Chrome is talking about. Blanc thinks they can find some at Lowee's Archive.

This is the first time Neptune has heard of that. Noire remembers that they stopped by the place earlier. Perhaps a tome may be there. Neptune is glad that her party members are more useful than she thought. Noire can't believe what Neptune is saying. Blanc thinks it is settled and they must head to Lowee. Neptune likes this side of Blanc as she is eager to take on this quest.

Noire hopes that Blanc isn't just in it for the books. Blanc denies that this is the case and hurries the group forward. Noire does not care about Blanc's denial of her true interests.
Head to Lowee
Neptune and her party pass through Twin Mountains to enter Lowee. Neptune is impressed with the new town. Noire tells Neptune that the Archive was next to an amusement park that was under construction. Neptune asks more about the amusement park. Blanc notes that the amusement park was supposed to open soon. A Loween man confirms what Blanc says and adds that the amusement park is supposed to open today according to the flyer.

Neptune thanks the man and seeing the flyer, she reads that the opening is being postponed. Noire reads that Bombyx Mori bought the park and is doing some last minute repairs. Neptune wants to see the haunted house once it is done. Noire is visibly disturbed hearing that. Blanc bets that Noire is scared. Noire denies that she is afraid and redirects the party's focus on the Archive. Blanc confirms that Noire is indeed afraid. Neptune agrees with Blanc's assessment. Noire continues to deny her obvious fear and pushes the party to the Archive and storms off with Neptune and Blanc following. A Bombyx Mori guard tells his fellow guardsman that their orders are not to let anyone in and to keep a sharp eye out. His partner agrees and both keep a sharp eye out. As time passes, the first guard comments on how that loli, Filyn is such a great leader. His partner agrees.

Head to Akoop Archive
Neptune's party sees guards on the entrance to the Archive. Noire wonders what they are up to. Blanc observes that Bombyx Mori is guarding the Archive for some reason. Neptune concludes that if the bad guys are guarding something, then important stuff is in there. Blanc wonders why Neptune calls them bad. Noire is surprised Neptune would consider them bad and asks how she knows. Neptune explains that as a Hero, she knows.

Noire doesn't really see Neptune as a Hero as a few scenes ago, she was almost monster snack. As the two bicker, Blanc leaves to the guards and quickly returns, noting they can't pass this way.

Neptune is disappointed. Noire wonders if there is a backdoor. Blanc has a second plan she wants to try. Noire is surprised by this and before she can protest Blanc, she tries her second plan. Neptune notes that Blanc is quite the go-getter.

Blanc tells the guards that there is a suspicious person in a direction away from the Archives and thinks they are up to something. The guards quickly leave their post to investigate this, opening up the way to the Archive for the heroes. Blanc reports that it is all clear. Neptune praises Blanc.

Inside the Archive, Neptune announces they are in. Noire tries to hush Neptune as they don't want to be discovered. Neptune realizes her mistake and quiets up. Blanc is in awe of the volume of books found in the Archive. Blanc skims through them and finds only history books or strategy guides for old games. She wonders where the novels are. Noire skims around and agrees that the books here are not books Blanc would like. Blanc wonders how this could be. Neptune wonders if Blanc will be okay.

Noire thinks an Archive like this would have important books in the basement. Blanc hurries the party to look around. Neptune agrees but asks what they are looking for, a basement or books. Blanc tells her they are looking for both.

Investigate Akoop Archive
The group investigates the archive but are not having any luck. Neptune admits that she is getting hungry. Noire admits she is not seeing any stairs to a hidden basement. Blanc can't believe this, that there is nothing. Her disbelief starts turning into frustration of not being able to find any books, novels, manga anything that she has not already read.

Neptune calls out to Blanc. Blanc's frustrations takes over. Noire tells Blanc that she needs to calm down. Blanc snaps at Noire to shut up. She angrily denounces this archive and kicks a shelf down. Neptune is stunned. Noire explains to Neptune that when Blanc gets too stressed out, she just snaps. Neptune thinks Blanc's transformation is terrifying.

Neptune notices the shelf Blanc kicked down. Behind the shelf was a hidden stairway. As Blanc begins to calm down, she reports that the way is now open. Noire can see that there is a hidden staircase. Neptune praises Blanc for finding the enemy hideout. Noire does not want to go in without a plan but Blanc rushes ahead. Neptune quickly follows Blanc down the hidden stairs.

In the basement, Blanc looks and smells around. She reports that there aren't any books nearby. Neptune agrees with Blanc's observations. She was joking earlier about the fact that this is the enemy's hideout but perhaps it is. Noire cannot believe Neptune hasn't caught on that given the fact that there were guards to this archive. This must be a Bombyx Mori base.

Blanc finds the act of gutting an archive and turning it into a base unforgivable. She calls Bombyx Mori truly evil. Neptune is glad Blanc now sees that Neptune was right about her accusations of Bombyx Mori. Noire is surprised that Blanc now believes Bombyx Mori is evil.

A couple of Bombyx Mori soldiers are heard in the distance. They are discussing someone important coming over and how they need to look busy for her. Neptune is worried that they are coming this way. Noire tells the group they need to hide. The party quickly hides. The soldiers begin to complain about having to sort out all these dangerous books. This is a waste of their time. A soldier suggests that they just burn all the books.

The soldiers leave so the party leaves their hiding spots. Neptune thinks that was close. Noire asks the party if they caught on Bombyx Mori's book burning. She finds it disturbing. Blanc finds the thought of that unforgivable. Noire tells Blanc to calm down.

Blanc assures Noire that she is calm. She also believes that they should split up as they would get caught if they are grouped up like this. Neptune finds this a good idea. Blanc decides to head to one direction, she instructs the group to look for clues and when they are done, they should regroup outside. Neptune decides to hide to another direction and says her goodbyes to Noire.

Investigate Akoop Archive once more
Neptune notices a door that looks a little on the nose. She opens the door and finds a room that looks like a regular archive to her. As she explores the archive, Histoire starts glowing. Neptune asks Histoire what's up and wonders if Noire fell in a well. As Neptune continues to explore the archive, Neptune notices Histoire glowing even more. Neptune wonders if she upset Histoire.

Neptune eventually finds a book that she feels is nostalgic. Histoire starts glowing and Neptune wonders if Histoire is finding this book interesting. Neptune thinks Histoire is nodding to her question. Neptune takes the book and concludes that they are all done here then. Histoire reacts negatively to that. Neptune wonders what else is in this archive. Neptune notes that she is starting to understand Histoire but wishes she could just read her.

Later Neptune finds a dictionary. Being so heavy, Neptune thinks it would be a great idea to give it to Blanc. Neptune notices that Histoire has stopped glowing. She concludes that she must have found everything here. Neptune now wants to check out other rooms in the archive. As Neptune continues, she finds a Puddingo looking her as if it wants to join Neptune's party. This is the second offer Neptune has got from a monster. Neptune wonders if she is that charismatic, well since she is the hero, that is to be expected.

Neptune is willing to take Puddingo in but she tells Puddingo that she does not want useless party members. She asks Puddingo if it can be of use. Neptune continues to stare at Puddingo and she thinks it is inviting her to step on it. Neptune agrees to but reminds Puddingo to tell her if it hurts. After trying out Puddingo, Neptune discovers that Puddingo can her jump much higher. With this Neptune declares she can reach paths she couldn't before. This means that treasure is guaranteed.

With that, Neptune thinks Puddingo is a useful ally so welcomes it to the party. Neptune begins to leave when she hears Noire's cries. She wonders if that really is Noire. Noire pleads with her captors saying that she is no spy, she was just lost. Neptune hears that it is coming from the other side of the wall. Noire begs to be let go. Bombyx Mori tells her to shut up as she will not be able to talk her way out of this one. They tell her the Resistance scum that her luck has run out. They have been waiting a long time to catch her. Noire tells Bombyx Mori she has no idea what they are talking about.

Neptune can't believe Noire is being mistaken for a spy. She needs to find Blanc. Neptune then cracks a joke about Noire being caught and how that looks bad for her type of character. Blanc whispers to Neptune to go back to the entrance so she won't get caught. Neptune does not want to as she needs to save Noire. Blanc points out that if she wanted to get caught too, she could try to rescue Noire. Neptune gets upset at this. Blanc reminds Neptune that their priority is regrouping. She assures Neptune afterwards that they will not leave Noire behind.

With that Neptune makes a break for the entrance. She promises to Noire that she will save her.

Escape Akoop Archive
Neptune catches her breath after her quick getaway. She regroups with Blanc who is relieved to see her. Neptune recipocates Blanc's feelings but quickly remembers about Noire and the fact Bombyx Mori is accusing her of being a spy. Blanc reports that she overheard a conversation about that. In addition, just as she left, a suspicious person bolted out of the Archives.

Neptune asks Blanc if this is true. Blanc remembers them dropping a book as they ran out. She is sure it is from the Archive. Neptune believes that is the real spy. She wants to tell Bombyx Mori so they can let Noire go. Blanc agrees that Noire can get her charges dropped if they figure out that she is not a spy. Neptune realizes that if there is a spy working against Bombyx Mori, that they should be friendly and help them. Blanc tells Neptune that the enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend. Neptune is saddened by this. She wonders what they can do then.

Blanc notes that they must have intel on the Archive. As a result, they must beat it out of them if they have to. Blanc notes that she last saw the spy running towards Lowee City so they should start there. Neptune remembers that is the first place they visited so with that the two rush over to Lowee.

Search for a suspicious person in Lowee
Neptune and Blanc return to Lowee and start looking around for suspicious people. Neptune picks out a person and asks Blanc if that is them. Blanc admits she did not get a good look at them but no that person does not look like them. Blanc does not see anyone that looks like the person she saw in the Archive. Neptune suggests that they may not even be in the city. Neptune feels this is hopeless.

Neptune thinks they should forget about the person and just rush in to save Noire. Blanc believes that is their best option now. As Neptune and Blanc begin to head out, Neptune spots a suspicious person. They are trying to sneak around and avoid suspicion. Neptune alerts Blanc to his presence. She catches him and he freaks out saying he is not sneaky and does not know anything about the resistance.

Neptune thinks that is very suspicious for him to say that. Blanc tells Neptune that it is not him. Neptune cannot believe that and asks Blanc how she knows this. Blanc tells Neptune that the person she saw leaving the Archive was not a man but a woman. Neptune wishes Blanc told her that earlier. Blanc still thinks there is not trouble hearing what he has to say about the Resistance.

The suspicious person gets defensive and claims he knows nothing of the Resistance. He is just a normal law-abiding citizen. Blanc reminds the suspicious person that they are not part of Bombyx Mori. With that, he admits that he is a member of the Resistance. He has been monitoring Bombyx Mori. Neptune thinks getting that info was easy. Blanc asks the suspicious person what he would have done if she just lied to him. The suspicious person realizes his mistake. Blanc assures him that they are not Bombyx Mori so he is safe.

Blanc tells him that they want information of Bombyx Mori. Neptune adds that their friend was accused of being one of their spies and is taken away. The suspicious Resistance member thinks that is terrible. He tells the girls that he does have information but if they want it, they need to help him. If they scratch his back, he'll scratch theirs. Neptune thinks that is more work but it must be done.

The Resistance member thanks the two for agreeing to help him. He tells them that Bombyx Mori's Lowee base is at the amusement park. That is probably where their friend is at. Neptune thinks an amusement park sounds fun. Blanc tells Neptune this anything but fun. The Resistance member tells the two that is all he knows. Now what he needs is Mysterious Grass. There is five of them. Once they have it, they should see him.

Gather 5 Mysterious Grass
When Neptune and Blanc return with the Mysterious Grass, he admits he did not think they would come back. He knows it isn't much but asks the to take this. He gives them 5 Omni Berries and 800 experience points.

Head to FC Land
Neptune and Blanc head to the amusement park, FC Land. At the entrance, they see more Bombyx Mori guards. Neptune figured they would run into them. She asks Blanc what they should do. Blanc tells Neptune to leave it to her as she has done this before. Neptune does not think they will fall for it again, as they aren't that stupid.

Blanc walks up to the guards and tells asks them if they saw that suspicious person over there. She thinks they are up to something. The guards eagerly set off to investigate the suspicious person and leave their guard positions. Neptune can't believe the copypasta worked. Neptune thinks the guards should look for a new job.

Inside the amusemart park, Neptune is super excited to be in as they have so many fun things. She wonders what they should play with. Blanc tells her later as they are here for Noire. Neptune agrees and notes that she definitely did not forget about Noire. Blanc shakes her head and urges Neptune that they should go.

As they investigate, Neptune calls out to Noire. Blanc looks around and wonders where they keep their prisoners. Neptune thinks they should ask an employee. Blanc thinks about it and believes Neptune is right, and the two decide to find someone. An intruder alarm is set off. It states that there are two unidentified person in the park. It calls for guards to intercept them and tells employees to standby for their location.

Blanc damns their situation as Bombyx Mori has found them. Neptune wonders how this possible and what to do. Blanc tells Neptune they need to hide. Unfortunately guards surround the two. They tell the two to halt and give up as they are surrounded. The guards believe they have finally caught the Resistance scum.

Neptune tries to tell them that they are not part of the Resistance. Blanc tells Neptune there is no use in telling them that and draws her hammer. Neptune draws her sword. Neptune is upset as this is true and she never gets to correct people. A commander arrives and can't stand the noise. She notes that beauty is heard in simplicity. The guards acknowledge her as Lady Paix.

Bombyx Mori's Three Musketeers

Neptune wonders who is that. She introduces herself as Paix St. Gliss. She is the number one, the lead Musketeer on a quest for the ultimate tone. Another commander starts laughing. She is happy to see more mice and thinks it is great the idiots are taking the bait. Paix is annoyed by this loud commander. The loud commander greets the "Resistance scum" and asks if they know of her, the Mad King. Blanc has no idea who she is.

The Mad King explains that she Bombyx Mori's number two. She snickers and asks if they want to play a game. She thinks they will love it, as it is... hellish. Ester notes that Arty likes it when things get difficult. Mad King Arty tells Ester not to call her that or she will kill her. Ester is amused by that response. Neptune recognizes Ester from earlier. Ester realizes that Neptune is that newbie and happily greets her. Blanc asks Neptune if she knows her.

Neptune snickers and admits she sort of knows her. Ester agrees with Neptune that they are acquainted and introduces herself as Ester Zira, the third Musketeer. Ester asks Neptune if she lied to her. Neptune tells her it is not like that. Neptune then realizes if these are the Three Musketeers then they are Bombyx Mori elite. Paix tells Neptune she is correct. Paix notes that they place is overrun by ugly sounds and she must hurry and tune it.

Ester tells Blanc and Neptune they are under arrest! Mad King Arty laughs and tells the mice to give up. Blanc thinks they are not going to let them go. Neptune notes that usually Goddesses lose this first boos battle but she is going to win! She asks if they know why? It is because she is no Goddess, but a Hero and charges in. Neptune and Blanc lose the fight.

Mad King Arty tells them she is going to turn them to a pile of bones. Neptune is upset that they lost. Blanc screams out in pain. Neptune calls for a tactical retreat! The two run off. Neptune and Blanc are able to shake off their pursuers. Neptune notes that all this running is making her hungry which makes it hard to fight. Blanc admits she is worried about Noire, but she agrees that they must head back to town and figure out a new plan. Neptune is glad Blanc understands her. The two head back.

Head to the Lowee Guild

Neptune and Blanc enter the Lowee Guild to find Chrome. Chrome is eating a meal. Neptune happily asks if Chrome is having a lunch break. Blanc greets Chrome. Chrome is surprised to see the two and asks them what is going on. Neptune wants to eat too and asks Chrome if she can have a bite. It looks so good! Neptune begs Chrome stating that she will pass out from hunger.

Chrome understands and assures Neptune she will get her something. Blanc thinks Neptune is embarrassing. Neptune cheers and asks for a large Hero Combo and a side of pudding. Chrome reiterates that she does not know what is going on. She notices that Noire is missing. Blanc explains what has happened and that they are still figuring out their next moves.

Neptune agrees that this is a total mess and that she is so worried that she can barely eat as she gorges herself. Chrome observes that Neptune is just eating fine. Blanc asks if there is anything they can do. Chrome suggests that they head to Leanbox. Blanc does not understand why the place is suggested. Neptune does not know the place. Blanc explains that it is a nation across the sea.

Chrome adds that it is the base of the Resistance and probably their last hope. Neptune understands but Blanc notes that it will take forever to get there. Chrome assures Blanc and Neptune that she will keep an eye on Noire. If she is correct about Bombyx Mori, she will be safe... for now. Neptune is happy that they now have a plan. She wants one more pudding though, before she goes. However, she remembers that Noire is waiting so she decides to hold off the pudding for now. Blanc agrees.

Head to Leanbox from Lowee Harbor
Neptune and Blanc arrive in Leanbox. Neptune takes a look around her then decides that they need to ask around to figure out where the Resistance is. A girl greets them and welcomes them to the Leanbox Harbor. Neptune has a feeling if she talks to this girl, that she will just repeat the same thing again and again. Neptune talks to the girl and the girl welcomes them again to Leanbox Harbor.

Neptune brushes her greeting aside and asks if she knows anything about the Resistance. The girl ignores Neptune and continues introduces them to Leanbox Harbor. Neptune guesses she won't get anything out of this NPC. A man overhearing their conversation wonders if Resistance is some sort of defense magic. Neptune hopes that the man would know more than that. A young man overhears the conversation and suggests that instead of fighting Bombyx Mori, he would treat the ladies to dinner.

Neptune quickly shuts the young man down. Neptune guesses that she is too attractive. Neptune wonders why nobody knows anything about the Resistance. The young man understands that they are looking for the Resistance Base. He thinks then confirms that he knows nothing of it. Neptune guesses they are on their own and that they should start looking.

Search for the Resistance Base
The pair search for the Resistance base and enter Yasnaya Forest. During which, Neptune finds someone lying on the road. Blanc confirms that Neptune is right. The lady glances at them. Neptune wonders if she is looking at them causing the lady to turn away. Neptune guesses it was just her imagination. The lady glances at them again. Neptune finds this situation very awkward as she knows this lady is shooting glances at them.

Neptune is about to ignore this spooky person when Histoire starts glowing. Neptune quickly decides this lady must be an ally. Neptune calls out to the lady. The lady stays quiet and Neptune thinks it is no use. The lady was just a corpse. The lady gets offended and claims that she is most certainly alive. Blanc is surprised and asks if she is okay. Blanc walks up and heals her. As the lady stands up, Blanc is in awe of her chest.

The lady apologizes for startling them and explains that she has collapsed by the side of the road. She asks them to escort her to the inn as she would rather not travel alone. Neptune thinks that is fine. Blanc is still in awe of her chest. The lady catches Blanc's stares and asks if everything is okay. Does she have something on her chest? Blanc tries to explain that she wasn't staring but just clarifies that it was nothing. If that is the case, the lady smiles and introduces herself as Vert. She thinks it is a pleasure to meet them. Neptune and Blanc introduces themselves to Vert.

Head to Leanbox's inn
In Leanbox City, Vert points out the inn is just up ahead. She suggests that they rest up a bit as she already has a room. Vert offers them tea and snacks as it is the least they can do for their help so far. Neptune is happy with that. Neptune and Blanc explain their situation. Vert points out that it is strange that they lost their memories as she has as well. Vert explains that she was found unconscious outside the city and rescued by someone in the inn. Vert admits she does not have any luck regaining her memories though.

Blanc thinks that must have been hard as she was able to team up with Noire at least but Vert was all alone. Neptune understands and thinks they all just want their memories back. Vert points out that she does not need her memories back right now as she has games to occupy her time. Due to her lack of memories, she can enjoy games she has already played. Neptune is shocked by what she is hearing but says she understands. Neptune thinks Vert is a little weird and asks Blanc if she thinks the same.

Blanc asks if Neptune even needs to asks such a question. Neptune then asks Vert if she knows the whereabouts of the Resistance Base. Neptune explains that the two of them have asked around but no one seems to have any idea. Vert wants to say something but holds back. Neptune adds that Histoire was glowing so Vert has to be their last ally and hope. Vert does not know about Histoire. Blanc explains that it is the book Neptune was holding. Neptune tells Vert that Histoire says that she is their ally so they should team up.

Vert is afraid she cannot join them. There is something she must do. She apologizes. Neptune is saddened by this. Vert will however guide them to the Resistance Base. That is all she can do. Neptune pouts and Blanc is satisfied with this. She wants to get moving. Vert agrees and is ready to go. Neptune says that she is hero, people should join her party because she is so cool! Perhaps she has to give them the pudding in her waist. Vert is confused as she does not see any pudding on her waist.

Blanc tells Vert not to pay any attention to Neptune and just show them the way.

Head to the Resistance Base
In Yasnaya Forest, close to the Resistance Base, Vert tells Blanc and Neptune that almost all of Leanbox's citizens are anti-Bombyx Mori. Neptune thinks that is cool and she wants to be anti-something as that will give her an edge. Blanc suggests Neptune should be anti-Neptune. Neptune wonders why she would anti-herself, and asks Blanc if she is crazy. Vert suggests being anti-pudding to improve her health. Neptune declares she will never abandon pudding. That would be hearsay... heresy.

Vert chuckles and explains that as a result of being anti-Bombyx Mori, the citizens support and protect the Resistance. They do so by keeping its location a secret from travelers such as Neptune and Blanc. Neptune can't believe this and wonders if she does not look like a Hero enough. Vert tells them not to take it personally. She has found the two of them worthy and will show them the way. Neptune asks if Vert is part of the Resistance.

Vert explains that all she does is visit the base to play. Neptune and Blanc do not have good ideas with what that means. Vert clarifies that the Resistance develops new games all the time and she trades them food for a sneak peak at those games. Neptune is surprised by the fact new games are made. Vert says they have been working on something big, something no one has seen before. That is of course, just what Vert has heard.

The party make it to the Resistance Base. Vert tells them to wait as she talks to the Resistance members. Neptune is happy to leave it to her. Blanc thanks Vert. Vert walks up to a Resistance member and explains Neptune and Blanc's situation and asks them if they can help. The member explains that she is thankful for all that Vert does but they do not allow outsiders and there are no exceptions to that rule.

Vert says that she can vouch for them and asks her to reconsider as they can trust Neptune and Blanc. The member understands but this is something she is not responsible for. Neptune thinks Vert is having trouble convincing the Resistance members. Blanc thinks that makes sense as security must be pretty strict around here. Vert suggests that they battle over this with a game of Petris.

The member stands her ground saying she will not be falling for that again. Neptune wonders what kind of game Petris is. Blanc explains that they make rows out of pets which disappear and they get points for that. Neptune lies saying that it is cool when she does not think so. Blanc remarks that she never thought a song with auto-tuned meowing could be so addictive.

A lady walks up to see some strangers at the base. Neptune turns around and thinks she has seen this lady before. The lady remembers Neptune as that newbie from Lastation. The resistance member then worries that the two of them are with Bombyx Mori. Neptune now completely remembers the lady from before. Blanc asks Neptune what is going on. Neptune begins to explain herself and assures the lady that she has it wrong.

Vert asks Artisan what is the meaning of this. Artisan remarks that Bombyx Mori is smarter than she thought if they could find their base. She draws her brush and notes while they may have found their way in. They won't find their way out. Artisan tells them they will regret this, the Resistance will be threatened by those Bombyx Morons. Neptune continues to explain that she has it all wrong. Artisan tells the party to prepare themselves.

Vert is able to stop the fight and tries to explain to Artisan what is going on. Artisan asks Vert if they are with her. Vert confirms this and explains that Bombyx Mori has captured their friend and they are here to ask for help. Neptune further adds that Noire was captured when they were looking for something in the Archive. Blanc adds that she was mistaken for a spy that snuck in at the same time they did. Artisan understands and agrees to talk about this inside.

Inside the base, Artisan collects what she has heard and notes that it worries her. Neptune wonders why. Artisan explains that she was the spy they were looking for as she snuck in the same they did. Neptune can't believe this. Artisan explains that she feels partially responsible for Noire's capture. Blanc asks if she is sure because she saw a spy that looked nothing like her.

Artisan guesses she saw her handiwork and says with a stroke of her brush... she transforms into her Bombyx Mori disguise. Artisan then swipes her brush again and turns back. Neptune is impressed with what she is seeing. Artisan notes that it is her fault that their friend was taken. She will help the two of them. However, Artisan notes that she is responsible for the base as well. Neptune is glad that Artisan will help them. Neptune invites Vert to help out as well.

Vert wants to help but she is busy. Blanc notes that the amusement park is selling limited edition of new games tomorrow. Vert asks if this is true. Neptune thinks that is cool and asks Blanc how she knows this. Blanc reminds Neptune it was on the flyer. Vert gulps and notes that she wants to thank them for helping her so she has decided to join them. Neptune is glad that she now has the last party member. Neptune declares that this party will now head to Lowee. Blanc agrees. Vert also agrees. Artisan also agrees but she notes that she can't help in battle as her brush has been acting up. Neptune wants these tropes to stop as she has heard that one too many times.

Head to FC Land (2)
The party makes it to Twin Mountains on their way to FC Land when they come before a man who is concerned with something. Neptune asks the man what is wrong. He explains that his friend, an engineer was taken. He asks them to rescue her. The engineer was working at the park and they were supposed to make a game together. The fact that it was an engineer catches Vert and Artisan's interest. Neptune wonders what she should do.

Neptune decides to help the man as she is a hero after all. Blanc tells the man she is no hero but since he needs the help, she will give it. Artisan agrees. The man thanks them and explains his friend was taken to the Harbor. Neptune understands and the party decides to check it out.

Head to Lowee Harbor
In the harbor, they see Bombyx Mori soldiers with a lady. Neptune wonders if that lady is the man's friend. The man takes a look and says that she is. The lady is being loaded onto a boat so he calls out to her. Neptune declares that the Hero has appeared. She demands they release that citizen. A Bombyx Mori captain tells his soldiers to get them. Neptune tells them to behold the mighty Hero's sword.

After defeating Bombyx Mori, Neptune declares it was an easy victory. The engineer thanks them for saving her. The man is relieved that his friend was saved. Vert is sorry that the engineer had to go through that. The engineer explains that Bombyx Mori tried to take her because she wouldn't stop developing games. Artisan confirms her suspicions about Bombyx Mori.

Blanc is confused, Bombyx Mori takes games as payment yet they would take someone away for developing new games. Vert suggests that they may have had a falling out. Neptune thinks it would be simple if it were that simple. For now, Blanc suggests that they head to FC Land first and worry about this later. The man thanks them for all their help. The engineer does not know what is going on but tells them to take care of themselves.

Neptune assures the engineer that they will and is glad that she is safe as well. They say their goodbyes.

Head to FC Land (3)
Near FC Land, the party runs into Chrome. Neptune apologizes for making Chrome wait. Chrome is surprised to see Vert and guesses that they are now all here. Vert is confused and asks if she knows her. Chrome says that Vert might know her. Neptune asks Chrome to stop with the mysterious one-liners. Blanc asks about Noire. Chrome says that she is safe but they don't have much time.

Artisan seems to recognize Chrome. Chrome understands that seeing Artisan that Neptune was able to enlist the help of the Resistance. Neptune wonders if the two of them know each other. Artisan chuckles and says that Neptune can see that. While Neptune would love details, she wants to focus on saving Noire. Vert agrees. Chrome explains that they are holding Noire in Yanderella Castle. Blanc says they need to save her and urges the party to go. Neptune likes it when Blanc is all fired up. Neptune leads the way. Chrome joins the party.

Charge into Yanderella Castle
Inside Yanderella Castle, Neptune can't believe something so pretty outside can be so creepy on the inside. Artisan notes that based on intel, Noire is held in an underground cell. Blanc tells Noire to hold on a little more.

Search for Noire in the basement of Yanderella Castle
Eventually the party was able to find Noire. Noire is surprised that Neptune actually came for her. Blanc says she is here too. Noire thanks Blanc. Noire notes that the door is locked. Artisan tells her to leave it to her and unlocks the door. Noire is finally freed. She asks Chrome who these two new faces are. Vert walks up and is introduces herself as Vert. Neptune explains that Vert is the last piece of the puzzle according to Histoire and the other person is...

Artisan notes that Noire has been through a lot. Neptune continues that she is with the Resistance and the spy they were accusing Noire of being. Noire then says that means this would be her fault. Artisan apologizes for that. Noire is about to say her mind but holds back. First they need to get out of here. Neptune agrees. Seeing how dirty Neptune's face is, Noire is about get her handkerchief but she notices she already used it. Neptune is confused. Noire remembers she used it as a bandage for that kitty.

Vert thinks they must bring that injured kitty with them. Noire does not know where the cat is. As soon as she took her eyes of the kitty, it was gone. Chrome notes that they don't have time for this and must go.

Escape Yanderella Castle
The party are almost out of Yanderella Castle and Neptune can see the exit. Someone tells them not so fast. Chrome recognizes this voice. It is Filyn, and she tells them they cannot just break out of her castle on her watch. Chrome notes that it really is Filyn. Noire warns everyone that this is the leader of Bombyx Mori. Filyn confirms Noire's warning.

Neptune can't believe that it is the loli... Filyn. Neptune can't believe she let that slip but looking at Filyn, there is no other way to describe her. Filyn asks if Neptune just called her a loli. Neptune quickly explains that she was just coughing, and notes that she is just Filyn. Blanc notes that she is such a little girl. Vert thinks she is adorable. Filyn can't believe what she is hearing.

Chrome warns the party that there is a reason why she is the leader of Bombyx Mori. They cannot fight her right now. Filyn is glad that Chrome is always the voice of reason. Filyn demands that they surrthender... surrender quickly. Neptune wonders if Filyn just bit her tongue. Noire, Blanc, Vert, Artisan and Chrome confirms that she did bite her tongue.

Filyn tells them she did not bite tongue. Filyn tells them not to make fun of her and she won't forgive them. She is going to blow them all up. Neptune is surprised. Chrome tells the party to leave this to her. Blanc can't believe Chrome is going to handle this. Chrome tells the party to make a run for this. She will handle this alone. The party is in shock. Even Filyn can't believe this.

Filyn wonders if she will have a date with Chrome. Filyn wants to go on a Ferris Wheel first. Chrome refuses to go on any rides with her. Filyn then suggests they go on one of those spinning cups first then. She is cool with that and wants to go. Chrome tells her she is not going. Filyn is shocked by her refusal. Filyn thinks Chrome wants to go the funhouse then.

Vert believes no battle will be happening so they should just leave. Blanc and Noire agree. Besides, Noire does have something amazing that she saw when she was brought here that she wants to tell the party about. Noire also wants to properly get acquainted with Vert. Vert agrees. Neptune remarks that Filyn seems to be obsessed with Chrome. Neptune agrees with running away while Filyn is distracted. Artisan agrees.

Back in Lowee, Artisan thinks they should be safe now. Artisan wants to know the amazing thing Noire saw earlier. Noire says it was an image projected to an area that seemed three dimensional. Noire remembers it was so lifelike and she could hardly tell that it wasn't real. Noire concludes that it was very pretty. Artisan thinks that was a super pretty 3D movie.

Noire has never heard of the term "3D". Noire notes that Bombyx Mori was trying to hide that image or the device that displays it. Noire asks if they saw the scaffolding and covers. She notes that those were not there before. Blanc notes that they only heard that they bought the park and began repairs. She guesses all they worked on was the castle. Neptune wonders if that means they bought it only to hide these three-dimensional pictures. Artisan thinks it is likely they plan on destroying them.

Neptune wonders why they would do that. Vert is also confused as to why they would destroy such a beautiful image. Noire admits she does not know why but what she does know is that when she first saw it, it did not feel new. For some reason, Noire seems to know about it already. Neptune remembers about that engineer they saved earlier. She was working on the park. Vert confirms that this is true. They were making some new game and Bombyx Mori wanted them to stop. Artisan thinks they were making a new kind of game, not a 2D one but one with three dimensional imaging.

Neptune is impressed as she can't even imagine what it would look like. She thinks it is unfair that Noire is the only one who can see it and she wants to see it as well. Noire notes that there isn't much she can do about that. Blanc notes that this 3D game has her curious. Vert thinks this sounds fun. Artisan agrees with Vert and she adds that it might be possible for them to make one. This surprises the party. Artisan invites them to Resistance HQ. She wants to show them something. Noire is okay with that. Vert says she was planning on heading that way anyways. Neptune thinks they have unlocked a super cool part of the story.

Neptune suggests that they use a Return Spell to zoom in on Resistance HQ. Noire tells Neptune that does not exist. Neptune is sad that does not exist. Neptune wonders if anyone has any Chimaera Wings around. Noire reminds Neptune that does not exist. Vert thinks the two of them must have some lovely conversations. Noire notes that it is not like... Noire brushes that aside and introduces herself to Vert. Vert, likewise introduces herself to Noire.

Noire asks if Vert also lacks her memories. Vert confirms this but thanks to that, she can enjoy games new and fresh again. Noire can't believe what she is hearing from Vert. Blanc blankly stares away. Neptune notices that Blanc has been very quiet. She is thinking about Leanbox. Neptune notes that they are headed to Leanbox. Blanc is also thinking of Lowee. Noire notes they are currently in Lowee and wonders about it.

Blanc notes there is an event happening Lowee tomorrow. Neptune asks what kind of event it is. Blanc notes that it is a special comic market, a Lowee tradition that happens 3 times a year. Blanc wants to attend this event. Neptune notes that she can hear the passion from Blanc's quiet voice. Blanc asks the party what they think of this. Artisan has no issue with it. Vert also has no objections. Neptune is in on this as well. Noire is okay as long as they keep an eye of Bombyx Mori. Blanc thinks it is settled then. Neptune suggests that they find an inn and get some rest for the night.

Blanc doubts she will be able to sleep. She has a lot of research to do and notes that the battle has just begun. Neptune can't believe how serious Blanc is about this. Artisan notes that she has to meet with some Resistance members so they should meet up at the inn tomorrow.

At the special comic market, the party arrives. Neptune notes that it isn't even noon yet the place is packed. She thinks the food stands look so good. Blanc suggests that everyone ignore food stands for drink stands. Noire wonders why. Blanc notes that they will work up a sweat walking around in the event. As a result, everyone will fight over cold drinks as time goes on. The last thing Blanc wants is to be stuck with lukewarm coffee.

Neptune and Noire guesses they understand. Vert notes that the event goes on late into the evening so why don't they will until then to visit. Blanc tells Vert there is no freaking way that will happen. Vert is taken aback but how angry Blanc can get. Blanc explains that if they did that then they won't get their hands on anything good. Blanc reminds Vert that those limited edition games would sell out way before then. Vert gets fired up hearing that.

Seeing how tense this is, Noire suggests that all they do is take a stroll. Neptune agrees. Blanc tells the two of them there is no time for that and this event is a battlefield. They need to follow her lead. Blanc gives out out maps to the party. Neptune and Noire wonder what this is. Blanc explains that those are maps and she circled all the booths they need to visit. Once they visit it, they need to ask for their latest book. Neptune realizes that all Blanc did is force the work upon them. Blanc asks if they will do it. Neptune realizes she can't refuse.

Blanc tells Vert to hurry to those company booths as the lines are getting longer as they speak. Vert says she will be going then. Vert says she will see them later. Blanc says she will be going to begin operations. Neptune can't believe they are performing operations and wonders if they are a special forces unit. Neptune asks Noire what they will do. Noire thinks since they accepted her request, they don't have a choice and thinks they should go. Neptune says the only options they had was "Yes" and "Of Course". Noire tells her to get over it and she should know how these things go. Noire warns Neptune not to get lost and stick near her.

Neptune begins lining up at booths and ordering their latest books. She gets the latest edition of "Rush", "Tuesday Pectorals", "My Imaginary Girlfriend", "Vernal Angel 3" and "Mero Book". Neptune is completely exhausted she is finished with her map. She tells Noire she is done but notices she is nowhere to be found. Neptune begins to freak out as she got lost.

Neptune decides to set up an announcement for Noire but they mistakenly call Noire the lost child. Noire finds Neptune in the break room and calls Neptune an idiot. Later, Neptune is glad to see Noire. Noire reminds Neptune that she got lost and that Noire is not a child.

Neptune tells Noire that the important thing is that they are together now so she shouldn't be mad. Noire cannot believe Neptune. Noire then sees that Neptune looks worn out. Neptune admits that today was crazy. Noire thinks it can't be helped. Noire and Neptune meet up with Blanc and Vert. Vert notes that the two of them have returned.

Neptune tiredly announces that they are back. Noire complains that she is so tired. Vert thanks them for their good work. Blanc asks if they were able to get everything in that list. Neptune says they did and it is all good. Vert asks if it is just her but it looks like Neptune has wilted. Neptune tells Vert all she needs is pudding and that will perk up right up. Noire asks how it went for them. Blanc declares a complete victory. Vert reports that she purchased all the games she wanted.

Noire thinks that is good news. She asks if they can rest somewhere. All Neptune wants to do is eat pudding and nap at the inn. Blanc tells them that sounds good and they have earned it. She thanks Neptune, Noire and Vert.

Bombyx Mori arrives and declares it is inspection time. They will be inspecting everything on display. He warns that anything that doesn't follow Bombyx Mori's guidelines will confiscated. Blanc is unhappy to hear them. To make matters worse, Artura arrives. Neptune is unhappy with seeing the Second Musketeer, the Mad King. Noire wonders what she is doing here. Vert has no idea why she is here but her instincts tell her they must hide.

Artura's mood sours, as she is sure she smelled Neptune around here. Since she cannot find her, she is unhappy. Artura begins looking for her. Neptune cannot believe that Artura is looking for her specifically. The Bombyx Mori inspector meekly says that they cannot find her but they still have to do their inspections. Artura tells the inspector to do whatever he wants. Meanwhile, Artura says she will hunt down that mouse to give her some TLC. Neptune is scared by Artura's declaration. Noire thinks Artura likes Neptune.

Artura notes that distance only makes the heart grow fonder. She laughs as she will get her soon enough. She asks the inspector if he agrees. The inspector quickly agrees with Artura. Neptune wants to get out of here while they have the chance. Artura breaks out into a maniacal laugh. The party leaves and run into Artisan.

Artisan welcomes them back and asks them how was the event. Neptune asks why Artisan has to bring it up. Blanc says she will never forgive them. Artisan asks what happened and if they ran into trouble. Vert wonders how she should explain this. Noire explains that there was a scary lady hellbent on finding Neptune. Artisan is surprised. Neptune wonders why the crazy lady is after her. Blanc says that does not matter compared to the inspection. Neptune asks Blanc what she means by that does not matter. Neptune wonders if Blanc has no heart.

Artisan wonders what Blanc means by inspection. Blanc notes that if they don't defeat Bombyx Mori, they will take all the spoils of war. Vert admits she is worried about her games. Artisan laughs and thinks there is something they can agree on. She suggests they rest for today and tomorrow they head for Leanbox. Noire that sounds good to her as she is tired. Vert thinks rest is an adequate way to pass the time as she does not have her console. Blanc declares she will unwind with a good book. Noire warns her not to stay up too late. Neptune thinks she won't be able to get any sleep.

Head to Leanbox from Lowee Harbor (2)
At Lowee Harbor, Vert notes they were able to leave the harbor undetected by Bombyx Mori and praises everyone. Neptune breathes a sigh of relief. Blanc has just finished reading a book and is on to the next one. Noire warns Blanc that she will strain her eyes if she reads too much. Blanc ignores her and continues reading. Neptune finally remembers she has a book that she wants Blanc to read.

This surprises Noire. Neptune notes that it is Histoire's dictionary from Lowee's Archive. Neptune calls out to Blanc. Blanc ignores Neptune. Neptune calls out Blanc again. Blanc continues to ignore everyone around her. Noire tells Neptune she won't be able to get through to her right now while she is reading. Neptune whines as this is actually important.

Neptune has an idea and just takes away Blanc's book. Blanc snaps and asks Neptune if she has a death wish. Neptune cries in fear. Blanc calms down a little and asks Neptune what she wants. Neptune gives Blanc, Histoire's dictionary and explains that she wants her to take a look at it. Blanc wonders why Neptune did not tell her something so important earlier. Neptune guesses she was too busy saving Noire earlier and forgot to tell her.

Neptune notes that she found another book for Blanc. Everyone comes in to take a look at the book. Noire wonders what is that. Blanc reads the title "The Book of Restoration" and it seems to be a novel. Neptune notes that it wasn't interesting to her but she thought Blanc might like it. Blanc thanks Neptune. Vert tells Blanc that she knows she is excited but she asks her to wait before starting the second book.

Blanc knows but she says a little peek won't hurt. Noire tells her not to. Blanc sighs and says she will look at the dictionary first. Neptune hopes that they can figure out what Histoire is saying with this. Blanc is not sure about this but she tells Neptune to bring Histoire out. Neptune brings Histoire out. Blanc asks Neptune to ask her something. Noire suggests asking her something about their memories.

Noire asks Histoire why they lost their memories. Histoire replies in cryptic symbols and emoticons. Neptune says this is a job for the dictionary. Blanc notes that some of these symbols are not listed so she can't read it. Neptune is disappointed. Blanc notes that the tome was spread across 7 books so she assumes they need them all. However a few words are here though, hard...save...time...memories.

Vert notes that while helpful she wishes they knew exactly what she was saying. Neptune understands and she says she will solve the puzzle. Neptune thinks Histoire said "It was hard, but to save ourselves from doing work, we erased our memories!". Histoire has an angry reply. Noire thinks Neptune completely missed the mark. Neptune responds with the fact that she is trying.

Noire thinks this is disappointing. She thought they would figure out something. Neptune notes that did find something, now they know they need to find the other dictionaries. Noire admits Neptune is correct.

At Leanbox, Artisan announces they are here. Vert then announces that she will be... Neptune understands and thanks Vert for helping them save Noire. Vert accepts Neptune's thanks and notes that she is relieved that Noire is safe. Neptune asks Vert if with that, does she want to join their party for real? Vert hesitates but apologizes to Neptune. Neptune sadly asks if that is no.

Neptune remembers that there was something important that Vert had to do. Vert confirms that is correct, as she must shut herself in and play through all her games. Neptune can't believe that was the important thing that Vert has to do. Vert clarifies that she has to provide supplies to the Resistance so of course, she must stay behind.

Blanc reminds Vert that she does that so she can play their games. Noire calls out to Neptune. Neptune asks Noire what's up. Noire notes that Bombyx Mori is after them so Vert will be in danger if she joined them. Vert is touched by Noire's concern. Neptune remembers that is true. Neptune tells Vert that the offer is always open for her to join their party. Neptune decides to leave it at that.

Vert asks if Neptune is really okay with her staying behind. Neptune says that she is. Vert is guesses with that, if she ever gets the desire to join Neptune, she will seek Neptune out to join the party. Artisan asks if Vert is going to head back to the Resistance base now. Vert confirms that she is.

Head to the Resistance Base
As the party returns to the Resistance base, a member of the Resistance happily welcomes the big kahuna's return. Artisan told the member she doesn't like being called that. Regardless she welcomes everyone inside. Neptune happily accepts and wonders where's the food. Noire and Blanc politely excuse themselves inside. Inside, Vert greets all the resistance members.

Artisan tells Neptune she has something to show her before their meal. She hands them something. Blanc notes that was in the Archives. Artisan confirms Blanc's observation and explains it was a magazine from the Archives. Noire says that if features 3D and VR games. Neptune notes they just heard of 3D games but she has no idea what VR is.

Blanc asks if she can take a look. Artisan allows her to. Blanc reads "A G***tsu special report1 A new game using brand-new technology! Don't Worry!" Blanc has no idea why the magazine tells people not to worry. Neptune has a feeling that this isn't new. Noire agrees with Neptune's hunch. Neptune adds that she feels she has seen these games before. Blanc and Vert agrees.

Noire notes that she felt the same way when she saw those 3D images at the castle. Artisan explains that the Resistance got wind of these games when they were investigating Bombyx Mori. For some reason, their organization believes these games don't exist. Based on what they have gathered, 3D and VR games once existed in this world. However, the games and the console that run them have been lost.

Vert ponders about what Artisan says. Artisan explains that the Resistance's goal is to get those games and consoles back to the people. Neptune wonders if that is what the Resistance is about. Artisan confirms this. Neptune is surprised that the Resistance was doing proper work. Artisan snickers and wonders what Neptune thinks Artisan and the Resistance were up to.

Seeing Artisan's mood change, Neptune realizes her mistake. Cornered, Neptune shyly admits she thought the Resistance just played a lot of games like Vert does. Vert reminds Neptune that she was not a member of the Resistance. Artisan tells Neptune that their work is serious. 3D and VR games exist and Bombyx Mori is hiding it.

Blanc ponders on why. Artisan declares that they need new games for the sake of the world, for the sake of Gamindustri. Otherwise, Gamindustri's growth will halt and the tax regulations will get ridiculous. Neptune wonders what she means by ridiculous. Artisan explains that the demands will be too much for the people and the evaluations will be unfair.

Neptune remembers that in Lastation, they're already being forced to make the same kinds of games. She retells the story of the old couple who got low ratings then had their store trashed with their only consolation that they did not get punished. Artisan laments that Bombyx Mori rejects new ideas and that any creative will lose motivation working like that. Blanc agrees with Artisan's sentiment. Vert was surprised that people in Lastation get punished. Artisan confirms that this is true.

Artisan notes that Vert spent a lot of time gaming so she probably did not hear too much about it. Vert can't believe this and is saddened by such injustice. Artisan notes that while Leanbox is under the control of Bombyx Mori, they know that the citizens of Leanbox do not support them and that the Resistance base is here. Despite how much pressure they put on other nations, they aren't strict in Leanbox.

Noire notes that this attitude is strategic, if they push Leanbox too hard, they will birth a rebellion. Artisan agrees with Noire observation and concludes for those reasons are Leanbox's tax regulations and overall treatment of citizens are much better. However, Artisan is also aware that Bombyx Mori is plotting against the Resistance and keeping tabs on them.

Neptune thinks that is scary and doesn't want to know about that. Vert thinks that is horrible and for them to deny the development of new games. Artisan thinks this is unforgivable and asks Vert if she feels the same way. Vert wholeheartedly agrees.

After all that, the party have a meal. Neptune praises the pudding. Blanc quietly continues to read her book. Neptune sees that Blanc is still reading the Book of Restoration and asks how is it? Blanc thinks it's really fun. Neptune is surprised books can be fun. Blanc notes that she would have perferred reading the magazine but Vert took it. Vert continues to read the magazine. Noire notes that Artisan's story must have been a shock to Vert since she didn't know anything.

Vert asks for everyone's attention. Neptune wonder what is up. Vert tells everyone to look at this page. It shows a purple console which was manufactured in Planeptune. She thinks that some information is held in Planeptune and that they should investigate. Neptune is upset that she has to travel again and thinks this is such a pain. Suddenly Histoire starts glowing as brightly as possible. She angrily says something in emoticons.

Neptune tries to tell Histoire she can't read that. Vert observes that Histoire is very upset. Neptune agrees that they will be going to Planeptune. Histoire gets super excited. Neptune finishes her pudding so she is ready to go. Vert declares that if Bombyx Mori is oppressing innovation in gaming, she will obliterate them. Blanc reads until something surprises her.

Noticing Blanc is not paying attention, Neptune asks Blanc if she is listening to her and explains that they are going to Planeptune. Noire tells Neptune to have fun. Neptune starts to realize something is wrong. Noire explains to Neptune that her priority is her memories not lost games. Since there is probably nothing in Planeptune, she thinks it is best that they split up.

Neptune gets angry at that. Noire wonders what's wrong. Neptune asks Histoire how Noire can get her memories back. Histoire explains in unintelligible emoticons. Neptune can't read that. Regardless, Neptune tells Noire that Histoire knows something and that Histoire's tome can be in Planeptune. Noire should come with them to find it. Noire realizes that Neptune is not going to let her leave the party.

Blanc then voices her complaints. They just saved Noire and she does not feel up for another adventure. Neptune can't believe Blanc is like this too, but in her case, Neptune struggles to find something to convince her. That being said, Neptune would like Blanc to return the Book of Restoration to her. Blanc notes that she has not finished reading it yet. Since that is the case, Blanc agrees to travel with Neptune.

With that Neptune is ready to head to Planeptune. However, Neptune then remembers Vert. She wonders if Vert is coming with them. Vert is happy to come along with Neptune. Neptune is worried she is taking Vert away from her life. Vert gulps and declares that she will be the one to ask this. Vert asks Neptune if she can join her party. Neptune's eyes sparkle and declares that Vert has joined the party.

Neptune declares that the Hero Party is complete! Neptune thinks that having a party of four people feels great! Artisan is happy for Neptune. She then has a proposal for Neptune. Neptune wonders what is up. Artisan notes that both her party and Artisan's Resistance is against Bombyx Mori so why don't they team up. Neptune wonders if Artisan means... Artisan formerly requests to form an alliance with Neptune's party of Heroes.

Noire is not sure about this Hero title, however she was hoping the Resistance would help them. Blanc says that she is grateful for the Resistance's help. Neptune accepts Artisan's request. Artisan is glad she accepted but notes that this wasn't just a request to be buddies though. She requests that Neptune gets intel on Bombyx Mori and the Resistance will assist them whenever they run into trouble. Artisan asks Neptune how it sounds to her, she will help take down Bombyx Mori and save the world.

Neptune thinks that is perfect and that they'll save the world in no time. Vert laughs and thinks Neptune says it like it'll be so easy. Noire observes that Neptune really is into this Hero thing, and hopes they'll be okay. Artisan thinks this is promising. Neptune declares they are now offwards to Planeptune. Blanc tells Neptune the word is "onwards". Neptune tells Blanc this was on purpose. Noire really hopes they will be okay.

Head to Planeptune from Leanbox Harbor
Neptune is happily leading the way to Leanbox's Harbor to get to Planeptune as she sings a song about her heroicness and willingness to buy pudding just like everyone else. Neptune suddenly remembers that as the Hero's party everyone needs to travel in a single-file line and so she reminds her party of this. Noire is having none of this, Neptune is just too noisy today. Suddenly they are ambushed by monsters.

However, Neptune has never seen these monsters before. Blanc agrees, she has no idea what these monsters are. The monsters begin to chant boke, boke. Vert tells them to be careful as they are now coming. Noire tells Neptune not to just stand there. Neptune wonders who let all the monsters come into the harbor. A frantic girl rushes in pleading as the monsters attack the party.

The party fends off the monsters but Neptune admits she is exhausted after all that. Noire wonders what that all was about, it was different than the usual monster. Blanc thinks it could be a new type of monster but... Vert, regardless is glad they came out of all that in one piece. The party then notices the frantic girl from earlier.

She wants to say something but stop herself. Neptune asks if she is not part of Bombyx Mori. The girl tells Neptune she is correct, and she stutters as she tries to explain who she is. Finally she gets her words straight and tells them they attacked her Bokemon. This shocks the party who now realizes what they just fought. Neptune then asks what is a Bokemon. Blanc notes that she has never heard of this before.

The Bokemon trainer girl hopes her Bokemon are okay. She apologizes for her Bokemon attacking them. Blanc finds it odd that one could be worried about monsters getting hurt. Noire tells the girl to calm down as it is alright. The Bokemon trainer girl continues to profusely apologize. Vert tells the dear girl that they are friends and asks her to just tell them what is going on.

The Bokemon Trainer Girl, Maisy agrees and begins to explain. Bombyx Mori built their HQ on the island, she used to live in and chased all the inhabitants out. Maisy and her older sister made a promise to take back their hometown and that is all she wants. That is why she came to Leanbox to find the Resistance and ask for their help.

Before that, one a random day, she was in a tavern and she saw some Bombyx Mori and their cronies. Neptune asks what they were doing. Maisy explains that they were talking and looking at some sort of field guide for some device. A Bombyx Mori asks his subordinate how the project is going and if they are getting stronger. The subordinate gives a glowing report on the project, explaining that it is insane how much stronger they grown even the small monsters. The Bombyx Mori captain declares that with the help of this machine, they wipe out the remaining people.

The subordinate can't wait to catch more monsters. She praises her field guide, the Bokedex and toasts a glass with her captain. The captain laughs as well, but tells his subordinate to keep it down as the Resistance might be listening but toast his glass as well. When Maisy heard about wiping out the remaining people, she was thinking about the people on her home island so she waited for the Bombyx Mori to get drunk and knocked out.

She then stole their device and field guide. Neptune then realizes that she is holding a field guide with the word "Bokedex" written in big letters in the front. Vert thinks if that was supposed to be a secret, then they got really careless. Noire asks if she can see it. Maisy hands Noire the Bokedex. She notes that while there are a lot of monsters here, they are different from the ones she has seen.

She then reads "Command" and wonder that does. Blanc suggests that it is a way to control these monsters. Blanc reads that if you set the device on the monster and use the command, they evolve. Noire continues to read that they have to rapidly hit the "Confirm Button" 23 times for it to work. Noire thinks that is a strange command.

Vert thinks this is a hidden trick to getting the device to work. Neptune wonders if it is a cheat code of sorts. Maisy thought if she made the monsters stronger, she could save the island on her own however the monsters became violent and she couldn't control them. Then they attacked the party. She wanted them to stop but all she could do was watch. Maisy profusely apologizes.

Neptune tells Maisy not to worry about it as they are perfectly fine. Vert adds that they are Heroes, after all. Neptune agrees. Maisy is glad to hear that. That being said, Noire thinks what Bombyx Mori is doing is horrible, driving people out of the homes and all. Blanc continues to read the field guide and comes across Bokemon such as Seaqueen and Ratattack. She concludes that there are a lot of strange monsters in this guide and it is fascinating.

Maisy explains that she is going to Lowee, as that is where the Bombyx Mori people said they are going. Neptune warns her about the danger of all that. Maisy explains that she has no other options, she has no idea how to get a hold of the Resistance, so... Neptune tells Maisy to tell the Resistance that Neptune's party sent her. She tells Maisy to tell the Resistance that she is friends with Neptune the Brave and they'll help.

Maisy is surprised it could be that easy and praises Neptune for being a real Hero. Neptune happily agrees that she definitely is a hero. Noire warns her not to be caught by Bombyx Mori. Maisy assures Noire that she will be fine as Bombyx Mori is pretty stupid. Blanc agrees with her assessment of Bombyx Mori but regardless she should be careful.

Maisy assures them that she will be careful and thanks the party as she leaves to the Lowee. Vert hopes that Maisy can manage to stay out of trouble. Noire has the same feeling of concern as Vert. Neptune thinks it is nice to do a good deed and declares it is time to go "Onward! To Planeptune!". Neptune asks Blanc if she said it right this time. Neptune adds that she has to like how heroic, she just sounded, and thinks it was cool! Blanc asks if Neptune is trying to annoy her because it is working.

On the boat, Neptune is pondering over Planeptune. She thinks it sounds like Neptune with a plan. Vert agrees with Neptune there must be a connection between her and Planeptune. Blanc reads her book paying no attention to the party and says Click. Noire wonders what Blanc was doing. Blanc explains that this was a spell in the Book of Restoration that opens a secret door.

Neptune is surprised that Blanc is still reading that book. Blanc remarks there are other spell such as the all purpose spell, Nep Team Epic. Neptune thinks that is nice, but asks Blanc to tell her if there is a pudding spell as she is hungry. Noire wants Neptune to tell her something she doesn't know.

The party finally make landfall in Planeptune. Vert looks at the run-down city and notes that it does feel a bit dreary. Noire takes a look at the mermaid statue and thinks it looks cute. Blanc notices that it is wearing seashell swimsuit and asks if Noire wants an outfit like that. Neptune thinks Noire is very foxy to do that and blows a whistle.

Noire flustered, remarks she would never wear something like that. Vert then notes that there are no residences in Planeptune. Neptune thinks that is strange but wants to keep moving for now.

Explore Sakura Road
After exploring Sakura Road, Blanc notices another area underwater. Vert adds that the roads are now inaccessible from here on. Neptune wonders if they can swim to the other side. Noire stares across the sea but can't see across the other side and notes that the other side is very far away from where they are at. Neptune is annoyed by this and asks what is their plan then? Vert rules a detour as that is just unrealistic. Neptune guesses that they must swim.

Blanc asks if everyone can swim. Everyone including Blanc sudden realizes they forgot how to swim. Neptune guesses they are stuck and thinks it would be nice if someone gave them a hint. Neptune calls out to Histoire. Histoire does not respond. Noire reports that she is sleeping. A helpful girl walks up and tells them the area ahead is submerged. She asks if they want to go to the underwater city.

Neptune did not know there was an underwater city. She asks the girl what happened and why it is underwater. The helpful girl explains that a long time ago, a Goddess ruled this nation... The citizens lost faith in her and so she sunk the city in her wrath. The helpful girl notes that is the story according to old folktales, but she doesn't know if this true herself.

Blanc thinks about what the helpful girl says. Neptune wonders if it is the Goddess, that Chrome mentioned and asks the helpful girl if it isn't supposed to be a Hero that ruled the nation. The helpful girl is confused by Neptune's question and what she means by Hero. Neptune finds her response really cold. Vert returns to the topic of a sunken city.

The reliable girl tells them that the land may be underwater but the buildings are still intact. She adds that this city was once the capital of the nation. Neptune believes this must be an important plot point later. The helpful girl adds that if they do want to visit the underwater city, that there is an item for that. The reliable girl explains that an alchemist that used to live nearby left it behind. It lets them breathe underwater. Noire thinks that is interesting and asks the helpful girl where the item can find it.

The helpful girl gets out a note. Neptune reports that this is a hint and thinks that was easy. The helpful girl does not know if easy is the right word but it does have the item's location. Neptune wants to see the hint. Neptune reads note and wants to say something but doesn't. Blanc calls out to Neptune. Noire wants to see the hint as well. Neptune gives Noire the note and she is in awe of the note. Vert asks what is the matter. Vert reads the note and makes a pitying face in response to the note. Blanc wants the note as well. Vert gives it to her and Blanc understands why the party is having such reactions to the note.

Noire summarizes the note as dense and that she feels embarrassed reading it. The word choice is also... Neptune agrees with Noire and says there is no denying it. The party concludes that this helpful girl is a chunnibyou in their heads. The helpful girl is concerned and asks if her handwriting is hard to read. Neptune tries to ease her concerns, saying her writing is fine and they can read it just fine. Vert says this is hard to point out to someone who is not self-aware.

Blanc asks the helpful girl if she has got to the underwater with the item. The helpful girl reports that she has but she didn't find anything there. Neptune asks if she is sure there is nothing at all. The helpful girl says she found garbage but there was a rusted door that would not open. The helpful girl concludes that it was a boring trip and she would not recommend it. Neptune is curious about that door. The helpful girl says she is leaving now. Neptune then remembers she has no idea of her name. She calls out to the girl who already left. Neptune reports that she is gone. Vert wonders what her name is.

Later, Noire declares that she should check the note again. She reads "Adorn blue shells, alight upon the coral field. Form the bond with the lost scale." Neptune thinks this is something an old villager lady would say. Vert adds that the old villager lady would likely also have a little girl who knows nothing at her side. Neptune confirms to Vert that this is exactly the image she had in mind.

Noire is tired of them fooling around. She declares that she can't make heads or tails of this note. Blanc tells the party to leave it to her. Neptune is happy Blanc is taking charge. Blanc pridefully declares that she has the greatest abundance of vocabulary knowledge here. She looks at the first part, "Adorn the blue shells..." Blanc remembers that the mermaid statue, at the harbor was wearing a blue shell swimsuit, if she recalls. Vert knows what Blanc is talking about. Blanc also notes that Coral field refers to ocean floor so this must be about the statue.

Neptune is awe of Blanc's deduction. Blanc is very sure of her theory. Blanc then notices the strange face the party is making at her. Neptune wonders if Blanc also has it. Noire agrees that Blanc must be the same as the girl from earlier. Vert adds that just like that girl, she also lacks self-awareness. Blanc annoyed, asks them what they are talking about.

Neptune, worried, tells Blanc that they are talking about nothing and that she is doing great. Noire agrees and thinks they should head to the mermaid statue now. Vert agrees that it is time to leave. Blanc thinks they are quite weird.

Investigate the Mermaid Statue at Planeptune Harbor
The party reaches the mermaid statue. Noire observes that the mermaid statue has a blue sea-shell bra. Blanc declares that the lost scale around here. Vert approaches the statue and thinks it must be this scale. She tries to pull the scale from the statue but it will not come off. Neptune tells Vert that she is off mark and she is actually pulling the sea shell bra not scale. Vert then wonders where the scale is then. Neptune takes a look around and thinks she sees it. Vert does not know what Neptune is referring to.

Neptune explains that it is in the middle of two white radishes behind the statue's shoulders. Vert gets confused by Neptune's instructions. Neptune says it is under the big shell, past the mackerel, above the small shell, around the flounder-. Vert is completely lost. Vert frustrated, declares she cannot keep up. Noire sees a glittery scale on the mermaid's tail fin and asks if that is it. Blanc thinks it is, as it stands out so much. Neptune explains that this was what she was trying to refer to for Vert.

Vert defeated, begs Neptune to... Noire picks up the scale. Neptune wants to see the scale. Neptune thinks it is pretty and sparkly. Noire asks Neptune to be careful with that. The scale slips from Neptune's hands. Noire scolds Neptune for not listening to her. The scale is used and bubble helmets appear around on the party.

Neptune notices this and reads the scale as "Underwater Respiration Materio"! She declares that they have obtained a legendary item. Neptune thought this item was just a rumor. Vert wonders what Neptune is referring to. Regardless, Vert is happy that they can now proceed to the underwater city. Blanc hopes that it is the case if the item does what the girl said it could do. Noire is happy it worked out in the end, but asks everyone to be careful. Neptune thinks they might be able to meet mermaids in the underwater city.

Noire wonders where Neptune got any idea of mermaids from. Vert laughs and asks if they should go then. The party leaves.

Head to Planeptune Sea
In Planeptune Sea, Noire is in awe of the beauty scenery. She praises the water for being clear and likens the situation to a dream. Blanc remarks that if the item's effect wore off then they'd... Blanc tells the party to forget that she said that. Neptune notes that when little kids wet the bed, they dream about being underwater. Noire cannot believe that Blanc and Neptune killed the mood.

Explore Planeptune Sea
Deeper into Planeptune Sea, Neptune notices the underwater city. Noire is impressed how pristine and intact it is. Neptune then feels funny. Vert wonders what is wrong. Neptune assures Vert it is nothing, just that her heart feels funny looking at the city. Neptune wonders what that was all about. Regardless, Neptune pushes the party onward to exploring the sea and underwater city.

Walking up a bit, Vert notices that something has sunken to the floor. Neptune tells Vert she is right about that, and wonders what they are. Neptune looks at the sunken object and realizes it is the 3D game software that was on the magazine. It is 4 Goddesses Online. Noire is surprised that those 3D games were real. Blanc looks around and notices there are more games lying about. In fact, there are a lot of games lying about.

Vert remembers that Artisan asked them to gather intel so they should collect as many games for her as possible. Blanc asks Vert if all she wants to do is play them. Vert laughs and tries to hide her obvious interest in playing the games. Neptune does not really care either way and decides to collect the games regardless.

Gather game software
While gathering games, a submarine approaches surprising Noire. Blanc looks at the mark on the hull and sees that it belongs to Bombyx Mori. Vert guesses they are collecting games as well. A crew member inside the submarine wonders what these girls are doing. Neptune tells the crew that this is her question. Why would Bombyx Mori collect these games.

A second crew member explains that if these 3D games are left behind for people to collect, the wonderful 2D games will fade away. The first crew member adds that Filyn ordered them to destroy all relics from the past. The second crew member claims that Filyn said that playing 3D or VR games would corrupt the people. The first crew member says that all this is top secret and since they know, Bombyx Mori will have to destroy them.

Neptune retorts that they didn't ask for all that information. Vert will not forgive them for causing such destruction to games and draws her spear. Neptune is surprised how fired up Vert is. Vert says her wrath has no end, they will crush Bombyx Mori then recover every game they have. Noire cannot believe that this petty drive for games is Vert's objective. Blanc figured as much but that doesn't matter. Neptune draws her sword and calls out "Orichalcum".

The party defeat the Bombyx Mori submarine. The first crew member orders a retreat as they need to report this to Filyn. Vert tells the crew to leave those games behind while they are retreating. Blanc notes that Bombyx Mori was keeping tabs on them but now they definitely know that they are a threat. Neptune gets upset. She declares that she Nep'em all up. Neptune also tells Noire that she should Nowa them all too. Noire is annoyed with the Nowa gibberish that Neptune just spewed out. Vert agrees and she will Ver up anyone who commits crimes against games. Blanc guesses she'll Bla them, but thinks that sounds weird. Noire can't believe they are still on this topic and rushes them ahead.

Further explore Planeptune Sea
Inside the Submerged Tower, Blanc notes they can breathe normally here. Neptune sniffs around causing Vert to ask what Neptune what is going on. Neptune says the smell is familiar. Noire also tries sniffing around causing Neptune to snicker. Noire wonders why Neptune is snickering. Neptune thinks Noire is like a dog. Noire gets annoyed with Neptune. Neptune tries to brush it off but Noire stays annoyed. Neptune decides to flee. Noire chases Neptune down.

Explore inside the tower
Further inside the tower, Neptune's party reaches a big door. Neptune realizes this must be the door the IF was talking about. Noire remarks on how big it is. Vert remembers that the girl mentioned the door could not budge but this door is fully open right now. Blanc believes it was forced open by some kind of explosion. Neptune thinks this is lucky for them, so they can go inside as she runs through the door. Noire tries to warn Neptune about how dangerous it can be up ahead but seeing as Neptune already left, Noire and the rest of the party follow her.

Neptune's party runs into Ester Zira and Bombyx Mori. Neptune and Zira are the first to notice each other. This surprises the two of them. Ester Zira struggles to remember Neptune. Blanc notes that Zira is one of Bombyx Mori's Three Musketeers. Zira happily confirms that she is number three of that group. Zira then remembers Neptune the newbie. Neptune wishes Zira does not remember that about her.

Zira reports to Neptune that Arty has been looking for her. She was in the tower earlier looking for Neptune and when she couldn't find her, she left. Neptune notes that was a close call. Zira wonders if Arty would be happy if she captured Neptune for her. Vert agrees that Artura would thrilled if Neptune was captured and given to her. Neptune wonders why Vert would say that. Vert apologizes as she got caught in the moment.

Zira thanks Vert for her participation and declares she will be capturing Neptune now. She prepares her Chocoman No. 1 to attack. Neptune refuses to be caught and draws her sword. Noire tells Neptune not to worry as no one will be getting captured. Neptune declares that Noire is her truest and dearest friend. Noire blushes and tells Neptune to shut up and get ready to fight.

After the party destroys Chocoman No. 1, Zira mourns her destroyed mech. She remarks that she can rebuild it, as they have the technology... Zira brightens up and declares she will be taking her leave now. Neptune tells her not to come back. Zira says that she will capture her later. Bombyx Mori and Ester Zira leaves. Neptune tells her to go away. Neptune catches her breath noting that was close. Noire thinks they should keep going as they are on a mission. Seeing Neptune still, Noire scolds her for just standing there. Neptune whines and appeals to her dearest friend to let her rest a little.

Noire tells Neptune not to call her that and continues to push her to pick up the pace. Vert notes that Neptune and Noire get along so well. Blanc agrees. Noire wonders how those two see that, and tells them to stop it.

The party eventually makes it to the computer room. Noire wonders what is this strange place. Neptune again notes that this place is nostalgic. Blanc sees an information board and reads "Data Storage". Vert sees that most of it is already destroyed. Noire believes that Bombyx Mori is to blame for this. Blanc thinks there could have been information on the lost games in some of these. Neptune remembers back in the archives, that Bombyx Mori declared they were destroying dangerous books.

Blanc begins to get enraged as they destroyed those books because it was just a pain to them. Vert notes that they are destroying all intel related to 3D or VR gaming and that their actions are not forgivable. Noire thinks if they got here earlier, they may have been able to stop them. Blanc declares them unforgivable and Vert agrees. Noire blames Neptune for wanting pudding so much and slowing them down. Blanc and Vert find Neptune unforgivable. Neptune meekly tries to defend herself.

Neptune thinks there is something they missed and tells her party they just half to look. Neptune suggests that there might be a door in the ceiling that is hard to see... Neptune spots that very door. Noire is impressed with Neptune's find and notices that the door is not broken. Neptune suggests that they try opening it and see if they find any info on games. Neptune, however cannot reach the door.

Blanc tells Neptune to leave it to her. Noire wonders what Blanc is doing. Blanc reads a long spell from her book causing the door to open and a ladder to come down. The party is impressed but Neptune notices that the part of the spell that mattered was the "Click" at the end so what was the other party about. Blanc explains to Neptune that the rest was essential. It is ancient spell stuff and Neptune wouldn't understand. Vert recognizes the spell from the novel Blanc was reading.

Blanc tells Vert she is right and it is from the Book of Restoration. The spell just "clicked" with her. Neptune is glad the book came in handy. Since Neptune was the one who found it, she reasons that she in a way was the one who opened the door. Noire agrees to stop Neptune from going on a tangent and the party enters climbs the ladder to the hidden room.

In the hidden room, they see a computer that Noire reads is "to be handled with caution". Neptune thinks it is important so they should grab it. Blanc sees that the cable is severed so they can't turn it on like this. Vert suggests that if they bring it to the Resistance it might be able to be fixed. Neptune declares that they have acquired some treasure. Noire tells Neptune they don't even know if it is treasure yet.

Later, Neptune sees an album. Noire wonders why in album would be in a hidden room like this. Vert wonders whose photos, they are. Blanc thinks they might find out if they look at them. She asks Neptune to open the album. Neptune agrees and opens the album. .

Who's that purple lady?

Looking at the album, Blanc has no idea who they could be. Noire also has no idea. Vert sees that it is just a group of friends playing games together and that they seem very close. Blanc notices that there are 4 game consoles in the pictures. Vert remembers the consoles in that magazine. Neptune notes that if these consoles are in those magazine and Vert does not know them then what sort of consoles are there. Blanc thinks they were the latest tech consoles that were lost. Noire agrees with Blanc's guess.

Neptune points out a photo with Chrome in it. Noire thinks if that is true then Chrome... Blanc says that Chrome knows these people. Neptune thinks part of the mystery is revealed. Vert thinks that the girl next to Chrome in that photo looks like the one that gave them the note to the Mermaid Statue. Neptune agrees with Vert's observation. Blanc thinks the girl looks younger though, having a kid's backpack and everything. Noire says they have to talk to the girl again.

Neptune has one final thing to say. She asks the party if that is okay to say it. Blanc wonders why Neptune is asking that. Neptune says she has noticed something bigger. Noire wonders what Neptune has noticed. She thinks that beautiful purple-haired girl looks like her. Noire, Blanc and Vert bluntly deny Neptune's observation. Noire says that Neptune lacks her nice style. Blanc says Neptune is not as pretty as her. Vert believes that the girl in the picture is smarter than Neptune. Neptune says she did not ask for their opinion. Blanc thinks they should take the album with them for now. Noire agrees, as while it does not unlock any memories for her, it still is a clue. Vert thinks they have to get this to Chrome. Neptune swears that this girl looks like her.

Neptune later finds pudding in the hidden room. Noire tells Neptune not to eat stuff off the ground. Blanc bets that pudding has expired as well. Neptune just wants to try a little taste. Vert tells Neptune she mustn't eat that pudding and that they will eat pudding once they return. Neptune agrees to be patient then. Noire thinks that should be it and they should leave now. Neptune thinks there might be something else here and wonders if they should keep looking.

Search a little longer: Neptune thinks they should look around a little more. Vert agrees as it is common knowledge to search every corner of a game. 
Leave: Neptune thinks they have seen enough. Noire says they are going now. Neptune agrees.

Neptune declares that they have returned to land. Noire thinks Neptune is always too dramatic. Vert thinks they were able to obtain quite a bit of information. Blanc agrees and thinks there could be even more intel in Planeptune. Noire wants to find that girl from earlier, and suggests they ask some locals. Neptune agrees and that they shoukd get some food while they are at it. Noire ignores Neptune and suggests that they look for houses with lights on. If Neptune chose to search a little longer, she obtains Histoire's Tome VII.

Search for houses in Sakura Road
The party is looking around for the girl. Noire is thinking about the Book of Restoration and how there was a spell specifically made for opening a secret door in the tower. Vert agrees. Blanc explains that the idea just came to her to use the book at the moment. Neptune tries to claim credit by saying she found the book. The idea of collecting the book just hit her when she was in the archives. Noire reminds Neptune she thought the book was useless before giving it to Blanc.

Vert asks Blanc if there is any spell in the book that could produce interesting game software. Blanc says there is not, but there is a spell that will make one sleepy. It was called "Snooze". Neptune says that any book with too many words will put her to sleep. Blanc remarks that Neptune does not need a spell to sleep. Blanc notes that she is finished reading the novel. She asks if the party wants to hear the intro.

Noire takes a look at the book and admits she does not really understand the book. Vert tries to read the intro. After a glimpse, Vert tells Noire she definitely understands the intro however... Neptune guesses that Noire hates the intro. Blanc tries to defend the book saying it is good. Blanc notes that there is a Purple Hawk who is crazy about pudding and almost drowns herself in it. Blanc declares this book a work of art and a masterpiece. Neptune thinks that sounds hilarious and that the Purple Hawk is a dummy.

Noire quips that this sort of stupidity is the kind Neptune would get into. Blanc also notes that this a Green Hawk that is quite chesty then gets too inflated and explodes. This shocks Vert. Blanc notes that after Green Hawk exploded, she dies and Blanc laughed. Vert wonders why she feels disturbed by that part of the story.

Noire asks who the author is. Blanc notes that there are 4 people's names but the names are worn down and she can't read them. Neptune thinks that is too bad and that it would be nice to meet them one day.

Later the party was able to find a house with the lights on. Neptune declares that is ready to challenge whoever lives there. Noire asks Neptune what she is doing? She scolds Neptune telling her to be more careful. Neptune tells Noire not to worry as a Hero can smash pots and loot the place and no one gets mad. A voice from the house tells the party to hold on as she is coming.

Neptune tells Noire that it was fine after all. Noire is annoyed regardless. Vert laughs. Blanc notes that the voice belonged to... The voice came from the girl from before. She says that she doesn't want any... before seeing the party. She is surprised to see them again. Neptune remembers the girl as she gave them the memo from before. Neptune guesses that this is her house and is happy about the perfect timing.

Vert explains that they have returned from the underwater city. The girl is happy that her memo could help the party as that means they could understand what it meant. Blanc says that she perfectly understood what she was trying to say. The girl notes that she is told that a lot. Even in school, her notes were known for its readability. Neptune thinks everyone was just nice to that girl. Noire agrees. Vert hopes that her school notes were written normally. The girl asks how it went. She was there a bunch of times but found nothing interesting.

The fact always bothered her as she feels there's something down there so she keeps going. Blanc asks if that was why she was nearby the sea when they found her. The girl confirms this and explains that this is why we live near the sea to investigate the underwater city. Noire wonder who is the we? Another voice from inside the home calls out to Iffy and asks her what is taking so long. A third voice tells the second voice, Compa that it might be Bombyx Mori.

Compa and Chrome leave the house. Neptune recognizes Chrome. Chrome is surprised to see the party again. IF asks Chrome if she knows the party. Chrome asks the party why they are here. Chrome guesses what they have been up to. Neptune gets excited from the mysterious words coming from the mysterious lady. Chrome asks Neptune to stop calling her that.

Compa suggests to IF that since the party is friends with Chrome, that they should let them in. IF agrees, and she wants to hear more about their adventures in the underwater city. Neptune is happy to be let in.

Inside Compa's House, Neptune says it is tradition for a Hero to introduce herself. Neptune introduces herself. Compa and IF wonder what Neptune means by Hero. Noire tells them not to worry about it. Noire then introduces herself politely. Blanc introduces herself. Vert also politely introduces herself. IF then introduces herself and notes that they have been living here for... Compa introduces herself as IF's roommate. Compa notes that now there is three of them living here now. Chrome chuckles and clarifies that she is not planning on staying long but Chrome introduces herself anyways. She notes that the party already knows her.

Blanc points out that while they know Chrome's name, that is all they know. They know nothing else about her. Noire agrees, and questions why Chrome is here of all places. They are very far from Lowee after all. Chrome explains how she was chased by Filyn and she was able to escape to Planeptune. Chrome catches her breathe noting that Filyn should take a while to catch up. However, Filyn is still hot on her heels. Chrome is annoyed by how persistent Filyn is. Chrome looks for a place to hide and is helped by IF. IF tells Chrome to follow her.

Chrome enters Compa's House with IF. IF assures Chrome she can hide here as long as she needs. Chrome asks IF why she saved her. IF admits that she does not know and just felt like she had to. Compa is beaming about having a guest over as they have not had one in a long time. IF and Compa introduce themselves to Chrome. Chrome then introduces herself and thanks the two. Chrome says she will not be staying long.

Chrome finishes explaining her story and admits she was only planning a short stay but... Vert and Neptune understands what Chrome is trying to get at. Neptune adds that she has something to say to Chrome. Chrome can only guess what that is. Neptune declares that she is hungry and wants her to buy her something to eat. Chrome scolds Neptune to spend her money wisely.

Compa laughs and suggests they all have tea. They can all rest and talk a bit. Compa asks if that is okay with IF. IF notes that Compa is happy to have company. Compa is glad IF noticed. IF agrees to allowing their guest to rest and eat. However, IF notes that they only have tea and sweets. Compa wonders if she should make some pudding as she has the ingredients. Neptune wants Compa to do it. She tells her to put all the ingredients in an alchemy pot so that it'll be done quickly.

Compa does not think that is actually a thing. IF tells the party that everyone has to help. Those who do not help, do not eat. Neptune says that hearing that makes her heart melt. Vert thinks it is like salt on a slug. Blanc corrects Vert as slugs don't melt, they shrink. Vert is surprised that is the case, but wonders who cares. Noire agrees that they will help and tells Neptune to get up. Neptune says she will do anything for pudding and gets up eager to help out.

Help Compa

Neptune asks Compa to let her help. Compa thanks Neptune and lets her take care of the eggs. They finish the pudding and Neptune announces to her party that it is all ready. Neptune tries the pudding and finds it delicious. She praises Compa for being a good cook. Neptune thinks Compa's skills are why Chrome is still living with them. Chrome retorts that her stomach does not guide her every action unlike Neptune.

Neptune recounts her adventures and concludes that this is why she wants to know about these old games from Chrome. She knows that Chrome knows a lot about them. Chrome agrees, so she explains that 3D games once existed in Gamindustri. However Bombyx Mori and Filyn hid them so that no traces of them exist. Vert thinks that is so terrible. Noire is surprised Vert is so hurt by this. Vert declares that every games deserves to be played... by herself. Now Noire feels dumb for feeling concerned about Vert. Blanc is upset that Bombyx Mori is also involved in censoring books. She won't forgive them.

Chrome acknowledges that resources go into graphical tech in 3D games, making actual content sparse. However that does not seem like enough reason for Filyn to hate them that much. Blanc observes that Bombyx Mori idolizes 2D games which do not use as much resources on graphical content. Noire notes that this lines up with what Artisan said. Vert believes they will get more answers when they pursue Bombyx Mori. Neptune agrees.

Neptune still remembers that Bombyx Mori kidnaps engineers and burns books so... Noire thinks that entire issue has nothing to do with her. Noire tries to leave Neptune's party. Chrome cuts Noire off and explains that Filyn is the reason why the 4 of them don't have their memories. Noire quickly changes her attitude and wants to hunt Filyn down. Blanc wants to confirm with Chrome that Filyn is ordering all those book burnings. Chrome assures that Filyn founded Bombyx Mori and the one leading everything. Blanc agrees that Filyn must be stopped. Neptune doesn't really understand what is going on but the loli - Filyn must be stopped. Vert agrees.

Chrome appreciates the party's enthusiasm but normal humans don't stand a chance against her. Neptune disagrees as she is the Hero. They can win if they just- Filyn is heard outside calling Chromey out to play. Chrome and the party are surprised. Neptune can't believe she is already here. Filyn knocks on the door for Chrome. Chrome responds that she is busy and Filyn is noisy. She tells Filyn to go home.

Filyn wonders who is inside with Chrome. She warns, whoever it is, better not be interfering with her play time with Chrome. She demands Chrome come out. Neptune wonders if they should throw down now. She is worried because she does not have all her Hero equipment yet. Noire is annoyed with Neptune as there is no Hero equipment. Vert worries that they have to think of something as Filyn will barge in at any moment. Blanc thinks she is about to break down the door.

Chrome tells everyone to hide. She will deal with Filyn. Neptune agrees to leave this to Chrome. IF worriedly asks if Chrome can handle this. Chrome assures IF that she is used to dealing with Filyn. She can handle it. Compa tells IF to hurry and hide. Everyone hides. Shortly later, Filyn calls out to Chromey asking if she can hear her. Hearing now response, Filyn loses patience and says if she is going to be like that then...

Chrome tells Filyn to wait. She is going to get the door. Filyn enters and very happy to see Chrome. She remarks that she really wanted to see Chrome and suggests that they play together. Chrome tells Filyn to calm down and she will play with her. Filyn is happy to have her date with Chrome. Filyn wonders what they should do first and something catches her eye. Chrome wonders what is up as no one else is here.

Filyn wonders then why are so many cups out. Chrome explains that she made too many sweets so she had to make a lot of tea to go with them. Neptune thinks Chrome is in it now. She wonders if Chrome can make it. Filyn asks if Chrome made all this by herself. Chrome assures her that she did. Neptune notes that Chrome does not look like she has a cooking attribute at all. Filyn remembered a while back that Chrome said that she could not cook. Neptune knew her observations were correct and thinks Filyn has seen through Chrome.

Chrome tries to explain herself. She quickly explains that she wanted to make something nice for Filyn so she learned. Neptune laughs at Chrome's quick thinking. Noire tells Neptune to shut it. Filyn hears something and asks who is there. Neptune apologizes as she couldn't help it. Neptune thinks they are in trouble now as she sees Filyn looking around. Neptune makes some weird animal sounds. Blanc wonders what kind of noise was that. Filyn brushes out that sound of that of a fish. It makes sense since they are by the water.

Both Chrome and Neptune breathe a sigh of relief. Vert wonders if fishes actually make noise like that. Filyn remarks that sound was stupidest she ever heard. She wonders if fishes sound like that. Fishes are dumb and listening to them made her dumber. Neptune gets upset at her remarks. Noire tells Neptune to keep it together. Filyn does not care about anything else anymore as she is happy to see Chrome and wants to confirm if all this is for her.

She asks if she can have some now. Chrome tells her she can and suggests that as it is late, she should go home when she is done. Filyn thinks the food looks delicious and starts eating. Neptune is upset as she was not done eating yet.

Filyn starts eating the sweets the party helped Compa make. She thinks the food is both very sweet and yummy. Chrome warns Filyn not to eat so fast as she might choke. Filyn thanks Chrome for her concern. She continues to eat. Vert notes that Filyn eats rather ferciously. Neptune worries that Filyn will eat everything. Chrome continues to observe Filyn.

Filyn is able to eat everything. She notes that she is stuffed. Chrome is glad that Filyn liked it and thinks it is time to- Filyn notes that when she is full, she gets sleepy... Filyn starts to fall asleep. Chrome calls out to Filyn. Filyn is fast asleep and notes that she likes Chrome so much. Chrome guesses Filyn hasn't changed after all. Filyn wants them to play together again.

Later, Chrome tells everyone it is okay now and they can come out now. Neptune wonders where Filyn went as she was just sleeping. Chrome explains that she threw Filyn out. Vert thinks that is a bit cruel. Regardless, Chrome notes that she does it all the time. Filyn does not remember it whens she wakes up anyway. Blanc thinks that is strange. Noire worries about IF and Compa as they are still in the closet. She takes a look and notices that they are sleeping. Neptune notes that she feels bad about waking them up.

Chrome tells them to leave them be because this is pretty convenient. They can continue their conversation from before. Blanc agrees with Chrome. Neptune recounts they found an album with her, IF and Compa in it. Vert wonders if they were already acquainted. She got the idea they had all just met. Chrome tries to explain with Histoire pops out. Neptune is surprised that Histy is awake. Histoire seems very happy with the company that has assembled.

Neptune notices that Histoire is talking like crazy. Noire does not think that Histoire has ever said this much to them. Chrome understands what Histoire wants. Chrome revises her previous statement and thinks that it is possible for them to defeat Filyn. Neptune is happy with Chrome's changed opinion as she is a Hero after all. Neptune notes she is no run-of-the-mill human. Chrome agrees as Neptune is more a Goddess.

Neptune does not understand what Chrome means by Goddess. Blanc asks if it is the Goddess that IF mentioned in the folk tale. Vert remembers the one that was supposed to protect Planeptune. Chrome confirms that this is what she means by Neptune is that Goddess. And it is not just Planeptune, Lastation, Lowee and Leanbox all have Goddesses. However it is more accurate to say, they "had" Goddesses as they are all now gone.

In order for someone to become a Goddess, Histoire must acknowledge them. Noire is surprised that Histoire had such an ability. Neptune pieces it together, four nations, four Goddesses, and they are a party of four. Chrome again confirms that Neptune is on the right track. Neptune is happy at such a coincidence. Chrome stops being cryptic and bluntly states that the four of them are the Goddesses.

Neptune tells Chrome not to get worked up as she was just making a joke. Chrome admits that Neptune is exhausting. Noire guesses that means they were the four Goddesses protecting the nations. Chrome confirms this and notes that when they were turned human, they likely lost their memories. With Histoire, however they have a chance to become Goddesses again. If they are able to do that, then they can get their memories back. Noire gets excited, and wants to make sure Chrome is not lying when they can actually regain their memories. Vert is taken aback by the realization that they were all Goddesses. Blanc is excited that as a Goddess, that she should be able to read all the books in the world.

Neptune wonders if she be a Goddess or a Hero. Neptune asks if the Hero class or the Goddess class is better. Hero sounds coo- The group stop Neptune before she gets off track.

Steel your resolve and speak to Chrome
Chrome guesses it is time she told them everything. Neptune is getting tired with this exposition. She asks the teacher if it is cool if she could skip this scene. Chrome tells Neptune she can but she might be in trouble if she does. Neptune guesses that was the case. If they have anything important to do, they should do it now.

Sleepwalking Cosplayer
The party strolls across Lastation City. Noire sighs as they can't find clues about their memories. Neptune assures Noire that it is okay and they should take it easy. Noire tells Neptune they can't be so carefree. Neptune feels Noire is irritable today. Blanc whispers to Neptune that she needs help and promises to fill her in on the details later.

Neptune is unsure by what Blanc means but she agrees. Noire notices Blanc and Neptune falling behind and tells them to walk faster as they need to find a place to stay by tonight.

The party finds a place in the inn and Noire quickly falls asleep. Now that she is asleep, Neptune asks Blanc what she wants. Blanc explains that there is a trend of Noire being stressed out then after sleeping she is perfectly fine. Neptune thinks Noire just gets cranky when she is tired. Blanc does not think so and suspects Noire goes somewhere on nights like that. Neptune wonders where Noire could go. Blanc does not know but she wants Neptune to follow her.

Later that night, Noire gets up and leaves her room surprising Neptune and Blanc. Blanc believes her theory is right about Noire. She urges Neptune to follow her as they follow Noire. Neptune happily follows along. They find Noire sitting down on the main lobby of the inn. Neptune asks if she is okay. As Noire gets up, Blanc hears her snoring. She continues to leave the inn.

Neptune cannot believe that Noire is actually sleepwalking. Blanc observes that this must be the case and wonders if Noire is dreaming. The two follow Noire outside. Neptune is shocked by what Noire is doing. Blanc thinks Noire is cosplaying but she did not know Noire was into that. Noire happily mixes hums into her snoring. Neptune wonders if she is into this hobby in her dream. Blanc does not know but she knows that this is calming her down at night.

Noire does a twirl and a pose. Neptune comments on how surreal it is to see this. Noire dreams about cosplaying as an idol. Blanc thinks that if it just cosplay, it is fine. Neptune wonders what they should do. Blanc wants to watach her until she gets back to bed as she does not want her to trip and hurt herself. Neptune does not want to as she is sleepy too.

Noire happily sleep-cosplays for a while before returning to bed. Noire wakes up in the morning fully refreshed and exchanges good mornings with her party members. Neptune complains that she is sleepy. Noire tells Neptune that is no good as she should get better rest. Noire thinks she slept well and feels great. She felt like she a good dream. Blanc thinks that is good.

Vert's Acquaintance
The party walks around in Leanbox. Neptune wonders what they should do now? Vert begins fidgeting. She asks for the party's attention. Neptune asks Vert what's wrong. Vert tells them there is a Resistance soldier of whom she is acquainted with. She asks for permission to greet her. Noire is okay with this but since they are from the Resistance, she suggests that they go together. Vert tells them it is alright, and they should go ahead to the inn.

Vert tells them she will meet them later and says her farewells. Blanc comments on how just like that, Vert left. Noire wonders what that was all about, but thinks they should just head to the inn. Neptune agrees, as this is just a greeting so this will be quick.

3 days later, in the inn, Neptune complains that Vert is not back yet. Noire wonders what has happened. Blanc wonders if they should look for her. After asking around, they get info that a busty lady in green headed to a house 3 days ago. Neptune sees the house and guesses this is it. Noire wonders if she is here. Noire walks up and calls in to the house. Blanc notes there is no response and observes the door is unlocked.

Oh no, Vert are you okay?

The three open the door to find a lightly yet messily dressed Vert with bags on her eyes playing games with food and drinks lying around. Vert notes she is sleepy but a little more and she can clear the dungeon. Vert realizes that she is getting hungry and looks around for snacks but she is all out. She thinks the Resistance is useless. Returning to her game, Vert believes she should level her skills in the previous area but then...

Vert thinks about what decision she should make. Neptune wonders if this really is Vert. Noire thinks this is Vert but her hair is messy and she has bags under her eyes. Blanc thinks the life was sucked out of her face. Neptune thinks her clothes could also use a wash. Blanc says there is no mistaking it, Vert is a... Neptune and Noire wonder what Blanc is going to say.

Blanc thinks Vert is an addict. She is addicted to games. Vert notices that she can't return to the earlier dungeon. She observes that this is by design and a terrible one at that. Neptune get concerned and calls out to Vert. Vert guesses she will have to restart from her previous save. Noire calls out to Vert. Vert notices the party and wonders who they are. She apologizes as she is a bit preoccupied at the moment.

Neptune begs Vert to pull herself together and snap back to reality. Vert is confused by what the strange notion of reality.

Later at the inn, Vert declares she feels refreshed after her bath. Vert apologizes for taking so long with the Resistance as she had a few games she has to play. Blanc wonders if really was just a few. Vert confirms this and says thanks to that, she was able to relieve some stress. Vert apologizes for the trouble. Neptune wonders what would have happened if they never looked around for Vert. Blanc thinks it would not be strange if Vert just played games forever.

Vert thinks she could never do that as her limit is an hour a day. Noire wonders what this hour is for, a break? It seems like that hour is just for a break from games. Vert laughs at Noire's joke. Noire thinks Vert needs help.

Gathering Maximum Eggplants

Neptune and her party are about to leave Compa's House when Artisan calls Neptune asking how they are all doing. Neptune tells her that they are doing well. She asks Artisan how's it is going. Artisan says it is good and wants to tell them all about a rumor that might interest them. There are delicious eggplants near Lowee. Artisan wants to get her hands on some but can't. She asks if the party can help her.

Neptune is taken aback by eggplants and wonders why Artisan would ever call her about eggplants. She tells Artisan that she does not like this and asks if Artisan is new here. Chrome is interested in eggplants and agrees that they can help. Noire thinks Chrome is too eager to help and asks if she likes eggplants. Chrome says that they are here favorite food in the world and perhaps the universe. Neptune sees how eager Chrome is and decides to help her find some. She wonders if eggplants are possibly good. If they are then...

Artisan is happy that they will help her. She says that she will be at the base so asks them to call her when they arrive. Chrome wants to head to the base now. Vert notes that she has never seen Chrome this eager to complete a task. Blanc adds that Chrome would have her respect if she was always like this. Chrome asks Blanc and Vert what they mean. Vert and Blanc say it is nothing.

Artisan is happy that the party has actually arrived. Chrome excitedly assures that the party would arrive as she likes eggplants. Neptune says that Chrome only speaks for herself because... Artisan wonders if that means Neptune is no longer up to the task. Chrome gives Neptune the stink eye. Cornered, Neptune says that was just a joke. She actually likes eggplants.

Artisan says that is great and begins to fill the party on the details. Artisan says that these eggplants aren't regular eggplants, they are Maximum Eggplants. They are becoming hard to find in Lowee so once they find them, they should bring them to the Resistance base. She wants them to gather 3 Maximum Eggplants. Noire asks how they are supposed to tell the difference between those eggplants and regular ones.

Blanc believe she has heard of something like that before. Artisan thinks that since Blanc is aware of what they look like, they should be able to find them quickly. Blanc corrects Artisan as she was not referring to eggplants but tomoat-. Chrome silences Blanc as they don't have the budget to win this legal battle. Blanc apologizes for that mishap. Chrome says they have all the info they need and should go. Artisan tells them to be careful out there.

In the Twin Mountains, the party runs into a strange eggplant. Neptune wonders if this is the Maximum Eggplant. Vert observes that there is an M written on it. Chrome takes a look at this rumored Maximum Eggplant. Based on its color, sheen and decent size, Chrome declares this the perfect eggplant. Noire observes that Chrome is completely engrossed in the eggplant. Neptune is about to throw up, and wonders how Chrome could like eggplants. She warns Chrome that she will call her the old eggplant lady.

Chrome takes offense to that. She is not an old lady; she is as young and alluring as the eggplant. Blanc asks Chrome how old she is anyways. Chrome thinks she is over a thousand but can't recall the exact number. Neptune says that makes Chrome an old eggplant grandma. Chrome pinches Neptune. Blanc read in a book that a human's lifespan is 80 but perhaps the book was wrong. Chrome tries to think of a response of Blanc's observation. She decides to awkward brush her statement of as a joke and calls Blanc too stiff for not getting it. She urges the party to continue the search for the next eggplant. Chrome walks on ahead.

Noire thinks Chrome is weird but wonders if it is just her. Blanc believes she is hiding something.

Vert declares they have found their second Maximum Eggplant. Chrome excitedly declares they only need one more and tries to pump up the party by telling them to look alive. Neptune lets out a weak cheer.

Blanc spots the last eggplant and declares that is all three. Chrome wants to take them to Artisan immediately.

The party return to Resistance HQ and Chrome happily reports that they have the three Maximum Eggplants. Artisan says that was quick and is happy to eat them right away. Blanc asks Artisan if she is going to eat them raw. Artisan explains that apparently, they are best served raw. She takes one of the eggplants and tries it. It is delicious and Artisan is sure being as juicy as it is, it would be a great summer snack. Chrome asks if she can have one as well. Artisan happily hands some to Chrome as her party brought them over anyways. Chrome thanks Artisan and tries the eggplant. Chrome enjoys the eggplant praising it as the best eggplant she ever had.

Neptune covers her face and groans. She does not see the appeal of the eggplants at all. Vert asks Neptune how she knows she won't like eggplants. Artisan gives Neptune an eggplant for her to try. Neptune asks if she must try it. Artisan tells Neptune she will not force her to but vouches that the eggplant is delicious. Neptune says she will think about it.

Noire notes that she did not know that Chrome likes eggplants that much. Vert agrees and thought Chrome was a standard meat lover. Blanc says they are done now and should get going. Before they leave, Artisan wants the party to take this as a token of her appreciation. She'll contact them if something else comes up. Neptune tells Artisan that it better not be eggplant-related and says her goodbyes.

In Sakura Road, Neptune is wondering about something. Noire asks Neptune what is wrong. Neptune says she is wondering whether she should eat that eggplant that Artisan gave her. Noire urges her to try it. Neptune might like it. She'll never know if she does not try. Neptune agrees with Noire. Neptune tries the eggplant. Noire asks how it is. Neptune freezes.

Noire calls out concerned for Neptune. A dialogue box appears describing Neptune's predicament. She is feeling nauseous and her hairs stood up. Neptune's final thoughts are it was terrible as her consciousness faded. Chrome thinks the eggplant was delicious because she has terrible taste. The eggplant was itchy and gross. Neptune calls out to the dialogue box for making it seem like a game over just because she ant an eggplant. She is not an android. Neptune knew she was right about eggplants and will never touch another eggplant again.

Noire continues to call out to Neptune. Neptune thinks it is fine for her to return as Noire is calling her. Noire asks if Neptune is okay. Neptune calls the eggplants gross and confirms that eggplants were indeed terrible. Noire thought Neptune was choking but it was a waste for her to get worried. Neptune gets upset at Noire as she was the one who suggested that Neptune eat it. Noire defends herself as Neptune ultimately made the decision to eat it, not her. The two girls are bitter at each other.

Vert breaks up the two girls fighting. She notes they must be very close to each other to fight over something so trivial. Neptune declares she will never eat another eggplant again, so Noire better not ask her to. Noire tells Neptune to give her the eggplant then. Neptune is not sure that she should given that she already bit it. Noire blushes and says it is fine as they are both girls and that doesn't bother her.

Neptune thinks this is lucky for her as she did ultimately feel bad about throwing the eggplant away. Neptune tells Noire she can eat the whole thing if she wants. Noire thanks Neptune. With that Neptune is ready to head on with her adventures.









  • "Jump!" (Jumping)
  • "Like a kangaroo!" (Jumping)
  • "Boing!" (Jumping)
  • "Dash!" (Dashing)
  • "Zzzoom!" (Dashing)
  • "Like the wind!" (Dashing)


  • "Huh? It's not working!" (Attack resisted)