The following page contains Ultra Dimension Neptune's quotes for each game she appears in.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory


  • "Oh, an icky bug! I'm gonna getcha, sucker!"
  • "Yay! I wanna show this off to everyone! After that, it's my specimen!"

Megadimension Neptunia VII


  • "Wow, you have 'Nep' in your name, too?! Crazy! This Nep can't help but feel some sort of sentimental fate at play here!"
  • "It's RPG tradition to heal up before battle! Today, as a special present, I'll give you girls the Nep Bull VII that I just made!" (To Purple Sister and Orange Heart)
  • "V for Victory!"
  • "Ooooh! Even in your normal form, you're pretty cool-looking!" (To Uzume)
  • "If I ever had a younger sister, she might even look like you! Aw, what a pretty thought. I'd love to have a younger sister someday." (To Nepgear)
  • "It's a bad move, Uzume. Anyway, I've decided to put this gross bug into my specimen book, so you can't!"
  • "Last but not least, I just tape her down and...Voila! Finished!" (After putting Arfoire in her Nep-Note)
  • "Yippeee! I've been kinda bummed out since I got here. It's been super lonely without anyone around."
  • "Plus, I've run out of food, so I've been on the brink of starvation for a little while." (Reference to Victory/Re;Birth3's Ultra Dimension CPUs joking about how the Neptune of that dimension died.)
  • "Oooh, so there's another me out there. I'd like to meet her!"
  • "That's right. From what I can tell, the world you're from and my world are different, too." (To Nepgear)
  • "Uh-huh! Hmm, I think she was a CPU named Plu-something?"
  • "Although, I've spent more time travelling through different dimensions than at home, so I've never even met her or seen her."
  • "Oooh...Such a new feeling..." (In response to being called "big sis" by Nepgear)
  • "No way! Baths are the best when everyone takes them together! That's the trope!"
  • "I'll have to write about this later in my Nep-Note."
  • "The Nep-Note is a notebook too, you know? It's a convenient notebook that I write in along with being a specimen book."
  • "Also, if something I put in the book has a special ability, I can draw out a part of that power and use it freely."
  • "W-What is this food?! it's beyond disgusting! In fact, I'd say it's borderline dangerous!" (After trying to eat Eggplant)
  • "Ooooh! It's the other me! She's so tiny!"
  • "Wowee, wow! My small self is so cute!"
  • "Hey there, miss! You have super amazing style, what's your secret?" (To Vert)
  • "Ooh. Hey, would it be okay if I touched your chest? It's so big, I'm kinda curious." (To Vert)
  • "You guys are plenty strong, as well! Seriously, I said it already, but you're much stronger than last time, Nepgear."


  • "I'm in prime-time fighting condition today! Woo!" (full health)
  • "I'd like a younger sis like Nepgear too! I wonder if Nepgear would like to become my sis..." (full health)
  • "My name's Neptune too! Nice to meet you!" (full health)
  • "Huh, I scratched myself a bit." (High health)
  • "Whoops, I'm bleeding a little. I'll just put some spit on it." (High health)
  • "When did I scratch myself?" (High heath)
  • "Oh! Oh! Me! Me! Yes, I'd like to get healed please!" (Medium health)
  • "Maybe I'm pushing myself too hard..." (Medium health)
  • "If you healed me right now, my affection points would skyrocket!" (Medium health)
  • "Help! Help me...!" (low health)
  • "I can't even really joke around anymore..." (low health)
  • "Could you seriously maybe...heal me?" (low health)


  • "Like a wallaby!" (Jump)
  • "Jump!" (Jump)
  • "Ooh, found a rare insect! I'd better put it in my specimen book!" (Idle)
  • "Oh, that's right, I should put today's diary entry in my Nep-Note." (Idle)
  • "Phew, I'm tired...I think I'll take a break around here." (Idle)


  • "I'll give it my all!" (Battle Start, Symbol Attack)
  • "You let your guard down!" (Battle Start, Symbol Attack)
  • "Yippee! You're all going in my specimen book!" (Battle Start, Symbol Attack)
  • "Wha?! An Ambush?!" (Battle Start, Back Attack)
  • "Are we in...trouble?" (Battle Start, Back Attack)
  • "You want to play with me?" (Battle start)
  • "Neptune makes her appearance!" (Battle start)
  • "Maybe I'll catch them to put in my specimen book." (Battle start)
  • "Dimension Traveller Neptune, reporting for duty." (Boss start, Symbol Attack)
  • "I'll fly us into a future without this dummy!" (Boss start)
  • "Finally!" (turn start)
  • "I shall go forth! *giggle* Just kidding." (turn start)
  • "Let's Nep things up!" (turn start)
  • "Alright, into the specimen book!" (turn start)
  • "G-Gonna die...someone help!" (turn start, low health)
  • "There!" (Normal attack)
  • "Useless, Useless, Useless!" (Normal attack)
  • "I'll chop you up!" (Normal attack)
  • "You won't escape!" (Normal attack)
  • "There, there, there!" (Normal attack)
  • "This is the essence of dual-wielding!" (Raging Rush)
  • "Raging Rush!" (Raging Rush)
  • "Let's do this acrobatically!" (Aerial Shot)
  • "You're not trying very hard, are you?" (Aerial Shot)
  • "It's pudding!~" (Pudding)
  • "Pudding pudding!~" (Pudding)
  • "This is my Nep style!" (Slash Raketen)
  • "Resistance is useless!" (Slash Raketen)
  • "Here you go!" (Normal Attack/Nepnical Combination)
  • "I'll just keep shooting!" (Nepnical Combination)
  • "Prepare: Final Slash!" (Nepnical Combination)
  • "I'm at the top of my game!" (Nepnical Combination)
  • "Power up with my Nep-Note!" (Heat Up!)
  • "Maybe I should put you in my specimen book. Just kidding." (Cool Down!)
  • "You're so naive. Next." (Enemy defeated)
  • "Sorry to slash and dash." (Enemy defeated)
  • "Maybe I should've put them in my book." (Enemy defeated)
  • "Buh-bye!" (Enemy defeated)
  • "Hey!" (Hit)
  • "Stop!" (Hit)
  • "Ouch!" (Hit)
  • "That didn't hurt." (Hit, low damage)
  • "I think that was a bug." (Hit, low damage)
  • "It...scratched me?" (Hit, 0 damage)
  • "Did something?" (Hit, 0 damage)
  • "Useless, useless!" (Hit, 0 damage)
  • "Hmm?" (Hit, 0 damage)
  • "Didn't feel a thing." (Hit, 0 damage)


  • "I'm just glad that I finished what I started."
  • "This win's probably 'cause of all of my good deeds."
  • "We won! We won! W-I-N!"
  • "I'm not strong enough if I struggled that much..." (low health)
  • "I'm not one to get carried away with this victory...hmm, hm hm hm hmm~"
  • "I'm a protagonist too! Of course I'd win!"
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