Hyperdimension Neptunia Wiki

Neptunia Shooter follows the traditional shoot-em-up style with various enemies firing various projectiles at you and a boss at the end of each level. As you defeat each boss (with the exception of the last one), they will join you in your adventure and have their own unique attack. You can instantly swap between characters with a single button press.

Character Abilities


Her attack is shooting d-pads to the right in a standard shoot-em-up style.


Her attack is tossing pills downward in an arc to attack enemies below or near her.


She shoots beams to the left. Her attack is exactly the same as Neptune's, but in the opposite direction.


Her attack is shooting balloons slowly upward to attack enemies at the top of the screen.


Vert is the only character with a melee attack instead of a projectile-based attack. It's a very powerful dash attack that needs to be charged up for about a second. Vert is completely invincible while attacking.


For Blanc's attack, she generates a shield comprised of shogi pieces. While they mainly are used for blocking enemy projectiles, they can be used offensively as well.