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Nisa, known as Nippon Ichi in the Japanese version, is the flat-chested heroine of justice who valiantly fights for the sake of peace in Gamindustri. She will do any and everything to ensure that justice in Gamindustri is upheld.



Nisa has medium length bright dark blue hair and eyes, accompanied by a pair of black goggles with yellow-orange lenses. She wears a black shorts-jumpsuit that is zipped all the way down along with a red scarf tied around her neck and a prinny backpack. She wears gray gloves with white cuffs and black buttons along with matching shoes.


Nisa has a generally upbeat and optimistic persona. She is kind and selfless; always putting the safety of others, and most importantly Gamindustri, before anything else. She believes that good will always triumph over evil and has an extremely strong sense of justice. Nisa is also very insecure about her ironing board of a chest which can cause her to become very violent and less righteous when made fun of about it.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2

Nisa first appears in front of Nepgear and the gang as they're looking for the Treasure Gem in Planeptune's Virtua Forest Depths. As they encounter Linda who has brought an enemy that prevents Hard Drive Divinity (HDD) activation, Nisa swoops in and assists them in defeating the threat. After this she joins the party, thinking it would be cool to assisting and protecting a goddess on her journey to restore peace to Gamindustri and save the Console Patron Units (CPUs).

Nisa becomes a permanent party member after this and helps Nepgear in every event afterwards such as helping with the other CPU Candidates of Lowee and Leanbox, fighting the Criminals of the Free World (CFWs), and rescuing the CPUs. In the the True End of the game, Nisa drags along Gust to fight crime in Gamindustri as heroine's, much to Gust's distaste. They bump into Linda and Pirachu who are attempting to sell broken Arfoire Chips. While Nisa is distracted trying to coach Gust into being a heroine, the two make their escape.




Musical Themes

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Name Game Description Audio
N・I・S<Kono Justice wo Mune ni> Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 Nisa has her very own theme in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 titled "N・I・S<Kono Justice wo Mune ni>." It plays when she comes to Nepgear's rescue and helps her fight monsters sent out by Underling. A full version of this theme later appears in Disgaea 4.




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