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Name's Nisa! Gamindustri's Heroine of Justice!
— Nisa

Nisa, known as Nippon Ichi in the Japanese version, is Gamindustri's self-proclaimed "Keeper of Justice", a heroine who appears in times of crisis. She's supposedly training to become a brave and passionate hero, but she is not very good at gathering information.



Nisa has medium length bright dark blue hair and eyes, accompanied by a pair of black goggles with yellow-orange lenses. She wears a black shorts-jumpsuit that is zipped all the way down along with a red scarf tied around her neck and a prinny backpack. She wears gray gloves with white cuffs and black buttons along with matching shoes.


Nisa has a generally upbeat and optimistic persona. She is kind and selfless; always putting the safety of others, and most importantly Gamindustri, before anything else. She believes that good will always triumph over evil and has an extremely strong sense of justice. Nisa is also very insecure about her ironing board of a chest which can cause her to become very violent and less righteous when made fun of about it.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia

Justice Keeper of Gamindustri!

Compa announces that that someone saw a monster prowling near town according to some people running away in fear. She also says that some other were still left behind. With Neptune being stuck in the bathroom due to eating some expired pudding, Compa and IF go on ahead to deal with the threat. When they arrive and begin to fight the monster, they find themselves struggling without Neptune help. Neptune finally makes it out of the bathroom and starts to head over to where Compa and IF are. Compa and IF find themselves exhausted and unable to fight any longer as the monster begins to go for the civilians. Nisa appears in the nick of time and attacks the monster with her Justice Kick which instead makes contact with Neptune accidentally gets in the way of it. Neptune rendered unconscious from the kick and Nisa says that she went full force on the kick, so Neptune might wake up in a few weeks. Nisa then finishes off the monster herself, leaving Compa in awe at how easily she dealt with it. Nisa then departs to go and help more people in trouble.

That's What a Heroine Is!

A monster is attacking a helpless old man. Younger Brother and Older Brother take this as their chance to flee while it's not paying attention to them. The old man cries out for help, and Nisa shows up right in the nick of time. After Nisa gives her opening statement, Older Brother comments on how provocatively dressed she is. Younger Brother points out that she has no breasts, which makes Older Brother state that it looks like washboard or a cutting board. Nisa ignores them for the time being, and deals with the monster threat. In the mean time, the two brothers take their leave. After she defeats the monster, she tries to lecture the brothers only to find them gone. The old man thanks Nisa for saving him, and Nisa says that it doesn't matter who they are or what they do, but she cannot ignore someone in need. Compa and IF arrive to deal with the monster threat only to see Nisa has beaten them yet again. Nisa then bids them farewell and Compa's does the same as she leaves.

That's What You Call a Father!

Younger Brother and Older Brother try to take a man's daughter to use her as sexy advertisement for their restaurant. The man cries for help and immediately after, Nisa appears on the scene. She gives her obligatory opening speech, and the brothers immediately begin to make fun of her flat chest yet again. Nisa becomes infuriated at this and beats them both down. Nisa stops when Older Brother points out that the people she saved are completely appalled at her actions and supposedly her flatness as well. Nisa stops, saying that she lost her composure, and the father and daughter awkwardly thank Nisa. A moderatist announces that a monster is coming into town, and Nisa goes off to deal with it. The brothers take this as their chance to run. Just as Nisa arrives to deal with the monster, she is beaten to the punch by Neptune's party. No longer being needed, Nisa bids them farewell. IF shows up just after Nisa leaves, asking who Compa was talking with. Compa tells her that she was speaking with Nisa, but IF just missed her. IF states that she wanted to ask Nisa something important, and Compa says that she's sure Nisa will be back when danger strikes.

This is My Calling

If questions the number of monsters that have been appearing lately, and why they keep finding them near towns. As Compa and IF deal with the monsters, Nisa appears on the scene to help them out. She states that while she wish she could tell them to go take a break, there are to many for her this time and that she would like for them to fight with her if they can. After they deal with the monster threat, Nisa questions why they would take on a job like this when there are only three of them. Neptune and the others explain the situation to Nisa, and she decides to join the party in order to help them out. IF agrees to her offer, and Compa states that they will be stronger than ever with a real heroine on their team.

Nisa is Lonely Wolf's Friend!

A depressed civilian is getting attacked by a monster, just as he is ready to accept his fate and is allow the monster to eat him, Nisa appears. She gives him a big motivational speech which is actually advertisement for Planeptune's new MMO, Four Goddesses Online. The director calls cut, and tells Nisa that she did a great job, as expected of a true heroine. He then gives Nisa the demo for free. Nisa says she'll check it out, but will try not to get addicted.

You Made Me Mad

A Heretic tries to summon a monster using one of the discs given to him by Arfoire. The disc suddenly breaks and it is revealed that the culprit is Nisa. After Nisa gives her opening speech, the Heretic mocks her chest and even calls her boy. Nisa becomes infuriated at him insulting her chest and attacks him, destroying ever disc in his possession. She then threatens to rip off his clothes and laugh at his inadequacy if he does not tell her where he's hiding any additional discs. The Heretic says that Nisa is sexually harassing him and that he doesn't have to take it. Nisa says that he pissed her off and that this is his divine punishment before beating him up a second time.

Have You Forgotten Me?!

Younger Brother and Older Brother have just finished stealing from an aristocrat house in Leanbox. Nisa arrives just in time, and the brothers waste no time in making fun of her flat chest. Nisa, immediately becomes enraged by their words and says that she'll make them get on their knees and whip them until they're traumatized for life. The two brothers fight against Nisa for a second time, using their secret skill. However, they are still defeated and waste no time in running away. Nisa says to herself that she'll show them what's what next time.

I Don’t Discriminate

Younger Brother and Older Brother are getting attacked by a monster, and Younger Brother calls out for help. Older Brother states they've committed way too may crimes, and that any help for them would be way too convenient. Nisa arrives, telling them not to give up hope as she attacks and defeats the monster. Younger Brother is surprised, and questions why she saved them. Nisa says she doesn't discriminate when it comes to people in need of saving, and that includes them. Older Brother is surprised at this and suggests to his Younger Brother that they go back to how they were before their life of crime, reaching out to the helpless people just like Nisa. Younger Brother says it won't be easy, but it's worth a shot. Nisa tells them that if they think nobody is there for them then they must be there for something else, for others will reciprocate in kind. Older Brother thanks Nisa, poking fun at her chest one last time. Nisa becomes upset, saying he ruined the moment.

With Respect, I Decline

Nisa asks Vert when when her breasts started to blossom and grow for her. Vert states that she believes she was just born with them, and that goddesses are a bit different from normal humans. She then states that she may have an idea why. Nisa becomes sparkly eyed at this, but Vert says that she won't tell her for free. Vert offers Nisa to play games with her for a week in exchange for considering to share her secret. She states that there is a Guild Raid in one week online to decide who's the top Guild, but since some people in her Guild are busy with their real lives, not everyone can participate. She asks Nisa to raise a character who will be the top tank for her Guild, but upon hearing this, Nisa says she'll humbly decline the offer.

Lady Green Heart... Are You Okay?

Nisa sees Vert stumbling around, and asks if she's okay. She deduces that she is either working or drinking too much. Vert says she's fine, having forgot to take a break whilst playing the MMO a bit too much. Nisa inquires on exactly how long Vert played, to which Vert responds she only played for about five hours yesterday, but sometimes she'll play around 150 hours per week. Nisa is shocked by her answer, and Vert continues on by saying she is an amateur becasuse a trained MMO veteran would play non-stop without sleep. Out of curiosity, Nisa asks what Vert does for meals. Vert states that she stockpiles a week's worth of food in her room. Nisa wonders if she'd gain weight, suggesting that she stop. Vert assures Nisa that no matter her eating habits, she doesn't gain an ounce, possibly because she's a CPU. This leads Nisa to say that she is tremendously jealous.

Does She Not Have Any Friends?

Nisa tells Noire that she saw someone resembling her at the Planeptune convention the other day, and asks if she was there. Noire quickly responds with a flat out no, saying it must have been someone else. She adds on to this by saying that she's sure girls dress up like her and carry electric guitars all the time on Planeptune, which makes Nisa point out that she never said anything about Guitar. This makes Noire realize she messed up, and she demands that Nisa not mention it to anyone, especially Neptune. Nisa agrees, which pleases Noire, who says Neptune would mock her for weeks if she found out. When Noire hears that Nisa as only working there as security, she becomes somewhat disappointed because she thought she had made a comrade to go with. This makes Nisa question if Noire doesn't have any friends.

A True Call-Out is...

Noire seeks out advice from Nisa regarding a transformation call-out. Nisa states that Noire has got all wrong, and that a call-out is a cry from her heart. She tells her that depending on the situation, she should just call out whatever her heart is screaming, as that is the only way to reach the hearts of others. Noire agrees with this, and says that she has been mistaken. She thanks Nisa and says she will listen to her heart in the her next battle. When Noire leaves, Nisa says to herself that she couldn't possibly admit she just wings that sort of thing, and that she's glad Noire believed her.

Abnormal Expression

Nisa tells Blanc she saw someone just like her at the Planeptune convention the other day, and asks her if she was selling books. Blanc confirms this by questioning how Nisa knew, she then asks if Nisa was there alone or with a group. Nisa says that she was just security, and that she wanted to look around but didn't really get the time. Blanc gives Nisa one of the books she wrote, saying its her masterpiece short story. Nisa begins to read the book, and awkwardly says that its renovating. Blanc is pleased by this answer, and says that Nisa understanding her intent makes her better than others. She then states that she'll give Nisa her old works to and goes to grab them. With Blanc gone, Nisa says to herself that she has never read something so poorly written before, wondering if it's the syntax they use in Celestia.

...White Demon?

Two Bandits are in danger, crying out for help. Nisa arrives and the Bandit Leader states that the White Demon is coming for them. Blanc in her goddess form, White Heart, appears shortly after this statement, and Nisa is surprised to see her. Blanc tells Nisa to move, because she doesn't want to involve her. Nisa questions why Blanc is trying to attack her own civilians, and Blanc states that they're bandits who also mocked her chest, so she's going to kill them dead. Nisa sympathizes with Blanc, but still doesn't permit her attacking the bandits. That is, until the bandits begin mocking Nisa's chest as well. Nisa decides to help Blanc instead and two of them beat down the bandits together.

...Wh-What About Me?

Two civilians are in the middle of being attacked by a monster, and Nisa arrives just in time. She introduces herself as Gamindustri's heroine as she always does, but the civilian has no idea who she is. The civilian states that Nisa looks puny, and wonders if someone can call the cops or militia. Nisa tries her best to hold in her anger, turning her attention to the monster. When she moves in to attack the monster, she misses, however the sheriff arrives to help the civilians. The sheriff manages to defeat the monster in one hit, and the civilians are impressed. The sheriff returns to his job, and the civilians continue to talk about how amazing the sheriff was and decide they all want to become policeman. Nisa asks what about her, and the civilian questions who she is yet again.

On another day, another civilian is being attacked by a monster. Nisa arrives, giving her opening speech as always. The two civilians from the other day, take notice of her, saying she's the self-proclaimed superhero as well as wimp. The two civilians from before, along with another young man, an old man, and the woman who was in danger prior to Nisa's arrival, all decide they want to be heroes They then all claim different colors: Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue, and Green. They completely ignore Nisa's presence and head out to protect their town. The monster, who had been standing there the entire time, questions if it even exists to the people anymore.


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