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Nitroplus is a guest character that is playable in Megadimension Neptunia VII. She is a collaboration character based off of the company Nitroplus. She was released on December 14th, 2015 in Japan, and on April 25th, 2016 in North America.



A fair-skinned girl with large, royal blue eyes. She has long grey hair with the top portion resembling Neptune's but grown out to hip length. She wears a white corset top with black ribbon tied up the center and held between the breast with a bow. It is worn with a black jacket with a large white cross design at the end of each sleeve, with the lapel lined in white and white frills sticking out of the cuff.

Her skirt is a thick striping of black and grey with white frills lining the hem and a black belt held by a grey clasp. She wears grey shoes with a cross design, worn with a pair of black and white leg warmers with a pair of white and black striped stockings. Around her neck is a pair of black and red headphones.


Nitroplus has a strong desire to destroy evil, no matter what kind of evil it is. She doesn't believe that she is a hero, nor does she believe she is dishing out justice. She believes that by destroying evil she can help the world realize the way to peace and justice, a world where people like her would no longer be needed, where fighting and crimes are no longer a thing that needs to be handled by violence. She is a kind and gentle woman, however, when triggered she becomes the brooding anti-hero that strikes down her foes without mercy. It is to be noted that she pretty much has no shame at all, taking off her clothes except for her underwear to bathe in a public lake at the park because she was sure that nobody else was around due to the monsters, it wasn't until Vert started removing her underwear as well that she showed an inkling of shame. Overall; Nitroplus is an extremely reliable, and competent person who does whatever it takes to rid the world of evil.


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Megadimension Neptunia VII

Evil Slashing Sword

Nitroplus came from the PC Continent across the eastern sea to hunt down an evil rat-man by the name of Horyuchu, who was in charge of distributing pirated video games that was causing direct damage to her home on the PC Continent. Nitroplus meets with Vert for the first time when Vert discovers Horyuchu and his lackeys trading illegally acquired games among each other. Despite Vert's intention to stay hidden and overhear what they were saying, she wound up getting discovered and cornered to the point where she had to fight the underling rats that had discretely surrounded her. However, with no end in sight, Vert began losing her strength. Horyuchu even ran away, and despite Vert attempting to catch him, he got away due to interference by the underling rats and their bosses.

When all hope seemed lost, out of nowhere came Nitroplus. With one strike she cut down the first boss rat, and then she cut down the second with her second strike. Upon noticing that Vert's reinforcements was quite dangerous the underling rats ran away and dispersed. Vert thanked Nitroplus, and after questioning her to find out who she was and why she was here they decided to team up and work with each other to defeat Horyuchu's operation. It was also at this point in time when Vert, much to her surprise and possible chagrin, met Raw Meat; who was Nitroplus' best friend and partner. With the meeting out of the way they departed from the Arcade where they found Horyuchu's operation and began looking for the wretched rat.

No Justice

While searching around for a lead on Horyuchu's whereabouts they happened upon a large group of his underlings conducting a trade within an alleyway. Without mercy, Nitroplus leaped into action and began cutting down the evil she sought to destroy. Within the middle of this, Vert commented that she was really trying to dish out Justice. This triggered Nitroplus and she went on a small rampage, ranting about how what she was doing wasn't justice and how in a world that would have justice and peace people like her and Vert wouldn't be needed, violence wouldn't be needed. At the end of the tiny rampage, all the enemies were killed by Nitroplus and Vert lamented on how Nitroplus truly didn't show mercy to her foes.

What...Raw Meat?

Vert, who was mulling over a question for a while now, decided to approach Nitroplus and ask her for more detail on her friend Raw Meat. Vert approached Nitroplus and began to question her, however realized she hadn't thought of a way to ask properly without sounding rude. After mulling over her options, she decided to to just bluntly ask about Raw Meat. Nitroplus, sensing an opportunity, decided to mess with Vert telling her that Raw Meat was actually a little girl, and that she saw Vert as a piece of meat instead. Vert panicked at this, and questioned about her blonde hair and ample chest of which she was so proud, and Nitroplus replied that they were briskets and ground beef. Nitroplus' joke worked, as Vert actually began to believe that her entire world was a lie. Feeling the joke had ran its course, Nitroplus revealed that she was simply jesting with Vert and that she had the sizable chest and blonde hair she so adored, despite this she admitted that even if Raw Meat was a slab of meat she didn't see her as such due to their strong bond and friendship. She went even further to admit she'd see Vert the same if she was in fact a piece of meat, which caused Vert to question if she was actually joking or not.

What... Raw Meat? (Cont'd)
Older Neptune sees Vert, Nitroplus and Raw Meat enjoying themselves. She has finally be able to lay her eyes of Raw Meat herself. She knows Gamindustri is not a land ruled by common sense, older Neptune has not had the chance to see a living slice of meat before. She wonders if Raw Meat is an endangered species. Older Neptune wonders if she cut a piece of Raw Meat, if it would grow and if she can use it as a specimen.

Nitroplus arrives to hear that last part. Older Neptune notices her stern expression and explains that she was joking but wants to know where Nitroplus found Raw Meat. Nitroplus tells her that she met Raw Meat near her hometown in PC Continent. Raw Meat does not like to talk about herself. That being said, Raw Meat mentioned once that a scholar performed a ritual and summoned her from another world.

Older Neptune thinks that if she could summon anything, it would not be raw meat. She would have summoned a dragon or unicorn. Nitroplus thinks that Raw Meat is cooler and prettier than the things older Neptune mentioned. Older Neptune admits that some people cut up meat decoratively but Raw Meat is not like that. She is thin and not tasty looking at all. Older Neptune realizes that if Raw Meat was summoned, she must have a purpose here. Older Neptune hopes that she is an ally but on the chance that she can be an enemy's biological weapon. Nitroplus assures older Neptune that this is not the case. Raw Meat is like her flesh and blood, so she wouldn't do anything bad.

Older Neptune apologizes for doubting her. Nitroplus does admit that Raw Meat's tribe did try to take over the world. However, a magic grimoire and a god machine stopped it. Older Neptune recognizes THAT tribe.

Stringy Panties

Nitroplus and Vert are searching around the park hunting down the underling rats with the intent to find and destroy Horyuchu. Having successfully defeated the underlings, she and Vert took a brief respite. Vert noticed that Nitroplus' shoes were actually decently dirty, a fact that Nitroplus herself had not noticed. Raw Meat suggested that they take a moment to rinse off the shoes in the water, Nitroplus decided to go with this idea and much to Vert's surprise stripped off all of her clothes except for her panties and jumped into the lake to wash off the dirt, grime and muck that had built up in fighting. Vert lamented in wonder as to if public nudity was a thing on foreign continents, but quickly tried to get Nitroplus to get dressed again by saying someone could walk over and see them. Nitroplus carelessly stated that there was no chance that anyone could walk in on her taking a bath in the lake due to the amount of evil thieves and monsters that were in the general area. Vert questioned about the monsters and evil people seeing her to which Nitroplus replied that she didn't care, if they saw her like that they'd be dead soon anyway. Giving up on convincing her otherwise, Vert noticed that Nitroplus' underwear was rather risque, especially for combat, and commented on it. Nitroplus explained that it was comfortable, and made removing and putting them on a breeze. Vert got a strong urge soon after that however, and threatened to pull the string on the sides to reveal what was hidden underneath the risque pair of panties to which Nitroplus showed embarrassment and in the end both of them wound up in the water, with Vert wet and cold and sneezing. Vert lamented over the fact she had done that, due to the situation they were now in.


Nitroplus and Vert are back on Horyuchu's trail, this time hunting down an enemy trade located in another arcade. They arrived, and Vert attempted to start a heroic monologue, but Nitroplus didn't hesitate and quickly cut down several of the underlings. Vert complained at this point that she was trying to be all heroic, to which Nitroplus said they didn't have time for that. However, before their conversation continued another of the underlings interrupted and admitted this was all a clever ruse to lead them away from the real trade, and that the other trade was already going down and it would most likely be to late to stop them. Annoyed by this, Nitroplus and Vert ended the rest of the underlings leaving a single one alive, deciding to interrogate him for information. He seemed exceptionally resilient to the idea of physical torture so Nitroplus revealed her secret weapon: She put Raw Meat over his eyes, which instead of physically torturing him made him relive all the sad and horrific scenes of every game he had ever played. She explained this to a shocked Vert, and told the rat that whenever he was ready to talk he could just say the word.

Pure Love
Noire notices that she has not played any adventure games lately. She has an itch for one with some pretty girls in it. Nitroplus asks if she wants a game that's popular back in her home. Noire wonders if that means this game is from PC Continent. Nitroplus confirms that it is. She introduces the game as a sweet title about young, innocent love. Noire decides to try it out if Nitroplus likes it some much.

She explains further that it is a love story about a girl from another world and a boy who had an accident. Noire is excited with the premise and can sense the tears coming out already. Nitroplus thinks Noire is not old enough to play it yet. Noire understands as this is a PC Continent game. She wonders what she should do. Nitroplus tells her that there is not that much explicit content but asks if Noire is over 18. Noire tells her not to worry as CPUs do not have age. Even if they did age, there would be no issue for her in playing a game rated R. Noire is excited to try it out.

Noire plays the game and screams. She asks Nitroplus what the heck is going on in the game. Nitroplus does not understand as it is just an adventure game. Noire tells her that aside from the protagonist, everyone is a gross slimy meat thing. Nitroplus reminds Noire that it was rated R. Noire thinks it should be rated X. She admits that any of the endings would grab your heart. Nitroplus asks if she played through all the routes.

Noire did as it was entertaining. Since Noire enjoyed the game so much, Nitroplus wants to lend her another game about a love triangle. Noire things she has had enough love stories for one lifetime.


Having got what they wanted out of the rat earlier, they charged after Horyuchu's last known location arriving to late to locate Horyuchu or the merchandise he was giving away. When all seemed lost, Raw Meat spoke up saying that she smelled meat... particularly it smelled like Rat Meat. Excited; Nitroplus asked Raw Meat to lead the way, and much to Vert's surprise Raw Meat took off into the air flying in the direction that she smelled the Rat. However, this would prove to be a hindrance, due to the fact that she flew faster than Nitroplus and Vert could run after her. Eventually losing her, Vert suggested they split up to which Nitroplus responded it was a good idea, and that she had a plan. Raw Meat, on the other hand, hadn't noticed she left Nitroplus and Vert behind. When she found the Rat Meat she was searching for, it was revealed to be Horyuchu himself and he was able to overpower her and freeze her in a raw meat package. Within a few minuets, Nitroplus had located Horyuchu and they had their fated confrontation with Horyuchu revealing that he had captured Raw Meat, and froze her practically torturing her with liquid nitrogen. This truly pissed off Nitroplus, triggering the side of her that becomes irrational, Horyuchu demanded she put her weapons down if she wished for Raw Meat to survive. Nitroplus was hesitant, however, in a nick of time the plan she came up with bore its fruit as Vert arrived behind Horyuchu and was able to snatch Raw Meat from his evil clutches. Vert then revealed that she had already beaten all the reinforcements that Horyuchu set up, and Nitroplus told him that he was cornered.

After engaging in combat with Horyuchu and winning, Nitroplus surprisingly didn't kill him, deciding to knock him out instead. Nitroplus and Vert decided that it would be better if he was forced to work off his crimes than die, and as the CPU she would insure that would happen. Nitroplus entrusted Vert with Horyuchu, and Vert said that it was about time for them to part ways. Nitroplus, however, quickly dismissed the idea saying that she wished to stay around a bit longer to aid Vert in helping her land. Vert is happy to accept her.


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EXE Drive



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  • Nitroplus's hair may be based off of Saya from Saya no Uta, a 2003 Visual Novel made by nitro+.
    • After playing through the scenes, there are several references to Saya no Uta, in fact you could strongly say a lot of her personality is based off of Jingai Makyo while pretty much everything else is based off of Saya no Uta.
  • Nitroplus's style of combat may be based off of Ignis from Jingai Makyō, a 2005 Visual Novel made by nitro+, as both use Katanas while having a similar stance.


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