Nitroplus is a guest character that is playable in Megadimension Neptunia VII. She is a collaboration character based off of the Nitroplus company.



A fair-skinned girl with large, royal blue eyes. She has long grey hair with the top portion resembling Neptune's but grown out to hip length. She wears a white corset top with black ribbon tied up the center and held between the breast with a bow. It is worn with a black jacket with a large white cross design at the end of each sleeve, with the lapel lined in white and white frills sticking out of the cuff.

Her skirt is a thick striping of black and grey with white frills lining the hem and a black belt held by a grey clasp. She wears grey shoes with a cross design, worn with a pair of black and white leg warmers with a pair of white and black striped stockings. Around her neck is a pair of black and red headphones.



Megadimension Neptunia Victory II


  • Nitroplus may have a relationship to both 5pb. and MAGES. since they have works together to create many visual novels.


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