Noire is the Console Patron Unit of Lastation, a high school student and the Vice-president of the Student Council. She excels in sports and academics, but because of her tsundere personality she has a problem of getting close to people. She is the right-hand woman of the Student Council President. Noire has her own Magical Girl show called MagiGirl Idol☆Magical☆Noirina. Later she helps making the movie.

Noire is starring as the Teacher, a Parasol Agent and various Zombies.




Noire is a girl who looks in her mid-to-late teens, with a slender figure, red eyes, and long black hair. Her hair is kept tied into two pigtails with purple ribbons, and go down to her waist. Her fringe isn't kept parted and she has two bangs that go down to her chin.


Noire, in a word, is tsundere. She is a girl who thinks highly of herself and strives to be number one in everything she does. Noire often does and say things but tries to play it off as if there is no more meaning behind her actions. It is possible that she is a very caring person at heart, but masks it with snobby, arrogant attitude in the hopes people will not see through her facade.

Black Heart


As Black Heart, her eyes are cyan and her hair is pure white, and goes down below her shoulders somewhat, with her fringe standing above her eyes and bangs caressing her face. Her suit is black and white in color and the mechanical appearance is much more visible. It also exposes a mild amount of her cleavage. Her sleeves are pure black, with silver patches in the bicep and tricep area, her gauntlets are black with silver protrusions on the knuckle.


Black Heart's personality remains fairly unchanged in her goddess form. The only difference is that she becomes more aggressive and competitive than before, but other than that, she's basically the same.



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Living Dead Island: School Panic!




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Hair Styles

For Name Where to Find
Noire Black Hair Default
Red Hair Default
Silver Hair Default
Black Heart Silver Hair Default
Blue Hair Default


For Name Where to Find
Noire Gamicademi Uniform Default
Gamicademi Green Sakura Station
Gamicademi Blue Legend Station 1st
Clear Dress Origin Station 4th
Princess Dress Origin Station 4th
Metal Dress Origin Station 4th
Torn Dress Default
Black Heart Black Default
Sapphire Gold Station 3rd
Torn Black Default

Processor Parts

Name Where to Find Stats
Black Default HP +700, Def +55, Guard Up: Mid
Sapphire Fake Black HP +1100, Def +65, Guard Up: Mid

Command List

Name Buttons
Drop Slash RB+X, R+Square
Volcano Dive RB+Y, R+Triangle
Tornado Sword RB+B, R+Circle
Precious Stream RB+A, R+X
Infinite Slash LB+X


  • Gamicademi Uniform
  • Gamicademi Blue
  • Gamicademi Green
  • Clear Dress
  • Metal Dress
  • Princess Dress
  • Torn Dress
  • Black
  • Sapphire
  • Torn Black
  • Black Hair
  • Red Hair
  • Silver Hair
  • Silver Hair
  • Blue Hair
  • Short Sword
  • Alondite
  • Caliburn
  • Mechanical Sword
  • Guardian Sword
  • Guardian Supreme


PS Vita「激次元タッグ ブラン+ネプテューヌVSゾンビ軍団」“ノワール”プレイ動画

PS Vita「激次元タッグ ブラン+ネプテューヌVSゾンビ軍団」“ノワール”プレイ動画



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