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My answer was always there in front of me...
— Noire

Noire is the Console Patron Unit (CPU) that protects Lastation. She is hard-working and polite, but she has trouble opening up to others. Basically, she is a tsundere. When she activates Hard Drive Divinity (HDD) Her personality grows more aggressive. However, her tsundere attitude stays the same, and she views Neptune as her rival, though more often than not, they are pretty much best friends.




Noire is a girl who looks in her mid-to-late teens, with a slender figure, red eyes, and long black hair. Her hair is kept tied into two pigtails with blue ribbons, and go down to her waist. Her fringe isn't kept parted and she has two bangs that go down to her chin. Her attire consists of a maid-like black top with golden trimmings and white frills around her upper arm and chest, and also reveals a certain portion of her cleavage. Her skirt is white with black trimming and is rather frilled compared to her top, and goes down to her lower-thigh.


Noire, in a word, is tsundere. She is a girl who thinks highly of herself and strives to be number one in everything she does. Noire often does and say things but tries to play it off as if there is no more meaning behind her actions. It is possible that she is a very caring person at heart but masks it with snobby, arrogant attitude in the hopes people will not see through her facade.

Black Heart


As Black Heart, her eyes are cyan and her hair is pure white, and goes down below her shoulders somewhat, with her fringe standing above her eyes and bangs caressing her face. Her suit is black and white in color and the mechanical appearance is much more visible. It also exposes a mild amount of her cleavage. Her sleeves are pure black, with silver patches in the bicep and tricep area, her gauntlets are black with silver protrusions on the knuckle.


Black Heart's personality remains fairly unchanged in her goddess form. The only difference is that she becomes more aggressive and competitive than before, but other than that, she's basically the same.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia


In the battle to determine who will be the True Goddess of Gamindustri, Noire teams up against Neptune with the other CPUs. Together, they manage to defeat her and throw her down to the human world below Celestia. After this, Noire and the others descend to Gamindustri and go to their individual nations.

Find the Key Fragments!

When Neptune visits Lastation in search of one of the Key Fragments, Noire relentlessly pursues her in her goddess form. She challenges her to battle several times, losing on each account. After one of their battles, she flees and reverts to her human form due to fatigue. Neptune ends up finding in her search for looking for Noire's goddess form. Noire is taken back into town with Neptune and her party and has her injuries treated.

Noire fakes having amnesia to avoid exposing her true identity. During their time together, she and Neptune form somewhat of a bond as they talk, which is something they rarely ever did in Celestia. Noire leaves the next day, leaving nothing more than a note saying she recovered her memory and returned home. This saddens Neptune.

After Neptune saves the Technology Expo using Chian's weapon. Noire appears in her goddess form, thanking Neptune before leaving. When the group is granted an audience with the CPU of Lastation, they are surprised to see that it is Noire. In exchange for their help in getting rid of Avenir and saving the Expo, she gives the location of where the Key Fragment may be held. However, as they go to get it, Noire fights Neptune one last time in her goddess form.

The Path to Celestia

Due to the events regarding Avenir, Noire decides to resign as CPU under the belief that it was a mistake for her to get involved with the human world. When Neptune comes to ask for her help in defeating Arfoire, Noire blatantly refuses, partially because of Neptune not remembering her past as a goddess. When Neptune returns, this time with her memory back, Noire allows Neptune to fight her one on one to determine if she'll join up or not.

Upon her defeat, Noire joins the party as promised and assists Neptune in her efforts to defeat Arfoire. Right before the final battle, Noire states that she has come to terms with her mistakes and says she won't give up. Together with Neptune and the other CPUs, Noire defeats Arfoire and saves Gamindustri.

However, the monsters are still a threat in Gamindustri despite Arfoire being defeated. Histoire states that by combining their power, the CPUs can removes the monsters from each of the nation's records. After they do this, Noire and the others decide they wish to live as humans and give up their powers to Histoire so she can give them to the new goddess who will succeed them.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1


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Musical Themes

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Name Game Description Audio
The Gushing Broken Pipe Hyperdimension Neptunia Black Heart has her own theme composed by Kenji Kaneko that plays during her boss battles. Much like the majority of the music in the game, it is a rendition of the main theme of the game Neptune Suite.
The Gushing Broken Pipe


Hyperdimension Neptunia - Black Heart Scenes

Hyperdimension Neptunia - Black Heart Scenes


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