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Oracles from left to right: Mina Nishizawa, Kei Jinguji
Histoire, Chika Hakozaki

Oracles are a CPUs right hand woman. Conditions for the title of Oracle vary: Sometimes the CPU inagurates them, while other times the title is inherited. Histoire is an exception because the one True Goddess created her artificial body a long time ago. She was tasked with recording history and does so even though her time is split with acting as Planeptune's Oracle. She is the worlds everything, so to speak.


Oracles act as the secretary of state and regulator of Basilicoms dedicated to serving each CPU. Their duties are less than half of that of the CPUs but they do play a fair part in helping manage the nation as well. One of their primary duties is being in charge of the Guild in their nation and helping manage the work of the various Guild agents.

List of Oracles

Nation Oracle
Planeptune Histoire
Lastation Kei Jinguji
Lowee Mina Nishizawa
Leanbox Chika Hakozaki


  • Oracle is a term only used in the English version of Neptunia. In the original Japanese version, the term 教祖 (Kyōso), meaning Head of Church, is used.