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The Order is a mercenary organization that sells weapons and their own members to fuel wars. They are the antagonists for the Hyper Dimension Neptunia G Lastation Arc of Megadimension Neptunia VII.


The Order's primary goal was to profit off of wars, but since rebanding, their goal is to serve Kurome Ankokuboshi. Their method is to overtake the Lastation Basilicom and send monsters to rampage in the other nations to incite a war. Once the war starts, the Order can start selling weapons and soldiers, like they've done previously.



The Order was a mercenary group that feuled fighting by selling weapons and their own members to warring sides. K-Sha was an elite soldier who carried out any mission given to her. Eventually, the Basilicom shut down the Order, and it's members disbanded.

When Kurome rewrites Gamindustri, she reforms the Order with old members for the purpose to entertain her. They find an opportunity to start a war by hijacking the Lastation Basilicom, since K-Sha left national affairs up to the Basilicom. Their plan is to have monsters from Lastation invade the other nations to incite the war.


When K-Sha tries to catch Kitten Blanc, the two end up in an alleyway. A woman from the Order appears before them with a mission for K-Sha to kill someone. After K-Sha refuses, the Order Woman threatens to destroy Lastation, forcing K-Sha into a corner. She reluctantly agrees, but then finds out that the person she must kill is Noire, making her extremely hesitant.

After Noire and Uni sneak into the Basilicom, the Order Woman immediately catches them. Once she sees Noire, she realizes that K-Sha failed in her mission. Noire mentions the Basilicom originally belonging to her, the Order Woman admits to remembering the Gamindustri before it was rewritten, and begins explaining the history and intentions of the Order. When Noire and Uni try to stop them, the Order Woman calls in security to capture them. The sisters decide to retreat instead of harming the people or destroying the Basilicom.

After Noire and K-Sha fight on top of the Golden Summit, the Order Woman talks with Kurome about the source of K-Sha's power. Noire and Uni reach the top of the Golden Summit to confirm their suspicion of the Order's plans to destroy it. They meet the Order Woman with an Anti-CPU Mobile Weapon.

After defeating the robot, the Order Woman reveals her trap of Virus Mist. Uni is able to push Noire away from the mist at the cost of herself. Suddenly, K-Sha appears and tranquilizes the Order Woman to take her into custody. With the rest of the Order members still operating, K-Sha decides to go out and completely destroy the Order herself.