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Map of PC Continent

The PC Continent is a continent located on the east of Gamindustri away from the mainland. It has no relation to the main story of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory except it required to visit it to enter a dungeon that contains one of Rei Ryghts' memory events.


The most notable part of the PC Continent is the town right in the center that has, what appears to be, a giant monitor attached to a building. The continent itself is filled with green grass and patches of forested areas; there is also a river flowing through the mainland of the continent. It should also be noted that there are are other islands next to it, notably one which is mostly forested with mountains and another which is completely forested.




Lost Places


While no one is really seen as far as Gamipics are concerned, it is implied people live there due to the town in the center and the fact that there is a guard preventing entry to anyone who is not eighteen years or older.


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