My name is Paix St. Gliss. I'm Bombyx Mori's number one, the lead Musketeer on a quest for the ultimate tone.
— Paix introducing herself.

Paix St. Gliss, also known as Kukei Tobihachi in the Japanese version, is one of the Three Musketeers and a close friend of Filyn She was one of the antagonist in Super Neptunia RPG and soon will be revealed as the true villian that use Filyn to achive her goal. She leads Bombyx Mori and holds a deep devotion to her cause, and has a fiery passion for 8-bit music.



Paix has sharp gold eyes and long, pale brown hair worn in a low ponytail held by a dark blue and gold bow. Her bangs evenly frame her face, with a few locks layered over them and curled to the left. She has collarbone-length forelocks and she wears two gold clips on each side of her head, along with a white, dark blue, and gold hat. Her outfit consist of a white and dark blue jacket with gold lining, buttoned chains, and fringed shoulder-pads. Beneath her left shoulder is a black arm band to accent her short-shorts. She also wears midnight blue boots with a gold sole and toe, lining, and buttons, and three brown buckled straps. The cuff is grey, and she wears dark blue stockings with a stylized brown and gold strap inches above the right knee, and two buckled straps on the opposite leg.



Super Neptunia RPG



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  • She was the only Musketeer that mentions her full name, while the other two do not.


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