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My name is Paix St. Gliss. I'm Bombyx Mori's number one, the lead Musketeer on a quest for the ultimate tone.
— Paix introducing herself.

Paix St. Gliss, also known as Kukei Tobihachi in the Japanese version, is one of the Three Musketeers and a close friend of Filyn She was one of the antagonist in Super Neptunia RPG and soon will be revealed as the true villian that use Filyn to achive her goal. She leads Bombyx Mori and holds a deep devotion to her cause, and has a fiery passion for 8-bit music.



Paix has sharp gold eyes and long, pale brown hair worn in a low ponytail held by a dark blue and gold bow. Her bangs evenly frame her face, with a few locks layered over them and curled to the left. She has collarbone-length forelocks and she wears two gold clips on each side of her head, along with a white, dark blue, and gold hat. Her outfit consist of a white and dark blue jacket with gold lining, buttoned chains, and fringed shoulder-pads. Beneath her left shoulder is a black arm band to accent her short-shorts. She also wears midnight blue boots with a gold sole and toe, lining, and buttons, and three brown buckled straps. The cuff is grey, and she wears dark blue stockings with a stylized brown and gold strap inches above the right knee, and two buckled straps on the opposite leg.



Super Neptunia RPG

Investigate Akoop Archive once more
Paix was first mentioned by Artura Arrima as she sent her to Lowee Archives.

Head to FC Land
Paix and the rest of Bombyx Mori is alerted to intruders in their base in FC Land. The guards quickly surround the intruders and Paix is the first Musketeer on the scene. She can't stand the noise. Paix notes that beauty is heard in simplicity.

Bombyx Mori's Three Musketeers

An energetic intruders wonders who she is. Paix decides to introduce herself as Paix St. Gliss. She is the number one, the lead Musketeer on a quest for the ultimate tone. Artura starts laughing. She is happy to see more mice and thinks it is great the idiots are taking the bait. Paix is annoyed by Artura's sudden outburst. Artura greets the "Resistance scum" and asks if they know of her, the Mad King. A quiet intruder has no idea who she is.

The Mad King explains that she Bombyx Mori's number two. She snickers and asks if they want to play a game. She thinks they will love it, as it is... hellish. Ester notes that Arty likes it when things get difficult. Mad King Arty tells Ester not to call her that or she will kill her. Ester is amused by that response. Neptune recognizes Ester from earlier. Ester realizes that the energetic intruder is Neptune, a newbie to Bombyx Mori, a while back and happily greets her. The quiet intruder, Blanc asks Neptune if she knows her.

Neptune snickers and admits she sort of knows her. Ester agrees with Neptune that they are acquainted and introduces herself as Ester Zira, the third Musketeer. Ester asks Neptune if she lied to her. Neptune tells her it is not like that. Neptune then realizes if these are the Three Musketeers then they are Bombyx Mori elite. Paix tells Neptune she is correct. Paix notes that they place is overrun by ugly sounds and she must hurry and tune it.

Ester tells Blanc and Neptune they are under arrest! Mad King Arty laughs and tells the mice to give up. Blanc thinks they are not going to let them go. Neptune notes that usually Goddesses lose this first boss battle but she is going to win! She asks if they know why? It is because she is no Goddess, but a Hero and charges in. Neptune and Blanc lose the fight.

Mad King Arty tells them she is going to turn them to a pile of bones. Neptune is upset that they lost. Blanc screams out in pain. Neptune calls for a tactical retreat! The two run off. Ester notes that those two girls are fast. Paix thinks that is repulsive and orders Bombyx Mori to follow them. The guards salute Paix before chasing after the pair. Mad King Arty laughs and asks Paix if she remembers that mouse that she was saving for the Trial Grounds that she took. Paix asks if she is talking about the spy, Noire? She does remember her but tells Artura that they have a more appropriate for her.

Artura tells Paix that she didn't want her anyways, as she has now found a better mouse, Neptune. Ester agrees but thinks calling her Neps is better though. Artura tells the Musketeers that she has taken a liking to her goofy face and wants to rough it up a bit. On that note, Artura takes her leave. Ester wonders if that is okay. Paix tells Ester to leave her be as it is almost time. They must return now. Ester understands and leaves as well.

Sounds of Victory

Back at Bombyx Mori's base, the soldiers hail Filyn. Noire grunts as she is gagged and bound. Filyn silences Bombyx Mori. The members are excited their loli..., Lady Filyn! Filyn clears her throat and takes a deep breath. She reports that moments ago, the spy who infiltrated their base was app... appre... Paix tells Filyn the word is apprehended. Filyn finishes her sentence. Bombyx Mori cheers. Filyn declares in 3 days, justice will be served and they will show the Resistance what they are made of.

Paix explains that they will play them a merciless requiem and turn them all into pixel blocks. Noire can't believe what she is hearing. Bombyx Mori cheers. Filyn declares that they will show them all what happens when they defy her. Bombyx Mori hails Filyn. Paix is happy with the sounds she is hearing. She notices something approaching. It is a dragon and it calls out to Filyn. Filyn declares that 2D games reign supreme! Bombyx Mori cheer her on.

The dragon continues to call out to Filyn. Paix sees it and can't believe she is seeing that repulsive thing again and shoos it off. The dragon retreats. Filyn asks Paix what is wrong. Paix tells Filyn it is nothing to worry about.



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  • She was the only Musketeer that mentions her full name, while the other two do not.