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Pea's the posterchild for the shop! We just opened so buy something!
— Peashy

A bright and energetic girl who lives with Plutia. Innocent and eager for attention, her naiveté often drags others around, but she does display a shy side every now and then. Her attack known as the "Pea Punch" is really just something she does to play around, but, in reality, its power is immense.

She chose the Tailor class so she could be like Plutia. She acts as the posterchild for the shop she runs in the game as a way to draw in customers and boost sales.[1]



Peashy's figure remains the same from the rest of the series. Her bee-outfit is now a tiger-outfit. Her outfit consists of a tiger hoodie with tiger sleeves and gloves. She wears a swimsuit to cover her chest and a brown and red dress. Underneath the dress seems to be white undergarments. She has loose brown socks that are held on by a strap with a blue star button. Her bag is also in the shape of a blue star which is hung by a strap that goes around her left shoulder.


Peashy has a very energetic and outgoing personality. She loves to play around a lot and is a bit on the rough side. She's prone to tackling others and breaking objects.


Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

Plutia and Peashy decide to start up Fancy Shop. A familiar face visits the shop. Plutia is very happy to see Neppy. Peashy is excited to see her Neptuna. Neptune is glad to see the two and asks what`s up and if they are okay. Plutia tells her they are doing great. Peashy reports that she is always full of energy and shows her some accessories. Plutia asks Neppy if she would like one.

Neptune realizes that the two are running an accessory shop. She thinks it suits Plutia. Neptune realizes that Peashy is playing an online game which is something she is too young for. Plutia explains that when she brought Peashy here, she really liked the shop so they started one up in order to play pretend shopkeeper. Neptune gets it, this shop would attract more customers than if they started a pretend shop in her room. Plutia confirms Neptune's statement.

Peashy explains that she is the posterchild of the shop. Since they just opened, she asks Neptune to buy something. Neptune laughs and notes that this is expected for the little shopkeeper. Neptune promises to bring everyone so she asks Peashy to wait a little bit. Peashy's eyes sparkle as she asks if more people will really come. Plutia decides to put her nap off to wait for the customers. Neptune tells her not to worry as even if she did fall asleep, Peashy would wake her up. Neptune asks them to have their best items stocked up when she returns.

Later, a customer has finished purchasing something and introduces Plutia to the rumor of the pond spirit. Peashy eyes sparkle then she runs off. Plutia asks if Peashy is heading out and since she already left, Plutia tells her to be careful.

Afterwards, Peashy sees Neptuna and calls her as she runs in tackling her. Neptune wonders if she was hit by a wild Peashy in her blind spot. She is then glad that this is a game and not real life. Peashy's tackles are like that of a pro-wrestler. If this was in real life, Neptune admits she would surely be grimacing from the pain. Peashy asks Neptuna to step right up. Neptune wonders if she means welcome, otherwise it is like Peashy is running a carnival not a shop. Neptune asks if Plutia is napping right now since Peashy is running the shop.

Peashy tells her that is not the case. Plutia's shop is over there while her shop is right here. Neptune is shocked that Peashy actually has her own shop. Peashy explains she takes shinies instead of money. Neptune realizes she is dealing with a bartering system and looks to see if she has a shiny item. She has a shiny rock. It is shiny despite being made of cheap material. She also has a gold ring.

Peashy happily trades something for that shiny! Neptune acquires the Water of Life. Neptune is happy to get a nice recovery item. Peashy then decides to trade something else for the gold ring. Neptune is upset to get a grass material worth 5 bells despite the gold ring being worth a lot more. Peashy gets upset and explains that she likes the shiny rock more. Neptune understands that is what it comes down to. She does not like it but it is Peashy's shop. Neptune will bring more shinies when she finds them. Peashy thanks her.

The candidates decide to visit the Fancy Shop. Nepgear confirms that Peashy really does have a shop of its own. Uni remembers hearing Neptune mumbling about getting a grass material pushed to her. Nepgear thinks as Peashy and Neptune have been friends for a really long time, that is bound to happen. Peashy calls out to Nepgear, Uni, Rom and Ram and welcomes them to her shop. Ram tells Peashy they came to play. Rom greets Peashy and bows.

Nepgear notices that there are a lot of different things in Peashy's shop. She cannot see a pattern behind it. Uni thinks it is a sundry shop, a shop that sells trinkets and other stuff. Peashy wonders what kind of shop is Uni talking about, this shop is simply Peashy's shop. Nepgear remarks that Peashy's answer is surprisingly deep. Ram wants to buy a star shaped badge and asks Rom to buy one with her. Rom is excited and wants to buy one with her sister. She asks Peashy how much is it. Peashy tells her she does not accept money, she'll trade it for something shiny. Rom wonders if this means jewels. Ram asks if she wants a piece of crystal. It may not be a jewel but it is pretty.

Peashy is impressed and wants 1...2...4 pieces of crystal. Rom fidgets as she notices that her hand is showing 3 fingers. Peashy decides to count her fingers again and will trade for 3 crystal pieces. Ram is happy to make the trade and can't wait to show this to Blanc when they return to the plaza. Rom makes the trade as well and likes how cute the star is. She smiles and thanks Peashy. Peashy thanks Rom and Ram.

Two new customers, an old lady and a boy enter Peashy's shop. Peashy welcomes the two of them. Peashy eyes light up as she asks the old lady, if she has eggplants.

The old lady claims she is not old but asks her if she likes eggplants. Peashy really likes them as they are both yummy and pretty. The old lady tells Peashy she has a good eye, and explains that she cultivated this eggplant on the edge of the city. Since Peashy is so nice, she decides to give her one. Peashy is really happy and decides to give her this. The old lady notices that Peashy is trying to give her a really rare item.

The boy warns the lady that trading such a rare material for some eggplant is really weird. The boy does not want any trouble. The old lady tells Peashy to take the eggplant on her as she will take her leave for today. Peashy finds it strange that they left and thinks they are weird.

Near a pond, Peashy offers the spirit an important shiny. She tells the spirit to come out and listen to her wish. After a while, the spirit does not come out yet. Undeterred, Peashy promises the spirit that she won't eat Nep's pudding so she asks the spirit to come out. After a while, Peashy notices the spirit won't come out so she leaves disappointed but says she will return.

In Fancy Shop, Peashy greets Blanc and Bert. Blanc greets Peashy and tells her that Rom and Ram really like the badge she sold them. Vert happily greets Peashy and tells her that it is a wonderful day today. It is made all the better now that Peashy has called her. Bert is such a curiously tender name. Vert has always been addressed as "Lady" but "Bert" is a rather exquisite treat. Vert asks Peashy to call her "Older Sister Bert".

Blanc thinks Vert is getting a little carried away. She then notices that Peashy's merchandise changes quite a bit every time they come in. Peashy explains that a lot of people do come and buy stuff after all. Vert adds that Peashy's shop operates on a bartering system. The constant change in inventory means her shop is receiving lots of business. That should be expected as there is such an adorable shop keeper. Vert is sure people just come by to see her and Vert gasps. Blanc asks Vert what is wrong.

Vert remembers that it is quite a social issue to see a lot of adults seeking friendships with children. It happens in every country. Even if Plutia looks after Peashy, she falls asleep too often. Vert wants to extend her protection to Peashy in order to keep her from degenerates. Blanc warns Vert not to take it too far unless she wants to be seen as a degenerate and reported.

Peashy wonders what a de...generate is and asks Vert if she is one. Vert stammers as she tries to deny this. She laments the fact that she has to be accused by just speaking to Peashy. The world is too harsh. Blanc notes she needs to be careful as she want any worthless adults to get close to her sisters.

Noire gives me a shiny ore!

Later, Peashy sees Noire talking to Plutia in the Fancy Shop. She pops up and greets Noire. She wonders if she going to buy things and urges her to be a customer. Noire is surprised by Peashy's sudden appearance. She then greets Peashy and tells Peashy that she surprised her. She tells Peashy that she heard from Uni that she barters for jewels. Noire asks if Peashy would like to trade her for this ore she picked up earlier. It looks like a nice shiny gem. Peashy's eyes sparkles and she wants it. She tells Noire she will give her anything for it.

Noire is surprised with the value of the things Peashy wants to give Noire in return for her ore. She wonders if the value of Peashy's stock is supposed to increase this much after a barter. Plutia explains that Peashy's exchange rate on the stuff she likes and doesn't like isn't exactly one on one. Noire understands and wonders how much bells would she get if she sold all of this. Noire believes that she get the best set of equipment available right now if she sold what Peashy is willing to trade her. Noire asks Peashy if she was going to sell her materials to buy equipment. Peashy gets confused but she does not want equipment. All Peashy wants are shinies and that's that. Plutia adds that Peashy's objectives are to have this shop and collect all shiny things. Peashy excitedly adds that it is her collection!

Noire is torn apart. People are free to do what they want and play the game however they like. Noire continues to think about the market price of the materials and how to maximize her profits but she stops herself. She can't do this to kid who doesn't know any better. Plutia reminds Noire that Peashy will trade anything for that ore. Plutia always takes what she likes when Peashy offers her things but... Noire tells Plutia she is not considering the price. Noire decides to trade Peashy for a cheaper material. She believes that is perfectly fair.

Peashy is happy to offer her 10 of the cheaper material. Noire tells Peashy that is too favorable for her. She warns Peashy if she keeps selling things like this, some lowly degenerate will cheat her someday. Peashy remembers what a degenerate is and wonders if she is talking about Bert. Plutia cannot believe that Vert is an evil merchant. Noire wonders why the two of them are talking about Vert. However, she can start to understand why but talking about Vert is cruel since this is behind her back.

Noire coughs and will trade Peashy her ore for one of the cheaper material. She asks if that is okay with Peashy. Peashy thinks if it is okay with Noire, it is okay with her. Noire is happy that this is settled and tells Peashy it is nice to do business with her. Peashy adores the shiny ore and thanks Noire. Plutia tells Peashy she is happy for her. Noire thinks she did take a bit of a loss trading for only one material but some things can't be helped especially dealing with a face like that. Plutia is glad that all the customers are such nice people. Peashy agrees and thinks Noire is a sweet lady.

Peashy is at the pond and upset that the spirit won't show up. She has already offered a large portion of her favorite shinies. Neptune and Plutia arrive. Neptune asks Peashy why she is staring into the pond. Did she drop something in it? Plutia explains that there is rumor that if you put something that is important to you, a spirit will grant your wish. Peashy brings her favorite item every day. Plutia would like to see the spirit some day as well.

Peashy tells them the spirit won't come today either. Neptune suggests that the spirit does not exist. She has been here a bunch of times but never seen it. Peashy gets angry and tells Neptune it exists. Plutia tells Peashy to calm down as she will meet it some day. Peashy throws a tantrum and she wants to see it today. She is willing to offer her most important thing. She is going to give the spirit her medal. Neptune wonders if she means the one in her shop. Plutia remembers that Peashy adores the medal so much, it was going to be the symbol of her shop.

Peashy wants to meet the spirit and throws the medal. Suddenly something beautiful appears surprising the 3. Peashy thinks it is a butterfly and is in awe of how pretty it is. Plutia thinks the medal called out the butterfly of light. Neptune notes that the butterfly is already gone. It must be one of those super rare monsters that runs away as soon as it is encountered.

Peashy notices a pretty ball of string where the butterfly once was. Neptune thinks the butterfly dropped it. Peashy decides to give the ball of string to Plutia as a present. Plutia is surprised by the gesture. Neptune asks Peashy if she just wanted to meet the spirit so badly to get a present for Plutia. Plutia wonders if it is okay for her to accept this. Peashy assures her it is. Plutia is so happy with the gift and promises to treasure it forever.

Neptune puts two and two together and remembers Plutia likes sewing so a pretty ball of string is the perfect gift for her. Plutia declares that she will make the ball of string, the symbol of her shop. Neptune realizes that Peashy has grown so she can't slack off anymore.

Later, Neptune visits the Fancy Shop. Peashy rushes and crashes to Neptune. Neptune tells Peashy she caught her a little off guard. Plutia asks if Neptune is okay. Neptune assures Plutia she is fine. In this world, she can handle a little tackle to a gigantic punch without breaking a sweat. Peashy tells Neptune she heard that her party worked really hard. Plutia praises Neptune's party for fighting well. Plutia then tells Neptune she was asked by someone she knows to put countermeasures here and there so she was busy.

Ploot gives Neptuna a doll

Neptune does not understand what Plutia means by countermeasures for someone she knows but it seems that Plutia helped out as well. Plutia remembers that Neptune is going to fight the last boss so she gives Neptune a Neplushie. Neptune notices that this is sold at Plutia's shop. She doesn't want to steal so she will buy it. Plutia tells Neptune she earned it. Besides if she uses it, it will promote her shop. Peashy tells Neptune to take it thief. Neptune tells Peashy there is no need for name calling but if they are going to give her this for free, Neptune thanks them. She tells Plutia and Peashy she will make good use of this.

Plutia tells Neptune to come back anytime. Peashy tells her that they should play again. Neptune agrees and says farewell to them.

Some time ago, Peashy wants to play shop with Plutia. Plutia tells Peashy she has to make a phone call first and asks Peashy to wait. Peashy asks if she is call Neptune. Plutia is not, it is someone else she knows. She calls the person and explains that some is being mean to the admins. Neptune and the others are in trouble. Plutia wants to conduct some research to find if anyone bad is hiding in the network. She would appreciate their help but the person on the other end is busy. Plutia is disappointed to hear that and asks if they would do it just for her. The person on the other end agrees to help Plutia. Plutia thanks them and ends the call. Peashy asks if Plutia is done which she is end. Plutia decides to play shop with Peashy.

Plutia brings Peashy out to the Cathedral. Other shopkeepers are there to see CPU return. Tamsoft is amazed they finally did it. She hopes that her work was able to help them out in some way. Nothing would make her happier. Nepgear assures her that the weapons she strengthened helped them take out strong monsters and thanks Tamsoft for everything.

Plutia congratulates everyone. As a commemoration for beating the boss person, she will host a special sale for the next 10 minutes. Neptune is surprised she is going to do it right now and only for 10 minutes. She really does move to the beat of her drum. Peashy is confused, they are congratulating Neptuna. Is it her birthday? Plutia explains that Neppy and the others won against a big meanie. Peashy is impressed with Neptuna's achievement. Neptune laughs and thanks Peashy.

IF thinks about commemorative sale. She asks Compa if they should do one at their shop. Compa remembers that their items are priced at the lowest possible price. They would end up in the red if they have a sale. However, this is a special occasion so Compa decides to do it. IF declares in competition to Plutia, they will have a 30 minute sale. Nepgear notes that everyone has gotten to the shop business.

Later, Neptune clears her throat and welcomes the player to the customary "Thank You for Playing" Corner. CPU, Bouquet, GM and the Goddesses say a few words. Purple Heart passes back to Neptune.

Neptune thanks Purple Heart and now that their party members have... Neptune takes a look around and sees all her other friends and wonders where they came from. IF notes that they get to do something like this. It should be alright if they say a word or two. IF, Compa, Tamsoft and Plutia say a few words. Peashy asks the player play with Peashy as well. She suggests they play store together and makes the player promise this.

Uzume and enemies all say a few words. After that, Blanc thinks that should be everyone. Vert notes that if they were going to include everyone, they will have to bring out minor characters and the eggplant lady. They would not finish until sunset. Neptune agrees and they are just in time for pudding so she wants to end it here. Neptune concludes the Thank You Corner and tells the player to do their best and take of them from now on.





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