Pea's the posterchild for the shop! We just opened so buy something!
— Peashy

A bright and energetic girl who lives with Plutia. Innocent and eager for attention, her naiveté often drags others around, but she does display a shy side every now and then. Her attack known as the "Pea Punch" is really just something she does to play around, but, in reality, its power is immense.

She chose the Tailor class so she could be like Plutia. She acts as the posterchild for the shop she runs in the game as a way to draw in customers and boost sales.



Peashy's figure remains the same from the rest of the series. Her bee-outfit is now a tiger-outfit. Her outfit consists of a tiger hoodie with tiger sleeves and gloves. She wears a swimsuit to cover her chest and a brown and red dress. Underneath the dress seems to be white undergarments. She has loose brown socks that are held on by a strap with a blue star button. Her bag is also in the shape of a blue star which is hung by a strap that goes around her left shoulder.


Peashy has a very energetic and outgoing personality. She loves to play around a lot and is a bit on the rough side. She's prone to tackling others and breaking objects.


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