Peashy, also known as Pish in the Japanese version, is a Console Patron Unit, a schoolmate of Rom and Ram, and is the strongest elementary student of their school. The twins bring her to the Film club to help making the movie.

Peashy and Vert are starring as the Twin Girls who turn out to be zombies.




Peashy is a short girl with strawberry blonde hair with large red hair bobbles and cerulean blue eyes.


Peashy has a very energetic and outgoing personality. She loves to play around a lot and is a bit on the rough side. She's prone to tackling others and breaking objects.

Yellow Heart


Yellow Heart looks completely different from her human form. Her hair color becomes blonde and grows in length, making it past her shoulders. She not only becomes taller but her breasts also grow significantly in size (to the point of being larger than Green Heart's). She wears a white, skintight bodysuit with matching thigh-high boots and a choker, all three decorated with traces of black, red, and yellow. She has a buxom figure.  


Yellow Heart's personality is almost exactly the same. The only difference is she becomes slightly more serious to a degree but still views combat as if it were nothing more than a game. Her ditzy and slow ways remained unchanged, however.



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Hair Styles

For Name Where to Find
Peashy Yellow Hair Default
Yellow Heart Yellow Hair Default


For Name Where to Find
Peashy Gamicademi Uniform Default
Gamicademi Purple Ocean Station 2nd
Gamicademi Red Ocean Station 2nd
Mr. Bee Neo White S&R
Yellow Heart Base Core Default

Processor Parts

Name Where to Find Stats
Base Core Default HP +600, Def +55, Guard Up: XS
PCF-XXX Fake Hearts HP +800, Def +65, Guard Up: XS

Command List

For Name Buttons
Peashy Full Power Punch RB+X, R+Square
Bratty Circle Punch RB+Y, R+Triangle
Drop Kick RB+B, R+Circle
Spoiled brat tornado RB+A, R+X
Pea's Special Move! LB+X, L+R+Square
Yellow Heart Guard Strike RB+X, R+Square
Hard Break Kick RB+Y, R+Triangle
Valkerie Claw RB+B, R+Circle
Winds Thunder RB+A, R+X
Carnage Fang LB+X, L+R+Square

Musical Themes

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Name Description Audio
Principal Prettiness Plutia and Peashy's theme which plays whenever either transforms.





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