Plutia, also known as Pururut in the Japanese version, is a Console Patron Unit and Neptune's best friend who goes in her own pace and loves to take naps during school. Since the zombie apocalypse disturbs her napping time, she accepts Neptune's request to help making the second movie, so Plutia can retain her precious napping time again.

As her goddess form Iris Heart, she is starring as the Leader of the zombie army.




Plutia's appearance looks similar to Neptune in certain areas; she has long, light purple hair in a braid to the back and dark purple frill ribbon tied to it. Her eyes are magenta in color.


Plutia is very calm, almost to the point of always seeming tired. This is most noticeable by the fact that she speaks rather slowly. She is kind and somewhat of a ditz but with minor sadistic tendencies. Much like Neptune, she tends to leave her duties as goddess ignored and spends most of her time either sleeping, making dolls, or playing around with Neptune. Plutia, also like Neptune, makes friends very easily due to her relaxed and caring nature.

Iris Heart


Iris Heart's appearance in this form is akin to a dominatrix. Her hair becomes iris blue while her eyes turn into a slightly darker shade of magenta. She wears a black, one piece bodysuit with high heels and traces of magenta on the legs, torso, and arms which is also accompanied by a set of matching earrings and a choker.


Iris Heart is the goddess form of Plutia. Not only does her voice change (in tone and tempo), but her personality does too. Iris Heart, simply put, is a sadistic dominatrix which earned her the name “Sadie” from Neptune. In this form, she bone-chilling and frightening to enemies and allies alike. While she is sadistic in this form, she still retains Plutia’s caring aspect as well, but just shows it in a different way. Her behavior is unpredictable, as she ad-lips during a recording session without any regard of Blanc's script.



MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies

Scene 9

Scene 10

Scene 11

Scene 12


Plutia's playstyle in this game is an action game based version of her moveset from HDN Victory for the most part. She tends towards being a very strong up close melee fighter, though her defense and speed are a bit poor.

As Iris Heart, most of her weaknesses are greatly diminished, and her attack patterns become easier to manage due to the shift in weaponry, which gains a much more standard slashing arc as opposed to the swinging, almost flail like arc of her default weapon as Plutia.



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Hair Styles

For Name Where to Find
Plutia Purple Hair 1 Default
Purple Hair 2 Default
Iris Heart Purple Hair Default


For Name Where to Find
Plutia Gamicademi Uniform Default
Gamicademi Navy Ocean Station 2nd
Gamicademi Purple Ocean Station 2nd
Indoor Clothes Neo White S&R
Iris Heart Omegadrive Default
Plutia 3D.SLOZ

Processor Parts

Name Where to Find Stats
Omegadrive Default HP +1100, Def +45, Guard Up: Mid
Plutia Fake Purple HP +1400, Def +45, Guard Up: Mid

Command List

For Name Buttons
Plutia Fancy Rain RB+X
Stress Reliever RB+Y
Boomerang RB+B
Thunder Bolt RB+A
I'm with My Plushie LB+X
Iris Heart Fighting Viper RB+X
Drive Stab RB+Y
Sonic Shadow RB+B
Black Chain RB+A
Thunder Blade Kick LB+X

Musical Themes

Audio samples do not work on iPad or any medium that does not support the .ogg audio format.

Name Description Audio
Principal Prettiness Plutia and Peashy's theme which plays whenever either transforms.
Principal Prettiness


  • Gamicademi Uniform
  • Gamicademi Navy
  • Gamicademi Purple
  • Indoor Clothes
  • Omegadrive
  • Plutia
  • Purple Hair 1
  • Purple Hair 2
  • Purple Hair
  • Mr. Bear
  • Mr. Rabbit
  • Mr. Shorthair
  • Gloomy Doll
  • Snake Sword
  • Snake Sword EX


PS Vita「激次元タッグ ブラン+ネプテューヌVSゾンビ軍団」“プルルート”プレイ動画

PS Vita「激次元タッグ ブラン+ネプテューヌVSゾンビ軍団」“プルルート”プレイ動画



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