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A Processor Unit is a piece of equipment that CPU is able to access once HDD is accessed. The equipped Processor Units' stats stack with the stats on human form once a CPU is in HDD form.

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Processor Unit Categories

These are the Processor Unit categories:

  • Core Unit
  • Head Unit
  • Shoulder Unit
  • Emblem
  • Waist Link
  • Back Unit
  • Leg Unit

Processor Unit Parameters

Each Processor Unit has its own parameters that affect the character's stats. In Hyperdimension Neptunia the parameters were:

  • Clock Frequency: Processing ability. It affects overall CPU performance.
  • Memory: Memory ability. It affects mainly resistance.
  • Heat: Unit temperature. The higher the value, the higher your attack power.
  • Elemental Resistance: Defense power against elemental attacks. The higher the value, the less damage you'll receive.

However in later titles, processor units merely increase a CPUs base stats. It should also be noted that the equipment on the CPU in human form will still be included in the stat increase when using processors while transformed.

Costume Canvas

Main Article: Costume Canvas

This is an exclusive feature for the CPUs. The player can alter a CPU's outfit textures through the Playstation 3's Photo Album. The picture must be a perfect square and has a size range of between 16x16 to 1024x1024. The recommended file formats are .jpg or .png.

This feature was dropped from games released after Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.

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