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This page lists the processors belonging to the Cat Processor Unit in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1.

Note: In spite of the description stating it is shared, there is a unique Cat (H) for each CPU.

Cat (H)

Base Stats
HP V.png 0 SP V.png 0
STR V.png 0 VIT V.png 0
INT V.png 50 MEN V.png 50
AGI V.png 0 TEC V.png 25
LUK V.png 25 MOV V.png 0
Elemental Resistance
Mk2 Fire Element.png 0% Mk2 Wind Element.png 0%
Mk2 Ice Element.png 0% V Thunder Element.png 0%
For Neptune/Noire/Blanc/Vert only. A cat-ear Processor Unit shared among the CPUs.
Neptune: From Chirper "Cat" in Chapter 3

Noire: Drop from hidden treasure in Yukawa Ruins

Blanc: Drop from hidden treasure in Naasne Volcano Depths

Vert: Drop from hidden treasure in Duty Space

Sell Price: 500C