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Please refer to this page to understand what "type" of quests mean.

In addition, quests that require monsters or bosses to be hunted only required the monster to be killed, not necessarily by the player. In other words, taking a quest that requires killing Mandragora or Demon's Root can completed by letting the enemy detect the player then letting it explode as it chases the player. For those who may want a low level run, a monster can be killed by say Neptune, but before the enemy fades away, the player can switch to Noire and nobody gains exp, item or loot, however the enemy is registered as killed for the quest.

Guild Rank 1

Name Type Requirement Location Bell Reward Item Reward
Fresh Green Bud Delivery Sturdy Stalk [x10] Alph Plains, Yiear Sea of Trees 500 Fruit of Respite [x3]
A Son's Wisdom Delivery Decayed Tree Bark [x5] Alph Plains, Yiear Forest, Yiear Sea of Trees 500 Elder Tree Sap [x3]
The Usual Guys Monster Dogoo [x8] Alph Plains 800 Fruit of Respite [x3]
Gardening Plan Monster Tulip [x3] Alph Plains 800 Elder Tree Sap [x3]
Not the Pumpkins... Monster Pumpkimon [x5] Alph Plains 500 Scroll of Return [x3]
Lack of Calcium Monster Skeleton [x10] Logi Mountain 500 Fruit of Light [x3]
Goblin Grudge Monster Goblin [x5] Logi Mountain 500 Crystalline Water [x3]
Mountain Champion Certification Blitmate [x1] Logi Mountain 1500 Mysterious Keyring [x3], Socket Badge (Accessory) [x1]

Guild Rank 2

Name Type Requirement Location Bell Reward Item Reward
Rock Out Delivery Iron Ore [x10] Logi Mountain, Fiyar Mines 800 Fruit of Light [x3]
Ore Enthusiast Delivery Lavanite Ore [x5] Logi Mountain, Hestie Crater 800 Moisturizing Lotion [x2], Smelling Salts [x2]
Form of Evolution Monster Great Turtle [x5] Arodie Cavern 1000 Scroll of Return [x3]
In the Rock's Shadow Monster Gargoyle [x5] Arodie Cavern 1000 Leaf of Leanverde [x2]
I Want a Picnic... Monster Worm [x3] Logi Mountain 1000 Root of Leanverde [x2]
Cat Squirrel Danger Monster Cat Squirrel [x3] Alph Plains 1200 Elder Tree Sap [x3]
Blue Lightning Boss Bestiroa [x1] Alph Plains 1200 Fruit of Beginnings [x2], Fruit of Light [x3]
Stolen Sacred Treasure Certification Volcerios [x1] Yiear Forest 1900 Vanilla Cone [x1] (Vert's Weapon), Sweet Katana [Cacao] [x1] (Rom's Weapon)

Guild Rank 3

  • Despite what the game says, for the Mushroom Season quest, you need to hunt Matango [x5] in Yiear Forest
Name Type Requirement Location Bell Reward Item Reward
Eggplants in Danger Delivery Poison Spore [x3] Yiear Forest, Yiear Sea of Trees, Fiyar Mines, Hestie Crater, Unreal World, Atlio City Ruins 1200 Smelling Salts [x4]
Future Cat Lady Delivery Beast Whiskers [x3] Alph Plains, Logi Mountain, Yiear Forest, Yiear Sea of Trees, Fiyar Mines, Unreal World 1200 Water of Life [x2]
Mushroom Season Monster Matanogo [x5] Yiear Forest 1300 Fruit of Respite [x2], Root of Leanverde [x2]
Cute is Justice? Monster Mellow Cat [x3] Yiear Forest 1300 Eyes of Nagia [x5]
Dangerous Herbs Monster Mandragora [x3] Yiear Forest 1500 Moisturizing Lotion [x4]
Chick Counterattack Monster Blue Chocobas [x5] Yiear Forest 1500 Scroll of Return [x3], Kiss of the Goddess [x2]
Turtle on the Rock Monster Great Turtle [x5] Arodie Cavern 1300 Eye of Grip [x5]
Dogoo Combo Platter Monster Dogoo [x5] Arodie Cavern 1000 Fruit of Respite [x5]
Knight's Stance Boss Blitmate [x1] Logi Mountain 1800 Philosopher's Stone [x1]
Corridor Monsters Certification Shutolmate [x1] Oneiro Corridor 2400 Popsicle Sword [x1] (Neptune's Weapon), Pudding [x1] (Uni's Weapon)

Guild Rank 4

  • The first time one takes A Tough Cute quest, one can get the event where the player receives: Old Bones [x1], Great Wing [x1], Beast Whiskers [x1]
Name Type Requirement Location Bell Reward Item Reward
Ruins Tour Delivery Ancient Building Materials [x10] Oneiro Corridor 1300 Guardian Gem [x1]
Bone Collector Delivery Old Bones [x3] Logi Mountain, Arodie Cavern, Oneiro Corridor, Hestie Crater, Tetyu Temple, Unreal World, Horor Garden 1300 Iron Wall Gem [x1]
Guard Quest 1 Delivery Rainbow Stone [x3] Arodie Cavern 2000 Goddess Wings [x1]
Guard Quest 2 Boss Volcerios [x1] Fiyar Mines 2300 Seed of Leanverde [x3]
Guard Quest 3 Boss Bestiroa [x1] Hestie Crater 2700 Goddess Drop [x1], Branch of Leanverde [x1]
Great Grief Monster Big Red Dogoo [x1] Oneiro Corridor 1700 Fruit of Light [x4]
An Old Person's Fun Monster Parasite Worm [x5] Oneiro Corridor 1700 Magical Elixir [x3]
A Tough Cute Monster Mellow Cat [x4] Logi Mountain 1300 Fruit of Beginnings [x3]
Search For Him Boss Beaster Roll [x1] Alph Plains 2000 Endurance Gem [x1], Life Gem [x1]
Giant's Brandish Boss Eldemate [x1] Yiear Forest 2300 Assault Gem [x1], Healing Gem [x1]
Base of World Tree Certification Nowaid [x1] Yiear Sea of Trees 3000 Sweet Lollipop [x1] (Blanc's Weapon), Candy Cane [x1] (Nepgear's Weapon)

Guild Rank 5

  • In addition to the reward in Deep Purple, the event after defeating boss grants the player: Tetyu Holy Water [x3], Oneiro Demon Book [x3], Philosopher's Stone [x1]
Name Type Requirement Location Bell Reward Item Reward
Gather Cute Groups Monster Hell Cat [x3] Yiear Sea of Trees 1500 Fruit of Beginnings [x3]
Unicorn Sanctuary Monster Nightmare Unicorn [x2] Yiear Sea of Trees 1500 Magical Elixir [x3]
Wriggling Statue Monster Dos Gargoyle [x5] Fiyar Mine 1700 Leaf of Leanverde [x6]
Vessel of Goddess Arrival Altar Tetyu Temple 0 Belief Gem [x4], Source of Life [x5]
They're White Balls Monster Shrotamon [x3] Fiyar Mines 1700 Scroll of Return [x10], Potion of Protection [x2]
Symbol of Power Boss Shutolmate [x1] Arodie Cavern 2500 Frost Blade Gem [x1], Ice Protection Gem [x1]
Calamity Arrival Altar Tetyu Temple 0 Eyes of Nagia [x5]
Deep Purple Boss Shutolmate [x1] Tetyu Temple 0 Last Stand Gem [x1], Tetyu Holy Water [x10]
Ruthless Rondo Certification Mirage El [x1] Hestie Crater 4000 Sweet Potato [x1] (Ram's Weapon), Sweet Unicorn [x1] (Noire's Weapon)
Eerie Bird Invasion Boss Volcerios [x1] Fiyar Mines 2800 Potential Gem [x1]
Magma Diver Boss Mirage El [x1] Hestie Crater 3000 Purgatory Gem [x1], Fire Protection Gem [x1]

Guild Rank 6

Name Type Requirement Location Bell Reward Item Reward
Dangerous Grass Delivery Exploding Grass [x3] Logi Mountain, Yiear Forest, Yiear Sea of Trees, Hestie Crater, Unreal World, Chrono Wasteland, Horor Garden, Atlio City Ruins 2000 Smelling Salts [x5]
Cursed Room Delivery Pure Water [x10] Tetyu Temple 1500 Water of Life [x3], Spirit Gem [x1]
Sturdy Rain Gutter Monster King Gargoyle [x5] Tetyu Temple 1800 Eyes of Nagia [x5]
Pink Guy Monster Big Red Dogoo [x1] Tetyu Temple 1800 Breath of the Goddess [x1], Philosopher's Stone [x1]
Search the Mountain! Monster Hell Cat [x5] Fiyar Mines 1500 Fruit of Respite [x3]
Fluffy Mountain Monster Chocobas [x5] Fiyar Mines 1500 Elder Tree Sap [x3]
Warrior of Adversity Boss Minotauros [x1] Chrono Wasteland 6000 Faith Gem [x4], Gale Gem [x1]
Beast's Diary Boss Minotauros [x1] Yiear Sea of Trees 3000 Wind Protection Gem [x1]
Knight of Despair Boss Dark Knight [x1] Horor Garden 6000 Experience Gem [x4], Flash Gem [x1]
Black Knight Diary Boss Dark Knight [x1] Oneiro Corridor 3000 Lightning Protection Gem [x1]
Looking For Peace Certification Demon King Jester Atlio City Ruins 10000 Willpower Gem [x4]

Guild Rank 7

Name Type Requirement Location Bell Reward Item Reward
Den of Demons Certification 52-65-61-70-65-72 [x1] Unreal World 4500 Plug Tail [x1] (Accessory), Gold Gem [x4]
Big Materials Delivery Spongey Membrane [x3] Arodie Cavern, Yiear Sea of Trees, Tetyu Temple, Chrono Wasteland, Horor Garden, Atlio City Ruins 2200 Purified Sap [x5], Eyes of Nagia [x2]
End of the World Delivery Unusual Ore [x10] Chrono Wasteland, Horor Garden, Atlio City Ruins 2000 Philosopher's Stone [x1], Seed of Leanverde [x1]
More Slimy Monster Abyss Worm [x3] Hestie Crater 1800 Fruit of Beginnings [x3]
The Steel Guy Monster Big Metal Dogoo [x1] Tetyu Temple 2300 Magical Elixir [x3]
Seasonal Items Monster Watermelon [x5] Yiear Sea of Trees 1500 Monster Fluid [x10]
Not What They Seem Monster Corpse Knight [x5] Oneiro Corridor 1700 Monster Claw [x10]
Under The Sky Boss Mirage El [x1] Hestie Crater 3500 Evil Spear Gaebolg [x1] (Noire's Weapon), Kamimaru [Mizuhanome] [x1] (Ram's Weapon)
In the Eternal Crevice Boss Blitmate [x1] Tetyu Temple 3200 Artificial Holy Sword [x1] (Neptune's Weapon), Treasure [Susanoo] [x1] (Rom's Weapon)
King of Dead Boss Nowaid [x1] Yiear Sea of Trees 3500 Arch Bishop Rod [x1] (Blanc's Weapon), Good Witch Staff [x1] (Nepgear's Weapon)
Where Are You Monster Demon's Root [x3] Chrono Wasteland 2000 Gale Gem [x1]
Demon King's Shadow Monster Ulgadeus [x5] Chrono Wasteland 2300 Flash Gem [x1]
Dimensional Beast Monster Unigrand [x5] Chrono Wasteland 2000 Raging Wave Gem [x1]
Steel Heart Monster Big Metal Dogoo [x1] Chrono Wasteland 2500 Endurance Gem [x1]
Skeleton Magic Monster Living Dead [x5] Horor Garden 2200 Potential Gem [x1]
Spreading Irregularity Monster Balecifer [x5] Horor Garden 2500 Godly Effect Gem [x1]
Phoenix Facsimile Boss Volcerios [x1] Fiyar Mines 3200 Blue Sword Hrotti [x1] (Vert's Weapon), Leviathan Gun [x1] (Uni's Weapon)
Land of Beginnings Boss Bestiroa [x1] Alph Plains 3800 Elegant God Stone [x2], Alph Wild Grass [x5]
Searching for Love Boss Holy War Minotauros [x1] Chrono Wasteland 3800 Willpower Gem [x2]
Sword of Justice Boss Phantom Knight [x1] Horor Garden 3800 Vitality Gem [x2]

Guild Rank 8

  • For the dungeons the quest where all dungeons are listed, you may need to take Boss quests in addition to that quest to unlock bosses that drop Monster Armor/Equipment or have Monster Armor as a reward for the Boss quest
Name Type Requirement Location Bell Reward Item Reward
Dangerous Labyrinth Boss Holy War Minotauros [x1] Unreal World 4000 Fox Ears [x1] (Accessory), Fox Tail [x1] (Accessory)
Rumble in the Ruins Monster Knock Tortoise [x5] Atlio City Ruins 2300 Magical Elixir [x5]
Fragrance of the Sun Monster Blue Sun [x5] Unreal World 2500 Goddess Drop [x1]
Small Clothing Monster Metal Dogoo [x10] Unreal World 3000 Elder Tree Sap [x10]
Monster Park Monster Chaos Dino [x5] Chrono Wasteland 3200 Crystalline Water [x10]
Limited Time Event! Boss Death Machine [x1] Horor Garden 5000 Gamindustri Watch [x1] (Accessory)
Solitary Demon King Boss Demon General Jester [x1] Atlio City Ruins 4000 Gamindustri Medal [x1] (Accessory)
Strong One's Memory Delivery Monster Equipment [x5] All dungeons except Logi Mountain 2500 Elegant God Stone [x2]
Strong One's Piece Delivery Monster Armor [x5] All dungeons 2500 Elegant God Stone [x2]
My Pet Monster Hell Salamander [x5] Atlio City Ruins 2500 Fruit of Beginnings [x6]
Ruined City's Darkness Monster Grimondross [x5] Atlio City Ruins 2800 Magical Elixir [x6]
Strong Arm Explosion Boss Eldemate [x1] Arodie Cavern 5000 Hard Armor Fragment [x1], Monster Equipment [x1]
Quiet Woods Boss Beaster Roll [x1] Yiear Forest 5000 Polished Armor Plate [x1], Monster Armor [x1]
Chaos Musical Boss Nowaid [x1] Yiear Sea of Trees 5000 Immortal Core [x1], Monster Equipment [x1]
That Annoying Guy Boss Volcerios [x1] Fiyar Mines 5000 Eerie Bird's Large Wing [x1], Monster Armor [x1]
The Second Sin Boss Mirage El [x1] Hestie Crater 5000 Red Ring Part [x1], Raw Monster Fluid [x1]
Guardian Boss Chaosroid [x1] Tetyu Temple 6000 Ran-Ran Mask [x1] (Accessory)
The Wasteland Echoes Boss War God Minotauros [x1] Chrono Wasteland 6000 Mina Doll [x1] (Accessory)
A Soul Without Light Boss Abyss Knight [x1] Horor Garden 6000 Kei Doll [x1] (Accessory)
Origin of Evil Boss Extreme Demon King Jester [x1] Atlio City Ruins 10000 Histoire Doll [x1] (Accessory)
Cheater Purge Campaign Boss Cheetah Unreal World 8000 Chika Doll [x1] (Accessory)

Guild Rank Ex

Name Type Requirement Location Bell Reward Item Reward
Love Triangle Monster All Large Monsters Alph Plains 40963 Alph Wild Grass [x8]
Lonely Zone Boss War God Minotauros [x1] Logi Mountain 40963 Hestie Fire Rock [x8]
Triple Trouble Monster All Large Monsters Oneiro Corridor 40963 Oneiro Demon Book [x8]
Way of the Sword Boss Abyss Knight [x1] Yiear Forest 40963 Fiyar Ore [x8]
Bird in a Cage Monster All Medium Monsters Tetyu Shrine 40963 Tetyu Holy Water [x8]
Big 7 Monster All Large Monsters Unreal World 40963 Unsolved Medal [x8]
Undead Village Monster All Large Monsters Chrono Wasteland 40963 Unsolved Ball [x8]
Remote Land Monster All Large Monsters Horror Garden 40963 Unsolved Statue [x8]
4 Goddess Online Monster All Large Monsters Atlio City Ruins 40963 Elegant God Stone [x8]