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First wifey obtained! Now I gotta look for more!

RED is a young, cheerful girl on a quest to find "wives" for herself. IF happens to encounter her by chance and RED labels IF as her first "wifey". Through the RED events DLC she can be made as a playable character.



RED is a young girl with a short stature and childlike physique. Despite her physique, she is well-endowed. She has a very fair skin color and black eyes. She has bright red hair with some of it from the left side of head worn in a fashion similar to a side of a ribbon, held by a black ribbon with yellow beads on the end. She has white highlights on her bangs on the right side and on the end of the tied hair on the left side.

Overall, RED's clothing fashion consists of something similar to Chinese attires. She wears a dark grey and black, collared, sleeveless vest with gold trimming and red stitching. On the top back of her vest is a red circular-like logo. On her chest is a golden trimmed, light blue Magatama. A smaller version of the Magatama is also behind the bottom of the back of her vest. She wears a red detached sleeves with cherry blossom flower patterns and has a black. On the top of her sleeves are black frills, and at the near bottom end are golden five-petaled patterns with golden linings at the top and bottom of the patterns. A scaly, golden Chinese dragon with red eyes is wrapped once around her belly area.

She wear a golden trimmed, red skirt designed like it's separated into five large petal-shaped sections. The skirt contains cherry blossom flower patterns similar to her sleeves. She also wears black tight shorts with red linings at the bottom. She wears red, textile ankle cuffs with cherry blossom flower patters similar to her sleeves and skirt. She wears short black socks that only reach through her ankle cuffs. On her feet are red getas with light brown wooden bases and a Magatama, similar to the ones on her chest, on the straps on each side.


Always hunting for wives, RED is a cheery, enthusiastic, yet childish girl. Shown through her disposition towards IF, she is determined to impress her claimed wives, especially her "Wifey Number 1," and will do daring things to do so, including rounding up monsters for her "wifey" to fight "for her heart's content." She has no sense of danger or at least chooses to ignore it, which can be seen through her going through a ropeway and a factory conveyor belt. She even considers going on top of a monster to "stay loyal to her wifey." Her wife-hunting antics are revealed to have came from the various games she plays.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia

Wife Flag

First encountered by IF, RED accidentally tackles her out of nowhere when she hears her screams. While on the ground, she's shoved off by IF when she won't get off her. RED thanks IF for "protecting her with IF's body." Saying it wasn't intentional, RED takes IF's words as humble modesty. After asking her name, RED makes IF her "wifey" and takes off, saying she's off to hunt for more wives.

Great March

RED finds IF again, who's just taken down a monster. Yelling her name, she runs towards IF but falls down on the ground. After quickly regaining her stance, she asks and confirms IF if she hunts monsters. IF tries to get her back to town, but RED insists that they stay because they're alone. Then RED reveals that she brought a lot of monsters for IF for her to fight "for her heart's content." Hearing the sounds of the monsters, IF runs away along with RED. RED apologizes, but she becomes happy after IF says that she's flattered by what she did. She asks if her Charisma increased. When IF says so, she jots down her +10 points on her charisma increase.

Fantasy Crepe

Seeing IF ordering for crepes from a ropeway, she also yells her order with "pork cutlet and natto toppings." Much to IF's surprise, RED comes down quickly from the ropeway and ends up on IF's side. She becomes happy when IF decides to share her custard crepe with her, and she decides to treat IF with another one. Asking if she made a good impression, IF gives her ten points to her charisma, but she settle it to thirty when RED squabbles for more than ten. RED reveals that the first wife to give her one-hundred points will earn a bonus item and hotel event.

None of the Above

RED suddenly appears out of nowhere and gives IF a "How Well Do You Know Red?" quiz, where IF will will have to do whatever RED asks her if she gets an answer wrong. The first question asked was what RED collects. She gives IF four choices, but none of them are the answers, which is "wifeys." She gives IF credit and says she answered correctly for not choosing anything. IF gives her charisma points, but RED increases the points given to forty points, giving RED a total of eighty points so far.


While IF is eating a blanc-manger, RED comes out under a bench and questions IF what she's eating. IF offers her a bite, but RED eats all of the dessert in one bite. IF becomes upset and leaves. Feeling like it's her fault, she comes up with an idea. She stuffs a bunch of Lady Blanc's Manju inside a giant box and sends it along with an apologetic letter in an envelope to IF's room.

Hero's Item

RED happens to be in the same factory IF's quest is located. She gets carried by a conveyor belt and falls into a crate of weapons. After getting off and lightly scolded for her actions, IF asks her what she uses for self-defense. She answers, "kendama, yo-yo, and throwing discs." IF doubts that those are actual weapons, but RED tells her a legend that only chosen ones can use them as weapons.


Worried about RED's welfare, IF offers to lend her phone to call her parents. RED remembers her mother and reveals her other reason for her journey other than collecting wives. According to her story, while she with her mom a local festival, giant flower monsters overran her village and took her mom. She explains that she's collecting wives to rescue her village. When IF says that she doesn't believe it for a second, RED says that she made up the story and praises IF for figuring it out. She also reveals that it was to test IF's worthiness of her title as RED's "wifey," increasing RED's "wifey rank" by 20 levels.

Wife's Job

RED is using IF's lap as a pillow. IF tries to leave for her party members, but RED says that it's the wife job to provide her lap as a pillow. When warned that IF will take points away, RED immediately gets up and accidentally hits IF with her head.

Round Up

RED wants to meet IF's party members to say hi and see if they're competition. After IF says that her party is comprised entirely of girls, RED immediately wanted to join the party so she could get them to be her wives. IF warns her that they fight dangerous monsters, but RED isn't swayed off by a bit and becomes enthusiastic to "conquer her party."

No Ogre

When IF asks her if she's interested in guys, RED replies that she plays a lot of games with guy protagonists. She also explains that she borrowed a game from Lady Green Heart. IF relates and says she also played a similar game, but RED's interpretation of the game she played is different from IF's, distinguishing the games.

Reaching 100

RED becomes sick, so IF tells her to get some rest. RED refuses because she's worried that IF may leave to another land while she's resting, but IF assures that she'll stay in Lowee until RED's all better. RED doubts her words and says that she must keep working to increase her charisma points, which hasn't gone up lately. IF offers her twenty points if RED should listen to her, giving RED a total of 100 points. She becomes excited and asks various things from IF if she's all better, including joining IF's party, introducing her to the other members, and even having a wedding with her, the last one which IF says is a totally different issue.


RED is all better and comes to join IF's party. IF tries to warn her of the dangers of their adventure, but RED insists that she'll join no matter what for her "wifey" and that she reached 100 points on charisma. After a light argument, IF gives in and lets RED join the party.


Astounded by Lady Black Heart's gun, RED decides she wants a gun, too.

Beautiful Gentleman

RED brings news that Lady Green Heart agreed to marry her to IF and said that they already had a wedding ceremony. IF asks what happened to the wife-hunting thing. RED replies that she married Green Heart's male character in 4 Goddesses Online, an online video game. RED goes off on how Green Heart is nice to her in the game and wonders about their in-game honeymoon. Then she leaves IF and goes to Green Heart's room, saying that she misses her.


RED is in a good mood due to Lady Green Heart's many video game collection. When IF asks what kind of game she played, RED explains that she played a first-person shooter game that involves "buckets and buckets" of blood and a "slimy, bloody hell." IF asks for the rating of the game, which RED says is rated M.

With Goddess

RED decides to give a present to IF to increase her Charisma level. IF thanks her for her kind thoughts, but RED explains that she had a hard time finding the present. She asks IF if she likes "that one goddess," to which IF says that she respects them all. Then RED explains that her present will match IF with that goddess. She finally presents her item, "Kichiku Megane Harem Set for Virgins." When IF doubts that a goddess will own such a thing, RED tells her that she found a copy of the item in Lady Green Heart's room. RED hands her the item and leaves after IF reluctantly accepts it.

Red Alert

RED is currently hiding from an upset Lady White Heart for farting loud like a grenade explosion, which angered the CPU. IF spots her and delivers her a message from White Heart, saying that RED "won't get away with this." When IF asks her what she did, RED retreats.

Unofficial Publishing

RED received three books from Lady White Heart, which one is for reading, one for display, and one for propagating. She's excited to read the contents and wants to share her excitement with IF, but she puts the idea aside because she thinks it's not fair for her other "wifeys." Instead, she plans to pass it along so everyone can read the book. Wondering why the books can't found in stores as said by White Heart, she plans to ask IF later about it.

How Many Wives?

RED ponders over her "wifeys," IF, Compa, and Neptune. She mentions that she's having a hard time to establish a good relationship foundation with Neptune, which she already knows the difficulty from IF. Wondering about when IF says that RED and Neptune are "hard to tame," RED comes to the conclusion that IF is comparing her to Neptune.

Bed Sharing

RED is tired and decides to go to sleep. Saying that the bed is cold, she decides to sleep with one of her claimed wives. Looking over her options, she concludes that IF might get mad at her, Compa is too easy and may cuddle her too much, and Neptune is out of the question. She rolls a die to decide and gets the number five. IF appears and says that number is RED's own bed.


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