Rei Ryghts is the head representative for the Citizens Group, a movement that opposes CPUs, similar to the Seven Sages who are led by her Ultra Dimension counterpart. She represents the Atari 2600. Her personality undergoes an extreme change between her human and goddess forms.


Human Form


In her human form, Rei has long heather blue hair and blue-green eyes that are accompanied by thin framed glasses. She wears a single hair accessory on the left side of her head which has a triangular shape at the base that is black with white and blue in the center and has second part on top which is white accompanied with blue lining. Her attire consists of a primarily black business-woman-like suit with a skull right between where her torso ends and her legs start. On her arms she wear's what appears to be two white gauntlets with blue lining and black skulls on the end. Her leg wear contains black tights and white knee high boots with black shoe laces and black bottoms with blue lining and skulls on the side.


Rei, in a word, is an absolute "pushover". She is very frail and has extreme confidence issues, not being able to make anyone listen to her and ends up being stepped all over as a result. She can be indecisive and even easily scared when it seems like someone is upset with her.

Goddess Form


Rei's goddess form is reminiscent of her human form, having the same long heather blue hair but becomes slightly more sky-blue as it goes down. Her eyes are a bright diamond blue and the hair accessory that she wears on her head in human form becomes doubled, now appearing on both sides. Her glasses are gone and the general look of her outfit remains but in a bodysuit form, exposing her greatly enlarged chest, and the top some of her thighs, starting a little over where the torso begins and little over the middle of her thigh. The outfit itself is still primarily black and with white sections much like her previous form.


When she transforms, the only word needed to describe her is "psycho." Rei becomes extremely irrational, unreasonable, and overbearing. In her human form, Rei makes a comment stating that whenever she gets a little power in her hands that she goes insane. Her goddess form is living proof of this statement due to her easily being the most powerful goddess in existence.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Main Scenario
Rei Ryghts runs a movement against CPUs stating that the world does not need Goddesses, but simply just rules and proper guidelines. As hard as she tries, it is apparent that she makes little to absolutely no progress at all. After being confronted by Neptune and Nepgear, Rei flees and gets lost in an alleyway. She encounters Croire, who force feeds her dark energy given by her other self. When Rei meets Neptune again in Virtua Forest Safe Zone, she ends up sending her to the Ultra Dimension after becoming frustrated and saying that CPUs should not exist. Seeing that she finally accomplished something by making Neptune "disappear", she becomes mad with power and the Citizen's Group begins to grow of of control.

Each time the other Rei's Seven Sages are thwarted in the Ultra Dimension, this Rei gets incremental power boost. By the time Eden fell once Yellow Heart recovered her memories, Rei was able to send a significant portion of her immense power back to Ultra Dimension Rei via Croire, who regained her CPU powers and could create doppelgangers of the goddesses. When the other Rei was defeated, Hyper Dimension Rei's power increased to the point of being capable of launching interdimensional attacks, and decided the Ultra Dimension would be the first to demonstrate her world-breaking powers on.

Once Neptune returns to the Hyper Dimension with Plutia and the other Ultra Dimension CPUs, they learn that the Noire, Blanc, and Vert of this world are holding off waves of clones sent by Hyper Dimension Rei. When she is finally confronted, this Rei reveals to have been maddened by her counterpart's memories of Tari in the other dimension, and is unwilling to listen to reason.

After the first round, the Ultra Dimension Rei catches up, having crossed over since the dimensional attacks subsided. She tries to plead with her other self to relinquish the power she had foolishly given to her in the beginning. Instead, Croire takes what remained of her power and gives it to the Hyper Dimension Rei, which results in another, final battle. Once Rei is defeated, the dark energy releases from her unconscious body. Iris Heart tries to unsuccessfully to contain it, and the Ultra Dimension Rei takes it back before it could possess her, believing she can finally keep things under control now.

In the ending, this Rei is seen ordered to help rebuild Planeptune by IF after all the destruction she had caused (which she doesn't remember doing).

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