Eek! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Someone like me shouldn't be so rude and object to anything!
— Rei

Rei Ryghts is the Console Patron Unit (CPU) of the fallen nation once known as Tari. She represents the Atari 2600. Her personality undergoes an extreme change between her human and goddess forms.

She is the leader of the Seven Sages, who oppose the CPUs and are the antagonists in Victory and its remake.


Human Form


In her human form, Rei has long heather blue hair and blue-green eyes that are accompanied by thin framed glasses. She wears a single hair accessory on the left side of her head which has a triangular shape at the base that is black with white and blue in the center and has second part on top which is white accompanied with blue lining. Her attire consists of a primarily black business-woman-like suit with a skull right between where her torso ends and her legs start. On her arms she wear's what appears to be two white gauntlets with blue lining and black skulls on the end. Her leg wear contains black tights and white knee high boots with black shoe laces and black bottoms with blue lining and skulls on the side.


Rei, in a word, is an absolute "pushover". She is very frail and has extreme confidence issues, not being able to make anyone listen to her and ends up being stepped all over as a result. She can be indecisive and even easily scared when it seems like someone is upset with her. When given even a minimal amount of power, she can go mad with it.

Fortunately for this Rei, she eventually understands what she did wrong and is able to control her CPU powers. In the True Ending of the game, she has also become more confident, managing to get Abnes and Warechu back in line by threatening to return to her goddess form.

Goddess Form


Rei's goddess form is reminiscent of her human form, having the same long heather blue hair but becomes slightly more sky-blue as it goes down. Her eyes are a bright diamond blue and the hair accessory that she wears on her head in human form becomes doubled, now appearing on both sides. Her glasses are gone and the general look of her outfit remains but in a bodysuit form, exposing her greatly enlarged chest, and the top some of her thighs, starting a little over where the torso begins and little over the middle of her thigh. The outfit itself is still primarily black and with white sections much like her previous form.


When she transforms, the only word needed to describe her is "psycho." Rei becomes extremely irrational, unreasonable, and overbearing. In her human form, Rei makes a comment stating that whenever she gets a little power in her hands that she goes insane. Her goddess form is living proof of this statement due to her easily being the most powerful goddess in existence.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Early History

Rei Ryghts used to live in a Gamindustri without CPUs, and as such, the entire world was filled with anarchy and chaos. By chance, Rei ended up eating a CPU Memory after mistaking it for food. It was then that she met Croire who revealed that by eating the CPU Memory, Rei had become a Goddess, and thus was able to found her her own nation. Rei, who was already mad with power, decided to do just that.

A while after creating her nation, known as Tari, Rei's people began to rise against her due to her tyrannical behavior. This caused faith in her to decrease, and thus lead to the weakening of her power. Angered by the people turning on her, Rei used her own powers and destroyed her nation, which led to the people losing all their faith in her. This led to The Great Crash, and the status of Gamindustri was even worse due to Rei's actions.

While Rei lost most of her CPU powers, she still retained her immortality, and spend thousands if not tens of thousands of years trying to figure out what went wrong. She thought that CPUs were to blame and thought that Gamindustri should be free of CPUs. Sometime during or after the Great Crash, Rei learned of her Hyper Dimension counterpart who led a movement called the Citizens Group, and was just an ordinary human. Wanting to cheer her on, this Rei thoughtlessly asked Croire to transfer all her powers to her Hyper Dimension counterpart.

Main Scenario

By the start of the game, Rei Ryghts runs a movement against CPU rule with a group known as the Seven Sages. Due to her meek personality, she is frequently bullied by her colleagues, who only joined out of convenience. When Croire informs her that Hyper Dimension Rei had banished Neptune to the Ultra Dimension, she called a meeting to report this event to her dubious associates. However, most of her fellow sages believe it to be a lie and wonder how she got this information.

Due to her indecisive leadership, Rei effectively remains largely inactive while the other Sages conduct their own schemes. After Mr. Badd's plot to overthrow Lowee is thwarted by the goddesses teaming up with Blanc, Rei reluctantly agrees to along with a new plan: kidnap children and use CPU Memories on them so that they could have a Goddess to counter the other Goddesses. When Rei attempts to kidnap Peashy, Peashy accidentally eats a CPU Memory from Rei's bag due to her being hungry before heading back to the Planeptune Basilicom. After Anonydeath learns of this, he poses as Peashy's father and takes her away from the Basilicom. Rei and Anonydeath then brainwash her and pretend to be her mother and father while having her fight against the other CPUs as Yellow Heart through the new nation of Eden.

When the goddesses find out that Yellow Heart is in fact Peashy and manage to save her, the Seven Sages disintegrate as Eden falls into rapid decline. Rei decides to try to approach the CPUs and confess her actions, but is hounded by Croire as she gets lost trying to travel to Planeptune, who is rather displeased with her attempt to make amends instead of causing mayhem. With the help of Hyper Dimension Rei, Croire forces this Rei to regain her old CPU powers, whose mental state swiftly spirals into madness. With her regained powers, she creates clones of the goddesses and takes Anonydeath hostage to lure the other CPUs to the Extradimensional Space. Upon being confronted by the party for the first time, she demonstrates her megalomania as she rants incoherently to them (in contrast to the meek self that Peashy remembers). She suddenly transforms into HDD, and finally reveals that she too is a goddess.

Once defeated, Neptune and the others take her back to the Planeptune Basilicom to ask her questions. Having regained her senses, she answers their questions and provides drawings to back it up (which Neptune calls "art murder"). She mentions Tari and the Gamindustri before and after her nation, and how she played a role in these events. Croire appears shortly after to "warn" them that the Hyper Dimension Rei is about to destroy the Ultra Dimension (and more) with her increased powers.

During the confrontation with the other Rei in the Hyper Dimension, this Rei notices the dimensional assaults have stopped, and decides to cross over and take responsibility for her actions. When she finally catches up, she pleads with her other self to stop her world-breaking, claiming it was her selfishness that turned her counterpart into this. The other Rei refuses to listen, and Croire takes Rei's remaining power and gives it to the Hyper Dimension Rei, which leads to the final battle. Once she is defeated, the dark energy releases from her unconscious body. Iris Heart tries to unsuccessfully to contain it, and the Ultra Dimension Rei takes it back before it could possess Plutia, believing she can finally keep things under control now.

In the ending, this Rei reconstructs the Seven Sages with Abnes and Warechu, now as an organization to help the CPUs. She has shown herself to be a more confident leader now, able to keep the others in line with implied threats of reverting to her old persona.

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