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The Remake System is feature that first appears in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1. It enables the player to alter various aspects of the game such as difficulty, the ability to create new items, add new dungeons and influence material harvest spots.


Pre-plan creation menu listing all requirements to craft an Add Enemies plan.

Similar to the Item Development system introduced in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2, the player will need specific materials in order to create different modifications and items. In addition to requiring several materials, the player may in some cases also need to meet other requisites, such as attaining a certain Lily Rank level between two characters or increasing a nation's shares to above a certain value. By satisfying the criteria of the System File's requirements, you can incorporate that system into the game.

Each plan created will use up a certain amount of MB. The amount of space a plan will use up depends on how much change the plan will bring into effect when toggled (Plans that craft accessories use as little as 1MB, while attempting to craft a plan that adds another playable character can use up 1024MB). Most plans that are created have the option to be toggled on or off, but cannot be deleted to restore MB used in creating the plan; prompting the player to think twice before crafting plans. Extra MB can be obtained during a New Game Plus.



There are four plan categories that are listed under the Remake System: System, Battle, Dungeon and Item Development.

  • System: Modifications that influence the game's mechanics, when exploring dungeons, enabling new Colosseum opponents to appear and recruitment of new characters into the player's party.
    • Battle: Modifications that directly influence the characters during battle, or modifications that can have a positive or negative effect on either enemies or the player. These plans serve as a sub-category for System modifications.
  • Dungeon: Creation of new dungeons and modification of attributes on already existing dungeons such as, enabling/disabling stronger enemies, changing the materials received from harvesting and even changing the dungeon to a different scheme with completely different enemies and materials from the original.
  • Item Development: Creation of new items in the shop. These include:
    • Battle Items
    • Weapon
    • Armor
    • Ornaments
    • Outfits
    • Accessories
    • Materials
    • Processors

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