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[[Category:Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart]]
[[Category:Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart]]

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This page contains the best answers for request in Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart


Chapter Request Best Answer
1 A gamer CPU? Casual Gamer
1 Can CPUs cook? Get Cooking
1 Unruly Princess... Deal With It
1 Sexier CPU, please! Forever Formal
1 Rock me, roll me! Pass
2 Mech-loving CPU... Suggest Show
2 You're so composed... Self Immunization
2 Wilderness CPU? Pass
2 I am troubled. Nickname Heart
2 Do my homework! Discipline
3 My heart is pure...! Go Adventuring
3 Be my rival Practice Singing
3 I seek love advice! Honest Confession
3 Make my doggy better. Go To The Vet
3 About bean sprouts... Radish Leaves
4 I don't wanna work... Do Your Own Work
4 All is for my lord... No Need
4 Time for vengeance! No Way
4 Let's discuss scents. Pass
4 Which do you prefer?! Pass
5 Help me clean! Get Cleaning
5 Please stop me! Pass
5 Destroy all lovers! Warn The Loser
5 About that thing... Return It
5 To make a doll... No Hair For You
6 Poison tester wanted. Scold The Kid
6 Gimme a pet! You're kitten Me
6 I'm a melancholy man. Shake His Hand
6 Listen to this! Believe It!
6 Contract time! No Way
7 Help with golems. Just Say No
7 Legendary name wanted. CPU Club
7 A virus study. No Way!
7 Talking to my boy... Let Him Game
7 Become my wife. Deign To Disagree
9 Be our CPU! Refuse Outright
9 Pick the winner! Pass
9 Kiss me... or else! Pass
9 Teach 'em a lesson! Enhance Friendship
9 Wanna be in a movie? Decline
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