Ah~ Wa... I'm still a child... It's too soon...
— Restore


Restore has dark blue eyes and pale pink, curly hair worn in pigtails held by red-magenta, pale gold flowery shaped pieces that have a very pale pink cloth underneath. She has pointed elf ears. She wears a dark purple material down the center of her body with gold-white lining and a gold necklace, under a pink sectioned dress with the top portion looking a little big for her petit frame. It is lined in gol and hel with a light, neon pink bow with gold wrap in the center and a light neon pink gem. The skirt is a thick, white pleat. She also has puffed arm sleeves with gold around the wrist, and red boots with gold lining and black, lace-like material over the foot and lining the top.


Restore looks like a young child but inside, she's a strong girl and a person with common sense. When she looks at Noire's clumsiness, even as a child, she worries. Unexpectedly, she loves adult stories. She doesn't have any experience but she's interested in perverted things.



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