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Lets play together again.
— Rom

Rom, also known as one of the White Sisters, is one of Lowee's CPU Candidates and Blanc's younger twin sister along with Ram. Rom is the quiet twin.




Out of the twins, Rom looks the most like Blanc, even though she still love pulling pranks with Ram. She wears a blue overcoat with white puffballs, a pink handbag and a ribbon, and a white and blue hat to match with a pink rectangle in the center. Her leg-wear consists of white tights and shoes that match her dress in design. She has shoulder-length brown hair and steel blue eyes, much like her older sister.


Rom seems to be very quiet and possibly even shy in comparison, and doesn't say much. Rom sometimes seems upset or nervous by how Ram acts or what she does, but otherwise she lets Ram do as she pleases with her. Though Rom has also shown signs of exerting how own free will.

White Sister


Rom's appearance is similar to that of White Heart's. Both share the same light blue hair color but Rom's eyes are pink instead of red. She wears a one piece bodysuit that is white in color with a secondary color of pink on the arms, legs, and torso.


While Rom is normally soft spoken and shy, when she activates Hard Drive Divinity (HDD) and becomes White Sister she starts to speak up louder (though still speaking softly for the most part) and sounds far more serious and confident in her abilities.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1

Rom and Ram appear if the system plan "The Birth of Rom & Ram" is activated, which require's Lowee's shares to be 50% or higher. Once activated, a scene will play in Lowee in which Histoire introduces Blanc to the twins. Though somewhat confused as to how they came to be, Blanc welcomes them to the party and posts a CPU Blog entry announcing them.

Rom has no other significant role in the story (outside of some scenes in the True Ending), and will remain in the party from the beginning when the player continues from a cleared save file.


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