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Don't you understand? Without justice, you have nothing.
— Ryuka



Ryuka has blue eyes and long brown hair, worn in the side in a big spiraling, loose ponytail with a pink-red flower on the side. She wears a red top with a dark red-black spiraling dragon and a few buttons, with only one being together to reveal her breasts and belly button. At the collar is a gold badge with a red rose decal. Over this, she wears a white jacket with red cuffs and black lace lining a white skirt with a dark red slit on the side and a black belt, sheer pantyhose with white, black, and red leg warmers, and a pair of white and black platform heels with rubies on the toe.


A caring elder sister type good at taking care of people, with a coherent personality. She has no mercy for those who endanger her friends. Since she speaks in a mocking tone, she makes enemies without realizing it.




Sake Bottle - - 40 -3 35 - - 3 - - - - Blunt Initial -
A weapon for Ryuka's exclusive use. Her favorite brand... for bashing someone's skull in.
Evil Bottle - - 85 -8 105 - - 10 - - - - Blunt Item Development -
Who would design a glass bottle with spikes?! Like it or loathe it, this can inflict major trauma.
Dragon Brand Bottle - - 205 -20 190 - - 32 - - - - Blunt Item Development -
The 'Dragon of Dojima' is said to have enjoyed this brand. He even sang about in his enka ballad, 'Sake of Planeptune-cho'.
Kiryu Bottle - 50 260 30 215 - 50 12 - - - - Blunt DLC -
A bottle said to have been used by the 'Dragon of Dojima' during a street fight. It's a very retro bottle design!



  • Physical Resist Lv2
  • Null Anxious

Leader Effect

Like A Rock.

  • Null Knockback
  • Enemy Blunt Resist Down Lv5

Normal Skills

LV Name SP Attribute Type Target Power Firing Range Vertical Range Special Effect
Initial Way of the Yakuza 30 None Physical Single 250 1 ± 1 50% Dizzy
A powerful physical attack.
Initial Drunken Fervor 50 None Support Self 100 0 ± 99

STR 100% ↑

VIT, MEN -25% ↓

She's serious and she's scary!
Initial Women of the Yakuza 70 None Magical Cross 1 185 0-3 ± 99 50 % Anxious
Sake bottles rain from the heavens.
27 Path of Honor 100 None Support Perimeter 100 0 ± 99 STR, INT, critical rate 25% ↑
Instill valor and strength.
40 The Dragon's Name 125 None Magical Cross 1 285 0-4 ± 99 50% Dizzy
Critical damage to enemies in range

Special Moves

LV Name Attribute Type Target Power Firing Range Vertical Range Special Effect
Initial Yakuza's Zenith None Physical Cross 1 175 + 3.5 * Level 0-5 ± 1 30% Freeze Bug
Damage enemies in range.


  • Her name is derived either from the Yakuza series' Japanese title Ryuu ga Gotoku, (which translates to "Like a Dragon") or the name of the main character, Kiryuu Kazuma.
  • Her weapons are all references to Kazuma Kiryu, the main protagonist of most of the Yakuza games.
    • Sake is a common type of alcoholic beverage in the Yakuza series, found in practically every bar in the games, and one of her attacks references how it serves as a powerup item to Kazuma in combat.
  • Her personality is largely based on Kazuma's.
  • Her outfit is a feminized version of Kazuma's classic white suit and red shirt, and the dragon motif on the front references Kazuma's dragon tattoo on his back.
  • Her CG scene with Noire in a hostess club is a reference to an event Kazuma can be part of in the Yakuza games, where he has to work as an attendant at a club and can even run his own.


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