Megadimension Neptunia VII

Stat Parameters


Combat Summary

VII introduces the group of Gold Third, a group first fought as enemies then turned allies, not to mention based off of more notable gaming companies. S-Sha is of this group and represents Square Enix, which itself was formed from two other gaming companies.

S-Sha, is easily the most durable member of Gold Third and, when compared to the rest of the party, is perhaps the best magic tank. Most of her stats are fairly average for a physical fighter; her HP, SP, AGI, and TEC don't really stand out at all. Her VIT is above that of the fragile characters but falls a bit lower than the rest of the physically durable cast. Her LUK is a strange outlier in the otherwise high LUK Gold Third, beating out only Noire and Ultra Dimension Neptune in terms of how low it is. Her best trait however is her high MEN, only outperformed Rom and Ram. Though technically equal to Neptune in this regard, S-Sha comes with a passive that reduces magic damage. Compounded by having superior health and VIT compared with Rom and Ram and having a HP regenerative passive, S-Sha is perhaps the best unit for taking on magical foes. In terms of repertoire, S-Sha is notably the only character with an electric skill and a self centered, damaging AoE, but is otherwise notable for her high hit count combos and Gold Form.

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