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Control of Gamindustri? ...Not interested.
— S-Sha

S-Sha is a member of the Gold Third. A young woman who's reserved and seems very cool, but has a considerably aggravated case of chuunibyou. She has two Dogoo-like monsters who serve under her.

She's usually indifferent, and has a habit of saying "not interested" in response to just about everything. That being said, she does, however, show blind and passionate devotion to a certain person.



S-Sha has spiked platinum-silver hair and blood-red eyes. She wears a dark gray tank top with gold accenting and a dark brown belting below the chest. Her lower half consists of dark gray shorts with a white, gold, and black split skirt on top of it held by a dark brown belt with a black sphere in the middle of a gold ornament.  

Attached to the skirt is white and gold material with crimson coloring inside. Her shoes are a pair of dark brown and gold boots that end a few inches above her knee. On each hand is a dark brown and gold glove with a black holed sleeve for her right arm and wrapping on her left. She has a simple earring on left ear. 


S-Sha seems to have multiple personality disorder, with another personality known as E-Sha, though S-Sha is the dominate personality.


After the Four Goddesses fall at the hands of Gold Third, S-Sha takes over Leanbox but is not interested in domination over the rest of Gamindustri.


  • S-Sha's name is created by taking the very first letter of Squaresoft and adding Sha which is Japanese for the word company.
  • E-Sha's name is created by taking the very first letter of of Enix and adding Sha which is Japanese for the word company.


  • She shared the same catchphrase from Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. Some of her skills also reference said game.



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