S-sha is a member of the Gold Third. A woman who looks cool if she's silent, but deep down is affected by the eigth-grade syndrome. She's accompanied by monsters, "Slimes" who act as servants.

She's indifferent to everything, and whenever the chance arises she utters her favorite sentence, "Not interested". However, just for one person, she has passionate, reckless feelings.



S-Sha has spiked platinum-silver hair and blood-red eyes. She wears a dark gray tank top with gold accenting and a dark brown belting below the chest. Her lower half consists of dark gray shorts with a white, gold, and black split skirt on top of it held by a dark brown belt with a black sphere in the middle of a gold ornament.  

Attached to the skirt is white and gold material with crimson coloring inside. Her shoes are a pair of dark brown and gold boots that end a few inches above her knee. On each hand is a dark brown and gold glove with a black holed sleeve for her right arm and wrapping on her left. She has a simple earring on left ear. 


S-Sha seems to have multiple personality disorder, with another personality known as E-Sha, though S-Sha is the dominate personality.



  • S-sha's name is created by taking the very first letter of Squaresoft and adding sha which is Japanese for the word company.
  • E-Sha's name is created by taking the very first letter of of "Enix" and adding sha which is Japanese for the word company.


  • She shared the same catchphrase from Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII.
  • S-Sha appears to be the only member of Gold Third who is not based on a company who has mostly fallen out of favor with its fanbase at large.


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