Control of Gamindustri? ...Not interested.
— S-Sha

S-Sha is a member of the Gold Third. A young woman who's reserved and seems very cool, but has a considerably aggravated case of chuunibyou. She has two Dogoo-like monsters who serve under her.

She's usually indifferent, and has a habit of saying "not interested" in response to just about everything. That being said, she does, however, show blind and passionate devotion to a certain person.




S-Sha has spiked platinum-silver hair and blood-red eyes. She wears a dark gray tank top with gold accenting and a dark brown belting below the chest. Her lower half consists of dark gray shorts with a white, gold, and black split skirt on top of it held by a dark brown belt with a black sphere in the middle of a gold ornament.  

Attached to the skirt is white and gold material with crimson coloring inside. Her shoes are a pair of dark brown and gold boots that end a few inches above her knee. On each hand is a dark brown and gold glove with a black holed sleeve for her right arm and wrapping on her left. She has a simple earring on left ear. 


S-Sha has an indifferent personality. She will often respond to demands and requests with the phrase "not interested". However, S-Sha has a weak spot for E-Sha, and so if E-Sha has a request, S-Sha will fulfill it.



Since E-Sha shares the same body as S-Sha, they have the same appearance. When E-Sha is in control, her eyes are green instead of red.


E-Sha has a kind and shy nature. She has trouble speaking in front of strangers and can only answer yes or no questions until she feels more comfortable around the person.


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Megadimension Neptunia VII

Zero Dimension Neptunia Z: Twilight of the Desperate CPU
S-Sha appears in the Zero Dimension arc in the store that Neptune was looking for books in. She stays quiet as the cashier welcomes her and processes her purchase.

Hyper Dimension Neptunia G: The Golden Leaders, Reconstructors of Gamindustri
S-Sha joins the Gold Third in challenging the Four Goddesses in the exhibition match in the Gamindustri Appreciation Festival. She says that she has no interest in control over Gamindustri. After the Four Goddesses fall at the hands of Gold Third, S-Sha takes over Leanbox but is not interested in domination over the rest of Gamindustri.

S-Sha asks Vert to pull the holy sword to become a soldier. Before Vert does so, she asks her what the things that are serving her. S-Sha introduces Dogoo Man and Dogoo Lady to Vert and asks her to pull the sword. She does and S-Sha congratulates her as the 983067th soldier to do this. She gives Vert 100 credits and hopes that she will be of service to Leanbox.

S-Sha orders Vert later to deal with an outside invader. S-Sha then gets a call from Vert about an explosion coming from where the soldiers are stationed. S-Sha orders her to return but she does not listen. S-Sha then gets to the site of the explosion to find a bunch of pigs. She tells Vert that it was caused by a Demon King who cursed the soldiers into being pigs and tells Vert to return to the Basilicom for a private chat. Vert asks her if she cares that thousands of people were turned into pigs and S-Sha says that she is not interested in Leanbox.

S-Sha waits in the Basilicom and dozes off. A voice tells her that she has failed. S-Sha says she will just find another method. She wakes up and Vert arrives. She asks Vert what took her so long. Vert explains she had to haul thousands of pigs into a random pig pen. S-Sha thanks her and tasks her to capture the Demon King. Vert asks her why and S-Sha does not answer. Vert asks her what will happen if she does not listen and S-Sha says she will have to deal with the consequences this will cause to Leanbox.

A while later, S-Sha orders Vert to deal with an invader that has landed in where the Demon King was resurrected. When Vert arrives on site, she calls S-Sha for info. S-Sha explains that there is just one human invader and that they have defeated all their B-Rank soldiers. She wants Vert to be careful because she is the only one left that can fight. She also tasks Vert to track down the Demon King. After the call, S-Sha is thankful that Vert is such a strong pawn then says that soon, she can save E-Sha.

Vert returns with another girl. Regardless, it looks like Vert has failed. She does give her their findings and jokingly explains that the girl, Nepgear is her sister. Nepgear is the invader she was after. Nepgear wonders if S-Sha is angry at her fighting the soldiers and she says she is not. Nepgear then tries to ask her some questions on the Gold Third but S-Sha does not answer.

Later S-Sha is visited by Arfoire who offers her some help with the plan she is doing. As E-Sha, she also sends Vert and Nepgear a letter telling them to stop S-Sha. Eventually, she finds out the location of the Demon King. She dispatches Vert and Nepgear to handle this. Vert also asks if she can handle the invaders and S-Sha allows her but wonders why as there are no invaders attacking as of late.

The two quickly call her with a successful mission. The Demon King is retrieved and examined by Dogoo Man. S-Sha is willing to reward Vert with anything she wants. Vert wants her nation back and S-Sha allows this. S-Sha is happy as she can now save E-Sha. Dogoo Man then reports that the Demon King is dead and a regular monster. S-Sha asks if it really is a Demon King. Dogoo Man says it is and it is not. S-Sha figures out that the Demon King is just a regular monster.

The voice then talks to S-Sha. She is angry at it as she was lied to. The voice said she did not lie, in her world, the monster was worshiped as a Demon King. S-Sha merely misunderstood her but she gives S-Sha a final chance but the measures are drastic.

S-Sha, Dogoo Man and Dogoo Lady then round up all 1000000 ran-pigs then head over the Golden Summit of Leanbox. She wonders if her sins can be forgiven. The Dogoos asks what is up and she says never mind. She then asks if they really want to help her with this ritual and they say they do. As E-Sha, she sends out text messages telling Vert and Nepgear to stop S-Sha's ritual in the Golden Summit.

The two girls arrive and E-Sha meets them. Despite being shy and silent, E-Sha manages to explain to them her messages and intentions to stop S-Sha. She wants the girls to stop S-Sha and then she disappears. Arfoire then reports to S-Sha that there are two intruders, Vert and Nepgear. Arfoire decides to send Neptune to deal with it. S-Sha wonders if that is a good idea because the two of them are strong. She assures her it is because Nepgear will have trouble fighting her.

It turns it was not a good idea as Vert and Nepgear made it to S-Sha and the Dogoos. Vert has figured out S-Sha's plan to obtain a body by sacrificing 1000000 ran-pigs. She has figured out her large amount of soldiers were made to capture the Demon King and the soldiers were being trained by those robot invaders she made.

S-Sha is impressed with how much Vert can figure out. Vert just wants to know why. S-Sha tells her that she made a film and had an accident. She pauses much to the annoyance of Vert. She continues, the accident would have taken her life if it were not for E-Sha, a rival of S-Sha, who took her soul into her body. However, the human body can only sustain one soul. She needs a body for herself so that E-Sha can be safe. She orders Dogoo Man and Dogoo Lady to stop the two.

She leaves for the ritual. When the four of them get to her, S-Sha notes that the dogoos were captured. Regardless, she starts the ritual but it fails. She asks Dogoo Man to count the ran-pigs. One of them is missing. Vert and Nepgear then battle S-Sha to put an end to her sacrifices. S-Sha is defeated but she decides to destroy her own soul. Vert grabs her and tells her to stop trying to scarifice everything.

She asks E-Sha if her body is collapsing. The Dogoos join in. E-Sha says no. S-Sha says that she is just trying to endure it. E-Sha then continues, her body has always been fine, she is the one who convinced herself that the body is breaking down. Besides, even if it was, she was happy to help S-Sha. E-Sha asks S-Sha if she hates her. S-Sha says no and starts to realize that there never a problem with having two souls in a body. S-Sha then asks Vert and Nepgear to destroy the Gold Crystal as it is the source of her power that she never wanted.

After that, the group returns to Leanbox with no sacrifices made.


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EXE Drive



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S-Sha's name is created by taking the very first letter of Squaresoft and adding Sha which is Japanese for the word company.

E-Sha's name is created by taking the very first letter of of Enix and adding Sha which is Japanese for the word company.


  • Being based on Square Enix, S-Sha show several references to their games (most of them related to the Final Fantasy series)
    • When transformed, she gains a tilt golden crown, similar to the character Sora from Kingdom Hearts series, most notably Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+; The shield she gains also bears a design similar to shields used by Goofy in the same series;
    • One of her catchphrases is "This is my story", a quote shared by several Square Enix characters, most notably Tidus from Final Fantasy X;
    • Several of her skills draw a reference to Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, such as her poses with the sword prior to attacking, and an attack that resembles his Omnislash move from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
    • During one special move, S-Sha will summon what appears to be a Meteor to crush her enemies; Meteor is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series, though the version here most likely refers to the one seen in Final Fantasy VII, summoned by the character Sephiroth;
    • Another allusion to Sephiroth is the single wing she gains when transformed, as Sephiroth is often regarded as the "One-Winged Angel", and his Kingdom Hearts design features him with a single wing on his right;
    • S-Sha tried to create another body as a vessel to house her soul, in order to separate herself from E-Sha, by using the demon lord body, then a million Ran-Ran pigs. This may be a reference to Law of equivalent exchange in Full Metal Alchemist which is serialized in Square Enix's Monthly Shōnen Gangan magazine between August 2001 and June 2010, or Master Xehanort from the Kingdom Hearts franchise's plan to find a new vessal to inhabit as his was getting to old and weaker.
  • S-Sha story of how E-Sha saved her after she made a film resembles the way Enix saved Squaresoft after they were near bankrupty after they made the movie "Final Fantasy: A Spirit Within".
    • Also given that S-Sha is the more dominate personality one could say that resembles how Square is the first name for the now Square-Enix company.


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