Control of Gamindustri? ...Not interested.
— S-Sha

S-Sha is a member of the Gold Third. A young woman who's reserved and seems very cool, but has a considerably aggravated case of chuunibyou. She has two Dogoo-like monsters who serve under her.

She's usually indifferent, and has a habit of saying "not interested" in response to just about everything. That being said, she does, however, show blind and passionate devotion to a certain person.




S-Sha has spiked platinum-silver hair and blood-red eyes. She wears a dark gray tank top with gold accenting and a dark brown belting below the chest. Her lower half consists of dark gray shorts with a white, gold, and black split skirt on top of it held by a dark brown belt with a black sphere in the middle of a gold ornament.  

Attached to the skirt is white and gold material with crimson coloring inside. Her shoes are a pair of dark brown and gold boots that end a few inches above her knee. On each hand is a dark brown and gold glove with a black holed sleeve for her right arm and wrapping on her left. She has a simple earring on left ear. 


S-Sha has an indifferent personality. She will often respond to demands and requests with the phrase "not interested". However, S-Sha has a weak spot for E-Sha, and so if E-Sha has a request, S-Sha will fulfill it.



Since E-Sha shares the same body as S-Sha, they have the same appearance. When E-Sha is in control, her eyes are green instead of red.


E-Sha has a kind and shy nature. She has trouble speaking in front of strangers and can only answer yes or no questions until she feels more comfortable around the person.


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Megadimension Neptunia VII

Zero Dimension Neptunia Z: Twilight of the Desperate CPU
S-Sha appears in the Zero Dimension arc in the store that Neptune was looking for books in. She stays quiet as the cashier welcomes her and processes her purchase.

Hyper Dimension Neptunia G: The Golden Leaders, Reconstructors of Gamindustri
S-Sha joins the Gold Third in challenging the Four Goddesses in the exhibition match in the Gamindustri Appreciation Festival. She says that she has no interest in control over Gamindustri. After the Four Goddesses fall at the hands of Gold Third, S-Sha takes over Leanbox but is not interested in domination over the rest of Gamindustri.

S-Sha asks Vert to pull the holy sword to become a soldier. Before Vert does so, she asks her what the things that are serving her. S-Sha introduces Dogoo Man and Dogoo Lady to Vert and asks her to pull the sword. She does and S-Sha congratulates her as the 983067th soldier to do this. She gives Vert 100 credits and hopes that she will be of service to Leanbox.

S-Sha orders Vert later to deal with an outside invader. S-Sha then gets a call from Vert about an explosion coming from where the soldiers are stationed. S-Sha orders her to return but she does not listen. S-Sha then gets to the site of the explosion to find a bunch of pigs. She tells Vert that it was caused by a Demon King who cursed the soldiers into being pigs and tells Vert to return to the Basilicom for a private chat. Vert asks her if she cares that thousands of people were turned into pigs and S-Sha says that she is not interested in Leanbox.

S-Sha waits in the Basilicom and dozes off. A voice tells her that she has failed. S-Sha says she will just find another method. She wakes up and Vert arrives. She asks Vert what took her so long. Vert explains she had to haul thousands of pigs into a random pig pen. S-Sha thanks her and tasks her to capture the Demon King. Vert asks her why and S-Sha does not answer. Vert asks her what will happen if she does not listen and S-Sha says she will have to deal with the consequences this will cause to Leanbox.

A while later, S-Sha orders Vert to deal with an invader that has landed in where the Demon King was resurrected. When Vert arrives on site, she calls S-Sha for info. S-Sha explains that there is just one human invader and that they have defeated all their B-Rank soldiers. She wants Vert to be careful because she is the only one left that can fight. She also tasks Vert to track down the Demon King. After the call, S-Sha is thankful that Vert is such a strong pawn then says that soon, she can save E-Sha.

Vert returns with another girl. Regardless, it looks like Vert has failed. She does give her their findings and jokingly explains that the girl, Nepgear is her sister. Nepgear is the invader she was after. Nepgear wonders if S-Sha is angry at her fighting the soldiers and she says she is not. Nepgear then tries to ask her some questions on the Gold Third but S-Sha does not answer.

Later S-Sha is visited by Arfoire who offers her some help with the plan she is doing. As E-Sha, she also sends Vert and Nepgear a letter telling them to stop S-Sha. Eventually, she finds out the location of the Demon King. She dispatches Vert and Nepgear to handle this. Vert also asks if she can handle the invaders and S-Sha allows her but wonders why as there are no invaders attacking as of late.

The two quickly call her with a successful mission. The Demon King is retrieved and examined by Dogoo Man. S-Sha is willing to reward Vert with anything she wants. Vert wants her nation back and S-Sha allows this. S-Sha is happy as she can now save E-Sha. Dogoo Man then reports that the Demon King is dead and a regular monster. S-Sha asks if it really is a Demon King. Dogoo Man says it is and it is not. S-Sha figures out that the Demon King is just a regular monster.

The voice then talks to S-Sha. She is angry at it as she was lied to. The voice said she did not lie, in her world, the monster was worshiped as a Demon King. S-Sha merely misunderstood her but she gives S-Sha a final chance but the measures are drastic.

S-Sha, Dogoo Man and Dogoo Lady then round up all 1000000 ran-pigs then head over the Golden Summit of Leanbox. She wonders if her sins can be forgiven. The Dogoos asks what is up and she says never mind. She then asks if they really want to help her with this ritual and they say they do. As E-Sha, she sends out text messages telling Vert and Nepgear to stop S-Sha's ritual in the Golden Summit.

The two girls arrive and E-Sha meets them. Despite being shy and silent, E-Sha manages to explain to them her messages and intentions to stop S-Sha. She wants the girls to stop S-Sha and then she disappears. Arfoire then reports to S-Sha that there are two intruders, Vert and Nepgear. Arfoire decides to send Neptune to deal with it. S-Sha wonders if that is a good idea because the two of them are strong. She assures her it is because Nepgear will have trouble fighting her.

It turns it was not a good idea as Vert and Nepgear made it to S-Sha and the Dogoos. Vert has figured out S-Sha's plan to obtain a body by sacrificing 1000000 ran-pigs. She has figured out her large amount of soldiers were made to capture the Demon King and the soldiers were being trained by those robot invaders she made.

S-Sha is impressed with how much Vert can figure out. Vert just wants to know why. S-Sha tells her that she made a film and had an accident. She pauses much to the annoyance of Vert. She continues, the accident would have taken her life if it were not for E-Sha, a rival of S-Sha, who took her soul into her body. However, the human body can only sustain one soul. She needs a body for herself so that E-Sha can be safe. She orders Dogoo Man and Dogoo Lady to stop the two.

She leaves for the ritual. When the four of them get to her, S-Sha notes that the dogoos were captured. Regardless, she starts the ritual but it fails. She asks Dogoo Man to count the ran-pigs. One of them is missing. Vert and Nepgear then battle S-Sha to put an end to her sacrifices. S-Sha is defeated but she decides to destroy her own soul. Vert grabs her and tells her to stop trying to scarifice everything.

She asks E-Sha if her body is collapsing. The Dogoos join in. E-Sha says no. S-Sha says that she is just trying to endure it. E-Sha then continues, her body has always been fine, she is the one who convinced herself that the body is breaking down. Besides, even if it was, she was happy to help S-Sha. E-Sha asks S-Sha if she hates her. S-Sha says no and starts to realize that there never a problem with having two souls in a body. S-Sha then asks Vert and Nepgear to destroy the Gold Crystal as it is the source of her power that she never wanted.

After that, the group returns to Leanbox with no sacrifices made.

S-Sha joins up with C-Sha and K-Sha as they go to Planeptune. They discuss the power of the enemy and conclude that it is likely the opposite of Share Energy. They call it Negative Energy. It likely can nullify Share Energy. They are worried about the goddesses' chance of success since they do not know that fact and they have low Share Energy thanks to the rewrite.

When they make it B-Sha asks why they are here. S-Sha says she is not interested in that question. C-Sha explains their findings and says that S-Sha has a solution to this. Members of Gold Third cannot gain use Share Energy like the goddesses can. They have the Golden Summit to collect faith and the Gold Crystal to convert said faith into usable energy.

As such even if the Gold Crystal is shattered it holds a considerable amount of energy. S-Sha then asks B-Sha if they can use her perfectly fine Gold Crystal. She agrees adding to that. S-Sha warns her that in her case, using a perfect Gold Crystal runs the risk of losing her Gold Form. B-Sha does not care as her debt to Neptune can easily cover this.

S-Sha then orders Dogoo Man and Dogoo Lady to acquire the Gold Crystal from the Golden Summit of Planeptune. Afterwards, Histoire creates the Hyper Share Crystal. With that, S-Sha joins the Gold Third in delivering the Crystal to the CPUs.

S-Sha hands the CPUs the Hyper Share Crystal. She adds that if one can turn faith into strength, one can create miracles. With that the CPUs transform into their Next Form. With that the girls make short work of Affimojas, leader of AffimaX. Uni asks Affimojas to surrender for Steamax's sake. He does not and is being consumed by the Negative Share Energy.

Uni asks if there is a way to save him. S-Sha tells her that the only one left to save him is to kill him. Steamax arrives to take up this task and join him in the afterlife. Neptune interrupts this and wants a happy ending. As a result, she cuts down the Negative Energy and defeats AffimaX.

The group then returns to Planeptune where the citizens remember the goddesses. In the Basilicom, Histoire congratulates the girls and reports that the Gamindustri Rewrite was cut down. Neptune is proud of her accomplishment and wants to tell everyone about it to gain fame, shares and pudding. Everyone decides to keep it a secret to prevent Neptune from dealing with the problems that fame causes. This saddens Neptune.

Heart Dimension Neptunia H: Trilogy Finale: Into Legend
Nepgear tells S-Sha, Dogoo Man and Dogoo Lady the news about Vert and the CPUs being captured and taken to the Zero Dimension. S-Sha says she is not interested and it was because they were weak. Nepgear decides to ask E-Sha for her assistance and she agrees. S-Sha tells Nepgear that was low but if E-Sha wants to rescue the CPUs, she has no choice. She agrees to joining Nepgear, the candidates, IF and Compa if they fight and she finds that they are strong enough to rescue the CPUs.

After the fight, S-Sha thinks their battle ability is sufficient. Nepgear is glad to have S-Sha on their side and knows she will be a strong ally. S-Sha says she is not interested in allies and joins them. The girls manage to recruit the remaining members of Gold Third.

S-Sha heads over to Histoire as a member of Nepgear's rescue mission. Histoire creates a portal to the Zero Dimension and rescue mission heads off. The mission finds Uzume and the candidates have a tense standoff that ends in Uzume inviting the mission to her base to clear up some misunderstandings.

In the base, it was determined that there is likely a fake Uzume who took the CPUs. In addition there are sightings of the Dark CPU in the northeaster part of the Zero Dimension. Umio arrives and confirms this after being questioned a bit by S-Sha. The two of them also tell the mission that the Zero Dimension ends in the northeast.

Uzume and Umio decide to join the rescue mission as they head northeast to search for the fake Uzume. In the northeast, an earthquake occurs and afterwards Uzume checks the Zero Dimension's dimensional co-ordinates and notes it has changed. Nepgear takes a look at the co-ordinates and says that the Zero Dimension is heading towards the Hyper Dimension. Uzume wonders what will happen when the dimensions collide? Older Neptune and fake Uzume arrive, with the fake answering that the resulting dimension will be like the Zero Dimension.

The fake reveals that she was the mastermind of the Gamindustri Rewrite before retreating. The mission pursues them to a dungeon. The mission corners the two but the fake Uzume summons a monster to buy some time while the two leave through a portal created by big Neptune's Nep-Note. After defeating the monster, S-Sha notes that the portal is still open.

The missions heads into the portal and finds themselves in a dimension of largely empty space. S-Sha says she is unitnerested in dimensions with no walls. The mission is able to find a city to set up base. Nepgear, Uni, Uzume and Umio decide to scout ahead while S-Sha and the other members stay behind to rest.

S-Sha is happy to see the scouting mission return with Arfoire's death and older Neptune who is unfortunately unconscious. S-Sha wants to wake her up with her potion but Compa says it is black and cloudy. S-Sha does not care and feeds the potion to older Neptune.

She wakes up complaining about the taste. She then wonders the mission are going to torture her and do things to her that can be shown in a family-friendly game. They assure her safety but want to know her story. Older Neptune confirms that she did help one ran-pig escape and leave the portal to the dimension open on purpose. S-Sha is surprised to learn this. Older Neptune confirms that the other Uzume does have the name Uzume. To avoid confusion, Neptune decides to call her Kurome Ankokuboshi.

She explains when they first met, finding the Swirl Console and getting transported by it which led to her meeting Nepgear, Uzume and Umio. She then reveals that she knows where the CPUs are and the Heart Dimension is actually someone's soul turned into a dimension. Uzume asks her to lead them there and apologizes for asking her so soon. Older Neptune agrees to take them there.

S-Sha wonders if they should trust her to which IF and Compa say they do. S-Sha reminds the pair that this Neptune is not the Neptune they know. The two insist and S-Sha is happy to see Neptune trusted so much and decides to trust her. The mission is off to rescue the CPUs.

Older Neptune gives the mission more details, firstly the CPUs are asleep and trapped inside Dark CPUs which are in the center of the Heart Dimension. The Heart Dimension can materialize dreams. Since the CPUs are asleep, their dreams can materialize. In addition, Kurome can mess with the dreams.

Older Neptune believes Kurome's goal is to get the CPUs to fall into delusion like the Gold Third. Uni does not think the CPUs would not fall for nightmares. K-Sha warns her that Kurome does not need to give them nightmares but pleasant dreams that target someone's deepest desire. Kurome is incredibly deceptive.

B-Sha wonders if S-Sha is curious about the CPUs' dreams. She says she is not. B-Sha wonders if the only thing S-Sha can do is show her disinterest in everything.

Nepgear notices that they have wondered into Leanbox. S-Sha says this must be Vert's dream. Nepgear assumes S-Sha is not interested and they should get going. S-Sha says she is interested and so is E-Sha. Nepgear says knowing Vert, it must do with little sisters. It may just consist of all the candidates being her little sister. S-Sha says it is fine and wants to see Vert. S-Sha feels Vert's present and asks Nepgear to follow along.

The two end up outside of Vert's room. Vert notices the two and invites them in. A young girl version of Vert has obtained a manga for a toddler Vert. Vert says it is "First Love in the Gamindustri" and likes how the two are growing up. Nepgear is in shock so Vert introduces the two Verts to the two. The two younger Verts greet Nepgear and S-Sha. The toddler Vert has trouble but the young girl version of Vert assists her. The toddler Vert thanks the young girl Vert.

Vert asks the visitors if they think the two are cute. Nepgear says they are and S-Sha remarks that this is true chaos. Vert asks them to stay longer and dote on the two younger Verts. She says the toddler is very good at acting childishly cute. Nepgear says she prefers being doted in by Vert than to dote on Vert. S-Sha says she is about to lost her mind and wants to leave. The two leave.

S-Sha is amazed that this is how Vert's wish for little sisters is granted. Nepgear says that is not it but something else. S-Sha says she and E-Sha are interested and wants to know what else it means. Nepgear explains that Vert may want someone to fawn over her and love her as well. She was always the older sister even to the CPUs, no has treated her like a younger sister. S-Sha says that is actually quite deep.

The CPU rescue mission makes center of the Heart Dimension to find each of the CPUs trapped inside the Dark CPUs. Kurome Ankokuboshi and Croire arrives. Kurome notes that if she had known older Neptune would have lead them here, she would have killed her earlier. The mission demands the release of the CPUs and information for her reason behind toying with the CPUs. Kurome says the purpose of messing with the Gold Third was entertainment because if they fell into delusion, then the world would be chaotic.

Kurome says that it is time to kill the mission. Uzume asks her how she intends to do that as she has Share Energy. Kurome instead asks Uzume to become one with her as they were originally one person. Uzume gets confused so Kurome decides to return all her memories to Uzume.

Kurome says it will take time to process everything so she decides to explain everything. Firstly, CPUs are essentially born from people's wishes. However, for Uzume, her people grew to hate her, they sealed her away then forgot about her. Uzume vowed revenge and just like that, her source of power shifted from Share Energy to Negative Energy generated by negative emotions. Using her delusion power coupled with negative emotions of her people, Uzume deleted all trace of herself from her people.

In turn, the people needed a new CPU, Uranus. Kurome announces that she is a CPU of Planeptune, Uzume Tennouboshi and demands they all kneel to her, increasing the gravity of the place forcing the mission to kneel. Kurome then explains that both the Zero Dimension and Heart Dimension are born from her dream of herself destroying Gamindustri, with the Zero Dimension serving only as an entrance to the Heart Dimension.

This is possible because of her power to turn dreams into reality. This is why Planeptune hated her. Kurome tells the mission that she wanted to break out of the seal, but she could not. However, if her dream created dimensions, she break out of their dimensional boundaries instead of the seal. As she began to attempt this method, a part of Uzume split off from her and tried to stop the Dark CPUs trying to break the boundaries.

But that was good for her, as once Uzume battled the Dark CPU and started to gain Share Energy, she did as well. With the Share Energy, Kurome can observe the Hyper Dimension and appear as a sort of hologram but that was enough. Kurome decided to send Arfoire out to gain even more Share Energy. Kurome then came up with the idea to fuse the dimensions instead breaking out of the boundaries or seal. Nepgear, Umio and Uzume are in shock to learn that their adventures in the Zero Dimension only helped Kurome out.

Kurome says that the Gold Third are also to thank. The Golden Summits, that were created give a rare signal in multidimensional space. Their existence was thanks to the CPU Shift Period lowering the faith in the goddess, good enough for her to write the CPUs out of existence. Gamindustri, however needed protectors and created the Golden Summits. S-Sha calls Kurome scum.

Kurome continues, saying the fused dimensions will allow her to physically materialize the Dark CPUs. Kurome notes that with her Negative Energy, Uzume's Share Energy, Croire's power that came from another CPU, she can rule Gamindustri forever. She asks Uzume to become one with her again. Uzume refuses and says that if she was a predecessor, she would watch over the current CPUs not do what she has done.

Kurome says it is a shame and will kill her along with the rest of the mission. Kurome creates clones of Arfoire and explains that this is her dream, creating things from her memory is easy. She admits that this gave her quite a bit of trouble in the past but serves as a perfect pawn. The candidates transform ready to fight to rescue their sisters.

Kurome tells them not to get too excited as the CPUs just fell into delusion and she allows them to awaken. The CPUs begin to announce their intentions to torture their sisters and friends then transform. The candidates pull back and transform back. Older Neptune wants them all to escape but Nepgear noticed her sister's hesitation earlier. She knows she is in there somewhere and wants to fight to bring her back.

The candidates and Uzume agree with Nepgear. B-Sha says a true hero must make sure everyone walks the right path. S-Sha is in agreement. C-Sha is surprised that S-Sha is taking interest in something. S-Sha says E-Sha can't stand Vert like this and she, herself needs no reason to help her friends. The rescue mission begins their battle to return the CPUs to their senses.

After the battle, Uzume wonders why the CPUs aren't back yet. They should not be wanting to hurt their sisters or anything else they love. The CPUs begin to regain their senses and apologize for the things they have done. Kurome forces more Negative Energy to the CPUs.

The CPUs try their best to resist but are in pain. Kurome tells Uzume that she cannot win. Uzume asks everyone to pray for the CPUs to return to their senses and she will create a Share Crystal for that purpose. Kurome says it is impossible but Uzume tells her not underestimate her illusion power.

Uzume with the faith of the everyone creates the crystal and transforms the CPUs to their Next Form. Kurome wonders what are those forms? Croire can't believe that they can neutralize all the Negative Energy. Kurome tells them not to get cocky and unleashes Dark Green at the party. Uzume activates her Sharing Field with the Share Crystal. The party destroy Dark Green but find Kurome smiling. Kurome says that she will win asks them to check the dimensional co-ordinates. Nepgear checks and notices the dimension much closer to the Hyper Dimension but she says it has only been a short time.

Kurome explains it is because they are in the Heart Dimension, she can bring the Heart Dimension closer to the Hyper Dimension with no resistance. She notes that the dimension are close enough for her to materialize, at least for a short time. Croire creates a portal as the two begin to leave to the Hyper Dimension. Kurome leaves a bunch of clones of the CPUs for them to fight. She says she created them to influence their dreams but does not need them anymore. The party can dispose of them in however they wish. The two leaves.

Neptune tells the candidates and Gold Third to follow Kurome as the CPUs will deal with the fakes. The candidates and Gold Third take their leave after Uzume hands them a Share Crystal in case Kurome has anymore Dark CPUs.

Hyper Dimension route

S-Sha and the others return to the Planeptune Basilicom. Nepgear explains her adventures and Kurome's plan dimensional fusion to her. Histoire is shocked that she could forget the true history despite being the one who must record Gamindustri's history. Kurome arrives to say that it is okay as it allowed her plan to proceed without problems. She asks for the main console back. The peripherals that she got from AffimaX are the keys to freeing her but without the main seal, it is worthless. She threatens them for the console. Affimojas and Steamax arrive. Affimojas asks her if she thinks she can leave here alive.

Kurome asks Affimojas how much he was paid to switch sides. Affimojas says he was paid with something more valuable than money, figurines and pictures of Vert. Kurome finds it amusing that fetishes trump money. Affimojas tells her that should be obvious as money is only used for your hobbies. His true goal was to get money to buy all products related to busty blondes.

Uni asks Steamax if that was his plan. Steamax begins to deny this but Affimojas says Steamax has strayed from the school of Busty Blondes. He is now mastering the School of Black Haired Side Updo Tsunderes. The other candidates wonders if that means Uni.

Uni is in shock. Steamax tries to explain himself but Uni says he is the worst. Steamax begins to cry. Uni is annoyed by his troublesome personality and clarifies that she does not hate him. She was embarrassed as people don't look at her as the way they see Noire. She tells Steamax to cheer up.

Steamax asks if this is true. Affimojas is happy for his friend. Steamax thinks it is all thanks to the general. C-Sha is amazed the two can communicate without actually talking just like S-Sha and E-Sha. S-Sha does not agree with the comparison. Kurome is getting a headache over the fact they can be so carefree in front of her. She demands the Swirl Console again. Affimojas tells her that she will not get it here and wonders why she thought it would still be at the Basilicom. They have relocated it so her plans will not come to fruition today.

Kurome thinks it is annoying but seeing as the console is not at the Basilicom, Kurome decides to leave. She tells them to watch Gamindustri burn as she searches for the seal and leaves. K-Sha is concerned with what she meant with watching Gamindustri burn. Histoire gets a call and says she will send Nepgear and the others right away. Histoire says a Dark CPU has suddenly appeared. C-Sha now understands what Kurome meant. A Dark CPU can certainly make Gamindustri burn in a flash. S-Sha and the party make their way to the Dark CPU to stop it.

Dark Black shows up terrifying the villagers in the surrounding area. The party arrives to tell the villagers to evacuate. S-Sha wonders how they fight it without Uzume. Nepgear says with the Share Crystal, Uzume gave them, they can create a Sharing Field.

The rest of the party wants to activate the Sharing Field. S-Sha is upset at their bickering. Nepgear is worried as she wants to activate the field as well but everyone else does. Uni is annoyed with her friend and says she will do it. Uni takes the crystal and is about to activate it.

Dogoo Man and Dogoo Lady steal the crystal and gives it to E-Sha who activates the Sharing Field. The party begins to complain to S-Sha. S-Sha tells them to complain to E-Sha not her. She tells them E-Sha generally does not force herself to the front like this.

The party crushes Dark Black. Nepgear suddenly gets a call from Histoire. Nepgear answers saying they were just going to report back about their success and wonders what is up. Histoire says it is an emergency and Kurome Ankokuboshi has found the location of the Swirl Console. Histoire transfers the co-ordinates of the location and tells them to hurry.


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EXE Drive


PS4 60 FPS Shin Jigen Game Neptune Victory 2 S-Sha all Attack skills EXE moves

PS4 60 FPS Shin Jigen Game Neptune Victory 2 S-Sha all Attack skills EXE moves


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S-Sha's name is created by taking the very first letter of Squaresoft and adding Sha which is Japanese for the word company.

E-Sha's name is created by taking the very first letter of of Enix and adding Sha which is Japanese for the word company.


  • Being based on Square Enix, S-Sha show several references to their games (most of them related to the Final Fantasy series)
    • When transformed, she gains a tilt golden crown, similar to the character Sora from Kingdom Hearts series, most notably Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+; The shield she gains also bears a design similar to shields used by Goofy in the same series;
    • One of her catchphrases is "This is my story", a quote shared by several Square Enix characters, most notably Tidus from Final Fantasy X;
    • Several of her skills draw a reference to Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, such as her poses with the sword prior to attacking, and an attack that resembles his Omnislash move from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
    • During one special move, S-Sha will summon what appears to be a Meteor to crush her enemies; Meteor is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series, though the version here most likely refers to the one seen in Final Fantasy VII, summoned by the character Sephiroth;
    • Another allusion to Sephiroth is the single wing she gains when transformed, as Sephiroth is often regarded as the "One-Winged Angel", and his Kingdom Hearts design features him with a single wing on his right;
    • S-Sha tried to create another body as a vessel to house her soul, in order to separate herself from E-Sha, by using the demon lord body, then a million Ran-Ran pigs. This may be a reference to Law of equivalent exchange in Full Metal Alchemist which is serialized in Square Enix's Monthly Shōnen Gangan magazine between August 2001 and June 2010, or Master Xehanort from the Kingdom Hearts franchise's plan to find a new vessal to inhabit as his was getting to old and weaker.
  • S-Sha story of how E-Sha saved her after she made a film resembles the way Enix saved Squaresoft after they were near bankrupty after they made the movie "Final Fantasy: A Spirit Within".
    • Also given that S-Sha is the more dominate personality one could say that resembles how Square is the first name for the now Square-Enix company.


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