The Sega Hard Girls are characters who represent different Sega game consoles. They were featured in the anime Hi☆sCoool! SeHa Girls and in the game Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls.

List of Sega Hard Girls

Sega Hard Girl Name Personification
Dreamcast render
Dreamcast Sega Dreamcast
Sega Saturn (English) - Sega Hard Girls render
Sega Saturn Sega Saturn
Mega Drive render full
Mega Drive Sega Mega Drive
Game Gear render
Game Gear Game Gear
NepvSHG-SG-1000 Chirper
SG-1000 SG-1000
NepvSHG-SC-3000 Chirper
SC-3000 SC-3000
NepvSHG-SG-1000 II Chirper
SG-1000 II SG-1000 II
NepvSHG-Mark III Chirper
Mark III Sega Mark III
NepvSHG-Master System Chirper
Master System Master System
NepvSHG-Robo Pitcher Chirper
Robo Pitcher Robo Pitcher
NepvSHG-Genesis Chirper
Genesis Sega Genesis
NepvSHG-Tera Drive Chirper
TeraDrive Sega TeraDrive
NepvSHG-Mega CD Chirper
Mega CD Mega CD
NepvSHG-Mega Drive 2 Chirper
Mega Drive 2 Sega Mega Drive 2
NepvSHG-Mega CD 2 Chirper
Mega CD 2 Sega Mega CD 2
NepvSHG-Super 32X Chirper
Super 32X Super 32X
NepvSHG-VMU Chirper
Visual Memory Visual Memory Unit
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