The Seven Sages is an Organization that makes it's first appearance in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. They are against the need to have CPUs found and govern their own nations. They are central antagonists for the majority of the game. 


The primary goal of the Seven Sages is to abolish goddess rule by any means neccessary. Their methods primarily target the shares of the nations by making the faith the people have in their goddess waver. They are shown to even go as far as befriending and manipulating other CPUs to do both their bidding while also leading them to their own demise.


As the name implies, there are seven members of the Seven Sages:

The Rei of the Seven Sages is different from the Rei of the Hyperdimension. However, both share the goal to abolish the need for goddess rule.


Copypaste and Mr Badd are the only members of the Seven Sages that do not appear in the anime

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