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Singe is an Antagonist of Hyperdimension Neptunia and Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1. He is the head of the company Avenir in Lastation and views machines as superior due to them, in his opinion, being perfect which is something he believes humans can never achieve.




At first glance it would seem as though Singe is hard-hearted and rude with a hatred for humans due to his stated love for the accuracy and perfection of machines. However, that may not be the case due to Chian stating that in truth, the reason why Singe does not trust products developed by humans (and himself) and not machines is because he is afraid of people being hurt by one his products. With that said it would seem that Singe is more caring for humans than he is perceived.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1

Singe is one of the executives at Avenir, though he has less screen-time than Ganache. He is first seen when Neptune, Compa, IF, and Noire took work for Avenir to investigate their activities. After the girls left, Ganache pointed out the black-haired girl resembled the missing CPU. Singe tells him there's nothing to be done yet without hard proof of her identity.

He is seen again at the Expo in Chapter 5, where he suggested they deploy "that" in response to the Panzer being defeated by the CPUs without use of Hard Drive Divinity. Despite Ganache's protests about it being under maintenance, Singe and Arfoire compelled him to release the CPU Breaker. It ultimately didn't work as planned, having nearly destroyed the expo grounds while malfunctioning before being destroyed.

After Noire seized control of Avenir, Singe goes to work at Passe, having been a friend of Chian's father and a skilled craftsman. He later volunteers to reforge the ruined Dual Revolvers into the Hero Sword for Noire to use against Arfoire.


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  • Singe means to burn or scorch. This meaning can perhaps correlate with his "scorching" personality in terms of his opinions on Human vs. Machine labor.
  • His name may also come from the French word for "monkey".


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