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My only master is General Affimojas. I cannot follow any orders from anyone but him.
— Steamax

Steamax is top brass of Secret Organization AffimaX. Capitalizing on his natural low profile he works on covert operations, uses his power of PR spin, and also he excels in ninjutsu, an essential man for General Affimojas' ambitions.



Steamax is a large, violet robot with blue rings on the sides. He carries a large sword in his right hand and a giant shuriken on his left.


Steamax seems to be somewhat perverted, due to looking at adult magazines. He also seems to be uneasy around most women, prone to stuttering while trying to talk to them; the only one that he is comfortable around is Uni. Despite this, he can be serious at times. He has a strong sense of honor, attempting to save the citizens of Planeptune from monsters despite having just fought its CPU Neptune and her friends.

Fitting for a ninja, Steamax is loyal to his master Affimojas. Steamax also seems to recover very quickly.


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Megadimension Neptunia VII

Zero Dimension Neptunia Z: Twilight of the Desperate CPU
When Neptune returns to the Hyper Dimension, Steamax makes a cameo in a store, hesitating on buying an adult magazine for the Affimojas since the cashier is a girl and another girl is near the register.

Hyper Dimension Neptunia G: The Golden Leaders, Reconstructors of Gamindustri
Steamax attacks IF with his shuriken to help Arfoire escape from IF and Neptune. Arfoire asks for his assistance in defeating the two, but he says he only serves Affimojas and Affimojas' orders were to retreat. Arfoire agrees so he creates a smokescreen and the pair retreat.

Steamax returns from his secret mission. He reports to his general. He has procured the doujinshi, his master ordered. Affimojas thanks him for this and the two drop their formalities. The general was really worried about not getting the doujinshi when his pre-order failed. Steamax notes that he had to wait at dawn for it and there were only 3 copies left when they arrived.

The two check out the doujinshi and remark that busty blondes are the best. Steamax then tells the general about how he saw Neptune in her HDD form. Affimojas gets jealous and asks if he talked to her. Steamax did not because he is too shy. Affimojas berates him for that and Steamax has no reply. Affimojas apologizes but asks him to do another mission. He agrees to it and asks that the general get some fresh air. Affimojas wishes he could but he has to keep summarizing the news for his blog. Steamax then leaves.

Steamax sneaks into a Planeptune cell and busts Warechu out. Warechu is impressed with him. Steamax prides himself in his inability to stand out in a crowd. Warechu tells him that is not something he should be proud of. He retrieves Warechu but does not report the fact that Warechu gave information to the enemy.

Steamax subverts the rising popularity of Neptune and B-Sha by spying on them and giving information to the general for his blog site. During one of his spying missions, he learns that Neptune has the swirl console. He reports this to the general who entrusts him with the job to retrieve the console.

Arfoire threatens Steamax telling him not to fail as she wanted to get the console. Steamax gulps and gets Warechu for assistance. Warechu launches a diversion operation in Haneda City, while Steamax steals the console.

Steamax is spotted by Chuko when Neptune and company are trying to find the swirl console. They find Steamax in Smash Box Stadium, who is somewhat flustered by their appearance due to being young girls. He puts up a good fight against them but is eventually defeated. After the battle, Steamax attempts to flee by using his "Five-Greed Jutsu" technique (which is simply throwing adult magazines in the air and cutting them). Steamax almost manages to get away as the girls are enamored by the pictures, but Purple Heart stops him by getting up close. This action causes Steamax to suffer a nervous breakdown and faint in the process.

Steamax quickly recovers and deduces the explosion to have been coming from Planeptune. He asks the girls to put aside their differences to help the citizens of Planeptune. He offers them a ride on his back. In Planeptune, the group discovers a giant rampaging Warechu fighting B-Sha. The girls try to assist B-Sha but Steamax notices something wrong with her. B-Sha attacks the girls thinking they are monsters.

Chuko arrives to explain that a girl tried to turn her into a rampaging monster but Warechu protected her. She then gave B-Sha "motivation" to fight the monster. Steamax offers to lure Warechu away as the girls try to bring B-Sha back to his senses. Steamax is unfortunately defeated by Warechu who rampages across the city. The girls do manage to bring B-Sha back to herself. Steamax apologizes and slips away. He also retrieves the Swirl Console in the midst of all the fighting.

He returns to the general with the console but asks him why he and Arfoire is intent to acquiring the console. Affimojas does not want to answer so Steamax tries to bribe him with rare adult magazines. Affimojas, more angrily says no and Steamax gives him the console and leaves sad.


Steamax manages to steal an antique cable from the Lastation Basilicom. Unfortunately he drops it in front of Uni. He is shy towards her and she immediately gets suspicious. He tells her he stole it from a thief and introduces himself as "Jiro". Uni does not believe him but finds him a good person and lets him go asking him to return it to the Basilicom.

Steamax is in a store reading an adult magazine. Uni shows up looking to buy a drink. Uni notices the ninja and starts up a conversation with him. Steamax notices that he can talk to her without being shy. He asks for her name and learns it is Uni. He likes the name. Uni then wonders what he is reading, Steamax rushes to swap the book so that Uni does not hate him. He swaps it with a homoerotic magazine. Uni checks the book and says she is not going to judge. She says farewell to the "Bara Ninja". Steamax is glad that she does not hate him but notes that she misunderstood everything.

Steamax then sees Uni again. Steamax is about to call out to her but she about to reunite with her sister Noire. Steamax hides and understands that Noire is a CPU and wonders if Uni is therefore a CPU candidate. This would be a problem for a ninja who is attracted to the candidate.

He sneaks in the Revolutionary Army's mansions in order to acquire a controller. During which he finds some collectible items. He finds a fanzine on Pocketed Monstrosities. There are also pictures of the CPU candidates which he burns for the sake of the world. He notes he would have kept them if they were "busty blondes". Finally there is a film about a senior who invites a junior to his apartment and then have a romantic experience. He notes that the revolutionary army has revolutionized their tastes.

He returns to the general and asks him why he is collecting all these items. The general tells him when they have collected them all, he will tell Steamax. The ninja protests this saying he'll never be able to sleep at night not knowing why they are collecting these.

Steamax was spying to get more information for the general's blog. He spies on the goddess' meeting with Histoire. He learns that they know where AffimaX is hidden and are going to come take down the organization. He decides to return to Affimojas to tell him the news.

Steamax appears after seeing older Neptune and Arfoire attacking Affimojas. The two decide to retreat not wanting to deal with both robots.

He reports his findings to Affimojas. Affimojas then says he will defeat the goddesses capture them and ransom them for more money. Steamax is moved by Affimojas' genius plan and promises to follow him forever.

After that he fires Steamax. Steamax tells him that is a bad joke and bad for heart. Affimojas says they are in a recession. Steamax tells him they are in a recession but the blog is doing well. He says that He then says Steamax has betrayed his "Busty Blonde" school. Not only that he has found a real girl to like. Steamax can either cut his stomach or leave. Steamax leaves crying.

Later, Uni finds Steamax sad and asks him what is wrong. Steamax explains that he was not a person that stands out and was therefore never noticed. He spent his summer collecting adult magazines and the general noticed him. The two then spent the rest of their life doing things together but as of late he is being secretive and he could accept Steamax's change in taste. He admits he should not have kept it a secret but he hopes that as best friends, he'd accept it.

Uni cheers him by suggesting that the general was carrying a heavy burden and did not want to get Steamax involved. Steamax realizes Uni's theory is likely true. As a result, he apologizes to Uni for deceiving her and returns to AffimaX.

He gets into a fight with the CPUs with Uni angry at his deception. Even after defeated he attempts to attack the CPUs leaving Uni no choice but to use a tranquilizer shot to get him to calm down instead of throwing his life away. Steamax then apologizes to Uni for both trying to throw his life away and tricking her. Uni says he can make it up by not running away and Steamax agrees and asks that they go easy on Affimojas. Uni agrees.

Steamax appears at the climatic fight between the CPUs and Affimojas ready to die with his friend corrupted by delusionary power. Neptune decides to not let that happen as she wants a happy ending. She destroys Affimojas' delusionary power and Steamax thanks her for saving his friend.

Afterwards, Affimojas awakens angry at Steamax for doing something that would risk his life and still trusting him after all that. Steamax regardless decides to be loyal to Affimojas.

Heart Dimension Neptunia H: Trilogy Finale: Into Legend Steamax and Affimojas were convinced to work for Histoire by getting figurines and pictures of Vert. Affimojas and Steamax intercept Kurome when she is threatening the candidates, Gold Third and Histoire in the Planeptune Basilicom. Steamax asks if Uni is okay.

Kurome asks Affimojas how much he was paid to switch sides. Affimojas says money is money but there was something more valuable he got. He got figurines and pictures of Vert. Kurome finds it amusing that fetishes trump money. Affimojas tells her that should be obvious as money is only used for your hobbies. His true goal was to get money to buy all products related to busty blondes.

Uni asks Steamax if that was his plan. Steamax begins to deny this but Affimojas says Steamax has strayed from the school of Busty Blondes. He is now mastering the School of Black Haired Side Updo Tsunderes. The other candidates wonder if that means Uni.

Uni is in shock. Steamax explains that all that has changed was his preferences. It was not because of Uni. Uni says he is the worst. Steamax gets dejected at the fact that Uni hates him. Affimojas says he has never seen Steamax this down before. At this rate, he may actually take his life. Steamax begins to cry. Uni is annoyed by his troublesome personality and clarifies that she does not hate him. She was embarrassed as people don't look at her as the way they see Noire. She tells Steamax to cheer up.

Steamax asks if this is true. Affimojas is happy for his friend. Steamax thinks it is all thanks to the general. Kurome is getting a headache over the fact they can be so carefree in front of her. She demands the Swirl Console again. Affimojas tells her that she will not get it here and wonders why she thought it would still be at the Basilicom. They have relocated it so her plans will not come to fruition today. Steamax says that it is unfortunate for her.

Kurome thinks it is annoying but seeing as the console is not at the Basilicom, Kurome decides to leave. She tells them to watch Gamindustri burn as she searches for the seal and leaves.

Revival Ending
Affimojas has a bad premonition about what is going to happen. He urges Steamax to test run their second battleship in the Zero Dimension. In the Zero Dimension, they see Rom wanting to assist Nepgear. However, her sister, Ram prevents her from doing so. Affimojas volunteers to help Nepgear out.

In the depths of the Heart Dimension, the two find Neptune, Nepgear, older Neptune and Uzume struggling to escape the monster horde. Affimojas then arrives with his ship to help the girls out.

Nepgear wonders why Affimojas and Steamax are here. Affimojas explains that he had a bad feeling and decided to test drive his second battleship here. Nepgear wonders how they got a second battleship. Steamax explains that they got the battleship in a promotion. When you buy one battleship, the second is half price. Neptune wonders how Steamax can even talk to them considering Steamax is weak to talking to girls. Affimojas tells them to hurry as their main ship is in the Zero Dimension.

The six of them make safely to the main ship in the Zero Dimension. However Uzume collaspes from exhaustion worrying Umio. Steamax assures him that she is fine and only exhausted. Nepgear wonders when Steamax returned. Affimojas says right now. It was easy to sneak through the horde by just shadowing Steamax. Affimojas was even able to gather a lot of materials to sell and laughs. Steamax reminds the group there is no time to celebrate as the horde is approaching. Affimojas orders Steamax to take helm and get to the dimensional hole. Steamax agrees.

Histoire calls in to report that all of the military of each nation and volunteers are currently fighting a massive defensive battle. After the call the ship is shaking. Steamax reports that the rear shield is down and monsters are boarding. Affimojas is upset with the fact that a ship that he has not paid off the loan for is damaged. Neptune volunteers to clear the monsters as she will not be a bum and earn her stay.

After defeating the monsters, the three girls report to Affimojas and Steamax that Uzume did help them and she has seen Kurome and has left to look for her. They ask for permission to leave. Affimojas understands and asks them to be careful. Nepgear says that they will. Steamax decides to relay this information to Uni.

In the true ending, Steamax is talking with Affimojas about a new Lady Vert figurine. When Noire comes in accusing the two of spreading lies, Steamax realizes that K-Sha had used Affimojas to publish "non-existent established facts" and silently leaves the area before bloodshed occurs. He later pops out in Uni's room to assist her with a large amount of documents; while Uni is initially angry that he popped into her room without permission, decides to let it slide and warns him to be prepared again if he does it again.

Sub Events
Nepedia Edit Wars
In AffimaX's battleship, Steamax is finalizing his blogpost writing about how Neptune's online encyclopedia's page was vandalized. He notices that Neptune's page which he just vandalized has been updated. He is ready to start the edit war. Steamax reads the page and finds it strange. Rather than fixing it, there is a creepy amount of addendums defending Neptune. Steamax argues that those points have no citations and posts that.

A Life of Royalties, Part 1
In AffimaX's office, Affimojas hatches a brillant idea. He tells Steamax he will publish a book in order to make more money. Steamax believes they can have a thrilling royalty-collecting life! Affimojas lists one problem, he has never written a book before and asks Steamax to be his ghost writer. Steamax refuses because he hasn't even posted fanfiction on N-Chan let alone write a book. All Steamax can do is stealth-market the book, his friend has written.

Affimojas decides to write one on his own but asks Steamax for assistance. Steamax agrees to help but admits it will likely be limited to revising the writing only. Their royalty-collecting life begins.

A Life of Royalties, Part 2
In AffimaX's office, Affimojas wonders what kind of book they should write. He prefers a cellphone novel as it is interesting and the length is simple even for him. As for the contents of the book, Affimojas wants to post a thread on Gamindustri's Number 1 anonymous board, N-Chan and let them write up the contents. That way it can also gain some popularity. Steamax praises the plan. The two immediately enact their plan.

Several hours later, Affimojas reports that an awful mess has been created. The thread contains a rather disconnected story. Steamax calls it incomprehensible. Even putting aside the title and the protagonist, the boyfriend's name is over the top. Affimojas complains that the delinquents' names are bad as well as it gives the idea that they have incredibly high levels and HP. Steamax also complains it makes no sense that Ouroboros would expose the bullies when he was bullying Arfy. Finally, Affimojas wonders who did Arfy use her EXE drive on and under what circumstances. Why are they fighting and why is there a moon bug?

Affimojas gives up on the cellphone novel as it is too much effort in the end. Steamax cannot believe his friend would give up so quickly. Affimojas complains that the story has excessive newlines, ellipses, misspellings and emoticon faces. It is impossible for an old man like Affimojas to keep up. Steamax tries to cheer the general up. He tells him to write a book but it does not have to be a cellphone novel.

He can write an autobiography on the successes of his blog. Since it is a success story, businessman and rival bloggers would like it. Affimojas likes his friend's proposal and decides to get working on that. Affimojas is glad the two of them are an invincible pair. Affimojas' project for a royalty-collecting life progressed very slightly.

A Life of Royalties, Part 3
In AffimaX's office, Affimojas notes that some time has passed and he wants to discuss book publication. He first needs to decide on a title. Steamax predicted his friend would have this problem so he paid 2000 credits today to bring in a special helper, B-Sha. B-Sha arrives and thanks them for the credits. She can help them make a profit for sure. Affimojas thanks Steamax for bring her. Affimojas asks B-Sha for an idea for the title of his blog book.

B-Sha tells them the title must have impact so they can be interested. Affimojas wants to go with "Affilen General". B-Sha tells him that is weak as it doesn't have enough to do with the book's content. Steamax suggests "Affimojas' Guardian Spirit Interview: 100 Secrets to Profits From the Guardian Spirit". B-Sha priases it for being a good eye catcher but an interview with a "guardian spirit" sounds too suspicious. Affimojas asks B-Sha what would be good.

B-Sha suggests "Drafted by the General: How I Learned To Recruit 10 Million Hits A Day, from the Creator of @GeneralSummarySite". Affimojas likes it. Steamax believes the title is perfect for stealth marketing a book as a business book. B-Sha thanks them for their business and wants 20% of the royalties for each book sold for the proposal and usage of her title. Affimojas and Steamax are stunned.

Other Appearances

Neptunia x SENRAN KAGURA: Ninja Wars

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Steamax appears as part of the Steeme Legion.


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  • His brief chirper event where he vandalizes Neptune's online encyclopedia entry is reference to edit wars on wikis, especially Wikipedia.


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