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  Tekken is a cute martial artist trained in "Fighting Karate". She looks weak and vulnerable, but it's said she's quite skilled. Plus, this mysterious girl seems to enjoy the sensation of pain.She is quite determined and wants to be a true warrior.




Tekken shares a similar personality with 5pb. in the sense of social awkwardness when dealing with others. While she may lack a bit of self-confidence, she always tries her best in everything she does. Tekken is also extremely good with animals and also has slight masochistic tendencies which are a result of her training too hard and translating some pain into pleasure.


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Tekken Arrives

Neptune visits Mister Izawa to request another DLC companion. Luckily for her, Izawa has already summoned someone in advance who introduces herself as Tekken. Tekken says she'll she do her best to be of use even though she's still in training which makes Neptune question if she can really fight monsters due to her seemingly frail appearance. Tekken assures her that she is actually quite strong and attempts to shatter a tree with her fists per Neptune's request, however nothing happens. It isn't until Izawa gets ready to leave that the tree actually reacts and falls on him.

The Meaning of 'M'

Noire asks Tekken if she is masochist, but Tekken quickly begins to defend herself by saying that while she has been mistaken for one in the past, she's definitely not. She states that sometimes things that are painful can also be a bit pleasurable, which leads to Noire saying that's basically masochist is before being cut off by Tekken saying it's not. Tekken then explains that her master once told her that she trains so hard to the point where her body has become numb to the pain.

Tekken then proceeds to explain her entire training regimen to Noire an even states that she is able to take on a bear with her bare hands. Noire believes that since she puts her body through so much torture, of course her brain would try to escape from reality. Tekken giggles and Noire tells her that this isn't the time to try and act all cutesy.

Is there an opening...?

Noire sees Tekken by herself and tries to sneak up on her. Tekken senses what she believes to be a murderous intent from behind and nearly hits Noire out of instinct. When she notices it's Noire, she quickly apologizes, but Noire tells her not to worry about since she was the one who tried to sneak up her. Tekken soon reveals that she can sense certain things and that her kneejerk reaction is to kick and punch things, even if she honestly doesn't mean to. Tekken then tells Noire the story of how Neptune tried to tickle her and she ended up giving her a backfist right to the face, juggled her in mid-air, and then turned it into a 10-hit combo. Hearing that makes Noire feel like she lucked out.

Strong and Ignorant

Neptune and Noire hear Tekken calling for help and the two make haste to see what's going on. When they find her, Tekken explains how she was enjoying a fighting game at the arcade when she was challenged by scary men in leather jackets. When she beat them, they began to close in on her and she was so scared. Neptune asks where they are so she can punish them, but when Tekken takes them to the alley they're in, they're all beaten up.

It is then revealed that Tekken was the one who beat them up, saying she only put up minor resistance. Neptune comments on how Tekken doesn't realize her minor resistance produces such a major disaster, and how she may be on the same level as Iris Heart.

Round 1. Fight

Tekken asks Nepgear to help her train and Nepgear gladly accepts. After their training, Nepgear is so happy that they're done, but Tekken offers for Nepgear to train on her next. Nepgear accepts, and Tekken tells her not to hold back. Hesistant at first, Nepgear attacks Tekken using Gear Knuckle and ends hurting her. This makes Nepgear want to stop, but Tekken insists that Nepgear keeps on going because to her it feels good. Nepgear refuses multiple times which makes Tekken call her a meanie.

Round 2. Fight

Nepgear and Tekken are training together again, and Nepgear requests a break due to her arms stinging from all of Tekken's punches. Neptune shows up and says that the only reason Nepgear is feeling the pain is because she doesn't know how to roll with the punches. Confident, Neptune tells Tekken not to hold back with her like with Nepgear, so Tekken gives her full-power punch. At first Neptune doesn't feel a thing, but immediately after her body begins flying like a rocket. Both Nepgear and Tekken are surprised by the delayed effect of the punch, and Nepgear asks for Tekken to teach her the punch so that everyone who thinks she's boring or uninteresting will think otherwise. Tekken tells Nepgear she thinks she's fine the way she is, but agrees to start training seriously with her from now on. Meanwhile, Neptune cries for help while they talk.

Jack Attack!?

A helicopter crashes near Neptune, Noire, Nepgear, and Tekken and soon enough a combat robot with a mohawk comes out of the crash site. Tekken notices the robot as Jack999, a combat robot made the G-Corporation to battle against a certain conglomerate. The robot begins to approach them, so Neptune and Noire quickly transform to end him before he harms anything. Despite their efforts, they are unable to put a scratch on him.

Tekken decides to intervene, saying she'll deal with him because she is used to fighting him. As Tekken begins to fight against Jack999, Purple wishes to support her but Tekken unexpectedly says that pain feels kind of good. This comments takes Purple Heart by surprise, and Black Heart states that Teken is a total masochist. Tekken manages to defeat Jack999 by herself and after this event, Planeptune becomes engulfed in the flames of war between the G-Corp and some conglomerate.

The scene then switches to Tekken and Vert and is revealed that the previous scene was the general outline of a film that Vert wishes to shot with Tekken as her shining star. Vert's reasoning for doing this is to cause a fighting game boom in Leanbox, although she makes sure not say it. Tekken asks if Kuma can co-star with her in the movie so that he can finally get his love-interest panda to notice him, and Vert agrees to her request.


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