The Great Crash, or Tari Shock, is an event that had taken place in the Gamindustri of the Ultra Dimension thousands of years ago. In the past, the concept of nations did not exist and CPUs were just the stuff of legend. War was endless and the world was chaotic. After accidentally consuming a CPU MemoryRei Ryghts became a goddess. She used her powers to form the nation known as Tari, ruling over all of Gamindustri.

At first, Rei attempted to lead the people of Tari to the best of her abilities, believing it was destiny that she got such powers. Eventually, Rei acted extremely tyrannical towards the people of her nation, leading them to rise against her, starting yet another war. She fought against her own people leading her to realize that a CPU's power comes from the faith of her people. Rei lost her powers and her nation collapsed in a matter of minutes.

After this, the people's hearts grew more uncertain and they didn't know what to do about anything. As a result, there was a huge recession in Gamindustri. Rei lost nearly all of her powers as a goddess and could do no more but think about where she went wrong, being unable to die nor age. She started to believe that the problem lied within all CPUs and thus created the Seven Sages.


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